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  1. Who besides me remembers the days when for every Troy Aikman there was a Wade Wilson and/or Jason Garrett, for every Drew Bledsoe there was a Scott Zolak, for every Brett Favre a Matt Hasselbeck (& Mark Brunell for that matter), for every Phil Simms a Jeff Hostetler, for Every Dan Marino a Bernie Kosar and/or Scott Mitchell, for every Joe Montana a Steve Young--and for Young, aSteve Bono...and Rich Gannon...and Elvis Grbac--and forevery Steve McNair a Chris Chandler, while at the same time competent serviceable journeymen like Dave Brown, Kent Graham, the aforementioned Chandler (I seriously think he might hold some kind of record for teams played with/started for),Eric Zeier and even the likes of Mark Rypien, Bobby Hebert and Billy Joe Tolliver existed? What happened?? My guess would be general impatience on the part of coaching staffs and head brass egged on by the impatience of fan bases who didn't want to wait while teams actuallydevelopedquarterbacks. Remember thosedays...when teams had competent enough starters behind which they could afford to sit and develop their young backups? (That string of 49er QB's is the best example--each one of those guys went on to becone tenured starters somewhere. Same with the Green Bay QBs--no surprise Mike Holmgren was the common link.) Teams don't do that anymore. I think Peyton Manning messed it up for everybody--& if he didn't then Michael Vick surely did, because a/ they were both rookies who tasted success pretty much from day one, and b/ that was about the time everyone started looking for the next great "quick hit". That was also about the time those "old dependable serviceable journeen" fell out of vogue and out of the league, and ever since then, it seems to me the quality of quarterbacking just hasn't been the same. I think the other thing that caused it, slow as it was, was expansion. Inside a ten year span,three teams were added to the league--Jacksonville, Carolina and the Texans. By the time the Texans stood up back in '02 (?) I personally think the QBtalent pool got stretched thinner than it had already become by that point (recalling the disappearance of those aforementioned dependable journeymen about that same timeframe). From then to now, I can probably count on one hand the number of actual quality tenured starters that have entered the league. Fewer quality QB's plus impatient head brass, coaching staffs and fanbases (meaning less if ANY time to develop future quality QBs) all got us to the point we're at now.
  2. My favorite occurrence(s) of this were back around the turn of the century--two teams whode primary uniforms had more of a change kit-to-primary-kit dichotomy going on: Two completely different crests, home and away...yet somehow they seemed to make it work.(By the way, I don't know about anyone else but I miss those duds. Well except the Blueland ones--those annoyed me.) In Ucla's case, no light blue appeared anywhere on the roads, making them look somewhat like two different teams, but you can obviously see the cohesion. (Now having posted these, I'm honestly amazed none of y'all have yet brought up the Cowboys, NY Giants, or the Minnesota Wild's sweaters...)
  3. NFL Changes - 2016

    And that was from an NFL Monochrome Madness thread I created I think back in 2010 or something. Of course the real thing will probably include red socks because Color Rush...
  4. SFGate article on 49ers' "One Day logo"

    Two of the three, the Niners and Bucs, were in fact done by the same guy(s):Osaki Creative Group, led by Kurt Osaki (who by the way is also a Cali guy by way of Hawai'i), and may explain ehy they look(ed) so similar to each other. For what it's worth, he/they also did the Ravens (count the similarities there), Dolphins, and Jets. I remember reading some correspondenceby Kurt Osaki wherein he mentioned his love of comic books, which probably explains some of his artistic style a good bit--especially withthe Ravens and Buccaneers.
  5. NFL Changes - 2016

