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  1. Made official today, Rowdies leave the NASL and will join the USL for next season.
  2. I don't believe much has happened yet to demonstrate either way. Is ticket pricing set yet, or just for deposits? I doubt he set those. I don't agree that getting your multi-million dollar purchase to be branded the way you want is an indication of overly involved owner.
  3. A huge difference. I just don't think we've gotten close to that line yet.
  4. I'm not sure I understand the criticism of the owner or team being involved in the design process given how some of the same folks were in favor of teams standing up for themselves when RBK allegedly ruined hockey jersey design. Any unveiling gets huge overreactions here, let's wait until the actual stuff is released on this one.
  5. Don't know how to link a Twitter, but the Bruins announced their Winter Classic jersey has replaced the black third for this season.
  6. New pads arrived early. Look so much better in person compared to the colors in the customizer, and all the specs are correct. Unfortunately, we now wear the new jerseys posted in the first pic. Doubly sad as A) they don't match at all and B ) they are those hideous Ottawa abominations. Sorry they're upside down.
  7. I meant to mention the cinematography, there were some very interesting shots. The seemingly first person view in some of the meeting scenes added to the frantic and disorganized feeling. As for other installments, really only the '54 original is similar. Maybe the '84 reboot too. In either case, try and catch the subbed Japanese versions. Godzilla, King of the Monsters is the US version of the original and is decent as well but doesn't have quite the same tone as the '54 version. Same with the '84 and '85 cuts of the same film. Although the '85 has a scene fundamentally changing the actions of a Russian character that is an interesting example of editing a movie to fit the intended audience.
  8. None from the Beijing team yet, but here is where I would keep an eye on. Lutch is official North America KHL retailer. Perhaps send them an email about if/when they will be available.
  9. How to tell you're primarily a hockey fan: watching Montreal (in blue) play Toronto (in red) and continually getting the teams flip flopped in my mind.
  10. Are these batting helmets with the face guards attached new? Seem to be a bunch of players wearing them. I thought when I first saw one or two that the players were protecting injuries but there seems to be too many for that to be the reason.
  11. Kucherov back in the fold makes me happy. His contract makes me ecstatic.
  12. Just got back from Godzilla Resurgence. One of those films that felt quasi-realistic as not everything that the characters wouldn't know was explained to the audience. Obviously a film made in Japan for a Japanese audience, but even I could pick up the criticism of Japan/Tokyo beaucracy. One or two things elicited a wtf from me and my buddy. The Godzilla design was very scary without being anthropormorphically evil. It seemed a little like a movie with Godzilla instead of a Godzilla movie. My friend said he picked up on a lot of anime influence, I know nothing about that so can't confirm or deny.
  13. I like these. They obviously fit in with the parent club but are not a straight clone. Few small problems already noted but overall looks good.
  14. That's how long bacteria takes to climb on them, after three years you can't eat them anymore. Or when a team changes its helmet it has to maintain the new look for three years before making further changes. One or the other.
  15. As for whether that term is offensive slang, I've found a good rule of thumb in my 29 years to be "don't say something that you wouldn't say to the person's face." I certainly wouldn't call someone a redskin face to face, so I include it on my personal list of no-goes.