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  1. I absolutely love the overall concept, especially its simplicity and cleanliness. I will echo the comments of many other commenters: -While in this case, I really like the gradient effect, it may be worth considering removing, expecially in the name of "simplicity". -The rays could take different shape.
  2. There aren't enough expletives in the two languages I speak to fully describe how I feel about this thread!!!!! BEST EVER!!! from so many levels!!!! When you said "RANDOM", you really meant it - Awesome! Looking forward to see more.
  3. We are living in an insensitive world: case insensitive.
  4. A few comments from me: -I don't understand the name Iron. I don't know the history of Pittsburgh, but if iron was ever a big industry, it must have been replaced by steel a long time ago -I don't know why (and don't like) a different colour for the first letter of Iron. -I really like teh "trim" of your uniforms. -As someone who like "out there" concepts, I love the idea of hte extruded metal texture look, but that's too much. Maybe it should be used in side panels, or striping, lettering, etc. but not as a full background.
  5. There is no such thing as TOO MUCH ORANGE... I don't think it's that new of an idea, that's why their AHL affiliates use it. As for the concepts here are my comments: I find that they are all a little too similar, arm stripes, yokes, etc. Something bothers me about the extra higher stripe for both Pittsburgh and Winterpeg. If these are to be Fourth, they need to be very different from what they have in Home, Away and Third. I would take inspiration from vintage jerseys: teams with heritage would be easier, but you can go Faux-Back as well.
  6. I will refrain from making a political statement on a political statement, in a DESIGN/Branding discussion...
  7. Chong needs to get himself a better translation team, of French writing. There is a huge difference, in my mind between "Leader" et "Leadership", in both official language. It's changing the meaning from a skill/quality that could be shared by more than the person himself: Leadership (could have been changed to "Direction" in French) could be a promise form him, from the party, from our nation. But Leader focuses on the man, the "me, myself and I".
  8. I think that could easily explain the fleur de lis in the city's coat of arms. Haaa the Fur trade, not to be mistaken with the Fuhr trades.
  9. Really dude??? That third is beyond words... It kicks the hell out of their striped pajamas...
  10. And the relationship with Nashville is??? (I saw that they have a Fleur de lis on their city's coats of arms, but still don't see a relationship. From what I read, at least on line... not dicoverd or founded by any French explorer,
  11. No one will ever question your creativity around here, but if anyone was ever to think about questioning it, you just "mikedrop" it with this 4th!!! But why that font for the "MOTOWN" scrip? Aren't they more known for this logo: I would even consider usint it for the nameplate...
  12. Frigginn' love those kist; absolutely perfect! I like the logo too, but at first I didn't realize it was supposed to be guitar strings, first thing that cae to mind was a musica staff, and had to count that it was 6 lines, not 5. Finally, as a non-soccer fan, I'm getting tired of all the FCs and Uniteds...
  13. Love the white. So much better than all the monochromic crap most teams are going to be wearing at the EUR. Most country's idnetitdy is based on 2 or 3 colours, why reduce it to one on a Soccer kit?
  14. Both great concepts! I particularly love the RoadRunners, something really "fresh' about it, not only the colours, but also the font. Just one caution: Yellow font on white kind od faces away. Good work!
  15. I'm glad you added the orange outline. This is Miami, it has to be flamboyant. I personally have nothing against the Marlins logo, it grew on me. I thought your logo was way too simple, but then again so is 3/4 of MLB's cap logos. As for uniforms, the ALT and UM Pride are Winners!!!! (I too say No, to black hats)