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  1. Results from New Hampshire 1. Hamlin 2. Larson 3. Truex Jr. 4. Kesneth 5. Harvick 6. Suarez 7. Bowyer 8. Kurt Busch 9. Keselowski 10. Johnson Stage 1 winner: Truex Jr. Stage 2 winner: Kyle Busch Now, as far as finishes when it comes to New Hampshire, this was one of the better ones. Larson was close but Hamlin kept it together, especially with all the bad luck the JGR cars have had. Penalties hit Kyle Busch not once, but twice. It was a better race, I'll give it that. Next up, the Brickyard itself, Indianapolis. Now as for a new manufacture, I think Honda & Nissan are almost a shoe in, but I'm with y'all, I think Volkswagen may be up for it. The reason? VW is basically the #1 automaker in the world. The only thing that may be a hassle is that they don't have a truck here in the states, yet. However, Honda & Nissan I could see cause Honda is usually seen as direct rival to Toyota & Nissan has a caliber in racing ( I would say they already have a V8 but that's for Virgin Australia Supercars). Volkswagen would be a very good dark pick, same with Hyundai (if they ever make a truck & a proper replacement for the Genesis coupe. It does make me wonder though & it brings me back to what Kes said, what if they make a new car? Possibly with carbon fiber or a v6 win turbo engine? (I know blasphemy) but times are changing, they may look to keep the speed but make some cuts in cost.
  2. Bumping for results on a busy open wheel day.... Results from the British Grand Prix: 1. Hamilton 2. Bottas 3. Raikkonen 4. Verstappen 5. Ricciardo 6. Hulkenberg 7. Vettel 8. Ocon 9. Perez 10. Massa That was a rough final lap for the prancing horse. Once Kimi had an issue, Seb would follow which cost him the podium & well needed points at the Silver Arrows dominated, Lewis secured his 4th straight win at Silverstone. Vettel leads by one point. Next up Hungary Results from Toronto: 1. Newgarden 2. Rossi 3. Hinchcliffe 4. Andretti 5. Pagenaud 6. Hunter-Reay 7. Chliton 8. Castroneves 9. Rahal 10. Dixon I'm glad to see mayor Hinch on podium. The story of the day was Will Power & Scott Dixon tangling up in the first lap. Toronto is such a good race IMO, Newgarden is going to be a force to be reckon with now that he's with Penske. Next thing you know, he'll be a IndyCar champion. Next up: Mid Ohio Results from the Formula E New York Prix: Race 1: 1. Bird 2. Vergne 3. Sarrazin 4. di Grassi 5. Duval 6. Turvey 7. Gasly 8. Prost 9. Frijns 10. Carroll Race 2: 1. Bird 2. Rosenqvist 3. Heidfeld 4. Gasly 5. di Grassi 6. Prost 7. Dillman 8. Vergne 9. Frijns 10. d'Ambrosio Sam Bird with the sweep in a very thrilling e-prix in New York. Race 2 was probably some of the best racing I've seen in Formula E this year. Next up the finale, in Montreal. Some news & notes & rumors: - Sainz Jr. may got Renault after an alleged falling out with Red Bull possibly as early as Hungary - Toro Ross may switch to Honda engines - Porsche will decide by the end of the month whether to keep their LeMans program. - Mercedes won't be going anywhere after signing a contract extension with Petronas
  3. Well, if a new manufacture comes in.... It won't be Dodge... http://www.thedrive.com/accelerator/12471/dodge-wont-return-to-nascar Here's hoping for Honda or Nissan as a possibility.
  4. Well, there has been some rather big news so far this week... - The world worst's kept secret was official, Honda & Team Penske will join forces with Acura DPI. - McLaren may go with a Ferrari engine - Honda may leave Sauber & possibly F1 - Haas' engine's may be labeled as Alfa Romeo (would make total sense) - BMW is fully joining Formula E - Andretti may go back to Chevy engines in IndyCar
  5. IMO, its time.... http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2017/07/10/nascar-aggressively-pursuing-new-manufactures/ NASCAR is in “aggressive conversations” with manufactures to join the sport, Steve O’Donnell told “The Morning Drive’’ on Monday. “We are aggressively pursuing new (manufacturers),’’ O’Donnell said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio without divulging details. “We want to make sure that they come in similar to how Toyota did and it’s really changed the sport. They’ve done a tremendous job and really helped the industry. “Those conversations are ongoing. It’s a tough process. There’s a lot to consider doing this, but that is a huge goal for the sport right now.’’ I'm thinking the front runners are probably Dodge, Nissan, Honda. The longshots would be Volkswagen & Hyundai/Kia
  6. AHL is working on adding a 31st team http://www.mcall.com/sports/hockey/phantoms/mc-ahl-state-league-david-andrews-20170130-story.html Andrews said there are no expansion applicants but the league is in discussion with a few different markets. He expected more news to come on that within the next four to six weeks From what I've read on the internet, Colorado moves up, becomes affiliated with the Avs while San Antonio becomes affiliated with St.Louis.
