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  1. I get them down here in Florida, pretty far from the border!
  2. Read the column in the paper today about USF potentially going to the Big12. I'm way out of date with college football knowledge, how likely is it that they make that change?
  3. Had sideline seats for the Rowdies Cosmos match last night. That may been the most illogically officiated match I've been at in any sport ever. Was also entertaining to see the big green and gold clad crowd milling about the stadium area overlapping with the equally huge PokemonGo crowd bar hopping through the same establishments.
  4. I love Center Ice, best reoccurring expense I sign up for. But I'm also a guy who likes to watch the oddball matchups, like Hurricanes - Canucks or Kings - Bruins. I always use the home broadcast of whichever game I have on, good way to catch some of the little anecdotes about the team or players. Big sigh at this topic going the way it always goes on this site. "They shouldn't limit teams, unless it's the ones I want to watch!"
  5. If that Baltimore Pearls logo wasn't labeled as such, I'm not certain I would know that word was Pearls. What a terrible font.
  6. I'll say standardization is the way to go. I really only follow hockey and soccer and I don't care for the idea of a team being able to take advantage of a smaller/larger playing area when constructing their roster. The dimensions should be in the rule book and adhered to. As as a very casual baseball observer, I don't mind a little variety here. Makes a boring game just a little bit more interesting, to put it honestly. Just no ridiculous dimensions or catwalks or hills in the outfield please.
  7. I personally like the name Scorpions, but for some reason can't separate the name from a red and black color scheme. I don't think another red and black team would be a good idea.
  8. I like Sweden's blue jersey. Maybe that's in large part due to the fact that it's hardly used but I've always found it appealing. Latvia's home is nice too, the maroon looks nice in a red an international scene that lacks a great deal of color variety. That Lithuania jersey looks interesting considering their flag colors.
  9. They are probably long gone now but when my dad was stationed at Quantico I was huge into NASCAR. Would have been in grades 2-4 if I remember correctly. Had many of the smallest size diecasts, absolutely loved them and the different paint jobs, numbers, sponsors, etc. One I can remember clearly was a #2 Rusty Wallace with a silver hood, because we got it from a hobby shop and it actually had the Miller Lite logo instead of the generic logo that the alcohol sponsored cars from the toy store had. I can also recall having a dark blue Spam car and always keeping my Bill Elliott McDonalds car and a Burger King car together on the shelf.
  10. Freddy Adu sighting last night. Came on as a sub for the second game in a row to take his season appearance total to... two.
  11. Nice work, but 89 isn't certain for Conacher. Yes he wore it here before but current RFA Nesterov wears it currently.
  12. Perhaps. But what can be done about that? Should the league do a redesign every decade to keep up with what's in? I think having a mix of different "flavors" is healthy for a 30(1) team league.
  13. As more of an observer than a participant on the boards lately, but a long time member, I've read this same message of "I'm not terribly proud...couldn't help myself" in regards with how you argue with other members a lot. The issues do leak around in that it's single handedly turned me off from even giving some of your creative endeavors a chance, when normally I'd be up for a listen. Maybe I'm one in the crowd, maybe I'm an island, but it's become noticeable enough to merit mention.
  14. I don't normally get emotionally invested in a sporting event that isn't a late round Lightning playoff game, but I'd be lying if I said Ronaldo crying as he gave the armband to his teammate didn't stir up something.
  15. Saw The Shallows. Just have to say that the last scene involving the shark was so ridiculous that it prompted me to jump on here and say how ridiculous it was.