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  1. I saw one like that too.
  2. If he'd sold it, likely they subbed one in for the promo. It's a good question though.
  3. Try this. It's a YouTube channel that removes A logo from a shirt using cooking oil. Logo removal
  4. But it's not. It's abnormal and the city did everything that the NFL wanted them to do, but Modell still pulled out of Cleveland and the league had to do something. If Modell would've been a man of his word, the Ravens would have never existed. How the league would look now might've been altered as well. No Texans, maybe only 30 teams and three divisions each.
  5. But there was an agreement before the move was official. The Browns are the Browns. The Ravens are the Ravens. It's not an alternate fact. You can feel free to say it's not fair, but it's the truth. That's why now, anytime there's a move, everyone waits to see if the franchise history will stay or not.
  6. The 90's logo was pretty generic with the lightning bolt into the basket, that's probably why it's not showing up. I remember when it came out, a lot of us Cavs fans weren't really sure what it was trying to say. Whine and Gold are unique so I think that it stays. I'd prefer navy over black but whatever.
  7. It never made it past that mockup.
  8. Once the first equipment manager figures out the fix, they'll all have it. UAB did some strange things with that helmet, I'd have put It down by the ear hole. They may still be feeling it out as well.
  9. It'll be ok. Look how the striping was on Auburn'smhelmet. The logo was on just fine as well.
  10. I'm sure you do the same thing that I do with paint.net, I just add a layer over the top of that and then trace. The fun part with the half face is that you might have to export it to paint and flip it to match them up. I use Inkscape as well and love using it to finish my designs.
  11. Yes everyone wears Under Armour. They got rid of Russell right before last season.
  12. They should have carried over the grey uniforms for home, with the home script of course.
  13. Kent State has a new alternate. It might just be for Sundays.
  14. Maybe sooner than that based off of the screen behind Columbus coach the other day.
  15. Unless they're at Ranger School, Infantry personnel complete their basic skills training in 20 weeks. The non-linear training would be done at home station or at a regional training center over less than a month. It's not ideal, but honestly the decision makers (Officers & NCOs) are going to be the major focus of specialized training and area immersion. There's pluses and minuses both ways but training focus would get rid of unnecessary things that those conscripts would need to receive