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  1. TSA Question

    I hate the idea that we have to pay to get our rightsback...
  2. I have 2 really bad ones. I thought Ryan Leif would be the better NFL QB over Peyton Manning. I thought Ron Zook was an amazing hire at Illinois. The first one was all time dumb and doesn't need elaboration. The 2nd one had some bright spots, but even those weren't really that great. Brought in some fantastic players, but couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. The bright spots like2008Rose Bowlweren't really that great because theybackdoored their way in with a 9-3 record since Ohio State was in the National Championship and the Rose Bowl was still clinging to the Big Ten-Pac10 thing. Now I'm super amped for a coach at Illinois that I wanted fired from the Bears for his last 3 years or so. Sports are weird.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    Count me impressed with Cincinnati. They made some pretty major missteps early on but they seem to have corrected them through the sheer will of some of their supporters groups. We'll see how it lasts. I'm hopeful for them butI've heard more than a few people call Cincinnati an "event town" where people turn up for events like opening day but not for the long haul. I don't live there so I don't really know how true that is so we'll see! They have another home game against a rival this week! Indy got 9k for a game 2 degrees above freezing. Probably 7k actual so not bad. I'm thinking it'll be closer to 10k this week against the Cosmos.
  4. How does Kansas give them more access to St. Louis than Illinois does?St. Louis is like 60/40 Missouri/Illinois now. Missouri hates Kansas. Maybe I'm missing something? Speaking of, although it worked out better for Missouri football going to the SEC, Missouri should be in the Big Ten over Rutgers. I know the timelines are different so it's not an either or situation, but Missouri feels like a Big Ten team way more than Rutgers and it would have been a nice way to tie Nebraska into the footprint a bit more. Kinda feel the same way about Maryland but not as much... Although a part of me is really interested in all of this expansion stuff and I love to imagine scenarios where the Big Ten and SEC have 20 teams, I hate what its done to college sports. Nothing makes sense, (I know its a bad joke, but the Big 12 has 10 teams, the Big Ten has 14 teams)teams only play 3/4 of the teams in football andsome teams twice and others once in basketball...non-revenue sports having to travel from Nebraska to New Jersey for a regular season game...Big Ten basketball tournament is going to be in NYC and DC....its just not like it used to be...
  5. Sports branding design speak

    Business owners love this stuff. So do pretentious design folk. Put them together in charge of releasing logos and this is what you get... Of course if someone came out and said "We picked this logo because it looks cool" everyone would be up in arms over that too so you can't really win.
  6. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    Cosmos are gonna look good. And its not surprising that they might not get jerseys delivered considering they were unveiled about 3 weeks before the opener. Uniform deals for soccer at that level is pretty much done similar to how small colleges or high schools are done. Indy still isn't sure if they are going to do a 3rd kit or not this year and the season starts on April 2nd. Thats not inside info, they've publicly stated that.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2016

    Average Attendance in 2015, all divisons: 1-20)All MLS Teams (Lowest 15,657) 21) Sacramento Republic (USL)(11,323) 22) Indy Eleven (NASL) (9,809) 23) Minnesota United (NASL)(8,748) 24) Jacksonville Armada (NASL) (7,927) 25) Louisville City (USL) (6,765) 26) San Antonio FC/Scorpions (NASL number but USL moving forward) (6,705) 27) Tampa Bay Rowdies (NASL) (5,648) 28) Rochester Rhinos (USL) (5,570) 29) Ottawa Fury (NASL) (5,406) 30) NY Cosmos (NASL) (4,984) 31) Saint Louis FC (USL) (4,885) 32) Tulsa Roughnecks (USL) (4,714) 33) Real Monarchs (USL) (4,698) Top MLS 2 team 34) Chattanooga FC (NPSL) (4,673) 35) Oklahoma Energy FC (USL) (4,635) 36) Carolina Railhawks (NASL) (4,539) 37) Ft. Lauderdale Strikers (NASL) (4,518) 38) Charleston Battery (USL) (4,080) 39) Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL Out of Business) (4,024) 40) Richmond Kickers (USL) (3,747) 41) Detroit City FC (NPSL) (3,528) 42) Arizona United SC (USL) (3,304) 43) Austin Aztex (USL, taking 2016 off) (3,227) 44) Portland Timibers 2 (USL) (3,122) 45) Wilmington Hammerheads (2,960) 46) FC Edmonton (NASL) (2,889) 47+) The rest of the USL mostlyalthough I'm suremost NPSL and PDL teams draw more than FC Montreal (313), numbers are hard to get at those levels NASLChanges for next year: Indy will drop a bit unless they start winning. Minnesota might climb a bit. Ottawa will drop a bit. Miami, OKC, and Puerto Rico are all bigquestion marks. I could see them all being anywhere from 3k to 7k or more. But probably somewhere slightly below league average. The rest should stay the same,however it will be interesting to see if Ft. Lauderdale suffers a bit because of the Miami team. USL Changes for next year: FC Cincy should draw about 6-8k, possibly more. They have 4k in season tickets already.San Antonio might actually increase in USL. Rochester should get a slight bump as well.The rest should stay the same. Not sure about the other entries like Bethlehem or Rio Grande Valley. NPSL Changes for next year: Detroit will probably near 6k next year moving into a new stadium. Chattanooga should continue to grow but they're aided by the huge 18k for the final, so the average might end up being about the same. Super impressive to be 34th as basically a amateur team. My non-MLS attendance predictions for2016: 1)Sacramento (11k) 2) Minnesota (9k) 3) Indy (8k) 4) Jacksonville (8k) 5) Cincinnati (7k) 6) San Antonio (7k) 7) Louisville (7k) 8) Detroit (6k) 9) Rochester (6k) 10) Tampa Bay (6k) ...aka mostly Division 3 or 4 teams.
  8. Jeep Wrangler Trailcat / Dodge Hellcat Logo

