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  1. It looks like they will have a yellow jersey this year...
  2. I love the new Leafs logo.  I think it's a nice blend of old and new, and really gives a great nod to the past.  Toronto is a great city and Leafs fans are super passionate. I've been to a few games and dig the atmosphere.  That being said, i am a Red Wings fan, so I have to dislike the Leafs.  LOL  ;-)
  3. MLB 2016 Changes

    I do not like the Blue Jays one.  It looks more appropriate for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Put the blue jay on the cap!
  4. MLB 2016 Changes

    The Tigers never wear spring training/BP jerseys during Spring Training games, so I can't see them wearing the ones posted (for BP only maybe).  They wear their regular home and road uniforms for all games.  They do, however, wear the BP hats during spring training.
  5. Detroit Lions Alt

    My favorite look for the Lions, besides the throwbacks (which the fans here in Detroit love), was the Billy Sims' era.
  6. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    The Lions won't be wearing Color Rush jerseys this week against the Packers, but they will be getting an alternate for 2016.
  7. I grew up with the home teams wearing white at home. I'd like to see the NHL wear white at home for the first half of the season and color after the All Star Game.
  8. Longest Lasting Uniforms

    Red Wings.
  9. New Browns uni coming 2015

    I really like the new orange. It's a helluva, lot more vibrant, than the old orange. The brown stays the same, eh? I always thought the current brown, was a bit too much toward black for me, but it'll look great matched with the updated orange.
  10. Favorite Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Lions-Steelers. Oh wait my Lions have never been in Super Bowl.
  11. The Baseball Cap: What's Your Favorite

    My favorites: 1. Tigers home. 2. Brewers ball & glove 3. Pirates mustard & black Sunday home 4. Dodgers 5. A's home
  12. College Football 2014 Season

    Michigan's deal with Adidas expires in 2016. If this article is true, it would take a lot for them to switch.
  13. Kelly Green used in uniforms/logos

    Until a few years ago,didn't Michigan Stat uses lighter green?
  14. Time For Arizona Cardinals To Change Name

    There are no Lions here in Detroit, and one could argue no football team either, but the name is classic. Cardinals can happily stay in Arizona. Old guy here too. Pass the fly swatter, CW! You kids get off my lawn too! (null)
  15. looks like a more "traditional" Michigan when it comes to football uniforms. (null) Michigan football coach Brady Hoke, right, and wide receiver Drew Dileo watch Alabama beat Michigan, 41-14, on Sept. 1, 2012. / Tim Heitman / US PRESSWIRE By Mark Snyder Detroit Free Press Sports Writer FILED UNDER Sports Michigan Wolverines ADVERTISEMENT In 2011, Michigan ran through uniform combinations, changing three times during the season. That was Brady Hokes first season at U-M, and, looking back, theres a little regret on his part. We had one uniform we wore once that we wont wear again, he said on the Jay Mohr Sports radio show today, though he didnt say which one. Its something that youre always trying to have that excitement with your kids, and thats part of it. Uniforms and recruiting ... this thing is bigger than it should be. But were traditional, and we have such a great tradition and legacies, were going to be staying pretty much standard. Last season, U-M wore a unique uniform for the season opener against Alabama but not during the rest of the regular season. Athletic director Dave Brandon said in May that the only time U-M might change this year would be for the bowl game, if the players want it. Asked today which other uniforms he likes, Hoke pointed to Penn States conservative look. Mohr responded by saying that he thinks names on the back are important, and Hoke said his wife, Laura, agrees.