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  1. The promo video makes it apparent that the red uniforms will get a little more liberal design than the base white and black. Like the Shamrock Series. I'm all for this
  2. Meh. They really didn't improve their look. The consistent fonts are a good thing but I actually like the practice numbers better. If you're going to color the caps, don't quit there.
  3. Kent State has gone to a consistent uniform font and number for all their UA teams it seems. Not sure about the quad stripe. I'm assuming it's a single color jersey but there might be gold shoulder caps.
  4. USC and Michigan should've traded numbers
  5. I think Kent State will look like this:
  6. Only England has done it for some reason. It's a silly rule since officials wear the governing body patches don't they
  7. The bar seems to cover up the shoulder numbers.
  8. ATX Warriors looks really good. This would be a massive improve this logo contest. Too bad I don't have time/ talent to do it.
  9. I think it's an older BP jacket
  10. They can't use it. It's the federation logo so it can't be used.
  11. The word mark and snake head don't match. The word mark should be more fluid
  12. That's a great first impression. Can't wait to see the rest of this identity
  13. Front numbers must be 8" large in. A contrasting color. There's a computer that the NCAA was supposed to have that shot down Arizona or someone else's unis.
  14. That Penn State uniform is the old destroyer template. They dropped the white collar when fly wire became a thing.
  15. That panther looks terrible