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  1. Not exactly a thrift shop, but there was one each of these on CCM's end of the year close out list. Was able to snag both and some Fleury goal twigs on an amazing deal.
  2. I imagine the McD sweet tea is actually a concentrate and somewhere along the line somebody forgot the part about adding water to achieve the proper balance. I like my tea preference to my hot sauce preference, if all I can taste is 'sweet' or 'hot', it's too much. I have this neat pitcher with a diffuser through the middle that I put cut or muddled fruit in. That (along with a little sugar during the brewing of course) provides the perfect flavor.
  3. That shoulder patch looks like what we are used to seeing on the RBK replicas. For comparison I'll post a picture of that patch from a game jersey tonight.
  4. Adidas stuff isn't available yet, even to the teams. The only new thing any of the players or staff had here in Tampa for the development camp was the draft hat. Have any teams but the Knights used the new practice jersey for their camp? They may be the only ones who have it and that's out of necessity.
  5. Almost perfectly predicted? Honestly, looks more like 'kinda similar sleeves'.
  6. I still have an old print page where someone was selling a complete team set of game used Lightning storm alternates for $250 each!
  7. Tough spots for Montreal this summer. You can't give Radulov that deal, but there's no way his production will be replaced by Hemsky and Drouin. Same with Price, that's a very long and expensive deal for an already 30 year old goalie who has collected some injuries. But what are you going to do? Someone is going to give him that contract and when you've seen what he means to your team, you gotta do it. Lots st of these contracts including significant 2020-21 signing bonus money. The next stoppage is going to be a strike.
  8. What's interesting about the Knights' helmet is that it is truly a new color. No company has had a grey helmet like that available in the past. Alas, if it hits retail it won't be until '18 at the earliest, not showing up in any sell sheet or B2B resource right now.
  9. The Lightning will have a 25th anniversary patch on the home jersey, and an all-star patch on the away jersey up until the actual game.
  10. Thought this was neat, a guy collected shirts from all 211 FIFA nations.
  11. Not exactly last second but an outline was added to the numbers and the boot put back on the pants.
  12. And there's the worst hanger effect ever. Blank space would be much better than "what we call green!"
  13. It does look terribly low there.
  14. I like New Jersey putting the Cup years in the collar, but question why they did it in green, a color they didn't wear for any of those Cups and is pretty much associated with a worse time for the franchise.
  15. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Two weeks ago CCM re-did our window graphics...guess who is a CCM head to toe guy occupying our center frame...whoops!