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  1. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    Yeah I kinda misspoke there about the Canadian teams.  I know they aren't in the Open Cup, and I was trying to talk about the league largely getting better but I brain farted.
  2. North American Pro Soccer 2016

      On the Open Cup: A big Nope.   However I think you'll see at least 1 quarterfinalist from NASL or USL and maybe a semifinalist, which honestly would be remarkable if it happened. I wouldn't put money on it but I think this year with some of the NASL teams signings added to the timing of the tournament vs. COPA, you could see more teams advance against MLS than normal.    I also think the NASL will do so much better than they did last year vs. USL opponents. Outside of Ottawa, I think everyone is as good as they were last year (FC Edmonton, Carolina, NY Cosmos) or much better (Indy, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa, Minnesota) Plus OKC and Miami are assembling very good squads.    On the CCL: MLS will get one team to make a run but probably lose in the Semis as usual.  Until MLS teams can get the depth that the Mexican teams have, they aren't going to win except the occasional run from a team every so often.  Its hard to build that depth with the salary cap where its at now.  You can get a real good starting 11, but its difficult to have much behind them and that's what you really need for those competitions.  Hopefully the academies the teams are starting will help, but it won't help significantly for a few years.
  3. Mark Cuban invests in Pro Futsal

    That might not be the team name... Although it might be.  Just heard it's not a foregone conclusion it'll be the Sting.
  4. Ok the quoting feature seems to be broke...all I wanted to say was Illinois had to get the approval from an extinct tribe for Chief Illiniwek. 
  5. Mark Cuban invests in Pro Futsal

    Its on a court vs. turf, has no walls, and has a smaller ball with less bounce. Field size is different too.  Indoor is typically hockey rink sized (200' long) while Fusal is about the same size as a basketball court (from 72' to 140' long NBA is 94') Its also Fifa sanctioned so played and recognized globally while indoor is more North American.    Its quite a bit different from a players perspective.  Most people consider futsal a better development vehicle to the outdoor game.  From a fans perspective, maybe not.  It should be much more organized in terms of gameplay than indoor which errant kicks aren't penalized as much as they are in futsal.     Overall, the thing that has me most excited is them talking about this being the premier world wide league for the sport.  That could be huge.  It could hurt the development of club outdoor in this country however.
  6. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    So far along that its not going to be ready for opening day...   http://www.myajc.com/news/sports/football/mercedes-benz-stadium-falls-behind-schedule/np9Jg/
  7. New Premier League logo

    Personally I love the rebrand.  The only thing I don't like is how it'll be on all the jerseys.  Wish they'd just do the Lion head in a circle. 
  8. Rob Manfred: BLASPHEMER!

    One thing on HS Pitchers, never met a stud pitcher that wasn't also one of the best hitters on their HS team. We so rarely DH'd for our pitcher.  There were a few we did, but they were typically the #3 or 4 pitcher. That being said, it does happen at the college level.  Not 100% of the time, but typically those pitchers did not hit, but they could hit, and very well.  They were just better pitchers typically and there were plenty of guys that could mash that it wasn't worth it.    And I kinda played baseball at a successful D3 school and batted against a guy that got drafted but never made it above rookie ball.  Its so impossibly hard to hit pitchers that good I don't think even good HS players realize it. I think I foul tipped one pitch from him over like 10 ABs and that guy was ONLY throwing low 90s. I can't even imagine mid or upper 90s with movement.  Its hard enough to CATCH those guys throwing over 90 when you know when and where the pitch is coming.    I am an NL fan and prefer the NL game.  However I saw it described that the AL game is more exciting, but the NL game is more interesting.  I think that's fair.  I also saw a suggestion of having the DH attached to the pitcher.  So when the starter comes out, so does the DH. You get the DH you want along with 2-3 ABs, but you still have the strategy of later innings in the NL with double switches and all that.  In fact, you have the added strategy of possibly not pulling a starter because your DH is up in the next inning.   I'm not saying it should change to that, but it'd be interesting to see that tested in the minors for a few seasons.  I hated 3v3 on paper in hockey but in execution its pretty dang fun. I'm open to seeing something like that in baseball.     
  9. I still don't understand how the NFL is getting a pass for admonishing St Louis for requesting an extra $100 million yet they turned around less than a month later and just gave it to Oakland/San Diego. That's a dickin'.
  10. So now trusting the owners he spoke with is blackmail? Never change.
  11. Report: Premier League Lion Going Away

    Dang. One of my favorite Brickyard Battalion banners isn't relevant anymore, Lil Bub as the lion (far left):
  12. Adidas' sideline product for sometime had a different color middle stripe because the NCAA considered it branding and it was a compromise. Those socks were part of that. And there is a difference between Nike and UA using 3 striped socks and Payless doing it. Nike doesn't want that affiliation while Payless (and others) do. This 10 year article has some good info about the lawsuits filed. http://www.bloomberg.com/bw/stories/2006-04-27/much-ado-about-adidas-stripes.html
  13. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    The cable sports bubble has company... The college licensing bubble! Sports are going to be interesting in 10 years.
  14. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    The same reports I've seen that have a Chicago team joining in 2017 have a SF and Orange County team joining as well. So I think their West Coast problem should be solved soon. But hey, knowing the NASL, they are going to have a Albert Pujols owned team start up in Kansas City with a MK Dons backed team in Houston...