    I've been noticing some things happening with[what's now called]Nissan Stadium lately,chiefly the increasing adornment ofbright red (which, for what it's worth,isNissan's corporate color so I'm not too surprised by that). They've painted up much of the formerly bare concrete in the color(which definitely does make the structure appear more attractive now), added additional fascia, changed some signage,andcurrently workers are removing the old redseats in the upper bowland installing navy ones, leaving an alternating navy/red/navy pattern from the top level to the middle levelto the field level. They're also currentlypainting the ends of the upper decks at either end in navy,as well. I've also noticed much of the signage using more red andnavy. Noticeably absent--not that it was ever all that present to begin withbut now its much more glaring--is the luv-ya/columbia blue. Now all this may all merely be nothing, or all this maybepointing to signs of some kind of a brand identity update. (Ifthat's the case,when you're currently the least relevant franchise in the league, you can probably afford to hide things in plain sight like this.) Just my own thoughts on this: it always seemed strange to me that the Titans have acolor so uniquely idenitifiable (in the NFL that is)--the columbia--and yethave itbe so absent from the stadium fascia and signage. (The team does still make use of it on their website, however.)And now having lived here in Nashvillefor over a year which has given me chancesto study the Titans' branding andidentity up close (andthe Predators' too, for that matter), I'm still notexactly sure what to make of the [usage of the]columbia--or the viability of the existingidentity overall. On the one hand, the identity has unique elements to it that, to me at least, seem to have aged well (the shoulder yoke--although it's decreasing width recently bugs the mess out of me, the number font, and the aforementioned columbia)...on the other hand, ever since introducing the luv-ya blue alternate jerseys all those many years ago,none of their elements has ever really seemed to mesh together too well. And then there's the columbia (which by the way is much more muted in person than it looks from afar)...yes it's a relic to times past in Houston, but now after 17 seasons in Nashville (this is their 18th coming up as the Titans), part of me is convinced they could probably just do away with it altogether and go another direction. Now as to what that direction would be, whether falling in line with their across-the-river (and much better branded and lately more successful) brethren,the Predators,and making a go ofincorporating athleticgold in place of the columbia (I did a concept showing thatsome time ago), or figuring out a unique usage of red and blue (which would bring their overall lookmore in line with the Tennessee state flag--which the more and more I see the stadium and signage changes, the more and more I wonder if they might indeed be heading in that direction,but that's just me). Anyway, just something I figured I'd pass along...it may all mean nothing, or it may be nothing to come...but worth keeping an eye onnonetheless. (For those who care, anyway). For what it's worth, here's some photos I took showing the stadium updates during the offseason.
  6. OKC Thunder Re-Brand

