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  1. What Grinds Your Gears...

    College advisors. I graduated in 09 with a degree in stats. Did some research online, met with an advisor, and formed a plan to take 8 more classes that would give me a second degree in accounting. Cool! Except...when lining up my next set of classes I was told that those 8 have ballooned into 17. 17! Including notable accounting topics such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and an Arts and Humanities. Since I work 50ish hours a week that number of classes would take two years. So I'm pissed that I won't be pursuing a second degree and that I wasted $1000+ this past semester.
  2. 2009. They've done this, the made up home and away fauxbacks, St Pete Saints (x2), St Pete Pelicans, UT Spartans, Tampa Smokers, Tampa Tarpons (x3), and Jacksonville Red (Caps? Legs?) all just off the top of my head.
  3. Exactly what I said, the Rays have already had a throwback game to the gradient era uniforms.
  4. The Rays already did a throwback to the original color scheme a few years ago.
  5. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I love the shade of green Dallas uses when it is viewed in person. I have a team issued home jersey and it looks great up close. However, every single TV screen I've ever seen it on makes it look a little washed out and...pixelated? I'm not quite sure how to describe it really, but it looks fuzzy and a little indistinct. Given that that's how most people get to view it, I think it's just a touch lacking. While it's obviously a huge upgrade over what they had before (and I'll say their best look ever) these slight nit picks do hold it well short of the best look in the NHL, imo. I'd prefer striping a little different from the Chicagos and New Yorks of the world, but the color does just enough to make that a secondary concern. As for the numbers...well, I get the argument for keeping them clean and simple. I just don't like a pro team having a look that can be almost identically copied with a three dollar product. I think the font plays a large role in this, as the single color Canucks numbers don't give off the same effect. What's interesting is that before the 14-15 season, Stahls had two different Dallas kit options available for a few weeks. Never been able to confirm what the 'new' one was, or was planned to be, though.
  6. Minnesota Timberwolves

    The color palette says 'Seattle' to me.
  7. MLB 2016 Changes

    Picked up the first two one-off hats of the season today. For the hat groupies it's always interesting to observe the differences between caps. The Mothers Day cap is made in Vietnam, designated "only" as a 5950, and has an extra tag in the bag stating "engineered exclusively for MLB players". The Memorial Day cap is US made and tagged SS16 ONF. I assume this means Stars and Stripes on field 2016. The US made cap fits slightly larger even though they're both 7 3/8.
  8. Say it ain't so, Joe

    After hearing the new info coming out, I asked my cousin (a Jr at Penn State) what the feeling towards football and Joe Paterno was as best he could tell. Basically, he said going to games is fun, away games aren't, and that except for the few folks who actually live there and a small minority of students, Paterno is greatly looked down upon. Feels that anybody not associated with PSU 'before' is more likely to be rational about it.
  9. 29 years old, highly educated, never knew that two spaces after a period was an option. Although that makes the iPhone period 'shortcut' make more sense now. Oxford comma all the way. In some sentences it makes sense given the context with the comma removed, but why not be consistent and clear? It is very interesting to me how these types of things evolve over time and through usage.
  10. MLB 2016 Changes

    Ugh, six new on field caps and four jerseys for the Rays this season? I enjoy being a collector and keeping my set going, but TBTC sets were so much nicer than these simple color modifications.
  11. Well I think it's necessary for goal reviews and goalie issues. Although there's a ton of kinks to work out there. On plays like the offside in question, I am torn between wanting 100%accuracy and saying that the inch doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Even worse are the ones where a team cycles around for a good bit of possession before a goal and it then eventually gets called off well after the fact.
  12. Was this really what the goal of the offsides review was supposed to be? Obviously we as fans want all the calls to be correct, but on these types of plays where it's simply a matter of a toe being in the air or not I don't think grinding the game to a halt is the way to go. I see this as a lot different than the Duchene laugher that occurred to help bring this about. AsI type, no goal. I wonder how many goals over the years wouldn't have counted under this system, might have been some pretty big ones.
  13. You know the intensity is getting ramped up when even Brad Richards is taking chops. Crazy dog pile there at the end.
  14. Two games in both the earlier and later time slots...the first roundis always the best.