    I find myself agreeing a little on all fronts here. Its hard as a professional designer to not feel like the critics "don't get it" and usually whenI read that something looks like a "third grader did it" I die inside a little. Sometimes I want to say "You don't know what went into this!" and when I do feel that way,I'm 100% wrong. Public opinion matters. However, only blaming designers for failures is not fair either. Because you don't know what went into this. There is typically plenty of blame to go around for a failed logo. Maybe aflawed brief, a team owner not knowing what they want (or knowing exactly what they want and its terrible), a designer that couldn't sell the vision properly, or...yes even poor craftsmanship. Logos are not art. Design is not art. They are artistic and they can be beautiful, but design is creative problem solving, its engineering. I'm not saying that to make it something more than it is, but the moment you have someone else approving the final outcome, it stops being self expression. Creating something solely for the end user is not art. Creating something with imposed limitations is not art. Basically I mean, It matters what non-designers think.The goal of design is to convey information the same way to everyone.That's oversimplifying it a bit, but that is whatit's all about. Art doesn't do that. You want people to look at a painting and get different feelings,its about how they feel and what you felt as the artist. You don't design a logo because you want to convey a different feeling for everyone that looks at it, you design a logo to convey the message that company or brand wants the consumerto hear. Its a failure when it doesn't dothat. It can have multiple meanings that appeal to different people, but two people shouldn't have 2 opposing takeaways from a design.I think this does a decent job of breaking it down:https://medium.com/art-marketing/design-is-not-art-d229af10c167#.s9houwf8z Dismissing the public's opinion on logos or design in general is dangerous. We don't design for other designers, we design for the public (fans specifically for sports design)and that's who the design needs to appeal to. And sports design is completely different from corporate design. A logo is as much a product as its is a brand in sports. A paper company's logo doesn't need to be sold on a hat to be successful. But a baseball mark doesn't sell on a hat, its a miss.If a mark or design is successful in the public's eyes, its reached its goal. In many ways, design really isn't that subjective.The best sports logo in the world is a failure if it doesn't resonate with the fanbase. If we don't acknowledge that, there becomes a huge rift between the designer and the end user.Its fun to get a ton of likes on dribble, but really does that mean we're meeting the needs of the end user? There needs to be respect to the consumer or else you've completely lost touch. On the other hand, its also important that we don't dismiss the professionalsamong thisgroup.I think as fans of anything, we should want to know what goes into the creation of what we enjoy. As sports fans, we want to hear about the strategy that a coach uses, or learn about the skill and hard work that goes into hitting a 95 mph fastball. Learning about why a logo wasn't crafted as well as it could have been should be valuable information to the group. Its also important. Just like understanding what a "pick and roll" is can make basketball more exciting, knowing what goes into a well crafted logo can make the study of logos more fulfilling.I think everyone that's into Athletic logos want to see well crafteddesign. If we don't call out bad craftsmanship, it becomes normal. I think you've seen a huge shift in terms of craftsmanship in sports design over the last 10 years. There are a ton of factors involved, but one of them is defiantly the general consumer not caring about it as much as they once did about the details of logo and uniform design. Just imagine how awesome it would be if your favorite team's message board had a few current players and coaches in there to breakdown games and plays. That's what we currently have here.
  9. Michigan Tech new logos

    Way clean and overall a huge upgrade. But I'd have loved to see some restraint in the number of logos.Most colleges seem to make the mistake of including way too many logos in their systems. You don't need to think of every single scenario when you make guidelines for athletic logos. Examples: Word marks 5 & 6 (and there for marks 1& 2) are repetitive. Pick one or the other. Pick 1 of marks 3 and 4 or don't have them at all. They are t-shirt graphics, not logos. #10 should be the secondary (or honestly, the primary as its the logo that should be used the most) The fact that they have to use the primary in conjunction with it is just ridiculous. Imagine a T-shirt or hat that has to use both of those. Honestly all they need out of that system is2, 5, 9, 10, and maybe 12. And 13 if they want to go by MTU.Then show the different ways to lock up the logos together, but more as examples.
  10. 2015-16 College hoops

    From a designer's perspective, I love the new package of graphics and how everything looks together. Clean and cohesive. Great branding throughout. From a fan's perspective, I really miss when they used to just apply an NCAA logo over the existing court. Boise's old court always stuck out to me because I think they hosted every year, and it was so unique:
  11. 16-17 Soccer Kits

    That French kit would look worlds better if they did the same linear effect on the striping as well. I don't know that that simple change could help any of the other teams that use that template or not but it would help France. I get what they're going for, but the linear pattern visually changes the color in that area and creates a third color out of the two. Then they use the full on color for striping making what was a 2 color jersey, now three colors visually. Its just not consistent.
  12. Random historic logo is different from beloved logo that plenty of people would be keen to steal the trademark on. Same goes for Illinois' Chief logo. Still sold online for similar reasons. Basically the schools want to keep control. They also want to make some money. It's not entirely noble...
  13. I didn't know there was another one. I remember people joking that theonly reason Carthageadded a space was to fit a middle finger in there.
  14. I hadn't seen that. All I saw was they didn't approve it. I stand corrected. However that article (and I could be mistaken) suggests that FSU could have made up an amendment that would exemptthem somehow and the NCAA would consider it? Seemed confusing but that'swhat I'm talking about. I mean they they approved Carthage changing from Redmen to Red Men for the love...
  15. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    I really wish A&M would standardize that logo. Currently either is acceptable per their guidelines.