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  1. bluegrassboy75

    Game Show Network Logo

    It looks like Game Show Network has changed their logo this morning. Old: New: I, myself, like they went back to the name and not just GSN.
  2. bluegrassboy75

    Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    So with this and college basketball getting its own graphics as well. Does anyone expect a change to college football this fall?
  3. bluegrassboy75

    NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    As a Hog fan, I can tell you that Razorbacks are on the home jerseys and Arkansas are on the Road & Alternate jerseys. I also agree that they lettering and numbers should be outlined on the ALT jerseys. That was my biggest pet peeve with our PK80 jerseys is that you couldn't see the names or numbers when watching on TV.
  4. bluegrassboy75

    Local TV station logos

    Jonesboro, AR Little Rock, AR
  5. bluegrassboy75

    The World's Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names

    A high school in Arkansas....Deer Antlers
  6. bluegrassboy75

    Great Southwest Conference

    I think these look cool!! Can't wait to see where you put the Arkansas Razorbacks!!