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  1. They should have carried over the grey uniforms for home, with the home script of course.
  2. Kent State has a new alternate. It might just be for Sundays.
  3. Maybe sooner than that based off of the screen behind Columbus coach the other day.
  4. Unless they're at Ranger School, Infantry personnel complete their basic skills training in 20 weeks. The non-linear training would be done at home station or at a regional training center over less than a month. It's not ideal, but honestly the decision makers (Officers & NCOs) are going to be the major focus of specialized training and area immersion. There's pluses and minuses both ways but training focus would get rid of unnecessary things that those conscripts would need to receive
  5. The University of Houston in Houston, TX, has an opening for a Director of Graphic Design. It showed up in a job search for me based off of hobbies, but I'm obviously not suited for this based on my level of experience/know ed of a lot of the different graphics programs.
  6. If anyone was drafted, there's no real process that would do that. With experience as an MP Officer and a Logistics officer, you'd want conscripted people in the ground spots because of discipline. People in the rear areas have a lot more opportunity to screw up things than they do up front. I have mixed feelings on this, but there are some government positions (Secretary of Defense, Service Secretaries) that I think military service is a requirement. B.R.A.Ts might get a pass, but if I'm going into a situation, my Service Secretary should've been in my shoes as well. It helps to have a leader with that exposure in the room. That said, some sort of program that exposes our next generation to civil service and possibly exposure to other parts of the country would be something worthwhile.
  7. I caught the end of Facebook live so I missed any real conversation. The comments upset me more like someone going after a family member/ frenemy. There was some really forked up comments though. Something that it's been too common for people to say to heavier folks.
  8. Most likely close to New Orleans. I'd bet it stays in LA.
  9. The closed captioning is terrible. Like my spelling on this new phone. I think that's YouTube thing though. He's not much different on Facebook
  10. Yeah. The Nebraska alternate unis have been mixed
  11. It's been an unfortunate thing for KSU. None of our uniforms match either. Not sure how that started or became a thing.
  12. Kent State received a white and Kent navy blue version.
  13. Usually NFL Network and ESPN2.
  14. Conrad made it but it's no longer available. It was called NDSU Bison I think
  15. The UBA ball should've used the 5 colors or split them with the shield.