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  1. They can't be seriously considering putting an MLB club in Mexico, can they? Isn't that entire country a wildly dangerous narco state?
  2. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    Why is the Nike logo on the sleeves backward?
  3. Las Vegas Raiders Brand Discussion

    I think that one's for when the Raiders move to the SS.
  4. New NFL collars are winning on the field

    Aha! So this was an ingenious theory after all. Maybe my initial conclusion was based on incomplete information, but it led to a very significant discovery - huge collars WITHOUT flywire are the optimal construction for on-field success, as demonstrated by the improbably unbeatable Texans. If Houston wins the Super Bowl, how likely is it that their innovation will spread like wildfire across the football landscape?
  5. New NFL collars are winning on the field

    The Lions have those stupid collars? I hadn't noticed. Then why are they so terrible?
  6. So those absolutely hideous new NFL collars seem to be effective for some reason. The most disappointing teams in the league are the few teams which refused to implement them. The Packers and Lions - two dominant playoff teams from last season - have losing records. The Patriots are just one game over .500! Am I missing anyone? Clearly, there is a correlation. But why? I don't understand what those godawful things actually do, but I can't argue with results.
  7. Los Angeles Jaguars-First Alternate Logo pg 5

    I think this is an awesome concept, but I think it would be even better if the guy in the logo had his eyes open. He looks like he's squinting or something, like Mr. Magoo. Also, on the undershirt with the jaguar spots, I think that would work better if the shirt was gold.
  8. Miami Dolphins Logo Concept (Update 1.1)

    That's kind of cool. It doesn't seem right for an NFL team, though. Looks a little 70s or 80s to me, like something from one of those defunct leagues like the USFL or WFL. And did you intend to put hidden letters in the alternate logo with the two dolphins and palm tree? It almost looks like the EIB microphone. Did Limbaugh buy the team?
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars

    I haven't tried to do any concepts in years, and obviously I only have MS Paint, but I wanted to give this a try when I heard Jacksonville was switching to black as their primary uniform color. I think something like this would look nice. Also, I've always hated how their logo looks on the dark helmet, because it seems to disappear in it. I think the shield mark on a gold helmet would look good.
  10. So what's the deal with big-league teams that don't make their batting helmets match their alternate caps? I see the A's pairing gold-brimmed helmets with solid green caps, and even more outrageous, the Orioles were wearing helmets with a completely different logo than their field caps last night! I know that the Tigers always match their hats - is this actually more rare than the norm?
  11. Who wears Minnesota's best jersey?

    I went to school there, and so I used to go to Wild games a lot when the team was new. They have a lot of the high school jerseys hanging up at the XCel Energy Center. You can see 'em here - http://www.vintageminnesotahockey.com/xcelhsjerseys.html I can't figure out how to see and vote on everything submitted to the online contest. Too bad, because it's a great idea.
  12. College Football 2012 Season

    Those Oregon uniforms were absolutely beautiful. I had doubts going in, but everything showed up wonderfully. I love it!
  13. College Football 2012 Season

    That Oregon uniform looks like a logical futuristic evolution of their classic look. Well done.... I don't think I'll like the helmet much, but it would fit the look more than a standard "O" on the sides lid. I don't really like the whole sublimated design on the wings and feathers, since it's so hard to really notice unless you're looking right on top of it. But I guess that's the point. This is an HD world, and they're big on being on the cutting edge.
  14. College Football 2012 Season

    It took me a little while to figure out who was who in the Navy-Notre Dame game. For one, I wasn't sure who the "home" team was.