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  1. TrueYankee26

    International Football 2018-2019

    Fox Sports must be laughing right now at the people who hated their coverage of the UCL and UEL.
  2. TrueYankee26

    Popular Defunct Teams

    There was big uproar when the teams moved to OKC and Raleigh respectively, which is a good start. They both had passionate fanbases, and a memorable identity which made both teams gears fashionable.
  3. TrueYankee26

    2018 MLB Season

    They destroyed my Yankees today, the AL East is slipping away from us.
  4. Crest reminds me of "Club The Strongest" from Bolivia (yes that's the team's name).
  5. TrueYankee26

    Players Who Played w/ Both Sides of a Rivalry

    Raptors sure treated it like one, when they booed VC, and their GM 5 years ago shouted "F Brooklyn" in front of a pep rally
  6. TrueYankee26

    Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    As pointed out by Mac The Knife, the Washington Valor made the Arena Bowl with a 2-10 record.
  7. TrueYankee26

    Logos that Look Alike

    Old logo of Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS) known for Akira, Lupin the 3rd, Sonic X among other shows Met Foodmarkets, very local chain of supermarkets usually in inner cities of the NJ-NY-CT tri state region
  8. TrueYankee26

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    Cleveland Browns and Boston Bruins ("Bruin" is the Dutch word for Brown)
  9. TrueYankee26

    ArenaBowl XXXI: How To Lose and Still Win

    And for the guys who were wondering why NBC went all out for NHL and Sunday Night Football? There's your answer.. Hardly any sports. And if it weren't for college football and NBA, ABC Sports ESPN on ABC would be in this situation.
  10. TrueYankee26

    ArenaBowl XXXI: How To Lose and Still Win

    Washington wins! Offensive pass interference ends Albany's chance. We will get the potental trainwreck!
  11. TrueYankee26

    HOF-caliber players whose "right" uniforms are awful

    And he went to the World Series with this look too, I agree.
  12. TrueYankee26

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

  13. TrueYankee26

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    Both have used Purple in their history (1 of them still does). Both of their glory years was when NBC showed the playoffs. New York Titans (now Jets) and Tennessee Titans (who were the Houston then Tennessee Oilers).
  14. TrueYankee26

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    What about (Park) Rangers