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  1. Proc

    NHL Adidas/Fanatics jerseys- what to get?

    I've got 3 of the Adidas. Home and road Red Wingsand home Golden Knights. Very well made. Word of advice. Subscribe to Dick's Sporting Goods email list. I got the Wings jerseys for $135 ($90 off normal price) during a short sale they had right after the season ended.
  2. Proc

    2019 MLB Changes

    Thank you. It is much appreciated. With that said, back to the topic...
  3. Proc

    2019 MLB Changes

    Wow. Really? Not called for. There was a lot of social media and newspaper responses in the negative. But maybe I just heard 2 old guys. Seriously, that is a nasty response and one I didn’t deserve.
  4. Proc

    2019 MLB Changes

    Well, after a season of the Tigers going with the big "D" on the caps, I am hoping for a return to the smaller "D" or at least down size this one a bit. The fan's reaction in Motown to the larger letter on the cap was not well-received at all.
  5. Proc

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I like Maryland's look, but they should just change the team mascot from "Terrapins" to "Flags" seeing as its become about the state flag and nothing else. Where is there even a hint of the turtle?
  6. Proc

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

    The Canucks are the San Diego Padres of the NHL. They never seem to find an identity.
  7. I mentioned this in the NFL top 5....Block numbers for the Steelers.
  8. Proc

    Top 5 Uniforms in NFL

    1. Steelers (black/yellow...perfect combo. Bring back the block numbers and this goes to 1+++) 2. Bears (Traditional. Perfect. You know its the Bears when you see it). 3. Packers (See the explanation for the Bears) 4. Dolphins (The new uni's are perfect) 5. Lions (Love this incarnation of the Lions uniforms. The road white w/the blue pants is a spectacular look).
  9. I was just in Grand Rapids. Fitting name as there are breweries everywhere.
  10. The "O" is incredibly boring. I always liked the original Roman senator look, but that doesn't really capture what you'd think Ottawa is about. I like the Peace Tower inside the "O". That would be a good look.
  11. The road whites are not good. Black and white. The numbers on the white jersey should've been teal. The rest is better than what they had before.
  12. All they needed was more orange and they did it. Excellent job, Miami. This is a classy look.
  13. This is one of my fav's....
  14. Proc

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I really like the helmet. The rest not so much. I liked the old school stripe on the out-going plants. The "sword" stripe hasn't seen a down on the field and it looks dated. Its not Tampa bad, but its not quite good either.
  15. The US-made Low Profile 5950s seem to be more consistent, size-wise, than the high-crown Chinese-made ones. However, as others have stated, I have to try on a half dozen before I can get one that fits right. The 3930's, while not my first choice, at least fit consistent with the stretch sizing.