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  1. NHL Adidas Alternates (Lightning added)

    I like the idea, but I'm not sure the lightning works horizontally on the sleeves. Would have preferred if the white stripes around the yoke ended in a lightning.
  2. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    OMG!!! I want to buy a tshirt or a hat with the Padres and Astros logos!!!!
  3. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    With all due respect to HTown's creative work, nobody does a Bird Logo like Discrim...
  4. NHL Adidas Alternates (Lightning added)

    Love it.... only of there wasn't already a "CH" team... Seriously... That logo rules....
  5. NY Islanders Redesign

    I disagree, I actually like the contrasting part, especially on a design that is more traditional like a "Dynasty Islanders" . I can see it on Leafs, Habs, etc.
  6. Chicago Wolves Rebrand (Golden Knights Colors)

    Love it!!!! Wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of the grey in the logo, maybe shield's background. And please!!!! Make a RED jersey...
  7. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    pretty sure those guys use Autodesk's 3ds Max for rendering.
  8. 2018 Toyota Camry MENCS (Updated 1 car added)

    Interestingly, I used to do the opposite: because I was afraid I was not good enough to recreate paint schemes, I would do 100% fictional, that way people couldn't compare.
  9. Templates Requests

    That would be sweet. I'm not sure what type of source material you use, but I went online and googled a few of the big names of the 80s, and asked for large files (George Brett, Ozzie Smith, Nolan Ryan) I also looked at manufacturers' websites, but those weren't really good (Rawlings, Majestic)
  10. In addition to to the Ducks, the Caps and the Canucks are just out of this world!!!!
  11. Templates Requests

    I have recently gotten into making some Baseball Jerseys and have really been enjoying the PSD Majestic template from John Benson. Does anyone know about a similar "foolproof" layered template for "over the head" jerseys (like the 80s, BP and Players' Weekend's)?
  12. Subway "new"logo

    I know the execution is quite different, but all I can see when I see a double-arrow "S", is Safety-Kleen...
  13. Canadian Premier League

    I love Xamboni's work, and said so... Now I understand the meaning of the use of "City" as the Club and not municiplaity, I'm thinking that if you did the French thing (as opposed to French-Canadian)and accepting the use of English words in common language, it may become: Le FC Québec City.
  14. Toronto Frenchies Fantasy Baseball

    No other reason than my nickname. The French-Canadian population is certainly not big enough to justify any sport team. Sort of started it to "stir the pot" years ago. Wanted a team name that would be different, nothing concrete. As for the pin stripes, I hear you, it was quite intentional. Blue-white-red... Again, since this is Fantasy, I was going for something totally different, something you would never really see.
  15. Canadian Premier League

    You can refer to the city as "la ville", but if I'm travelling to Halifax, I will say: "I'm going to Halifax", not "I'm going to the City of Halifax", similarly, I will say: "Je m'en vais à Québec" as oppose to "Je m'en vais au Québec" if I'm referring to the province. (difference between going to the city versus to the province) You can look up anything from Quebec City in French, and you will never find "ville" in it. Nordiques de Québec Remparts de Québec As de Québec etc... Sorry, but it should be "FC Québec", period.