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  1. Name That Font!

    If i recall correctly, its called Wilson block. That style of 6 and 9 was prevalent throughout the '80s and mid-90s. Didn't realize it came back into vogue of late.
  2. Iowa License Plate Design Options Cause A Stir

    Only because I'm no fan of blatant stereotypes--and because I both lived there and ran through Iowa enough times to know better--I vote for the very top. The cityscape lets people know there's more to Iowa than simply corn, corn, corn. All three have the same setback, though--the second that plate goes inside one of those frame thingies, most if not all of that pretty detailing top and bottom will be obscured. And now to completely contradict myself...
  3. NHL 2017-18

    I don't like these more than what they're replacing. To me, this and the new home sweater took what character the previous sweaters had and zapped it right out of them. I'm speaking mostly of the "fang" stripes. Many hated it; I personally loved it. I felt that it reinforced the "big teeth" on the crest without overdoing it--and they were building up some equity with those sweaters, too. That said, if they absolutely had to get rid of the fang stripes... ...this would've been the way to go. At least retain some disctinctive link between the now-former and now-present. As it is, they're much too bland for my liking.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves

    While i was out at a sporting goods store earlier today, my eyes happened upon this: And then it hit me... Just sayin'.
  5. Pink Uniforms

    Ah yes...my beloved hometown Wahoos. I remember when the Blue Wahoos first unveiled their identity. I was initially taken aback by the inclusion of pink (well, they call it "Bright Rose") into the colorway...but it grew on me EXTREMELY quick. Their rose-billed alternate cap is my personal favorite--not just of the wahoos--and naturally I own one of each--but of my entire cap collection. (So much so my wife even found me a similarly-colored polo to match!)
  6. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    At present...nope. Mayor Barry is still pushing the private/public financing angle. They don't even have a plot of land locked down just yet. Speaking of that, just in case anyone cares, here's the spot they're eyeballing down in South Nashville: The positive is that the neighborhoods immediately bounding to the west and north are already under heavy gentrification a la the Gulch area south of downtown. Here's a wider shot...I circled the site in red with an arrow, so you can see the site relative to surrounding areas. (Also check out Vanderbilt's location in relation to the site.)
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    And there's all kinds of blowback from the locals here (who care) about the prospect of Vandy moving games off-campus. All that's to say nothing of the potential site being practically on the other side of town--I wouldn't expect students and alumni to take too kindly to that. But...at the end of the day, we all know at "almighty dollar" wins out in the end, so if the people with the $ choose to build down in South Nashville (or down in Brentwood), so be it. Speaking of which...man this MLS ownership bid thing has built up a head of steam lately. Didn't see the Wilfs getting involved, but here they are. Good for NSC.
  8. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    That's what I was getting at...the ownership group, if they really wanted to do this thing, would probably be better off trying gain some financial help from Preds to get a SSS planned and built rather than trying to the Adams bunch to sign on and help bankroll their new playhouse. I should have clarified that better. No doubt...that said, its especially bad in "Boomtown USA" in that the infrastructure is PAINFULLY outdated. (The roadway network wasn't too smartly designed to begin with, though.) As it is, at present, its also receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 85 new residents per day--not quite Denver/Charlotte territory, but then (at least Charlotte) has more space to pack 'em in and nowhere near as jacked a roadway network to navigate (especially now that they've completed the 485 perimeter). Seriously, traffic snarl in Nashville is approaching critical-mass bad, not merely just due to volume but by all the choke points on the "expressways" and broken-up roads on the surface. Anyway, that's just one of the reasons I'm not wild about all this "MLS to Nashville" talk...that focus, effort, and $$$ could be much better utilized working on more civic improvement projects instead of yet another shiny crown jewel. But that's just me. (Now if the owners pony up all the $$$ themselves, that's one thing, all and good. But from I see and observe, its the Mayor herself who's primarily pushing this initiative.)
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    ^ Which I don't see happening. Its really tough to gauge just how attached, if at all, Mrs. Adams-Strunk is to Nashville. Now the Preds' ownership group, on the other hand...they're all about some Nashville. As a matter of fact, if I heard correctly they're looking at building a second ice rink/community center/practice venue out in the far-flung west end of the metro (Bellevue, for those who know the area), to go along with the existing one in Antioch (southeast end). Maybe if this NSC ownership group were to get them on board... ...But like I said, though--this town has more pressing issues with which to concern themselves than trying to squeeze a new structure into the quickly-crowding-out area. (Like doing something about the roadways...this town's gonna choke on its own infrastructure if they don't address that SOON.)
