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  1. And why does that logo look so familiar toe me? Any company/product use something similar?
  2. Vegas Gold en Knights.... We need a VEGAS GOLD Third jersey...
  3. Great work... I would try the purple C with grey mountain and white outline... I like the suggestion of a grey cap.
  4. There's no protuberance , this is still the side of the van, the lighting in the picture makes it look like it's the sky, it's not.
  5. Here are the logos... Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Wordmark... Uniforms to follow...
  6. I Love this rendering of a lion!!!
  7. Must... refrain... from .... making NSFW comment...
  8. Probably because it would "deface" the CN Tower shape (I can't believe I'm "defending" this design...)
  9. Funny in a "not funny" / sad way... I can't think on a single thing that is right about that logo...
  10. I went through a few pages of posts in this section (General Design) and was surprised that there was no such thread. We all know that small business doesn't have to mean cheap crappy identity. So when I saw the attached yesterday, I couldn't help myself... I had to post it... I have this sick sense of humour... So ladies and gentlemen, if you like to share some really bad logos you encounter, feel free to flood this thread. (If mods feel it's not a very productive thread, feel free to delete it)
  11. May I claim the first franchise "North of 49"? I will re-use my Aussie Rules Football fantasy team identity: Toronto Lakers City: Toronto, ON Team Name: Lakers Colors: Navy, Carolina Blue Logos: To come very shortly...
  12. Monster in the Lake makes sense, a little less in the City. Template awf-ucking-ful; colours? too much Cavs, not enough Jackets. WOnder if the Cavs didn't win if they would have gone with that rip-off bandwagon colour scheme?
  13. I've always liked the Americans' identity, and your version is no different to me: very solid. A few things I would consider: make the 3rd a even more of a different layout than the same logo in the front, maybe a wordmark or something like that. I also find the use of the logo as the "A" for the alternate redundant and distracting. Looking forward to more teams!
  14. Thanks for the history lesson. Despite how long it's been, I think it's quite internationally accepted that Canada's colours are red and white (let's see what they wear in Rio), but Toronto's teams don't necessarily need to scream "Canada". (The City of Toronto's logo is blue, and the flag is primarily blue as well.) I was more thinking of it from a design stand point. With 4 major professional teams (Sorry Argos' fans) with relatively different colour schemes, I think that using 2 colours makes it more interesting than just 1.
  15. Nice.... Here are a few random comments: -I think the mouth may be opened a little too wide (feels more like having dental work done then roaring to me) -Something about the shape and angle feels too symetrical/geometrical (if that's a word) to me. The orange could be a good CFL BC Lions logo. Keep up the good work!