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  1. 2017 NFL Season

    Neither team deserved to win that game. I was sitting here rooting for a tie. And how is this the same Titans team that put up 35+ on both Jacksonville and Seattle?? At this point the AFC South is Houston's to lose...
  2. I've long thought the same thing. Had they never tinkered with it, they'd have a contemporary classic on their hands.
  3. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    ^ I keep going back to a statement @McCarthy made years ago in reference to the Cincinnati Bengals' current uniforms (has it really already been 13 seasons??) versus their former ones...something to this effect: If ever there was a more appropriate application of that statement than this...
  4. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I'm legit surprised it took this long...I know the head honchos over at the Swoosh have been chomping at the bit to do this one for a while.
  5. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Re: West Virginia...I may be on an island with this, I really enjoyed (& still prefer) their previous look, from the Pat White/Steve Slation/Noel Devine/Owen "The Headbanger" Schmitt days: I always found it interesting how the colored panels (stripes??) subtly resembled a "W" up in the chest area--and if one really wants to go there, a "V" on each shoulder. I liked the numbers...WV just made them work. As for Arizona, [to me] it's clear what they need to do... Leave it be and never fool with it again.
  6. New NBA All-Star Format: No East vs West

    I don't know...being that roughly 90% of the talent, skill, and star power now resides in the West, maybe this is the NBA's way of making things "fair"... ...while deflecting attention away from said imbalance...
  7. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Yeah, I was willing to give ol' Eddie O the benefit of the doubt, too, even after that Mississippi State loss because that was in-conference. But they down there getting ran over by Troy State...in Baton Rouge. Yikes.
  8. That's the color scheme I wish would've come to fruition as the Tennessee Copperheads (now Titans)! I've actually had a Tennessee team concept in that colorway in the works for quite some time... ...That said, that scheme makes me think more "southwest" (i.e. Arizona/New Mexico), but if the Jags are smart about it, they can make it work.
  9. Well to be fair to that point, Brandon...the Jaguars really only have two other ways to go with that: black, or gold. Two other teams in the league already stake claim to that: one up in Pittsburgh (it's yellow, I know--but we know they call it "gold"), and the other down in New Orleans. So of the three colors, which one affords them the best equity? That'd be teal. And in reality, their teal and Miami's aqua are far enough apart in shade that most can tell them apart without encroaching on the other's territory. All that said...all this is really the fault of their former owner, Wayne Weaver. Up until 2001 (?) the Jags' uniforms and branding featured teal well enough; however that was year the Jaguars' road jerseys went from having teal-base numbers to black-base numbers. I think it was '03 they introduced the black stripeless pants--and they've been Jekyll-and-Hyde ever since. The prevailing rumor at that time is that he felt teal was a "wimpy" color or some such. Whatever the case, that was really about the point increasingly de-emphasizing the teal, and it's continued ever since. As someone already mentioned, for about three years of their existence they had it exactly right: Those were perfect updates of their original uniforms with a bit more flair and a whole lot of class. (Note: THAT is how a custom number font should be done!) And even their alternates from that timeframe were pretty slick as far as alternates go: Now compare that with the all-black alternate that followed circa '03: (Amazing what difference a stripe will make.) And from about then on, certainly on the road, this became their look: (This pic right here alludes to my earlier point about the Jaguars' non-emphasizing of signature teal shading close to Steelers/Saints territory.) As for their direction going forward, the more I think about it, perhaps it's the gold they should de-emphasize, standing on the strength of black and teal alone--with just enough gold mixed in to highlight but not smother. In fact, I know exactly where they should look for inspiration of "owning" teal. There's a team in the college ranks, the only one I can think of, that's been doing that for years: the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers: Perhaps that's the route the Jaguars should go.
  10. Actually, Andrew, there's two--and the other one does a much better job of [civic] branding itself: 😄 (& we ALL know what football they associate themselves with...)
  11. Sports Design Openings

    Let me know if you do!
  12. Sports Design Openings

    Big-time opportunity for anyone interested...!
  13. Wellp, the Titans treated us to a rare sight yesterday... I think its been a minute since they broke out this combo. I forgot how sharp it looks. That's how an alternate uniform should work. (I think the Carolina Panthers are the only other team whose alternate look could be considered better than either of their primary home/away looks.) I'm enjoying these now, because I in no way shape or form optimistic about what's coming down the "pike" for the Titans starting next season--especially if they allowed Nike to steer the ship on this upcoming rebrand. It's not worth hashing the predictable and/or derivative "design cues" indicative of Nike's M.O. over recent years (unnecessary grey, overdesigned robotic numbers/font, patterns just for the fun of it, yada yadda yadda), so I'll leave my recent refresh of a Titans identity here that I've kept stashed for about a good year or two (& never did fully complete). This pulls from one of my now-six-year-old Titans concepts of the past, except in the current colorway rather than that of the hometown brethren Predators. Have at it...
  14. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Maritime Park, home of my hometown Blue Wahoos: Last year it became home to the then-brand new Univ. of West Florida Argonauts football team... (Proposed rendering) (The real deal.)
  15. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    You understand my annoyance.