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The refurbishments are nice, aren't they?? To your point, however, from what I understand the only way that would work is if Nashville SC (that's what they call themselves now) had a definite SSS plan in place, using Nissan Stadium as a temp venue. With the building boom that's going on around here, their land options are somewhat limited, which why, at least for now, they really have only three viable options: the current Greer Stadium site (the old Sounds home), the Fairgrounds site, or somewhere down in Williamson County. Neither of the first two really offer a view of much of anything, being that both are tucked back off "in the cut", so to speak, just off the main road (particularly Hal Greer)--although the neighborhood around the Fairgrounds site is very quickly gentrifying (as is really everything else around here). It'll be interesting to see how they go about pushing this thing through. The main question is funding...I believe the new Sounds stadium was jointly paid for by both the club and the city itself.
  11. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    I don't know how many of y'all are aware (or care ), but apparently all the talk and huff-puff--mostly of our Mayor, Megan Barry--of bringing MLS into Music City has reached the ear of Commissioner Don Garber. Mayor Barry has been on this one for a while, now, aided by the chairman of whats now Nashville SC (formerly Nashville FC while in the NPSL; the soon-to-be USL side bought and absorbed the identity from the latter recently), and now that, somehow, Nashville landed on the list of 10 finalists for future MLS clubs, they're really trying to push for this thing. All this without a stadium or site, although they're pitching the fairgrounds in town as a potential site (which while being physically maybe 4 miles outside downtown, really ain't the easiest spot to get to). I'm not really wild about this--but that's because this city has larger problems than trying to secure an MLS side. (Of course, I'm also of the opinion MLS really needs to cool it with the Oprah-esque expansion ambitions and let this game grow organically at the lower levels and get the overall quality of play on the pitch up first, but that's just me.)
  12. As far as these Indiana uniforms go... ...my wife says they're an improvement...she didn't like the old ones, she said they were too plain. She's just as big a sports fan as i am--and increasingly one of its aesthetics. (Score one for Buc!) She likes that Indiana tried something different, and went away from being so "plain-jane and vanilla". As soon as I saw the teaser, I immediately thought to myself "Hoosiers". Seeing the whole set...I guess the best way I can describe it is "Indiana BC" (Indiana Basketball Club). I can see the Indiana heritage inspiration--in that new secondary logo (which i REALLY like--and having lived up there in Indiana for four years, I can definitely understand and appreciate the "WE GROW BASKETBALL HERE" tagline)--but as per Nike M.O. it looks like they made a "decorative design element" out of it which with the "cornrow lines" being oriented on the uniforms as they are makes them, to me at least, look more like "random radial sunburst". I like the idea of it; just not the execution. Same for the obvious mixing of the "FloJo" side striping into that mosaic--if we hadn't already seen all these random cuts and side angles from Nike-produced designs before (namely the Jacksonville Jaguars) I probably wouldn't otherwise think too much about it. But that's yet another "trademark" design element of theirs. (And actually, now that i think about it, I'm legit surprised they didn't go the "opposing rounded/angled/squared corner" route with the jersey fonts. Speaking of which, their previous numbers weren't even straight Agency; why do so here?) I'm also not understanding the decision to outline the "Indiana Pacers" script in white and leave everything else sans outlines. It adds needless clutter. (This is yet another of those curious design decisions I've seen of Nike's uniforms before--a bit too much for my liking.) The whole would look words better if they had kept strictly to navy and yellow (especially on the roads) and let those colors breathe on their own. Of course, there's one other thing: I personally would have loved to have seen them embrace the spirit of (or heritage of) their nickname--racing, that is, which invokes some sense of speed and motion, kinda like the players on the court (how's that for Nike-speak?)--but it looks like they went the other direction, invoking more of a "Spirit of Indiana" vibe--which i suppose is ok, too. (And again, having lived there as long as I did, I can definitely sense and see that.) If that was the guiding objective of their creative brief, then I'd say they hit the mark. Personally not my cup of tea, but at the end of the day, as my wife says "it's an improvement over what they had before".
  13. More like through the end of time as we know it--I-70, too--but let me get off that topic right now because...
  14. Your city's Mount Rushmore

    If my little ol' hometown of Pensacola, Florida actually had a mountain...or any other kind of hill... - Emmitt Smith - Roy Jones Jr. - Derrick Brooks - Bubba Watson (actually from the next town over--but we claim him!) As for my second hometown, I'll take a crack at Indianapolis, since I've not yet seen it mentioned... - Oscar Robertson - Reggie Miller - Peyton Manning - Lauren Cheney Holiday(?)
  15. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    That makes a lot of sense. I hadn't heard the "Dogtown" nickname yet...I'm gonna have to ask some folk about that when I get back out there (which actually will be tomorrow and Friday). And while I'm out there I may have to scout out some territory/distributors on the north side. (My company is in the process of expanding its territory, and Arkansas has long been on its radar, which is part of why I've been making these monthly delivery trips. Shoot, my current branch manager came from Little Rock. I know all about south side LR, not as much about Sherwood or rest of NLR--but I do know where that is.) And one of these days I got to go check out that River Market--I been waiting to forever, now; I just always see it in passing.