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  1. It's been a thing in college baseball for a bit. Kent State has no dirt on their field at all except home plate.
  2. Ratings don't matter if they're checks don't bounce. If they drop too much, they'll be concerned but it's more important they have a positive off season from player and front office conduct. There needs to be some changes to scheduling and I wouldn't be surprised to see double byes come back to "fix" Thursday night football. Not this season but maybe in 2018
  3. Odd. Go to fantasy sports, baseball and United League
  4. What company is this?
  5. A yearling is a horse
  6. Minnesota will likely have more restraint. To me Western Michigan had a look that Fleck drove. I'd hope they return to the regular horse head and get rid of the lumber yard units.
  7. Makes it available immediately for dissemination. Notice no numbers for the season
  8. It looks better in team layouts but somehow too generic and too busy.
  9. Nice look. I was trying to figure out something for the Eastern League but this is far better than my ideas.
  10. $$$$$$$$$$$$ The NCAA ceded control to the bowl system because of "tradition" & continued because of the money generated. It's the only NCAA sport without a NCAA sanctioned championship.
  11. The numbers match the AA that was part of the iconic patch so these make sense. Much better than the WVU pick axe numbers
  12. For historical context I love the lightning bolts for Kent, but the one color flashes they had at the start of the season fit this uniform better I thought. The shoulder caps needed something but with all the different options they used with helmets, the stand alone K wouldn't have been much better than the full logo.
  13. It was in the stadium according to Joe Schaefer.
  14. Hopefully they make some better Goff replicas