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  1. Due to 60 years of football futility, I recommend the Detroit Lions re-brand themselves as the Michigan Panthers. Yes, those awesome USFL Michigan Panthers - 1983 USFL Champs! It keeps the "cat" theme in Motown,and revives, what was one of the best football uniforms ever.
  2. They should do what the baseball Angels did (and later reverted back to LA though) and call themselves the "California Chargers".
  3. They can be a regional team - the California Chargers.
  4. I've got the old Tigers road cap (bought it in the early 80s.). The orange D is outlined in white. I think they wore that version from 72-82.
  5. MLB: Cardinals, Cubs, Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers, Red Sox (all timeless it seems) NHL: Red Wings, Canadiens, Bruins, Rangers, Maple Leafs, Blackhawks (yes, I'm an Original Six slappy..But their logos are so known). NFL: Cowboys (despite the mis-matched colors, you know that STAR logo), Steelers, Raiders, Packers, Vikings NBA: Celtics, Lakers (even if the name isn't "right", the yellow and purple are instantly recognizable), Knicks (simple, yet nice), Bulls, Spurs
  6. I always liked these Giants road jerseys. Red with blue.... Giants road and blue
  7. MLB - Padres. Pick colors and build a real identity Indians - Block C or Wahoo. Pick one. (Block C if you ask me). Diamondbacks - Mess, mess mess NHL - I really have no issues with NHL identities. The Kings would be about the only one. The black/silver or yellow/purple colors and way differing logos. NBA - Thunder, Clippers, Jazz, Lakers and Nets. Geography, team names, and logo boredom issues with these teams. NFL - I think team identities are fine, but I have issues with the uniforms of certain teams. Bucs - uniforms/mess Jacksonville - Uniform is fine. Helmet awful. Lions - My beloved Lions need to lose the black and get back to the real Honolulu blue and silver Bengals - panels Rams - old school blue/yellow need to be full time now
  8. I really like the simplicity of the Indians, block "C". I like both the red and the blue version of the caps.
  9. I agree. I saw a few games there and thought it was just like Ford Field in Detroit...but for baseball.
  10. Adidas is the "new" NHL supplier (upcoming), right? Even though they replace Reebok, which is part of the same company.
  11. I wonder if they will simply remove the black and put a bit more silver on there... "... It (2017 uniform update) won't be a radical change. We still love the Honolulu blue and silver and the lion (logo)..."
  12. I picked up this year's Diamond Era Tigers cap. The orange one. Yes, its loud, but I like it. I got the non-spring training version. It has the league emblem embossed on the side, but not the spring training patch. It fits true to size (7 3/8) and sits lower (crown not as high) than the BP caps from last year, but the materials are the same.
  13. He said they want "... look at our entire uniform color scheme...". As a lifelong, (suffering) Lions fan, I'd like that color scheme to eliminate the black, go to a traditional number font and get the blue back to the shade it used to be. The current "Honolulu" blue has never looked right to me. Make some version of the throwback with the current uniform, add blue face masks and it'd make me happy. Or bring back the Billy Sims-era uniforms.
  14. It looks like they will have a yellow jersey this year...
  15. I love the new Leafs logo. I think it's a nice blend of old and new, and really gives a great nod to the past. Toronto is a great city and Leafs fans are super passionate. I've been to a few games and dig the atmosphere. That being said, i am a Red Wings fan, so I have to dislike the Leafs. LOL ;-)