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  1. Agreed. The first game I saw with them in their blues I was happy as you don't see that jersey as much, but it's a shame the primary wasn't on display as much. Particularly with that distinctive yellow.
  2. Hull, Chelios, and Melrose have all referred to the US's opponent tonight as Checkoslovakians. Get with the times gentlemen.
  3. I think it's a shame that it's gone. (But the jersey swap was a good choice.) The only negative this logo has going for it is that yes, it's yet another circular logo but there are enough elements included to keep it from being part of the "lazy roundel club", where Dallas and my Lightning's secondaries reside.
  4. I don't see a reason to dislike these new Oregon uniforms anymore than the other crazy stuff they've worn. This one actually has a direct link to the team and school that black, volt, chrome, charcoal, carbon, diamond plate, etc. don't.
  5. I don't understand these. Not a bad look on its own, but not a Chicago Wolves look.
  6. I wouldn't want to see the way the Panthers have the shoulder numbers and patches arranged spread to many teams, but it's ok for one team. Fingers crossed it doesn't become the next "contrasting nameplate". Toronto looks good, certainly not drastically different enough to elicit some of the strong negative responses I've seen. Really like the new crest. After all the flak my favorite team caught it is slightly humorous to see them changing their look closer to the current Lightning in regards to the striping. Will miss the triple striped socks.
  7. Flag patch on the shoulder? Ugh. Doubly egregious because they're far and away from being the only team in the league from the area represented by the flag!
  8. It makes the look more unique to the league and isn't tooooo garish (just 3 'o' too) so I'm in favor. This yellow hasn't been a standard production color before last year so I'm impressed how well Josi's and Weber's helmets match despite being from two different companies, a Bauer and a CCM respectively.
  9. That's great! AK's new styles added for this season include the green Ducks jersey from the movie. Any team that comes in my shop looking for a new set in green I've tried to push towards these but no takers as of yet. Given that we've got a twill cutter now, I'd just need an accurate logo and a good look at the font and could probably make some pretty accurate movie jerseys.
  10. Didn't read it yet, but heard the first review for Luke Cage is overwhelmingly positive. I don't know about you guys but I'd have to hear good things about it to give it a watch, same as with Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Maybe it's super hero fatigue, maybe it's just other stuff I'd rather watch in limited TV time, but LC and IF just don't do it for me. I feel like the Marvel universe has surpassed what looks like generic strong guy ( but black!) and generic karate guy (but whatever his schtick is!). I've found myself much more interested in Kingpin and Purple Man than Daredevil and JJ as characters, maybe these next two buck the trend. Both villains were perfectly cast (although LC was a perfect on screen embodiment too, so maybe I'm just talking circles). Anywho, that's what I think I think. That being said, I hope I'm greviously wrong and they're both the best releases yet.
  11. Anyone else going to the qualifier in Jacksonville tomorrow? Be my second time seeing the national team, hoping for a better result than the first time, when they lost their first ever first round Gold Cup game iirc.
  12. Saw Hell or High Water yesterday. Was a good flick. Didn't waste the viewers' time with a whole protracted who/what/why, the story just happened and was pretty easy to pick up as it went along. Not going to delve into anything too spoilery, just going to say that things ended about like I would expect this type of thing to end, after looking like it would be weirdly happy ever after for everyone and that some of the best acting happened with ski masks on. Pine did a great job here, could instantly tell the differences between him and his brother just by their eyes in those scenes. A refreshing movie in that both sides were portrayed as equally likable despite acting diametrically different. Then :censored: gets real.
  13. Wow, that's garishly bright. Point of clarification, only the helmets and neon underthings are new. For how loud the neon green is you'd think they would have done the helmet decal in it instead of being pretty invisible.
  14. It means a striking condemnation of any English department that may exist at Oregon.