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  1. To be clear, I don't know for certain that's the case (that comma at the end of the tweet was supposed to be a question mark), but it certainly has similarities.
  2. Anyone else see this parallel?
  3. I really hope they pair the gold jersey with navy shorts. Not a fan of the monochrome gold look. Otherise, these are really solid. COYS
  4. Here's Tennessee's away uniform as well.
  5. Make that a white uni and it isn't a bad look.
  6. A&M wore their white pullovers for the first time on Tuesday night.
  7. New wordmarks are a downgrade IMO, and doing the current logo/wordmarks in blue/yellow seems like a bit of a give up move. I do love the stirrups/stripes though.
  8. Part of me wishes Oregon would have gone with a black facemask. It would've been a nice homage to the original Nike redesign.
  9. Yeah, this was mine, and obviously fake. As you (hopefully) surmised, this was never intended to be a serious concept, but rather something funny to freak people out a bit. We did the same thing last year when A&M went to the Chick Fil A Bowl.
  10. Yeah, that was my work on the fake A&M uniforms (same with the Chick Fil A ones last year). Glad y'all liked (read: hated) them.
  11. Gray uniforms tonight for UConn.
  12. A closeup image of the rusty facemask.
  13. As an A&M fan, I am embarrassed to see them put so much emphasis on uniforms, the way they've been playing. From a perception standpoint, I agree. But all of these uniform ideas were done over the summer, if not earlier. It's not like the coaches and players are taking time off practice to make uniforms.
  14. A few more previews of the throwbacks A&M is wearing on Saturday. This is definitely the first time I've seen this helmet treatment.