  7. Results from Iowa: 1. Castroneves 2. Hilderbrand 3. Hunter-Reay 4. Power 5. Rahal 6. Newgarden 7. Pagenaud 8. Dixon 9. Kanaan 10. Hinchcliffe 30th career win for Castroneves & ends a 3 year drought. This is a big win for Helio considering the rumblings about his future in IndyCar, who knows if he may be back or if he & JPM will go to IMSA with Penske's new DPI program? Great racing all over in Iowa, I was even impressed with Gutierrez with how he held up on an oval track today. Next up Toronto Results from Austria: 1. Bottas 2. Vettel 3. Ricciardo 4. Hamilton 5. Raikkonen 6. Grosjean 7. Perez 8. Ocon 9. Massa 10. Stroll Bottas has now put his name in contention with the World's driver's championship after that performance. I imagine Lewis won't be too happy with that, nor would Vettel. Bottas just looked good altogether, controversy struck again when Seb thought that Bottas jumped the gun, however the FIA said otherwise. Kvyat took out Alonso & Verstappen. The torpedo may find himself on the way out if he keeps this up. Great racing in Austria. Next up, a classic, Great Britain News & Notes: - Recently mentioned but basically the world's kept secret, Penske is expected to join IMSA in DPI with a factory effort backed by Honda & Juan Pablo Montoya & Helio Castroneves are rumored to be the main drivers & could have a trial run as early as Road Atlanta this season. - Audi & Ford may join in when it comes to DPI in 2020 to step up from GTE/GTLM - Max Verstappen may replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari, especially after the last 5 starts, who could blame him. Kimi has been criticized by Sergio Marchionne although Verstappen's dad says he will be Red Bull next year & Sergio himself said Alonso nor Verstappen would be a replacement (silly season, am I right?) - Cosworth may come back to F1, with Aston Martin (hopeful along with Audi) - FIA reveals their new cockpit shield for F1
  8. Results from Kentucky: 1. Truex Jr. 2. Larson 3. Elliott 4. Hamlin 5. Kyle Busch 6. Jones 7. McMurray 8. Logano 9. Harvick 10. Blaney Stage 1 & 2 winner: Truex Jr. Truex Jr. had the most dominant car again & the gamble paid off. He's looking like he could be the guy to beat when the playoffs happen once again. Not just a dominant race for Truex Jr. but also for Toyota. Larson got through 2 penalties & managed to get in the top 10. Keselowski had a rough night & basically thinks its time for a change in the cars... https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/news/nascar-keselowski-kentucky-crash-928368/ “I got stuck in the aero and it just pulled me around. It’s part of the deal when you race at these types of tracks – one groove and the car and the way it’s designed. You have to find a way around it as a driver and I didn’t find a way around it,” Keselowski said. “It’s time for this sport to design a new car that’s worthy of where this sport deserves to be and the show it deserves to put on for the fans.” So that leads to the next question, what would you change? Downforce? The material that the car is made out of? Engine type? Next up: New Hampshire
  9. Results from Daytona: 1. Stenhouse Jr. 2. Bowyer 3. Menard 4. McDowell 5. Newman 6. Ragan 7. Gaughan 8. Allmendinger 9. Jones 10. Buescher Stage 1 winner: Keselowski Stage 2 winner: Kenseth Stenhouse Jr. gets his 2nd win & 14 cautions to boot. This was a Daytona that didn't disappoint! I think if one more lap would've happened, Bowyer may have caught him. A couple of wrecks took out some potential contenders including Little E, Busch brothers, Harvick to name a few. Good restrictor plate racing all around. Next week, Kentucky
  10. Results from Sonoma 1. Harvick 2. Bowyer 3. Keselowski 4. Hamlin 5. Kyle Busch 6. Earnhardt Jr. 7. Kurt Busch 8. Elliott 9. Blaney 10. McMurray Stage 1 winner: Truex Jr. Stage 2 winner: Johnson Never a dull moment on a road course. This was just all around awesome racing. Larson & Treux Jr had some rotten luck. & Little E in the top 10 & Harvick gets his first win in Sonoma. Next up, NBC & Daytona
