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  1. College Football uniforms- 2018

    If Adidas just manages to standardize GT's use of gold, that will be a big win, regardless of which gold they use.
  2. Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I think the Lions' uniforms will stand the test of time, at least give or take the awful all-gray set. I'd be relatively shocked if they changed four years from now.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    I thought that might be the case. In that case, they never actually wore teal jerseys with the preseason/drop shadow numbers.
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    The Jags' original numbering was just a terrible font/drop shadow combination. It wasn't illegible because of a lack of contrast. It's also worth noting that the teal uniforms had white numbers with no drop shadow that provided sufficient contrast. They only wore those once in the preseason, against the 49ers on August 18, 1997:
  5. Counterpoint: is Nelly really a rapper?
  6. Yes, I absolutely think wearing black and silver was the reason NWA adopted them. That's why I made the comparison to the Rams, which were also based in LA but never made their way into rap culture. The Raiders have always had nationwide merchandising appeal because they have a great look. That would be true whether they're based in Oakland, LA, Las Vegas, or Topeka.
  7. Color Rush Thursday is dead

    We have different definitions of "really cool."
  8. Let’s Find the Lowest-Rated Logo On This Site

    Without female participation?
  9. NFL 2018 changes

    All authentic helmets have had this description for years. Unless you get the helmet specifically fit to you, it's not warrantied for use on the field. It has nothing to do with whether the helmet is a safe design or not.
  10. Rank the opponents that complement a particular team's uniform

    Michigan's home look vs. Ohio State's standard road uniform is my favorite matchup in sports. I also really liked Michigan vs. Indiana in the snow a couple years ago. Snow makes everything look awesome.
  11. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Given that the Jags' franchise has an all-time classic jersey to its name, and that Nike's "modern" designs have a pretty mediocre hit rate, that might be the best-case scenario.
  12. The Raiders became associated with rap culture in the late 80s/early 90s with N.W.A. rocking Raiders gear. I don't remember any rappers wearing Rams gear, other than when Suge Knight was a scab defensive linemen for the Rams during the 1987 strike. Plus, with the Raiders moving from Oakland to LA and back, it's tough to ascribe too much of their image to any one geographic location.
  13. Unpopular Opinions

    Purely as an on-field look, it's not bad. As an overall identity package, it suffers from all the weaknesses that the previous Browns did. There's no obvious team logo or identity, and nothing that marks this look as clearly "Browns." That's semi-excusable if you're just attempting to maintain 50 years of tradition, but if you're going to move away from the traditional look (yes, I know they wore white helmets briefly once upon a time, but that makes this a fauxback at best), you may as well fix the other glaring flaws.
  14. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    If you're going to post the Bucs' color rush jersey as a positive take on the Nike phenomenon, you need to zoom out to give the full picture of garishness:
  15. Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    I saw this topic and immediately thought of another Magic uniform. A uniform covered in sublimated stars sounds like a tacky one-off, but I thought these were really well done.