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  1. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    These aren't uniforms anymore...they're costumes. I go back to something McCarthy mentioned way back when he opined of the change of his Cincinnati Bengals' uniforms: Probably the single most profound bit of insight I've seen around these parts, and that was years ago. Now look where we are...the Titans (and more to the point, Nike and their NFL cohorts) have gone full-on cosplay on us. And in so doing, pretty much shot down two of the most unique elements of existing brand: the shoulder yoke (which is still there, just now in the form of two-tone Nikegray--seriously, look at it, "wolf gray" AND "anthracite" right there together", to say nothing of the "obsidian" navy fabric"), and the columbia blue, which has been shoved to the side in favor of said Nikegray. Here's the problem the navy helmet creates: whereas before the uniform had more of a "light and airy" feel to it, especially when the Titans wore white over Columbia--which also allowed their signature Columbia to be prominently featured--now the look is "darker" and more drab no matter what combo they wear, because that navy helmet is competing for attention against white, Nikegray AND (what little bit of) Columbia (they have left). In only two combos does that color stand out, and in one of those only barely. (That said, I've been watching the Titans de-emphasize Columbia ever since I relocated here to Nashville almost four years ago, much to the chagrin of many.) I won't even waste time on the numbers, except to say they're yet the latest in Nikefied formulaic, overdesigned, robotic trash. Should've kept (and slightly updated) the former numbers, if for no other reason than continuity. And "sword-sheath" pants stripes? Okay...setting aside the fact that they're angled the wrong way for something like that (and again, Nikegray, to the exclusion of either other team color), if they really wanted to hammer that idea home, wouldn't that have been the ideal place to put the alternate sword logo instead of the primary? So yeah...huge swing and a miss for me. I get the feeling five years from now we'll be right back here revisiting this same discussion at the next "tradition evolution".
  2. Right. For those unaware, Tuscaloosa is barely 40 miles westard down 20/59, so that definitely has much to do with it. Such as?? I'll probably regret this but...indulge us here.
  3. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    Wow... That's one thing the Panthers could switch to tomorrow and not miss a beat. I do wonder though if the blue helmet may be a bit too much blue (colors that vivid tend to maximize their effect in limited applications), but I can see the rest of that working pretty sharply--especially if they eliminate all the white.
  4. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    edit: double-post
  5. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Sorta off-topic...but does anyone, anywhere, happen to know the base font from which these glyphs were fashioned? The Milwaukee Brewers also (appeared to have) used this same base font during their "Motre Bame" years... (Bonus quirk: check out the "4" from this set...I always liked that oddity.) I've been searching for years for the base font for these to no avail.
  6. 2018 MLS Kits

    I've had an idea floating around for a Nashville-based soccer club for so long now I should probably go ahead and produce it...but it's so far removed from the overdone stereotypical "Music City" imagery it probably wouldn't even make a finalist list, so I may just keep it to myself.
  7. Time to rebrand the Panthers?

    Good Lord, man...I haven't looked at this in YEARS! Bringing back memories up in here... (2011...man where has the time gone???)
  8. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Of course an alternate option is to just divorce oneself from NFL fandom altogether and become more of a casual observer of the games. It's one of the best decisions I've made in quite a while. (Oh and...what Rockstar Matt said, too.)
  9. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    That's essentially what I see is going on. I'm convinced that's what pushed Nashville's bid to the forefront--well that and Nashville having all its other ducks in a row. ...Either way, I'm NOT looking forward to the dumbness that will ensue from the coming stadium construction and the inevitable traffic snarl that's going to come with it (even more than what we already have to put up with), on top of all the other proposed public works projects on the docket and the 80-100 people per day that keep moving up in here (and their cars adding to an already ridiculous traffic problem) and all the big-city attractions Nashville keeps putting up and advertising to the world with nowhere near the infrastructure to support it all and--like I said I'm just glad I live up north of town, away from all that mess. (And if not for the fact I work about a mile outside the downtown loop I'd probably just stay away from down there altogether. 😄)
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Welp--this came through my news feed earlier... (copy/pasted) For the record, I 100% saw this coming. This really sucks for whichever other city gets left out. But at the end of the day, $$$ talks--and ultimately, I know that's what tipped the scales in Nashville's favor. Also...contained within that story was also this, via Sports Illustrated...
  11. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    This is where I recall to our remembrance that the 2000 Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at quarterback...and nary a trace of offense outside of Shannon Sharpe. Just saying...this is why they play the games.
  12. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    ROLL....FREAKING...TEARS. That is all. (Oh and big ups to my Seminoles taking down them swamp things for yet another year in a row...)
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    For as long as Oregon State has had this current set, I've been trying to figure out why it seems to keep my attention. That top picture seems to have really hammered it home for me. I'd seen it before, but now I really see just how muted that orange is. And yet it's still bright enough to bounce off the black without looking too dull. I think looking at these and Oklahoma State's sets really helps me see it. They use that super-bright orange like what Oregon State used to use which helps to differentiate the two now. Sorta off-topic: OK State's sets and brand identity has low-key become one of if not favorite in all of college football. Even through I'd rather them stay away from all the overuse of black and gray, just about every combo they've worn in this era has grown on me--probably due to all the intricate details and the way it all meshes together, even more so than Oregon's, I think. I can tell Nike took their time with this--and unlike some of their work, none of this seems forced, robotic (see West Virgina) or overdesigned. Oregon State's sets aren't far behind in my book-they're right up there probably in my top 5 if not top 10.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Believe me when I say this: I'm on y'alls side here. The last thing Nashville needs right now is another shiny new playhouse--especially if any kind of public $ is going into it--when there's other more serious issues issues that need to be addressed. Plus...Cincinnati really deserves more love than it gets. (Side note: why doesn't Cincinnati get more love than it does?? Not just here in soccer but in general.)