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  1. Subway "new"logo

    I know the execution is quite different, but all I can see when I see a double-arrow "S", is Safety-Kleen...
  2. Canadian Premier League

    I love Xamboni's work, and said so... Now I understand the meaning of the use of "City" as the Club and not municiplaity, I'm thinking that if you did the French thing (as opposed to French-Canadian)and accepting the use of English words in common language, it may become: Le FC Québec City.
  3. Toronto Frenchies Fantasy Baseball

    No other reason than my nickname. The French-Canadian population is certainly not big enough to justify any sport team. Sort of started it to "stir the pot" years ago. Wanted a team name that would be different, nothing concrete. As for the pin stripes, I hear you, it was quite intentional. Blue-white-red... