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  1. For some reason, this possibility intrigues me. Griffin in OKC with Russell Westbrook? Provided Griffin can remain in one piece, that could really be something. And I just remembered Blake played his college ball at Oklahoma, so he's already familiar with the territory. Bump it--make that happen, Blake. I know, I know...wishful thinking.
  2. Wow...seeing those Vegas jerseys up close, I really like those. Great job, boys. (Y'all know who y'all are.) That detailing is gonna jump off a new trend for sure.
  3. I've long considered that era of Capitals lore one of my favorite sports identities of all-time. ] Those thirds might be my absolute favorites of all time.
  4. I grew up a Buccaneers fan, well before Tony Dungy got there. I don't consider myself an über-fan these days (and until they do something about those alarm-clock monstrosities I won't, because...no), but as I look in what used to be the NFC Central, the only other team I can see myself having been an über-fan of was the Green Bay Packers. (Again, this was early '90s.) Probably because of my then-stepdad being a huge fan of them. On the AFC side I've done it twice. (Sort of.) From their inception (and since they are also a Florida squad) I was a huge Jaguars fan, too. But somewhere around '09 for whatever reason it wore off, which coincided with my sojourn in Indiana, during which time I gravitated toward the Colts, which lasted well into my move to Tennessee. Fast forward to a year ago and I found myself fully onboard the Titans train, as I am presently. You will note all three are division rivals. Who's to say what'll happen if i end up moving again....
  5. I was incensed about that disallowed goal, but this is right. I think the final line saw Nashville win 2 out of every three faceoffs, had four power play opportunities (including said 5-on-3) and couldn't do anything with it. For some reason I saw way too much passiveness in the offensive zone. Not gonna convert chances like that. Who knows, maybe the Preds make this their "one to grow on" and come back next season with a renewed vigor to get back to the final. It remains to be seen. (I certainly hope so.)
  6. Well...it was a great run, boys. I mean, let's look at this thing: 16 seed, swept their nemesis, battled through and beat St. Louis and then Anaheim, lost three players and nearly a fourth during this run, and still managed to push the Penguins this far--and in the process, solidified a city full of transplants into a solid sea of gold. All in all...Nashville might've lost the cup tonight. But they gained a whole lot of respect, and a good number of new fans in the process. (And may have finally divorced me from my Pittsburgh nostalgia. Sports are funny.) Til next season, boys.
  7. Like we all didn't see this coming the moment Sissons' goal was disallowed....
  8. ^ I've been thinking the same thing. The pressure has clearly shifted to the Penguins at this point. And I believe they know it. If Nashville wins game 5 up there, I personally believe there's no way they DON'T win game 6 back down here. And if that happens, this city is going to erupt. And I'm going to enjoy it immensely...right up here from my little alcove up north of Briley Parkway. I do find one thing funny, however...that somehow the Predators went from being so many people's favorite team to hate (on) during the regular season to now having virtually 90% of the hockey fandom rally behind them. And I get why--it's because of who they're playing, and probably more to the point the city that club represents, one that's been spoiled with championships left and right throughout the years, with seemingly every bounce of chance luck going their way, as McCarthy explained so well some pages back. People are done with it. It's my second hometown, I still have a personal attachment there and I BEEN done with it. (Although i am noticing that somehow this Cup Finals seems to be finally divorcing me from my Pittsburgh attachment to some degree. Sports fandom doesn't make sense, sometimes.)
  9. Speaking of the Richmond Renegades...hoo boy: Them boys had some of the wildest jersey designs of the '90s ECHL...truly "renegades" in that regard. (And I still look back on those days fondly as well.)
  10. First thing I thought of when I saw these numbers...
  11. T-Wolves D-League affiliate, in Des Moines? If renamed, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see them called the D-Wolves.
  12. ^ This. If I remember correctly, right after the big trade they were billed as Cup finalist favorites, but sure didn't play like it for much of the season. That slump Rinne went on didn't help, either. But then they got hot at the right time and now, here we are. I've been most impressed by the resiliency this team has shown and is showing this postseason, to have lost three players this postseason, two in one series, and yet still they fight. For that reason alone I think they can hang with the Penguins. (shoot, look what Ottawa just did to them.) (Oh and someone mentioned all the yellow...i take that as an extra treat, being that yellow's my favorite color and all. ) Also: I really think it's time the Preds' brass stop doing stuff like this. Not helping themselves out at all.
  13. The irony is...this may be about the most logical explanation of an otherwise illogical situation anyone's yet to come up with. So kudos on that one. And I'd say this very thing is what's been going on with me in more recent years, with all the bouncing around I've done. Being born and bred in northwest Florida, naturally I was attracted to in-state teams. In the case of Florida State football and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was more a blood-tie than anything. (Some of y'all know I have a cousin whose now in both teams' halls of fame.) Once the Jacksonville Jaguars came along they became my team B a/ because they were closer in state than the Dolphins and b/ I loved (and miss dearly) their color scheme, logos, and 1st- and 2nd-generation uniforms). I held onto that even during my six years living up in Pittsburgh, and although I do love me some black and yellow (yellow happens to be my favorite color), Steeler Nation never could convert me (though I had much Steeler gear). An odd thing started happening, though, around 2010 or so: that was about time I felt my fandom for the Jaguars fading. Much of that had to do with me landing in Indiana at the time and finding myself near-instantly assimilated as a Colts fan (even while holding onto my Florida roots). They were just an easy team to like--no air of pretention, weren't spoiled with championship success, and of course I was drawn, now that I had a front-row seat, to the beautiful simplicity of their colors and uniforms. That Colts fandom of the past few years has only just now began to yield way to the burgeoning Tennessee Titan fan in me, now that i reside down here in Nashville--and I found that out this past season as, for the first time in a while, I found myself fully invested in a team's full NFL season, in this case the Titans. Even went to one of their games. As for Tampa, the Greg Schiano regime really helped torpedo what Buccaneer fandom I had left in me; the rebranding into the Tampa Bay Alarm Clocks officially killed it. (Now if Tampa were to either revive their previous set or fulfill my mini-dream of returning to the creamsicle orange, I can't promise I might not jump back on that train. ) Now, I don't see myself ever renouncing my Florida State Seminoles, but if I did, I can already tell I'd go full-bore Sooie Pig due to the little Razorback fan rising in me (probably due to my job--for most of the past year I've run overnight trips once a month out there canvassing Arkansas...they been working on me out there in Little Rock, Searcy (especially, which has almost become my home-away-from home on those overnighters), and up there in Jonesboro. And, like Indy, I can't even explain the draw; it just seems easy. (And lately I've discovered--and so has my Gator-fan wife--quite the collection of Razorback fan gear in my closet, so...)
  14. Re: the bolded...I think I remember something about that. This is shaping up to be a great Finals, whether it be versus the Sens or the Pens. I think I'd prefer Ottawa just for the sake of a Canadian team playing again for Lord Stanley's Cup, but I'd have a personal vested interest if of it's Pittsburgh. Anyone who knows me knows the love I have for that city (it was my second hometown, after all, and I still maintain strong ties to the place)...but as mentioned above, I never really cared for the Penguins while living up there, so if they win tonight it's most definitely on!