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  1. I like it. Although not shown, I'd imagine green helmets too. Maybe Andersen will have another crazy digital print 1S set to go with these too.
  2. Couple different eBay sellers have them. Just be careful and ask for a pic of the actual product on a custom font team, as some are pretty far off. Also if it comes with a nameplate they tend to be hideous shiny twill things that look out of place on a jersey. If 100% accuracy (or even 75% on some) is what you want, they're probably not for you.
  3. The lines on the Red Bulls kit are particularly jarring as the sponsor logo is so symmetric. I can't shake the feeling that the wearer's right side is heavier than the left because of those lines.
  4. Don't have anything official and it's not a huge surprise, but expect Minnesota to wear green for the playoffs and have "a green home jersey" next season. When asked further, individual I quoted didn't know if the name jersey is the same green one as this year's alt or something different.
  5. I believe changing uniforms at the half is officially called "pulling a Mighty Duck".
  6. I have a humorous story about Recchi here in Tampa...we were sizing his wife and children for new skates and he was busy on the phone listing off cities. Surely, I thought, he's discussing trade destinations with his agent, as he's a veteran player teams normally add and the Lightning were in the midst of their second dead phase. It wasn't until he got to Green Bay and Kansas City that I realized he was placing his NFL bets.
  7. Well not anymore, sold already.
  8. It's an NHL PA logo and it's been there since at least 2014.
  9. I think if anyone in hockey could pull off a soccer-esque "City Name HC" it could be Ottawa. Gives them an excuse to go full retro, lose the Roman theme, and brand based on Ottawa and Os instead of any team name. That said I think their current alternate and matching outdoor game one are bottom 5 looks in the league. Ovechkin, he has those pieces sewn on so he can still roll his sleeves. I've never seen him not have a set that matches the jersey he's in, all star and outdoor one-offs included.
  10. 52 and for a board member, $700. Am currently exchanging messages with two folks for an amount above that.
  11. Got an authentic Lightning storm alternate I'm looking to unload. Done up as Ciccarelli 22 in team accurate lettering and numbering. Signed by him on one of the back numbers.
  12. The gator that has taken up residence in the lake behind my apartment. The lake stretches a good couple acres and this is the biggest gator I've seen yet, he's at least 8 feet. It's awesome to observe him. Almost daily for the past two weeks he swims from one end to the other in the morning and comes back about mid day to sun on a flat stretch about 20 feet down and to the left of my balcony. I've seen him take a bird, taking about 20 minutes to close the last 10 or so feet before lunging. Ive taken a few decent pictures so far but no great ones. Twice I've gone down to the fence line but he's super wary and has gone into the water both times before I can seen him over the little rise to take a nice pic. I'll go back upstairs and notice that he only goes about 10 feet off the shore and will sit there awhile, just eyes and nose above the water, scoping things out
  13. The Memphis jersey script shows as a neon sign quite nicely, and without being garish. Very nice.
  14. Now that Jags color fade helmet would work. After a quick glance I think I'd take the Ravens and Saints over their real ones also.