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  1. NFL 2017 changes?

    I love the Dolphins throwbacks, and would have zero issue if they went back to them full time. However, I think they could really go a long way towards making the current set much better just by adding more orange. The current versions simply need more orange!
  2. The Ottawa "O" almost makes the Cleveland Indians block "C" almost exciting. That is a very, boring, generic "O".
  3. Football Fields with Baseball Diamonds

    Lions games at Tiger Stadium....
  4. infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL Week Two

    Loved the Lions-Giants matchup. The white pants for the G-Men look great. Save the grey pants for the road. The Lions new, road look is fantastic. I dig the blue pants with the white jersey, but for comparison's sake, I hope they pair 'em with the grey pants on the road at least one time this season.
  5. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    I was at the Lion's training camp/practice the other day. Some uniform observations. The practice jerseys with the updated number font and no sleeve striping looked great. These would've been fine as the "real" jerseys, both in blue and white versions. The removal of black - PERFECT. Honolulu blue and silver. The color rush jersey actually looks nice. I wanted to hate it, but after seeing it in person on 100 people, it looked good. I like the new home jersey a lot. It would've been perfect without the "LIONS" and "WCF" wordmarks on the sleeves. "Mastabatory" was used in this thread. Yeah, it is, but the new jerseys are nice. More Lions-like than anything we've seen since the dark years of Matt Millen onward. Overall, the absence of black make the new look a big winner.. However, head coach Caldwell wears a black hat. And my beloved Lions have one playoff win since 1957. |
  6. Could the Rays be moving to Las Vegas?

    The Expos had a solid fan base. They needed an updated stadium. I think it would be good for baseball to bring the Expos back to life. I think a Blue Jays-Expos rivalry would be excellent - a Canadian version of Yankees-Red Sox. As for Tampa, if the stadium was in Tampa and not in the Forbidden Zone of St. Pete, I bet attendance would be a ton higher.
  7. Phillies embracing old logo and wordmark

    I think the Phillies current look is nice. The throwback look is nice too, as it really sets them apart from the other "red" teams. It was the Phillies look when I was in my baseball fan formative years. However, the current look is fine. It's a classy look. I would hope the throwback continues to get put into the rotation on occasion though. Its too good a look to dismiss. With that said, I never liked the powder blue roads. The grey version was better. Just my opinion. I never liked the powder blue road era for any team.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    The Original Six still look outstanding. Kudos for this.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Michigan State should wear green and white only. Hopefully they will get rid of the "bronze" color they've used the past few years.
  10. Unusual Color Scheme

    Somewhat reminds me of the MIchigan Panthers of the USFL.
  11. Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    The Pistons and Red Wings. - Car parts -- Piston and Wheel OH MY! -- as in Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my! (Colorado) Rockies and (WVU) Mountaineers (ASU) Sun, (Duke) Blue and (NJ) Devils (Utah) Jazz and (STL) Blues
  12. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    I've had a week to think on the new uniforms. I like them. I wanted to dislike the wordmark - I don't. I wanted to dislike the WCF tribute to William Clay Ford. I don't. I wanted to dislike the font. I don't. Its a fresh take using the only 2 colors needed - Honolulu Blue and Silver. I really like the blue pants. I always thought the lions road uniforms lacked something. I liked the blue pants in the past and this is a nice update to that. I won't give them an A on it seeing as my "A" grade would've been a simple update of either the Barry Sanders or Billy Sims era uniforms - but I will give this a solid B+ and say it's tastefully done and not some overdone nastiness like the Buccaneers or Jaguars.
  13. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    How about: Seattle Baristas (Coffee and cream team colors)? Seattle Starpucks? LOL Seattle Grunge Warriors (with a bearded guy on Mt. Ranier on the jersey)? Seattle Washingtons (Put George's face on the jersey) Yes, I'm kidding. But Starpucks could have a great
  14. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    Nice gallery of Lions uniforms through the years --
  15. I like the current version of brown more so than the last version, which looked almost black. Either orange is fine. Most people hit the nail on the head. Tweak what they have and it'd work fine. Smaller "CLEVELAND" across the front. Full pants stripes. White numbers on the brown jersey. And, while it has always bothered me that the Browns helmet is logo-less, you definitely know it's Cleveland. Maybe they could put take Chief Wahoo from the Indians and put him on the helmet......kidding, just kidding.