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  1. I still can't get accustomed to the NHL having the number decals on the front of the helmet. I associate a sticker in that spot with it being a little kid's name on a piece of tape in a learn to skate class.
  2. It reminded me of the hockey tournament in 2010. Gold in that one event was of supreme importance to the hosts and they got it in a dramatic finish. Neymar just collapsing from the joy/emotion/relief was certainly something to see.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me, some teams already do their lettering in kiss cut fashion. Interesting you mention MLB, as sublimated designs on the numbers like the 4th of July and other specialty jerseys is something that could come along for WCs and SSs. Adidas takeover is exactly why. Some numbering styles/details may change.
  4. Something *might* be changing with the numbers for 2017-18. We're ordering our NHL kits for the upcoming season and have been advised to "not order anything for beyond the upcoming season" as "right now things are up in the air".
  5. Dang, I thought I'd snuck the edit in in time!
  6. Great find. And a great deal for only $1! Edit: I was incorrect.
  7. Not without it hurting! Reminds me of an old joke (one of those where you just switch the service academies around depending on which one you support) where the Army cadet goes to the doctor and says his whole body is breaking down. He points to his knee, it hurts when I do this. He points to his shoulder, it hurts when I do this. He points to his head, it hurts when I do this. After extensive X-rays and MRIs the diagnosis comes back...son, you've got a broken finger.
  8. Broke my index finger on my dominant hand a few days ago, it's been crazy how many times I go to do something without thinking "hey, that's obviously not going to work out". Not a cheap experience either.
  9. Yeah, not the same thing. Glad you remember what I do. I'll try and be more impressive to the anonymous guy on the Internet. P.S. Last Monday it was Espo. Skates too.
  10. I'm actually just curious how the Thrashers became the Coyotes in between posts there to fit your prediction, but hey, it seems like it's made you unreasonably happy so good for you. Gold star for finding a two line blurb that kinda sorta relates to your original post. Turning back to the adult table, I'll echo that I'm not quite sure the need for these new Sharks logos if they're not replacing one of the many secondarys already in use. At least the poor guy doesn't have that stick stuck in his throat anymore. Nice promotion to give away a Seals shirt.
  11. Toronto is a fun team to watch. Obviously that's in large part due to one player but they've been so poor for so long I'm hoping they get some success.
  12. Donate them. Somebody can appreciate the clothing.
  13. When we get to year 25 of the Stadium Series games and all good or even not terrible ideas have been exhausted then we'll get the Calgary-Winnipeg clash in Atlanta, complete with Flames and Thrashers jerseys lol. Until then I guess we just have to preemptively complain about things nobody was going to say anyway. I like the Jets look. I'm a sucker for teams making the pants part of the design element, really can complete a look. A little disappointed Edmonton is just using something they used last season. Surprised, too. Would think a new McDavid jersey would be a huge seller.
  14. I can't believe this is the reality in our country. I liken it to the old wive's take that if you slowly raise the temperature of the water a frog is sitting in, the frog will boil alive. The first election I could vote in took place when I was in college and I saw some outrageous stunts pulled by the Obama crowd. Four years later, I heard my ex-future father in law (I think that's how you would say that) decry a Mormon potentially running the country and the alleged issues that would come with. I've never seen an election that wasn't some sort of sideshow and I wonder if I ever will. I cannot believe this is where we're at. I can't bold, underline, italicize, or stress that enough.
  15. 12 short weeks away from strapping up these bad boys.