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  1. Philadelphia Eaglesowner dinning with Wentz in Fargo earlier this month.
  2. South Park Season 17

    it was great really had me lauging, one of their political satires that hit the nail on the head great episode!
  3. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Those Jags unis are train wreck, the Dolphins are slowly growing on me, the Vikes are pretty solid im not sure about the road whites though
  4. NFL Re-Design Project: Super Bowl XLVIII Logo

    i like this logo, better than the generic garbage they have had the past few years, some thing i might add would be the NYC skyline behind the crown of the statue of liberty
  5. Sportscenter's new digital set

    they should focus less on the look, more on the content, i never watch ESPN anymore its either MLB Network or NFL Network and soon to be FOX Sports One. Espn is so east coast biased and full of themseleves. Also there reporting is terrible lots of inacuracies
  6. New Vikings Uniforms

    very pleased, its should make the old timers happy and us uniform buffs as well, love the shoulder striping, as others have said not to big on the number font. Im so glad they didn't mess with the helmet too much, taking the Viking horn off the helmet is like taking the horns of the rams and the star off the cowboys helmet IMO
  7. Which NFL Division Has the Best Helmets?

    NFC North By far the Packers Bears and Vikings especially are classics... other helmets i enjoy Bucs, Rams and Eagles of course the Cowboys very iconic
  8. Got Pixels NFL Concepts: Titans

    are the pants striping the same as the shoulder striping ?
  9. NBA Courts

    Such an improvement on the Twolves court, i love it!
  10. Ex-Girlfriend in a National Commercial

    Wow that is really interesting. One of my friends mom's dated Jeff Fisher for a while back before he was an NFL coach
  11. Fox updates its MLB scorebox....again

    its much too small even on a 47 inch screen, and when did the pitch stat become so important it needs to be constantly on the screen
  12. Things you thought were true when you were a kid

    I thought serial killers killed cereal like Wheaties, cherrios, ect. I thought athletes got to pick there own names, I used to think everybody had a gravestone already and when they died they opened them up and put them down there.
  13. Seattle Seahawks Concept

    you nailed the alternate, its beautiful, im not a big fan of the number gradient on the home jersey
  14. New NBC Scorebug/Graphics Package

    double post
  15. Oregon Rose Bowl uniforms

    just an awful look from head to toe for the Ducks. Pick a home and away and alternate and be done with it, its ridiculous to have a new uniform for every game