    I left some feedback over on your Behance project; I'll also leave some more here. First things first: you went through an incredible (to say the least) amount of research on this. It definitely helps to be thorough...one never knows where or how he or she may happen upon design inspiration. A name as abstract and ambiguous as "Thunder" really gives one as much room as desired to be as creative as possible--no "box" really exists. And since the team's current brand identity invokes no semblance of "thunder" whatsoever, you were really able to disassemble the whole thing and rebuild from the dirt up. Everything almost seems to fit into a "system" of sorts--you don't see that very often in sports design. (It's one thing to create great logos, another thing to make them all tie together. It's also one thing to create great uniforms. But it's something else entirely to make all that fit within a cohesive system, wherein certain elements not only build upon each other, but can also be interchanged with each other AND still be strong enough to stand on their own, particularly when it comes to merchandising--another element to consider when crafting a successful brand identity system.) Overall, I think you did a top-notch job of visually communicating the thoughts, emotions, and ideas you were going for, so in my eyes, the brand identity in itself is a success. That said, there's a few things I'd like to see you try before I'd call it a fully integrated system (in my mind, anyway). Now, let's get technical... You kept the most distinctive parts of OKC's current identity: the state flag blue and the "sunset" orange-crimson, as well as the navy. Several have said that they preferred the flag blue color be the primary; I agree with your stance ony using the dark navy as the base since 1) it connotes the idea of a stormy sky much better than the flag blue and 2) it provides MUCH greater visual contrast with the other elements. I'm not, however, entirely sold on the off-white color. I get that it helps enforce the western thing, but I think eliminating it for pure white would make the whole thing cleaner (& solve the inevitable "cream on top of white" issue that would pop up with the white t-shirt merchandise--you can even call it "lightning" if you like, haha). That said, the emotional tie Okies have for the flag blue makes it perfect for fan gear, though. I LOVE the idea of the branding iron as inspiration for the illustration style for the bison/state logo. This is the one thing I want to see you expand further into this identity. Someone mentioned extending the points of the stars to touch the state to help hammer home the branding iron aspect..I agree with that. (But I can also see why you made it as it is now...creative liberty.) I believe that mark alone can serve as a primary logo--it's strong enough in its simplicity, and because its one-color it can be applied in any color AND as part of another logo altogether. Which brings me to this point: I believe, unconventional/unpopular as it may seem, you could stick that inside a circle--connected like a branding iron of course--and wrap the ~ OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER ~ script around it, like you have with the basketball supporting logo. Speaking of which...that one is BEGGING for the feathers. Cliche though it may be, this is one instance in which it'll really hammer home the "Oklahoma" aspect--it's something uniquely theirs. As a matter of fact...I'd try all of what I suggested with the bison logo in a roundel, surrouned by the aforementioned text, and connect five feathers (five players on the floor) to the bottom. From that you could then pull pieces as individual logos. You already have one, the bison/state logo. You could even do a basketball-with-feathers logo in the same branding-iron illustration style. The only part that wouldn't really fit, unless you want to make it fit, is the OKC/lightning bolt logo (which I really like the bolt on the K in that one). All those ideas above is why I also am not hot on the font choice. (Then again I'm not the biggest fan of block fonts--you know that. ) I think porting over the Industria font they use now would fit right into this, as the curves and angled interior corners would play well with the curves and sharp corners of the bison--plus it's (for the most part) monoline, so it'd fit right into the branding-iron illustration aesthetic, and preserve some continuity with the current identity as well. I really like the idea of the "rainstorm" diagonal pinstripes...that said, I also think it'd hammer that idea home better if the lines were dashed like they are in the write-up on your Behance project; it'd read better as "rain". You could then even sublimated those into the navy and sunset uniforms as well (the Atlanta Hawks may well set a precedent for uniform sublimation in the NBA). That's what I got...awesome job on that. Definitely one of the best NBA rebranding projects I've seen, and at any rate the most comprehensive I've seen in a long time.
  7. Atlanta in MLS

    I just thought of something else: Might the prominent "A" also be for "A"rthur Blank?? #conspiracytheory #norealbasis ---------------------- (Oh and, count me also in for #3.)
  8. Atlanta in MLS

    It is what it is.That said, I don't know what other extensions (if any) exist of this brand identity, so until I do see those I won't base the totality of my opinion on this. True, the badge is probably the most prominent element of the identity (though probably not the most visible), but I learned some time ago that some thought has to go into how it fits within the overall identity--alternate logos, apparel, fan gear, all that stuff--and then there's the whole reproduction issue i.e. embroidery, screening, web, print, stationery. I'd have to see the creative brief on this project (fat chance!), but taking all that into consideration, perhaps they felt that this was the overall best/safest/easiest way to go. And if that's the case, so be it. Based off this image here, I almost feel like the gold will play a huge role in the overall identity. And if so that'd definitely set them apart from the established black-and-red (& at one point striped) United side roughly 400 miles up the coast. I guess time (and success on the pitch) will bear that out. Much has been said about the a/ usage of a simple "A" for primary symbolism and b/ the positioning of such. I think I can understand the reasoning of both. To the former, as ubiquitous as the colloquialism "ATL" is nationwide, so too is the simpler colloquialism "the A" in and around the Atlanta area (y'all can thank the Atlanta Braves for that). And as for the positioning of the A inside the circle, my guess is this: had they positioned the whole letter in the circle, the plane on which the base of the letter sits would've created more space below the letter and within the circle than there would've been above the plane at the top of the letter, which most likely would've looked unbalanced. And, by pushing the stems down into the circle (this may or may not come out in the marketing speak, but I don't doubt that some point someone somewhere brought this up), it kinda creates the effect of the A...ahem..."rising" from within the circle. (!) Far as the beveling, I'm sure that was merely just for creative effect. As it is, it's inoffensive. I kinda like the font treatment. (Harry, if you're reading this, I'm sure you had something to do with that.) Looks like it was modified from Stratum. My only gripe about that is its similarity to the font used for the Columbus Crew SC badge. But again, solid and inoffensive. And i guess that would have to be how I summarize what of this brand identity I see now: solid and inofensive. It is what it is.
  9. Best/favorite color schemes?

