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  1. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Nets court is an easy choice for #1. Their court design really is the best part of their entire brand.   Hornets are obviously doing it right with the hive. Solid brand all around.   Miami Heat court will never get old. It just works and a classic look.   Too bad the Sixers don't play as well as their court looks.   Lakers are also doing it right, especially since the addition of the traditional script lakers at the baselines. Championship years around the logo is a nice look.   The Suns are ranked way too high. It's atrocious. This whole current brand is a disaster, disjointed, mishmash (but not as bad as *cringe* LAC, though their court is better).   I'd put them right after Houston. Houston is definitely the worst court in the league though. Looks like a practice court. I can't believe that logo has lasted 13 years.   I think sublimated patterns on all NBA courts are hot garbage. They all look like crap; Nuggets, Pelicans, Cavs..The only place I have ever really seen this work, is the originator:     Kings court looks confused. Mish mash of typefaces makes for ugly clutter. "Sacramento Proud" looks like an after thought, super cliche.   Wizards are my team since i was 9, but the ball-monument-roundel primary (with name) logo should be at center court. DC-hands logo at the corners. Certainly not worse than the Raptors court, theyve got that wrong. I'm still not (and likely will not ever) be a fan of the current Raptors brand. What's with the love for the Bucks "Mecca" court?? It looks terrible. I know they are two M's at either end, but they mimic the look of a tuxedo or bowtie. Not to mention I think they missed it with their logos this year. Color scheme, typeface and uniforms are okay, but implementation of them are not. None of the logos really make you ooh or ahh.            

    Kings and Raptors are the best of the bunch. Realistically, the Kings one has the most potential, maybe for a secondary mark, or primary if placed with a wordmark. Suns are nice too, would like to see a wordmark incorporated. The Magic version, could adopt that as a secondary.   Playoffs, conference, and finals logos are also nice in theory, but I don't see them as an improvement over the current marks.
  3. Non sports-related work from me! To close out 2015, I was asked to design a special issue of the National Association of Plan Advisor's NAPANet the Magazine. This is their inaugural annual 'Blackbook' issue. I was responsible for the entire branding, look, feel and production of the issue. The 'Blackbook' issue is defined as a definitive resource for those who work in the pension and retirement business, particularly advisors. It is a directory of the top 100+ firms in the industry, displaying their current statistics, assets and other additional information. The actual magazine is 10"x12" printed on an 120 pound gloss cover, at a total of 108 pages from cover to cover. Full view of the project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32631625/The-Blackbook-Issue
  4. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    So, I got to thinking about the Nuggets and their new wordmarks. They are much better than the previous years use of Aachen Bold. I also realize they use their pick axe logo more than anything else. Which is definitely their best mark and is a step in the right direction. So..I think they're going to pull one of "those" rebrands and here's my guess at a new primary: In one of the roundels, I added in an image of a golden nugget at either side, between city and nickname. But I doubt they'd do that.
  5. Thanks all. They generally like to only go by "Mason." No GMU, no George Mason. Stumpy, I know, it wasn't to be a perfect rendition of GM, just representative of an aggressive looking minuteman/patriot. I think I wrote in my description that it was to represent GM himself, but I might adjust that sentence.
  6. Thanks all. With some changes, and I'm going to get it to my school. Now to make it a reality..
  7. My alma-matter, graduating class of 2014. I'm particularly a Mason basketball fan; my freshmen year witnessed the Men's basketball Cinderella-story trip to the Final Four, in 2006. Unforgettable. The current look, adopted in 2004, is passable for now, but as an ever-growing university presence in America, Mason Nation is certainly due for a refreshed athletic aesthetic. See the link to a PDF below for a full presentation of the rebrand and its elements: http://issuu.com/ianbakar/docs/2015gmu_rebrandproposal_ianbakar On Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/32127179/Mason-Patriots-%28GMU%29-University-Athletics-Rebrand
  8. NBA Abstract Concept

