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  1. RT @calstampeders: Miss our #CanadaDay fireworks show? Here's a link to see the entire thing, thanks to a fan → htt…

  2. @Shawnkassian @bioware proud of you bud.

  3. Good job @ClassyPeteStew @JerseyGuyEd and Stump. Best day ever.

  4. RT @penguins: Watch this now or 'shave it' for later...Our friend @IceSinghHNIC has news about Bonino's beard and @GiantEagle.…

  5. @THE_Fortier did you do this?

  6. RT @NHLFlames: Do you have your tickets to the @ColbornesForces Benefit Concert yet? Get 'em here ~…

  7. RT @myregularface: Hedman saves a goal

  8. RT @SNFaizalKhamisa: #BlueJays and Rangers brawl in Texas.

  9. RT @GeordieMacleod: The Roughnecks Foundation will also be donating the proceeds from the 50/50 draw to support relief efforts in Fort McMu…

  10. All of that gold in Pittsburgh sure looked good last night.

  11. RT @YYCmortgageguy: Hope the @NLLRoughnecks release this image for download! #newscreensaver

  12. @PickleThief19 Michael!

  13. @PickleThief19 Michael!

  14. @CDunwald @carlop67