    To hearken on my OP. That is a beautiful scheme! Ohhhhhh yea this is a good one.As a minor point of correction...the Wahoos call that "Bright Rose". But yeah...pink. And Bayfront Stadium uses it quite well. It also looks great in person i.e. t-shirts and the like. Definitely a unique colorway for sure.
  10. Not for nothing, but Drew Pearson also wore that #88 for the Cowboys--and he was a pretty doggone good player for that franchise as well...
  11. 76ers new logo(s) and uniforms

    I'm late to seeing these, but now that I have seen them...easily my favorite of the new unveilings this off-season. I know many people detest, loathe, abhor, or whatever other applicable synonym for "hate" one wants to use, the single-color titles and numbers, but I really feel it works here. It adds a crispness to this set and at any rate also makes for better legibility. Plus with a color scheme as basic as this one, it's even more appropriate, as it lends even more of an old-school aesthetic to what's obviously a relic of such. Switching from that...if not for people pointing out the fourth star down the right side of the jerseys, I'd have probably never noticed it--that's how you hide meaning in something. And as someone pointed out, from left to right the stars read as "7" and "6", and from top to bottom they read the same way. Plus 7+6 = 13. 13 colonies. That's some design genius right there. I really wish the home jerseys would read "SIXERS", but I can understand why they're thrusting the throwback relic "PHILA" into the spotlight. I can live with it. The only negative I see is with the inconcistency on the shorts side panels...they should've kept that detail on the reds the same as the other two. All in all, 4.76 stars out of 5.
  12. Teams Most Needing a Rebrand

    i agree with the direction of making small changes, but i wouldn't eliminate the 1 thing they have that makes them unique: the jersey yoke. the biggest issue with the identity is there is no unity between all the elements in it - and there are just too many things going on with the uniform. there is almost every shape you could come up with used on the uni. - Greek inspired type and logo - tapered helmet stripe - traditional pants stripe - use of red feels out of place; not consistant with all of this, the uniform still feels stale. i think a simplifying the shapes and building things that have more unity would be a huge improvement. i would also drop the red and introduce a new color, maybe silver for the helmet, or copper. I feel like this may be the fourth or fifth time I've done this (!), but years ago I did take a stab at trying to resolve those problems (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT)... Not mentioned previously, but it'd also fall right in line with the (currently far more) successful Predators' identity, not to mention Nashville's civic flag colors as well. (Guess that was me trying to bring a little "Pittsburghness" to the Music City.... )
  13. Dribbble Invititations

    ^ My guess is that would be up to the mods. I'm positively certain it would get more views there, though. Or maybe we can come up with some way to get more people to view the General Design forum so that they even know this thread exists. Someone had the idea over there for some kind of think tank thread in which some dribbble invites would be given out as some kind of prize...don't know if that ever gained any traction, though. Anyone know whatever happened to that?
  14. Titans' LP Field renamed Nissan Stadium

    You didn't expect an architect to read this, did you? Rest assured, your reference to OSB has not gone unnoticed...Figures it'd have come from you of all people. How you been? Missing "the best care in the air" yet? (Let's see who catches THAT one...haha) So...Nashville now has Nissan Stadium to go along with Bridgestone Arena....
  15. Titans' LP Field renamed Nissan Stadium

    They could've also thrown back a bit and christened it Nissan Coliseum. That said...I'm not surprised by this in the least. Nissan has a GINORMOUS presence and influence in middle Tennessee, what with corporate offices barely 20 miles (if that) down in Franklin and an automotive plant over in Smyrna, about the same distance down southeast. This will only further boost Nissan's profile in the area. Though this now leaves me to ponder the corporate future of oriented strand board in the Music City... (I don't expect anyone to get that last part.)