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  1. Spartan Race has a similar helmet logo.
  2. The blue gray color to me almost looks like a flat version of the Eagles green. I see more greenish-teal than anything. If they use it as the home jersey then at least it will be unique.
  3. They even botched the language at the bottom of the logo page: "nhl.com/goldenknights is the official Web site of the Las Vegas."
  4. The Kings/Canes and Nuggets/Suns ones are great examples for this thread. They feel like complete clash of eras. This is my favorite thread in the forum.
  5. The Giants uniforms
  6. He's boxing himself in with the military name thing. I am a big fan of alliterative names, but V doesn't give you a ton of great choices. You could go off the L, which opens things up. But I agree with everyone just pick a damn name and let people get used it. We got used to Mighty Ducks, Wild, and Blue Jackets.
  7. Seriously though, how about, Las Vegas Thunderbirds? Air Force reference, two word rythm, sounds cool. Is there a trademark issue with the Seattle team like with Knights?
  8. Las Vegas Shockin' Awes?
  9. Not in uniform, but the Babe looking both cool and cold.
  10. It doesn't get any cooler than Muhammed Ali...
  11. The Christmas jerseys are gorgeous. The Thunder look so much better in these versus their regular unis it's silly. I wish they would lighten them to their light blue color and make them their regular jerseys.
  12. There are some things I like about them: the script, the bad ass snake head logo, the use of the A logo. The shoulder and pants colors are dumb, but I imagine they are the modern version of the astros rainbow shoulder stripes. They'll last a few years and thats it. What drives me nuts is the continued use of D-backs. If they think Diamondbacks is too long then change the damn name. D-backs is the most minor league part about this.
  13. As fugly as Tebow is to watch play (that throwing motion, ugh), the all white unis look good in the bright sunlight. The green really pops. This one proved true today. Even more interesting is that the Eagles only wear their white jerseys during the preseason, so Tebow never wore the green jersey in a game. That makes this even more of an atrocity:
  14. As fugly as Tebow is to watch play (that throwing motion, ugh), the all white unis look good in the bright sunlight. The green really pops.
  15. We actually played an entire season at AT&T Park due to stadium renovations at Memorial Stadium: Early games had the diamond, later it was barely visible This was how Pac Bell was configured for the XFL's San Francisco Demons games. I thought it looked really cool at night for football.