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  1. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I'm not at my computer to test this out, but I'm curious of two potential possibilities for the Nuggets for their next uniform change down the road... 1) Re-appropriating the old Denver Gold colorway. Short of those "Drake Night" alternates, I don't think a single NBA team has ever taken the hardwood in black and (rich shiny metallic) gold. If nothing else, it would serve as a unique look, and (for what this may be worth) sync up with the Colorado Buffaloes. In my head I envision a rainbow-skyline-inspired alternate--the colors of which would really pop off a black base. 2.) Possibly syncing up a rich brassy gold (like that of the Vegas Golden Knights) with the current burgundy and light-ish blue of their in-town bretheren Avalanche and Rapids? Ehh, probably wouldn't look too good.....
  2. Turns out you're right...my memory was off. (I'm getting old fast...)
  3. I just clicked through all four pages of this thread looking for the one penultimate example of this thread and none of y'all posted it??
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars Uniform Documentary

    Somewhere in the archives of this Creamerite universe exists two separate threads in two separate subforums both entitled "NFL Monochrome Madness". Find and peruse at your own risk...
  5. Fort Wayne TinCaps complete uniform unveil

    As best as I can figure, that may be an homage to "The Fort", the shorthand locals and residents refer to Fort Wayne by...though if that was/is the vase, they should've actually included the article on the jersey itself. Just spitballin' here...
  6. New Best Buy logo

    ^ I've seen that used at the Best Buy mini-store inside the Opry Mills Mall here in Nashville, too. Don't know if they still use it, though, as I haven't been in there in a good while.
  7. New Best Buy logo

    Come to Tennessee. We have Electronic Express! About update...that "S" tho. #woof The Klavika-ish one was way better.
  8. 2018 NFL Offseason

    The Manhattan Jets... Oh, what could've been.
  9. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I say you pretty well summed up the glaring issue with this new Titans helmet--and for that matter the current Buccaneers helmet--and that is "too many elements competing for attention". First, we have a logo that was very obviously designed for a white helmet. To take that and now place it on a navy background causes the logo to lose some of its "pop", since elements clearly designed to stand out (the navy flames) now bleed into the background. (And that's to say nothing of the fact that, as yet, the helmet is the only occurrence of the "silver" keyline on the logo...I have yet to see that on any of the new gear.) so you got that going on, some kind of helmet stripe--and to top all that off, now we have a silver/gray facemask to further compete for attention. It's actually a microcosm of the uniform itself...way too much going on fighting for attention. Juxtapose that with the new Jaguars helmet...the only thing your eye is drawn to is that helmet logo. That's it.
  10. That 2D centurion is excellent...to this day I don't comprehend why they haven't gone with that. I've often thought that if they married that particular logo to a re-imagined version of this sweater (minus the Serpentine)... ...they'd have a strong and solid identity all their own.
  11. Uniform/jersey misunderstandings

    First, very few people outside of Texas even know what H-E-B is. 😄 (The only reason I even know what it is is because one actually exists up in Des Moines IA, where I was once based...rememeber the Big Black Peterbilt??) And second, since we're talking about Tennessee...I'm like this big ginormous Florida State fan, right? I wear my Seminoles gear like all the time...and if I had a dollar for every time someone around here saw that and asked me if I'm a Redskins fan...
  12. These things are oh so close...and yet, not quite there. I think just a few small tweaks and these sets will be, given what they're going for, about as close to 100% as one could hope for. One: move the logo on the jerseys down onto the hip on the pants. They've already done that before, and if nothing else at least something will be on the pants. (And of course, I have Florida State on my mind as I write all this...they've been doing the hip logo thing for quite a while now. It'd be an interesting little ode, especially with Jalen Ramsey headlining that defense.) And second...the sleeve cuffs should really be the same color as the jersey, like the collar...that way the little sleeve stripe things follow the same style as the collar...slashes, I guess?...oh, and on the white jerseys they should definitely be teal. Here's a quick and dirty Photoshop job I mocked to show the difference.
  13. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Presuming you're talking about the 2016-17 squad with Taylor, EJ Manuel and Cardale Jones...it's happened at least twice before: the 2014 Seattle Seahawks had Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson, and Terrelle Pryor; and back in the early 2000s the Jacksonville Jaguars had Byron Leftwich, David Garrard, and a little-known (except to me) backup by the name of Quinn Gray. (I'm thinking it's happened at least one other time, but I can't quite recall.) None of that takes away from your point, however.
  14. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I know why you mentioned the Colts, of course 😄...but how do we continue to leave the Kansas City Chiefs out of these types of discussions?? I think they may be the one team who, short of a helmet logo change (for obvious reasons--and if one really wants to split hairs, a slight number font change and a move of TV numbers from sleeve to shoulder), have NEVER changed their uniforms in their history. They look exactly as they did as the original Dallas Texans--that's quintessential equity there. Unless I'm missing something somewhere, that's a claim really only the Carolina Panthers, short of their tweaked primary logo, can make. (Speaking of maintaining a consistent look since inception.) Which leads to an interesting case study in brand equity from a more recent perspective: the expansion brethren Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars, who inside of 23 years (?) are now on their fourth different on-field brand identity. (As a matter of fact, a similar juxtaposition can be made amongst the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida Marlins, and Tampa Bay [Devil] Rays--but that's for another thread.) The Panthers are well on their way, barring some as-yet-unforseen change, to establishing a lasting brand continuity; meanwhile, the Jaguars have entered into San Diego Padres/Chicago White Sox "uniform history trivia hunt" territory. Which brings us back around to the Titans. They too were on their way to entrenching themselves with a lasting brand--after all, it had been 19 years--and then cut that straight off with this near-wholesale change, effectively torpedoing that equity. So i guess one question to ask is: how much is brand equity really worth in present day (to the head brass of these teams) versus the potential to generate more $ via cyclical uniform updates?
  15. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I hadn't said anything about it, but I've been suspecting ever since the NBA first made the announcement of placing ads on their game uniforms that revenue in sports uniform design would trend this way--and by that I mean the systematic cycling of updated uniforms. As we all know, this has been the norm in soccer for the longest time, so long in fact its accepted as "normal". How much of that was originally due to purposely generating merchandising revenue and hoe much of that was "just because" I don't know, but regardless, we see many clubs cycle through kits about every other year. (Which makes the more "iconic" looks, such as Argentina's and Brazil's primaries, stand out that much more, IMO.) It wouldn't surprise me if [certain clubs in] the NBA and now the NFL have taken notice of the potential for even more merchandising $$$ by engaging in this "tweaking cycle", if you will, knowing there will be people who will continue to throw down moola to keep updated with the newest stuff. (Edit: I see two of y'all already beat me to the punch on this point.)