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  1. Minnesota Timberwolves Rebrand

    I can't believe this is the first time I see this....   First of, one Brooklyn B&W is already too much, so stay away from the black. I'm not, in THIS case, against the Roundel concept. The gree and blue offers a nice contrast. I see the timber, but am still looking for a wolf. If the rows of 2 vs. 3 trees were reversed, I would see a nice "M", as opposed to teh "W", I currently see. They are not the Wolves, they are the Timberwolves. Finally, not really sold on two colours top.  
  2. Nordiques 2017 Concepts

    Sorry, nothing from this concept "insires me". First of all, from an execution stand point, I'm pretty sure the logos are way too big on the front. The dark one is way too "monochromic", nothing "pops out". pants definitely shold be a different colour than the jersey.   
  3. Anaheim Ducks concept, very experimental

    I'm all for "unique" concepts, there's enough recoloration/logo switch projects around here....   I think it looks good from the back, but the front looks a little too much like a cheerleading sweater to me. I too prefer the duck mask logo one, but would probably move the logo slightly lower.    
  4. Florida Panthers Logo

    WICKED! The full red eyes makes it look right out of an horror movie, how about a white outline at the bottom, similar to your original concept? I would also be curious to see the cat without the back legs and tail. Sorta a surreal combo with the realistic head. Would lend itself to a shield type of logo too.    
  5. The Montreal (MTL) Maple Leafs?...  LOL!   Why not put a silver outline to the letters as well, for "originality"...  
  6. First of all, I think that from an execution standpoint, it's a success. It's a tasteful update, but that's what it is: an update from an era most fans have no connection with. One of my big reproach to the whole marketing of the Leafs is that they are over-marketing successes/memories that are way too old. (I know, there's nothing much to celebrate in recent years). I understand that the whole professional sports business is milking the "retro" thing, so why not be bold and different to usher this team into a promising future? I always thought that the previous Marlies logo, with the old style leaf and a modern looking shield and wordmark, was a great way to modernize their look.   I'm just glad I could start wearing my 2005 ALT jersey again and look like I got my hands on the new shirt...
  7. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    This makes me miss the V jersey even more...
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

      See, I always like the flying skate logo, drew it over and over again, never achieving proper rendering of the stripes the one reason I was never crazy about that jersey they will use with the giant skate on the front is because it replaces my all-time favourite jersey: The "Goldorak" (That's what me and my friends called it because of the V on the chest:    
  9. Florida Panthers concept

    If you really want to keep this crest for the logo, I would fill in the empty space under the "Florida ribbon".
  10. Florida Panthers concept

    I like this. I would probably like to see th egold closer to their current yellow, and maybe the circle logo from your original concept.
  11. OHL Hats

    I think the Wolves should have a white front panel.

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  13. I love seeing the creative process in action and seeing true constructive criticism, and someone who can take feedback and turn it into action. I absolutely love this last version with the bevel, especially on the blue background. One thnig I'd like to see (very simple): a much shorter blade that is just slithly longer than the E.

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  15. Kyle Busch Monster Energy

    I have posted my work many times, I meant, I never uploaded my stuff anywhere for others to use. I would do the odd request for fictionals.