  11. Results from Azerbaijan: 1. Ricciardo 2. Bottas 3. Stroll 4. Vettel 5. Hamilton 6. Ocon 7. Magnussen 8. Sainz Jr. 9. Alonso 10. Wehrlein Everything form teammate issues to the "brake check" Baku was a complete 180. It was crazy. Although IMO, neither were in the right of what they did. I still can't believe Stroll's driving today, he actually made it to podium, almost second if Bottas didn't catch up but he drove a great race, especially from coming back from last after lap 1. Finally, McLaren has points, but to some this race was the IF race as I found online... Ricciardo won the race Stroll would have won if Ricciardo made any error Bottas would have won if he didn't slightly slip Lap 1 Turn 2 Vettel would have won if he didn't have such a temper Hamilton would have won if his mechanic checked his headpiece Ocon would have won if he didn't get a puncture Raikkonen would have won if Bottas didn't hit him Perez would have won if Ocon didn't hit him Verstappen would have won if he didn't have a mechanical Next up Austria Results from Road America: 1. Dixon 2. Newgarden 3. Castroneves 4. Pagenaud 5. Power 6. Kimball 7. Jones 8. Rahal 9. Chilton 10. Aleshin Road America is such a great track for IndyCar, good to see Dixon get a victory. All the Penske cars had all 4 finish together, but Dixon was ahead. Pit strategy caught Newgarden but this kid is good, he'll be a champion soon enough. Overall, it was just good racing all around. Next up Iowa
  12. More rumblings from Jayski.... http://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/story/_/id/19690600/nascar-2017-silly-season-update-brad-keselowski-matt-kenseth-kurt-busch-danica-patrick - Stewart Haas could go after Almirola or Bubba Wallace if Patrick or Kurt Busch leaves - Kurt Busch or Kasey Kahne could go to Furniture Row - Menard could go to Wood Brothers if Blaney moves to a 3rd Penske team - Ty Dillon goes to RCR - Still more rumblings about a possibility of Keselowski going to Hendrick but Penske is "very close" to resigning him. -"What about Carl?" (face it, he's not coming back, IMO.)
  13. So it looks like Jayski is talking about silly season here's some of the possibilities http://www.espn.com/jayski/cup/2017/story/_/id/19683162/silly-season-heating-up - Keselowski staying with Penske (no brainer) - Kahne leaving Hendrick, possibly Byron or Bowman replacing him - Kesenth or Bowman replacing Dale Jr. - Kenseth & Jones swap rides - Blaney or Menard going to Penske making a 3rd team - Danica & or Kurt Busch leaving Stewart Haas - Then there's Carl Edwards The ones I could see happen, Kahne getting the boot, Blaney going to Penske, Danica calling it a career. I can't see Kenseth go to Hendrick but I could see him swap ride with Erik Jones or retire. There were other rumblings that Kurt could call it a day too. Which could make way for Kyle Larson down the road. It's no secret that Tony would love to have him there.
  14. Rumor is that the Colorado Eagles are looking to join the AHL. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/06/14/colorado-eagles-avalanche-ahl-affiliate/ The Avalanche might move its primary minor-league interests from San Antonio to less than an hour drive north of Denver, to Loveland, joining forces with the Colorado Eagles, who could become the Avs’ American Hockey League affiliate as early as 2018-19.
  15. Results from Michigan: 1. Larson 2. Elliott 3. Logano 4. Hamlin 5. McMurray 6. Truex Jr. 7. Kyle Busch 8. Stenhouse Jr. 9. Earnhardt Jr. 10. Johnson Stage 1 & 2 winner: Truex Jr. Larson vs. Elliott round 2. Larson beats him again, Larson just loves these 2 mile tracks. Truex had a good car but it looked like bad luck hit him. Little E in the top 10 as well. Larson is going to be a force to be reckon with, same with Truex Jr. Next up: Sonoma