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  1. I really hope they pair the gold jersey with navy shorts. Not a fan of the monochrome gold look. Otherise, these are really solid. COYS
  2. Here's Tennessee's away uniform as well.
  3. Make that a white uni and it isn't a bad look.
  4. A&M wore their white pullovers for the first time on Tuesday night.
  5. New wordmarks are a downgrade IMO, and doing the current logo/wordmarks in blue/yellow seems like a bit of a give up move. I do love the stirrups/stripes though.
  6. Part of me wishes Oregon would have gone with a black facemask. It would've been a nice homage to the original Nike redesign.
  7. Yeah, this was mine, and obviously fake. As you (hopefully) surmised, this was never intended to be a serious concept, but rather something funny to freak people out a bit. We did the same thing last year when A&M went to the Chick Fil A Bowl.
  8. Yeah, that was my work on the fake A&M uniforms (same with the Chick Fil A ones last year). Glad y'all liked (read: hated) them.
  9. Gray uniforms tonight for UConn.
  10. A closeup image of the rusty facemask.
  11. As an A&M fan, I am embarrassed to see them put so much emphasis on uniforms, the way they've been playing. From a perception standpoint, I agree. But all of these uniform ideas were done over the summer, if not earlier. It's not like the coaches and players are taking time off practice to make uniforms.
  12. A few more previews of the throwbacks A&M is wearing on Saturday. This is definitely the first time I've seen this helmet treatment.
  13. So they're going with the pro soccer method. That's a bold strategy, Cotton. Not really that unusual, is it? A&M has had a different alternate each of the past three years, that's only been worn once.
  14. This didnt happen, was looking forward to it. What happened? They're wearing those for TCU, which was the plan all along.