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  1. Would not be surprised at all to see more cheap shots in the third period from noted idiots Kassian, Lucic, and/or Nurse. Never noticed in their wallowing at the bottom, but the Oilers are pretty darn unlikable.
  2. I wonder how big a reaction the first Bucs change would have received if this place were around like is today for it. That would be an interesting one to read.
  3. Those things are $100!? Can't imagine how that's justified.
  4. On the eve of this grand spectacle, I think I'm going with Washington, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Anaheim, Edmonton as my first round picks. Some thoughts: It's unfortunate for Columbus and Montreal (more so for the former) that a good to great season is rewarded by meeting a better team in the first round. While both of these teams can certainly win, I think it's these two who will be most disappointed and it's not really through any fault of their own. Boston - Ottawa will be a dreadful series. Clearly the worst two teams that made the playoffs. Toronto has to be kicking themselves that a 2-0 lead on the last day couldn't hold up (not a good sign for the playoffs either) so that they could avoid Washington. I'm not as high on Edmonton as a lot seem to be. Obviously McDavid is great but if you can bring him down just a bit that takes away so much from the team. All of the sudden Maroon isn't really a factor, or any of the secondary guys. Lately the successful playoff teams have rolled 2-3 scoring lines and I think that approach still works better than one super line. Also they benefited greatly from an obscene number of games where they were rested and the visitor was playing the second of two in two nights coming from Calgary. Still, they get by the first round. I suppose we'll see Chicago - Pittsburgh in the Final and another Penguins Cup. I would like to see the Capitals win over, uhh...let's say Nashville. Subban having a huge payoff would be fun to see.
  5. I know that they are just mainly variations on a theme, but I feel the original Jeff Gordon paint job is the best.
  6. Bingo. It wasn't even a bad company or boss. Just unrealistic demands. The only answer to having above average metrics (against your past performance or against your team) was to do it again next week/month/period. Two below average weeks in a row? You bet that's a paddlin'. A big part of my frustration was that the training and job description was heavily weighed towards service and helping out our customers/members and once you were on the floor everything was sell sell sell. A guy wants to know why his home owner's policy is jumping up (yay Florida!) and I'm supposed to sell him something else? Get outta here. It was a huge stresser in my life and directly contributed to me being way below my best me personally. Ruined a (already somewhat flawed) relationship. Wasted two years of my life. I have ever felt better than I did sitting down for lunch the day I quit, felt so much weight off of my back. I distinctly remember setting my alarm for the normal work day the next morning just so I could wake up, bask in the glow of never going back there, and going back to sleep. But, don't let that ruin it for you. Not a typical experience perhaps but I've heard many similar stories personally and on the Internet. I sincerely wish you luck going into it. Some people can absolutely make it work and I tip my cap to them.
  7. My experience in a call center led to being a bitter, depressed, moribund individual for a span of about 18 months. I was only happy from 5 on Friday to about 3 on Sunday. And I was well compensated to boot. You're not gonna like it.
  8. This is all very absurd, hilarious, unsettling, and unbelievable simultaneously. I feel strangely like he's the kid brother of one of your group of friends. Like, it's ok for us to prank and rib him but how dare these outsiders be mean to him. Doesn't make much sense I know, but neither does any of this. What a trip.
  9. That Planets logo is absolutely baffling. Is this the league the Tampa Tritons were in? Tracked down one of those jerseys a while ago, not a terrible logo as far as the league goes but all green and purple, very Mighty Ducks.
  10. The go90 app has these BeIn games available for free. You get a lot of South American qualifiers there too.
  11. I couldn't make it over to St Pete tonight. Are they rolling with three options this year? I'd have thought the green secondary would be gone. I like the new one. Gives a different look to the mandatory green and gold.
  12. Saw Logan today and enjoyed it, so my simple standards were met. This may sound funky, but over the past 24 years or so I never really gave much thought to the fact that yes, his main fighting style is close up brawling with knives on his hands. The R rating really brought the character into new light for me as you could understand better the damage inflicted and received. I found myself thinking about a few other X-men and how they would play out in a "realistically" depicted fight.
  13. Oof, fact check to aisle 5. Habs apparel was banned from the most premium club seats (not much hockey apparel there at all, but I digress), not from the building. Generally speaking, the ones who come down here rival the degenerates from Philly and Boston. That's why. I can see both sides.
  14. I don't know who your "we" is, but I would like to see the kids on the Leafs get some playoff games. Though that is null and void if my "we" (Lightning) are able to climb all the way back. That is doubtful.