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  1. WR Michael Floyd Signs 1 Year/ 1.5 million dollar deal with the Vikings per NFL Network
  2. Twins and Yankee's primary logos
  3. Helmets for the Titans are great!! The flames on the pants are kind of overkill IMO
  4. This is built in but a unique feature none the less the overhang at Target Field
  5. Awesome!! i really enjoy the classic colors on an updated template. The only think i would add would be a D alternate hat
  6. I would assume with how many events Atlanta host (SEC Championship, Peach Bowl, ect) i would think it be easier for the grounds crew without a background color in the end zones at Mercedes Benz Stadium.
  7. Philadelphia Eagles owner dinning with Wentz in Fargo earlier this month.
  8. it was great really had me lauging, one of their political satires that hit the nail on the head great episode!
  9. Those Jags unis are train wreck, the Dolphins are slowly growing on me, the Vikes are pretty solid im not sure about the road whites though
  10. i like this logo, better than the generic garbage they have had the past few years, some thing i might add would be the NYC skyline behind the crown of the statue of liberty
  11. they should focus less on the look, more on the content, i never watch ESPN anymore its either MLB Network or NFL Network and soon to be FOX Sports One. Espn is so east coast biased and full of themseleves. Also there reporting is terrible lots of inacuracies
  12. very pleased, its should make the old timers happy and us uniform buffs as well, love the shoulder striping, as others have said not to big on the number font. Im so glad they didn't mess with the helmet too much, taking the Viking horn off the helmet is like taking the horns of the rams and the star off the cowboys helmet IMO
  13. NFC North By far the Packers Bears and Vikings especially are classics... other helmets i enjoy Bucs, Rams and Eagles of course the Cowboys very iconic