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  1. MLB Changes 2017

    1st paragraph- this idea is factually wrong. Not everything that a for profit entity does is solely about money. 2nd paragraph -not necessarily. Philanthropy exists in media production, as well as people making something for the love of the message or the art. 3rd paragraph- Agreed.
  2. Indiana Pacers New Uniforms, Alternate Logos

    These look so bad. Everything about these uniforms are a downgrade from what they had. This is the worst set in team history, easily
  3. Indiana Pacers New Uniforms, Alternate Logos

    Wow, that's bad. The uniforms I mean.
  4. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    Fair enough :-)
  5. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    Jordan is an entity in and of himself. Absolutely no other person or team can compete with Jordan as far as historical ratings or international appeal. He transcended the sport. But he's also not in the league as a player anymore so his presence doesn't effect the ratings. My statement was in reference to the Lakers, compared to other teams, being the biggest brand in the NBA. Me saying the Lakers are the biggest brand in the NBA was me responding to the question of by what measurable metric do the Lakers being good make the NBA better.
  6. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    I took your advice, and here's what I found: Purple=Lakers, Red=Jordan, Green= Super team Era. The ratings have trended downward since Jordan stopped going to the finals. Jordan's popularity transcended the NBA. He was a world-wide cultural phenomenon and I don't think it's fair to compare any other NBA player or team to Jordan in terms of ratings and media attention to the NBA. That being said, the Lakers (and Celtics) drew the highest ratings ever (pre-Jordan) and set the table for what Jordan was able to do going forward. The Lakers were a very large part of the NBA's high ratings and overall jump in popularity. You could debate how important the Lakers being involved was, but I don't think it should be understated. Post Jordan, the ratings fell below what they were before the Lakers-Celtics era. The lock-out contributed, as well the Jordan bubble burst (no Jordan = a large amount of fans not watching anymore). As soon as the Lakers come back into the championship picture, the ratings go up two consecutive years. 2002 went down (maybe people were bored with the Lakers winning, maybe they didn't think it would be a competitive series with the Nets, or maybe complacent Lakers fans thought winning was an after thought and didn't watch) Post Lakers 3-peat, the rating hit an all time low. The ratings shot right back up with the Lakers in the finals the next year (Malone, Payton, Kobe, Shaq proto-super team). The next 3 years, the ratings fell below what they had been with the Lakers recent involvement. The 3 years after that, involving the Lakers, saw an increase in ratings, with a slight dip in the middle. Enter, the super team era. Lebron goes to Miami. The ratings dip, but only slightly. Then, the last 3 season with Golden State. 1st two seasons drew slightly worse rating than the 1st two seasons of the Shaq-Kobe 3 peat. Average viewership was higher for Golden State's 3 year run. From what I can see, when the Lakers are good the ratings go up. I am legitimately perplexed how you could say "But they're a long way from being the "biggest brand in the NBA'". A long way? You think there are multiple teams in the NBA that are a bigger world-wide brand than the Lakers? IMO, I think you might be letting your personal feelings about the Lakers cloud your judgement in regards to where you place them as far as brand power in the NBA. The Celtics are a big brand, but I wouldn't even say they're the biggest brand in the Eastern Conference. The Lakers are hands down the biggest brand in the Western Conference, and I don't think any other team in the east comes close. The Celtics had Larry, the Lakers have had Kobe, Shaq, Magic and Kareem. The fact that the Lakers have had so many all time greats, basically 4 of the top 20 best NBA players of all time, fairly recent, puts them at another level of recognition as a brand. As far as the Knicks go, I completely agree. The NBA would be better if the Knicks could get it together and be good. If the Knicks and the Lakers are good at the same time, the NBA is much better. If you're saying that the Knicks being good would make a bigger separate impact on the NBA than the Lakers being good, I think that's debatable but worth the conversation.
  7. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    The NFL is a different animal compared to the NBA. Fantasy football and a smaller amount of games overall ensure almost every NFL game is highly rated. That being said, the Cowboys being good give the NFL higher ratings and more all around attention for the league. You might not have missed them, and that's valid, but that doesn't change the fact that when the Cowboys are good the league ratings go up. The Yankees and Lakers comparison is more apples to apples. There is no question that when the Yankees are relevant it increases baseball's ratings and overall attention for the league. With the illustrious history both of those teams have, coupled with the fact that they represent the 1st and 2nd largest media markets respectively, you can't ignore the fact that when those teams are doing well more people watch games and more people pay attention to the leagues they play in.This isn't me trying to justify nostalgia for a bygone era, all three of the teams we're discussing are the most polarising teams in their leagues. You either love them or hate them and they move the needle more than any other teams. Compare the Lakers to Golden State. Golden State is killing it right now, they are monsters. 2 tittles in 3 years, best roster by far. ESPN has been almost non stop covering Lonzo Ball and the Lakers in the off season this year. People were watching summer league games in prime time because the Lakers even potentially being good again is a story that people will watch. The summer league ratings are up 50% from last year the and the arena was drawing thousands per night. Those numbers are up because the Lakers are relevant right now. The league is better when the Lakers are good.
  8. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    Television ratings and general media attention. The Lakers are the biggest brand in the NBA and attract more attention than any other franchise. If you're the NBA you want as much positive attention and eye balls on your product as possible, a relevant Lakers team does that better than any other team.
  9. [Insert player name here] joins the Lakers!

    The league is better when the Lakers are good
  10. NHL 2017-18

    I thought you were referring to the mighty ducks stripping they had until 06'. I completely forgot they don't use the above stripping pattern anymore though.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    That's the new striping pattern
  12. The Jazz are not an all white roster (they're not even a mostly white roster). It would appear that black NBA players don't seem to view SLC racial demographics the way you do. For the sake of conversation, here are some numbers. There are 4 NBA cities where the population percentage is majority black: Detroit (84%), Memphis (64%), New Orleans (61%) and Atlanta (54%). If you're talking about NBA cities with the largest black population in the country (regardless of minority or majority status) it goes : New York (2,228,145), Chicago (913,009), Philadelphia (686,870), Detroit (601,988), Houston (514,217), Memphis (414, 928), Los Angeles (402,448), Washington D.C (314,352), Dallas (308,807). I don't think Detroit, Memphis. New Orleans or Atlanta receive any extra free agent attention because of there black majority racial population percentages. The cities that have the largest black population overall also happen to be the largest populated cities in the country. I'm not convinced that a black NBA free agent would have "living around other black people" very high on his list of priorities when looking to sign, but I could totally be underestimating how important that is, but, If we're exploring the living situations of most NBA players realistically, I would be very surprised if more than 5% of players lived in neighbourhoods that were predominantly black, regardless of what team they play for.
  13. NFL 2017 changes?

    The Lions grey is much darker though, these grey jerseys are much closer to white than the lions version.
  14. NFL 2017 changes?

    Blue numbers would blend with the silver and be hard to read