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  1. If I read correctly both Feige and Pascal have mentioned that it's Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War and Homecoming 2. After that it's all Sony once again. Edit: link http://collider.com/spider-man-homecoming-2-mcu-marvel-sony/
  2. Saw GotG 2 last Sunday and it didn't click with me, loved the music and the Mantis/Drax interactions but it all seemed sad and slow. I will give it another chance when it gets a digital release but right now I have mixed feelings about it.
  3. Sasha vs Bayley vs Bliss vs James for the title of tightest a$$ in the E.
  4. HE DID WHAT?!?!?!???
  5. My guess is Groot, Rocket And The Collector, I bet him and the Grandmaster? Gamemaster? are either related or in a sort of agreement with Thanos.
  6. Pass interference, WOW
  7. Mine too. *** unpopular opinion alert *** But I wished some teams had "color rush" type uniforms once in a while. Like full black for the White Sox (with white socks), full yellow the A's, full tomato for the Indians, etc. *** bracing for full on hate in 3, 2, 1 ***
  8. I would not like for Undertaker to face Angle but Lesnar and Jericho would be awesome
  9. Ohhhhhhh man Angle is back.
  10. Cruiserweight Jericho was the best
  11. I still think that Snoke is Darth Plagueris and that he is a dark version of the Force Ghosts. Luke will take care of him and Rey will take care of Kylo
  12. 2016.... just F'N go already, you have messed enough with your lifes already
  13. My mom has a second cousin that played for the Puerto Rico national basketball team in the 90's and guarded Michael Jordan in the 92 Olympics
  14. 2017 Royal Rumble Winner: Seth Rollins Return of the Year: Kurt Angle Biggest Signing: Broken Matt/Jeff Most Surprising Departure: Brock Lesnar WWE Star Most Likely to Go Elsewhere:??? NXT Star to Get Called Up: Samoa Joe Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner: Samoa Joe Will the Undertaker Compete at WrestleMania 33? Yes Against Who? John Cena Brock Lesnar's WrestleMania 33 Opponent: Goldberg WrestleMania 33 Main Event: WWE World Championship: Undertaker vs John Cena (c) Superstar Most Likely to Switch Brands and Succeed: New Day to SD 2016 Money in the Bank Winners: Orton (SDL) and Cesaro (Raw) First-time WWE World Champion: Cesaro Biggest Heel/Face Turn: AJ Feud of the Year: Broken Matt/Jeff vs Wyatts vs Day of New Superstar on the DL: Zack Ryder 2016 Slammy Award Winner for Superstar of the Year: AJ Female Superstar Who Ends Charlotte's PPV Win Streak: Awesome Kong
  15. Damn!!!! Almost $300 million worldwide and $155 domestic. Disney is in a F'n roll. With a A cinemascore. Almost a certain billion.