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  1. I'd love if that Rowdies stadium became reality. A bigger home for a new league, without being too big to reliably fill AND maintaining the amazing environmental characteristics that we fans do now in the smaller one? Win win. Add in the facts that it would be all private funded (so far) and that it fits in the existing available footprint and it's almost a dream too good to believe.
  2. So much art, entertainment, etc exists out there in the world that it's likely impossible to come up with an image that isn't in some way similar to something done before. Yes those helmets have some likeness but there's a reality of what a knight's helmet looks like. Stray too far and you're no longer portraying what you're trying to portray. That being said, the name fiasco is troubling. But I was in the Las Vegas Nights camp.
  3. They're still in the top 1% of what they do in the world. Remember (or learn, it would seem) that the "scrubs" are not necessarily sub-NHL talented across the board. All it takes is being a step slow in your acceleration, or a less accurate shot, or decision making a half second slow to separate the players. Slightly lacking in even one category is a great separator at that level.
  4. That baby Groot has the potential to be seriously annoying and capable of destroying serious scenes a la the dance off. My needle is right on the verge of "too much" when it comes to absurd silliness in these films (although it's more a matter of these moments disrupting flow and not just their presence) and I fear baby Groot can push it over. Potentially a shame too, the mature version was a good character. That said, I'll definitely be there shortly after it opens to find out!
  5. I was super happy when they first came out a few months ago. In the process of getting mine done up as a rookie year, #56 Kucherov.
  6. I'd always overlooked the piece about "a U.S. team", and assumed they were still good. Good to learn something! I mean, who cares about the NASL? USL is where it's at now.
  7. Not that it matters in the naming, but the Lightning are the only team to have had its home on both sides of the bay, moving from now Tropicana Field before coming to this side in 1996. Actually held a North American single game attendance record for a while in the old Thunderdome. I rarely ever see a business or anything branded just 'Tampa'. Most stuff is Tampa Bay but you also see the occasional 'St. Pete' as well. Purely anecdotal, but I'd wager the Tampa Bay moniker out scores just Tampa by a four or five to one ratio.
  8. I'd dropped off for a while, but visiting Japan got me and my buds back into it. There were always 10+ creatures or centers on screen in Tokyo, was quite fun to play there. Caught a Farfetch'd too. Had a Squirtle on top of a gym at this robot tower thing (gundom?) first time I've ever done that. Ditto is around now? He was my favorite back in the day (oof) so that should keep me logging in. It's provided some good casual entertainment value for a cost of exactly nil, so that's a win.
  9. Haha yes yes of course. I go for same effect with this guy . Different dialect, I suppose.
  10. I'm watching league highlights this morning and cannot believe that the Hickey SO goal stood up after a review.
  11. Quest started. Edit: sorry if posts are looking wonky folks. Sometimes on my iPad here the formatting goes crazy and the fast and furious nature of these posts are confusing it big time.
  12. Don't want to quote the same post again and clutter it up, but I know the reason for the fleur. But add it to some striping or something, don't just clone stamp it. Dont know my Vegas landmarks well enough to recognize the star in the secondary. That's kinda neat.
  13. Is that yours? From the little I can see of the tagging, it looks legit. Super cool item!
  14. Wow these are dull, even by baseball standards. They're just...kinda there. Just existing. Just hanging out.
  15. Wow, who would have imagined opinions can differ! Probably most CCSLCers who post theirs as fact. A jersey with the same symbol plunked down 5 times isn't an all time great. Great colors though. I tnink Golden Knights was the worst choice of the three. Desert and especially Silver make more sense given the location. Just Knights would be superior to all though.