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  1. For historical context I love the lightning bolts for Kent, but the one color flashes they had at the start of the season fit this uniform better I thought. The shoulder caps needed something but with all the different options they used with helmets, the stand alone K wouldn't have been much better than the full logo.
  2. It was in the stadium according to Joe Schaefer.
  3. Hopefully they make some better Goff replicas
  4. Gold: 11 Silver: 1 Bronze: 4
  5. Gold: 2 Silver: 8 Bronze: 12
  6. Do whT feels right. Look at all the different teams there. There's no wrong scheme
  7. Gold: 8 Silver: 12 Bronze: 7
  8. Gold: 8 Silver: 15 Bronze: 4
  9. Evidently Kent will roll the lightning bolt helmets out again with the gold pants. Laughing at the hasty CMU/ Ohio photo shop.
  10. The new helmet is nice, but the "Kent State" helmet was weak. Not any part of it was a former font we used. The Geno Baker uniforms were gold bolts and blue with gold on the white. Russell Athletic messed up the first set with white bolts,but our trip to Georgia gave us an opportunity to get the correct jerseys back.
  11. Schutt Vengeance Z10 https://www.schuttsports.com/football/vengeance/z10
  12. It looks like maybe a piece of additional piece of plastic to strengthen the shell but it should be the same color .
  13. G:8 S:19 B:16
  14. Kent State with a new helmet decal this week.
  15. G: 3 S: 2 B: 6