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  1. O.C.D

    MLB Unveils Logos for all 2018 Postseason rounds

    i like them
  2. O.C.D

    MLB changes 2018?

    Something like this is what I was imagining. It still works better on the white, but I feel like there is a way to do it on the grey and still have the same balance that the white one does
  3. O.C.D

    MLB changes 2018?

    Just to pile on, it bugs me that they only use the drop shadow on the home word mark. It should be on the away jersey word mark, and I think if it were on the numbers and the NOB it would make the uniforms look better.
  4. O.C.D

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    That would have made Angel games a lot more fun back then!
  5. Good number. This guy was impressive in interviews. Very thoughtful and smart. He seems like he's going to have a great career. Between him and nikola vukovic, the magic are going to be post defense nightmares
  6. O.C.D

    NHL 2018-19

    I like how that looks so much I might buy one, and I don't root for them or live anywhere near them
  7. O.C.D

    Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina as New Third Uniform

    Love it. It's representative of the local history and art style. It pays respects to the native American influence of the area, and it's not like any other jersey in the league. If character was a stat in jersey design this would be 10/10
  8. O.C.D

    NHL 2018-19

  9. That script is so pleasing to look at. IMO, I feel like it they had stacked the words off center from each other it might look even better. Maybe play with the size of the words in comparison to each other, but I wouldn't really change anything about how the letters are constructed. Really really nice to look at.
  10. O.C.D

    Your favorite color combinations

    IMO, if that helmet was like the Giants helmet (royal metal fleck), that uniform would be top 3. Face mask could either be blue, yellow, white or grey and it would still be beautiful
  11. O.C.D

    Your favorite color combinations

    Green and Yellow is hard to beat
  12. O.C.D

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    my inner contrarian will not abide that request. Share an opinion about the NBA uni's my friend
  13. You are correct, I forgot about the Spurs the year before. I'll always look back and say that if Shaq and Kobe could've gotten along and both been motivated 100% to win, they had enough talent to beat Detroit. The Pistons played better when it counted and they deserved the ring that year. It was a hard pill to swallow though.
  14. As a Laker fan, this one stings.That was supposed to be the 4 peat. Karl and Gary were supposed to get their rings, and we were gonna get our 4th in a row. This is the team I think about when I hear ESPN analysts not understanding why or how the Warriors can be complacent. Teams get tired and teams get complacent when they get used to winning, and it suck's for their fan's.
  15. O.C.D

    What’s the worst mlb logo

    Corporate and soulless. It's like branding for a company that makes crackers.