    I would get a poster framed of this in my game room. If I had a game room. This is definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen...ever
  9. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Grey and red always look good together. If they ever updated their brand in the distant future, I'd welcome grey, red and Chicago flag light blue. The four stars on the shorts are so subtle, but make all the difference in the design. Damn, damn, damn those sleeves. Atrocity to the look and feel of professional basketball.
  10. NBA Rebrand :: Heat Added! - 21/31

    Take your time with these. They all look rushed. I had the same problem when I started in 2005. (I.e. "I was able to crank out the Suns today!") Refine them. Let your eyes off them for a few days. Revisit them. You can't Hulk through these. Ask yourself if you can really see a team adopting it, a hall of famer wearing it and fans wearing the marks on apparel. Mavericks look demonic. That said, their current horse head also looks like it's on amphetamines. A lot of your typography and wordmarks need help. Majority are overly aggressive. Your profile views and character marks (I.e. raptors, cavs, hornets, wolves) are disproportionate. They don't flow smoothly, as one holistic view icon/logo mark. The angle of the view are in most cases not consistent. The Cav has no neck and his head looks like it's tilting to the side. Wolf head looks like it's in a fish eye view, which makes it look more cutesy than it does refined or timeless. Check your line weights across the board - (outlines, highlights, word marks). Check your logo-to-word mark size ratio. Also be conscious of how the two interact together. Many are too big for the other and vice versa; or just plopped on top. Also, color balance. The hornets word mark has way too much purple in comparison to the logo. This wordmark's "squeeze" effect also looks very forced. Wizards with just the Capitol building will not work as primary imagery. The bball ceiling is a nice idea, but overall it's not as seamless as their current brand, which is definitely the best in their history. It's not a government organization. Lakers wordmark looks like it's trying to hard. The Lakers are a finesse team, a classic team and doesn't need to fall into trendiness. Tone down the serifs and the shear. The Suns word marks are the most plausible and the best thing so far to me. Celtics are also the most realistic update. Slow down and you can likely make these a lot better. Look at other logos and study what makes them work; the nuances, the little things. Right now, you're missing the little things.
  11. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    ^ That's cool. Something tells me we'll see that become the primary logo with the new scripts from the home and road uniforms - IN A ROUNDEL! Thinking about doing a mock-up of it. I can sense this happening slowly but surely.
  12. Chapeeko's NBA

    Doesn't matter. I know it's TD's, could credit him on the image. Has nothing to do with the adidas logo though, for the sake of realism, NBA jerseys don't sport manufacturer logos visibly on the uniform, especially not on the shoulder. So, he should remove them.
  13. Help me fix my beloved Clippers...

    I personally think I may have solved the issue: http://issuu.com/ianbakar/docs/laclippers_brandproposal?e=1212987/12542729 http://www.ianbakar.com/rebranding-the-los-angeles-clippers/ But you're bigger problem at this moment seems to be Steph Curry. I can't help you there. ?✌️
  14. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Yeah, Clippers look like the entire branding is an afterthought. The blue numbers on the red jerseys looked so much better, though the white may be more visible here. Everything about it sucks from the full view. White numbers may be the only reedeming quality.
  15. Chapeeko's NBA

    With the current brand, I support it 100% more than the current mess. If you're going to do a series like this, include your concept renders of the logos. Glad you got rid of the black, and kept the hawk-breast pattern to the side panels. The black in the current set is completely arbitrary, doesn't appear in ANY of the logos. And the flame/winged bird secondary has no consistency with the other logos. Highlighter Yellow numbers and black look horrible. Number font and goofy word marks look like a super cheap remake of their previous brand. Their previous brand was a lot better overall. But still, as much as I appreciate and respect Rare Design, I think this was a miss on their end. (Sorry Ben Barnes if you read this, Hornets and Pelicans were perfect. Hawks here are a miss). http://raredesign.com Looking forward to the rest! Take your time and think them through for best results. * ALSO Drop the adidas logos everywhere. They will be out come 2017 with Nike coming in. Also, on court unis do not adorn any manufacturer logos, so it'd be more realistic that way. Maybe add back in an ATL uniform. They are one of the only teams the abbreviation works for, along with PHX.