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  1. League logo: Western Washington Football Alliance

    I took some liberties there because of how the surface is, more snow and rock would have muddled this up some more I thought.
  2. League logo: Western Washington Football Alliance

    I've still got to work on the championship logo but here's what I think is a "better" league logo.
  3. League logo: Western Washington Football Alliance

    Im going to try to finish and post the Championship logo this weekend. I'm trying to be looking to make it simplistic but not too simple.
  4. *-*-*-*TEMPLATES*-*-*-*

    Mockup Arena has this there for free
  5. League logo: Western Washington Football Alliance

    While I work on the shield, here is a couple "Division logos Evergreen/ DIV 1 Mountain/ DIV 2
  6. The WWFA has a terribly generic logo. The predecessor league, the Northwest Football League wasn't much better. I contacted them and I am going to redo this logo. Here is the old and the new logos. I need some C&C so that I can get this better. I'll also make some secondary marks for the Playoffs, Championship and their Jamboree. It's too late for this season for the Jamboree but they'll have it if the continue doing it. My take on it. I have MT Rainier but I know it needs some details. I have Batesina for the font but I am working on a unique font that won't be a copyright issue later.
  7. Super Bowl Shuffle LIV - Los Angeles

    Gold: 5 Silver: 2 Bronze: 7
  8. High School Gymnasium Logo

    The gradient on the building looks off because it's not gradual like the first. I think a flat gray on the building is better. The dome is the focus but if the whole of the building is the HomerDome, I'd find a way to change the angle to include parts of it. Either of the two outside shots would be good start points.
  9. Help with inkscape

    I went here,http://inkscapetutorials.org, and that helped some. Repetition, which is hard with a real job and a family is difficult, will get you good.
  10. I agree with "C" but you could put in the shadowwith the wheel shapes as well.
  11. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    The D League Unis are generic because t's a template. Alot of them wear alternates so that might be where you see a star and stripe look.