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  1. Got an authentic Lightning storm alternate I'm looking to unload. Done up as Ciccarelli 22 in team accurate lettering and numbering. Signed by him on one of the back numbers.
  2. The gator that has taken up residence in the lake behind my apartment. The lake stretches a good couple acres and this is the biggest gator I've seen yet, he's at least 8 feet. It's awesome to observe him. Almost daily for the past two weeks he swims from one end to the other in the morning and comes back about mid day to sun on a flat stretch about 20 feet down and to the left of my balcony. I've seen him take a bird, taking about 20 minutes to close the last 10 or so feet before lunging. Ive taken a few decent pictures so far but no great ones. Twice I've gone down to the fence line but he's super wary and has gone into the water both times before I can seen him over the little rise to take a nice pic. I'll go back upstairs and notice that he only goes about 10 feet off the shore and will sit there awhile, just eyes and nose above the water, scoping things out
  3. The Memphis jersey script shows as a neon sign quite nicely, and without being garish. Very nice.
  4. Now that Jags color fade helmet would work. After a quick glance I think I'd take the Ravens and Saints over their real ones also.
  5. It looked great paired with their third jersey pants and socks, which actually resulted in a look not too different than the original. As a long time fan, it was a trip to see the likes of Hedman, Bishop, Kucherov, Drouin,etc in the original Lightning look.
  6. Yes, I'm not quite sure how that came out that way! I was trying to say that the numbers were not done in the jersey fabric. Key word to omit...
  7. The numbers at the World Cup were not fabric, they were perforated twill.
  8. It's been 13 years since Brian Boucher set the modern day shutout streak record. 5 complete games, 332 minutes if I remember correct. Did it rocking some Eagles too, one of those brands that dropped from the pro ranks on most items.
  9. Sleeved basketball tops are far and away better looking than the traditional tank top look.
  10. Our team was going to be short two guys today for our biweekly pickup game, but we found a pretty good replacement...Vinny Lecavalier. Awesome dude and when we switched ends "only" scored on about 1/3 of his shots. Lol
  11. Generally speaking, they're not available through normal retail right now. Meeting with our (now) Fanatics rep this week, supposed to have some samples with him. Will update if anything interesting comes down the line.
  12. Love both of these. Obviously some tweaking could be done to the gradients and logo clutter, respectively, but the color s are certainly attractive. Going back to the MLS shield talk, I love how each team wears it colored in their own style. It reminded me of the old CCM triple block logo that used to appear on hockey jersey hems.
  13. Those are nice. The only issue (and it's a small one) is the yellow on the sleeve shields don't match the jersey. Very possible that gets fixed though.
  14. PTO goalie and member of Carolina's equipment staff got into the game tonight, playing the last 7 seconds.
  15. Looking at the bottom hem tag peeking out, that's an AK jersey. Although it's style number is MIN###. That jersey is sold blank and those logos and numbers added later.