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  1. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Mouse? Well put. "Mouse" is the wrong word, because the brain injury concerns are very serious. But to fix the analogy, prohibiting alternate helmets as a safety measure is like noticing a poisonous snake in your house, and reacting by going outside and shooting your neighbor's dog. There's no evidence whatsoever that one has anything to do with the other.
  2. Best Uniforms Over a Career

    Charles Woodson: Jim Harbaugh:
  3. College Football 2013 Season

    It's also on the 50 yard line of their field.
  4. College Football 2013 Season

    YES!!!!!!! I remember me and BraveBird had a 2 page discussion or so back in the 2011 thread about the silver britches disappearance for grey. Glad to see they're coming back! If Nike has finally figured out how to make metallic pants with whatever their latest uniform technology is, I hope they use them for every team that has a metallic-colored helmet as well. It looks weird for a team to have a silver helmet and gray pants, or a gold helmet and khaki pants. For instance, I think this: Looks much better than this:
  5. Small details that bother you

    Which is actually their historical color. This candy-apple red is far too bright. Then they should consider making their jerseys and pants that color too. It would help differentiate them from Nebraska. This shade of red looks so much better (although I prefer every other design element of the modern set):
  6. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    Lame. I can think of plenty of reasons someone would need a completely full bar mask. Most of them being not getting my fingers bitten off by another player and not having my nose picked/broke from another player. The bottom of those piles can get dirty. Is that really a concern? You would think that if players got their fingers bitten or noses broken in the bottom of piles, we would hear about it routinely. Plus, we're talking about the big hands of NFL players here - a mask like Joe Thomas's or Ryan Clady's provides basically as much protection to the nose/eyes from prying fingers as one of those douchey "freight train" ones.
  7. NBA Changes 2013-14 Season

    I see. I absolutely loved Seattle's old color scheme and uni's. Now, I didn't like their mid to late 90's look, I mean the 70's-80's scheme. The Sonics' look immediately prior to their move was one of my favorite in the NBA. It was modern, yet the arch on the jersey was a nod to the team's uniform history.
  8. 2013 NFL uniform/logo changes

    My biggest problem with the Chargers' current (as of last year) set was that the navy road pants on top of navy socks looked like hot garbage: If they can fix the road socks in a similar fashion - make them primarily white with yellow and possibly blue accents, or something, to avoid the unitard look and the white panel just stopping at the sock - then I'll officially become a fan of this set.
  9. Favorite Sports Logo Of All Time

    The Wyoming Marinerzz.
  10. College Football 2013 Season

    I totally disagree. The lengthened stripe looks much better, particularly in the back: Before After:
  11. Small details that bother you

    Because it looks good? Is that not reason enough, anymore? I love the Giants uniform... top 5 in the NFL easy IMO. And if you asked me why I love it, my list of reasons would match up exactly with everyone's complaints. I'm a cowboys fan and I think the giants set is arguably the best in the league. Everytime someone posts an old giants pic with outlined numbers I just don't understand how those can look better. Sure these don't utilize all the team colors on each jersey, but I don't really think they have to. I also think the Giants' current set is one of the best in the league. They tried putting both blue and red on the road jersey in the Kerry Collins years, and to me it looked purple from a distance: I like the current red-only version much better.
  12. Small details that bother you

    That's a pretty big list. With some really nice logos on it. Holy crap, I'm a Pistons fan, and I never even noticed that they use two different blues in their logo.
  13. Time For Arizona Cardinals To Change Name

    Only if they move to Phoenix-proper. The Arizona Phoenix, playing in Phoenix, Arizona The Arizona Phoenix of Glendale.
  14. New Phoenix Suns Uniforms

    Yeah, I can't figure out what an orange oval would have to do with the Suns either.
  15. College Football 2013 Season

    Michigan State did last year and so have several others. Michigan State had a chrome silver logo last year against Michigan, but the rest of their helmet was chrome green. In other words, the logo wasn't a different texture than the rest of the helmet, unlike this ND helmet.