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  1. When are we going to have a new contest?

    how aboot a baseball(or any sport ) card contest....might get some cool ideas thrown out here..
  2. The New Guinness Logo

    somebody call me?
  3. Dr. Pepper Concept

    how aboot the new berries and cream?.....sweet stuff
  4. Reebok for a day

    jesus called,he wants his fish back
  5. The Possibilities of MS Paint

    betcha RC can skool him....
  6. Reebok for a day

    that a London Racers logo for Detroit?
  7. Montreal Rockets

    i like any old school hockey look..with that in mind..its not saying anything to me..i hated the logo the Montreal Rocket(not Rockets) used..the 9 wasnt clean,and he rocket looked silly..maybe instead of a star in the backround,a "9" would work here?
  8. Userbar Sig Images

    sweet..charles couldnt fit his fat butt on that skinny bar!....good job(woulda looka nicer as a 76er tho!)
  9. Great Hockey Auction

    not sure if this belongs here or in the sports board..but lots of super sweet examples of old hockey sweaters... lelands hockey check out the old blackhawks sweater..and the trail smoke eaters wool....imagine todays big guys fitting into those... and for you Bobby Orr fans(are we all!)some really fantastic things.. ORR HOCKEY anyone wanna loan me about 50K?
  10. WHL Alts

    heres a pic of the Seattle
  11. 2006 NHL Playoff Sigs

    great job...i agree witht teh negative look on teh right side not looking it needed?i love teh flyers one..can you make it without the 2nd image reversed on teh right...?just space there?
  12. My First Uniform

    thats nice....i like the sand colour...good job
  13. Adam Morrison

    Morrison and Bird should not be the closed... Morrison would be happy to come out and be a Wally Szerbiak....take Bird.. anyone else have any thoughts?
  14. Kovalchuk Army

    Kovy has a shirt..pic from the Thrash locker room.
  15. Philadelphia Phantoms

    those are great..auctioned off again i suppose...theres one lady who always would pay like 2k for Neil Littles game worns..must have been his mom or something..