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  1. NHL Alternate Series (9/30)

    I really like the "trim" (striping etc.) But I think the colours may be a little off... I would stick to their new colours.
  2. Fantasy Hockey that looks legit

    Very commendable effort. One piece of feedback I would offer to make a Fantasy League "looking more legit", is to focus on team logos and make demand that they are all 100% original. It's not easy to enforce, and it may make it harder to get owners, but there are always guys around here willing to help out. It just gives it that extra level of professionalism. Do some research, you'll find some good ones out there.
  3. 2016 CFL Uniforms

    Looking forward to see all changes, but no matter how great or innovative, or vintage looking the jerseys will be, it's hard to take the CFL seriously (from a marketing standpoint) with that (INSERT EXPLETIVE) new logo...
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Modernization (Jerseys added!)

    p.s.: #43 is Kadri, not Bernier
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Modernization (Jerseys added!)

    I just realized that the outline of the "T" took the negative space and is what threw me off. Good job on the jerseys, enough "new", yet not too "out there" (I like the double blue of the Marlies, but "die hards" won't.)
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Modernization (Jerseys added!)

    In my honest opinion, the maple leaf is not realistic enough, not enoungh "peaks", too square. I like the 3D effect of the "T", but most fans will say to leave teh grey/silver out. Maybe more suited for the IBL's Maple Leafs:
  7. Colorado Rockies Re-Brand

    I really like this last version (bottom one). I think the colour scheme is fine, don't need to move them back to 90s feel. (like original concept). The ONLY issue I have is that when I seethat font/shape "C", no matter the colour, and the addition of that great mountain, all I can think of is Cubs.
  8. Minnesota Wild Purple Rain

    Thanks, I really didn't give the angle any thought, (or any othere elements really - whipped that up in about half an hour) I just took the same rain (added a few more stripes) from the Lightning alternate. If I think about it, I may actually go the other way and actually increae teh angel, to avoid having it "compete" with the wordmark.
  9. Minnesota Wild Purple Rain

    I was a little inspired this morning and thought the great artist we lost yesterday deserved a tribute from his state's hockey team. Apologies for the poor execution, it is merely a "cut and paste- recolour" job I did with rudimentary tools at work (don't tell my boss). Let me introduce you to the "Purple Rain" (the only acceptable use of the Lightning "sublimated" alternate).
  10. Fishstick It To Me! - New York Islanders Concept

    Where did Gord go??? Would be cool to see him on a shoulder patch or somenthing... Like my tagline says: More Orange... please,,,
  11. NASCAR Sprint Cup Numbers

    NR3? You're a real trooper!!!
  12. Trenton Thunder set

    The raining pinstripes may be the best creative idea I have EVER seen, and I will say that it's not surprising that it came from you.... Now stop raising the bar for all designers worldwide, and go draft your WAFA team
  13. Dragons Logo

    I've been watching this topic and first of all wanted to commend you for your ability to take feedback, and rework your concept, even try a new tool... As for the concept itself, something has been bugging me all along, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Now, it's hard to discuss what the anatomy of a fictional/mythical character should be, butI'm starting to finally form anopinion on your design. When I hear "Dragon", the wings aren't what first come to mind; it's fire spitting and tail, so I feel the wings are a little overpowering in your design, and what is missing in my mind is a body. Nothing wrong with being different,but all I see here is more of a bat...
  14. NHL by Adidas - Ottawa Senators 3/2

    I like your idea to put the "O" in the background, but I find the golden circle to be redundant.
  15. Cawthra Park Wild Hockey

    Like most commenting, I like the overall idea. if I'm to look at specifics, I'm not sure the star in necessary, it kind of look like a plane. And your curved text seems to be at a slightly different angle/curvature than the outline (could be an optical illusion) I would also like you to integrate an element that's a little more unique to your area, a river, building, etc...