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  1. Ageed. Gorgeous. I am so happy the unnecessary piping is gone and the mountains are back.
  2. The Clippers were awful to Joe Ingles (what a shocker). They released him from a preseason game as his wife was traveling from Australia to see him play. Preseason. I am am so glad Joe and the Jazz beat them in the playoffs.
  3. He was released today, so now even more so. Thank goodness he didn't make the big club, it would have been weird. But if it's the end, a sad way to go out for a legend for the Phillies. I am sure they'll welcome him home to the organization as soon as he wants to.
  4. You forgot Darren Daulton. Weird site as a Phillies fan. Speaking of notable Phillies on a weird Florida team, here is Pat Burrell as a Ray.
  5. Ryan Howard, Gwinnett Braves. Saw a caption on the news with him with photoshopped Braves A hat. Weird.
  6. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  7. Agreed. I am mortified at the idea of it in real life, but I wanted to test it and see what the results could look like.
  8. The other night Rob Manfred mentioned he was open to the possibility of east/west geographical realignment. I was thinking about how it would work. I assumed they would keep the 3 divisions in each league approach and no franchise relocations. Eastern League Northeast Division 1.) Toronto Blue Jays 2.) Boston Red Sox 3.) New York Yankees 4.) New York Mets 5.) Philadelphia Phillies Southeast Division 1.) Baltimore Orioles 2.) Washington Nationals 3.) Atlanta Braves 4) Miami Marlins 5.) Tampa Bay Rays Central Division 1.) Pittsburgh Pirates 2.) Cincinnati Reds 3.) Detroit Tigers 4.) Milwaukee Brewers 5.) Cleveland Indians Western League Midwest Division 1.) St. Louis Cardinals 2.) Kansas City Royals 3.) Minnesota Twins 4.) Chicago Cubs 5.) Chicago White Sox Southwest Division 1.) Texas Rangers 2.) Houston Astros 3.) Arizona Diamondbacks 4.) Colorado Rockies 5.) San Diego Padres Pacific Division 1.) Los Angeles Angels 2.) Los Angeles Dodgers 3.) San Francisco Giants 4.) Oakland A's 5.) Seattle Mariners The hardest part was sorting out all the Central/Midwest teams. Originally, I had the Chicago teams in the Central and it was called the Great Lakes division. I switched them with Detroit and Milwaukee since I couldn't justify Detroit, an eastern time zone team, in the WL. Plus, it protects the Cubs/Cards rivalry; protecting the major rivalries was key. I like the end result. The leagues feel balanced and each division is a 3/2 mix of teams currently in opposing leagues.
  9. His original name in the WWF was Thurman "Sparky" Plugg. Before that he was:
  10. Spartan Race has a similar helmet logo.
  11. The blue gray color to me almost looks like a flat version of the Eagles green. I see more greenish-teal than anything. If they use it as the home jersey then at least it will be unique.
  12. They even botched the language at the bottom of the logo page: "nhl.com/goldenknights is the official Web site of the Las Vegas."
  13. The Kings/Canes and Nuggets/Suns ones are great examples for this thread. They feel like complete clash of eras. This is my favorite thread in the forum.
  14. The Giants uniforms
  15. He's boxing himself in with the military name thing. I am a big fan of alliterative names, but V doesn't give you a ton of great choices. You could go off the L, which opens things up. But I agree with everyone just pick a damn name and let people get used it. We got used to Mighty Ducks, Wild, and Blue Jackets.