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  1. Reaper logo idea

    needs more cowbell
  2. The Corporate Hockey League

    ..been @ UPS 21 years..would love to see some hockey sweaters..dont forget the throwback style with the old package tied up logo..
  3. Goalie Pad and Blocker Design
  4. Recycled jerseys?!?

    ..a fellow GW jersey collector came across a whole storage unit with original jerseys given by the Chicago Blackhawks to the Portland Winterhawks for their innaugural season of the WHL. The jerseys are the blackhawks and tagged in 73,74 and a few 76. It has the wilson and gunzo tags, with the unique chain stiching on the emblems that gunzo used.
  5. Rutgers in new jerseys.

    ..thats in the scarlet knights
  6. Boston University Logo Concept

    ..anyone who has a Boston knows that this is spot on for how they always seem to hook a tooth or two outside of their lips..its perfect..
  7. Goalie Helmet Design Competition

    27 Matt Tomassoni D Right 5' 10"/165 07/30/1989 Cedar Rapids RoughRiders Carol Stream, IL thats listed on the roster page? the info wrong?
  8. Washington Capitals

    change the NY Rangers to Washington
  9. Rutgers uni mishap last night.

    victim of a drive by purple nurple....
  10. Philly Flyers Orange

    ..insert the "ol #88 got his bell rung " joke here now.... damn Lindros coulda been a legend
  11. XHL's Philadelphia Bruisers

    why cant i see anything?
  12. A concept turned reality

    i have a gamer from the giants from a few years ago and i swear it has a harp or guinness patch on the chest area.....i dont feel like digging thru them now to make sure....i think now it was a Harp patch...for them to have coors as the sponser is a kick in the sack eh?
  13. Realtors' logo inspired by Canucks stick-and-rink?

    ..first off..if you are a 609er,why the hell are you a ranger fan my friend......this is FLYER country..
  14. Boston Bruins kinda concept

    ..almost like the Traktor Chelyabinsk russianj ersey without the stick being crunched..maybe..mabe not
  15. Cardinals World Series Rings

    ..heard they also serve as a bottle opener..