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  1. NHL March Madness - Final(ly) Matchup Posted!

    1. Ottawa 2. Florida 3. Tampa Bay Did anything change with the Habs? I can't find the update.
  2. The Battle of Seattle

    I like that update a lot better. Much more NHL-ready, I'd say!
  3. Team Color Changes

    Seems like NBA teams do this all the time. I'd almost bet there are more teams in the NBA that have undergone a color (or even complete identity) change than not.
  4. The Battle of Seattle

    Also, tree frogs are just naturally goofy-looking creatures.
  5. The Battle of Seattle

    I think the frog is very well-designed, but I don't think it would fit in the NHL. Seems like too much of a minor-league aesthetic. It reminds me of the green bug that used to be on Columbus' uniforms. They phased him out to look more like a major league franchise.
  6. If the blue in the Niners concept was for Levis, then you should have given them Levi Blue pants!
  7. City/State Color Identities

    Can you do Detroit next? Great series, by the way.
  8. I like this, but I'd like it even more if you turned it 90 degrees. Then it would look like a tasty hamburger.
  9. The Battle of Seattle

    I like the green and blue Sea Lions a lot, but I think I'd like it more if you made it so the crest didn't have to change its coloring for each jersey. It looks a little odd now on the dark jersey.
  10. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    That look is absolutely hideous and certainly not MLB-quality. It isn't even TATC worthy.
  11. The Battle of Seattle

    That black and teal Sea Lions set is AWESOME!... They'd be a great AHL affiliate for San Jose.
  12. What If....the XFL was a success??

    Why are so many of these concepts just copies of actual AFL, CFL and NCAA teams?
  13. Is that supposed to be a hidden WW at the bottom of the Winnipeg Wolves logo? If so, I like it! Very clever.
  14. The Battle of Seattle

    I love everything about the Pilots... Except the brown. I just think it's a yucky color. If you replaced it with green I think I'd like it would be the clear winner thus far.