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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    wow. Looks like Princeton did a black matte base and then painted over that. Not bad actually if they did.
  2. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    River Voew home.
  3. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (22/32)

    That looks slick! Matches the new look well. Better than having to figure out like a Starbucks sea gal or something.
  4. High School Football Uniforms 2017

    Dover looks wrong not being red.
  5. New Florida Gators Unifrom

    The numbers Should’ve had a white wine so that it breaks it up. I think as it is right now it’ll be hard to read.
  6. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

    Yeah pretty not smart there. He could have spilled his beer.
  7. Name That Font!

    It's a newer UA font. They may not have released it yet
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Kent State went with a new/ old look on the helmets. The look is reminiscent of the 92?-97 look but it's apparently the new Kent State word mark. The old helmet had a gold stripe like the New York Giants had.
  9. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    The Grizzlies logos are really rough on the edges. The Alamo Spurs logo could use some shaping as well.
  10. US Super League (13/64)

    Agreed. You could rough up the banner and attempt to render the capitol building like a woodcut block from colonial era newspapers.
  11. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    By changing the C sword, you just further showed how terrible the Cavs new wordmark is
  12. Stolen Work

    How do you report them. Maybe I'm being simple, but I don't see it
  13. New Seattle Seahawks alternate logo

    Looking at this, the Seahawks improved on this. Not bad either way IMO
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Kent State went Gold/Blue/Gold yesterday
  15. NFL 2017 changes?