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  1. 29 years old, highly educated, never knew that two spaces after a period was an option. Although that makes the iPhone period 'shortcut' make more sense now. Oxford comma all the way. In some sentences it makes sense given the context with the comma removed, but why not be consistent and clear? It is very interesting to me how these types of things evolve over time and through usage.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    Ugh, six new on field caps and four jerseys for the Rays this season? I enjoy being a collector and keeping my set going, but TBTC sets were so much nicer than these simple color modifications.
  3. Well I think it's necessary for goal reviews and goalie issues. Although there's a ton of kinks to work out there. On plays like the offside in question, I am torn between wanting 100%accuracy and saying that the inch doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Even worse are the ones where a team cycles around for a good bit of possession before a goal and it then eventually gets called off well after the fact.
  4. Was this really what the goal of the offsides review was supposed to be? Obviously we as fans want all the calls to be correct, but on these types of plays where it's simply a matter of a toe being in the air or not I don't think grinding the game to a halt is the way to go. I see this as a lot different than the Duchene laugher that occurred to help bring this about. AsI type, no goal. I wonder how many goals over the years wouldn't have counted under this system, might have been some pretty big ones.
  5. You know the intensity is getting ramped up when even Brad Richards is taking chops. Crazy dog pile there at the end.
  6. Two games in both the earlier and later time slots...the first roundis always the best.
  7. 0-0 in OT in the playoffs, that's one that can't go in. No ifs, ands, or buts. There were a few quirky deflection goals last night, but to slide five hole on a goalie already down and set? And that's not even the most compelling goalie topic in the series. Elliott tends to go on prolonged streaks of great play, how long can that last when his team gets thoroughly outplayed again? Maybe the spirit of first round Cujo resides in those pads and mask. A million bonus points for anyone who said Zatkoff/Jarry and Raanta/Hellberg would be the likely game 2 tandems in PIT-NYR.
  8. Is this supposed to refute his history of having wonky game winners slip through? When Chicago loses these types of close games it's often on a soft-ish, preventable goal.
  9. Winning goal goes through Crawford, color me not surprised.
  10. Last year I only got one series wrong (CGY/VAN)and ended up with a boatload of $$$, but I watched a lot fewer games this year so not sure how this will go. I'm picking: FLA TBL WAS PIT DAL CHI ANA LA FLA WAS CHI LA WAS LA LA wins the Cup.
  11. What Floats your Boat?

    Had a great time at the Frozen Four games over the past few days. North Dakota fans travelled well, there was as many of them in attendance as there were for the other 3 teams combined. Numerous "let's go Sioux" chants and two instances of "Sioux forever". What at floats my boat though was the number and variety of collegiate jerseys folks were wearing. Just ND fans alone had to have been in 15-20 different varieties. I went with my dad to all the games and we had a fun time counting not only how many different types we saw but also how many schools. There was a wall with every D1 team's jersey and we used it as sort of a bingo board. Even saw 1 Arizona State. Of the 60 teams, we saw fans wearing jerseys of a full three quarters of them, exactly 45. Best thing of all...only one discernible fake in the lot.
  12. That email chain reads like fan banter going back and forth. That's crazy. How 'bout that Keith slash job last night? Cheese 'n rice...
  13. What Grinds Your Gears...

    I still remember falling victim to that years ago while checking my yahoo mail. The only episode of LOST I didn't catch live and sure enough, top headline revealed way too much.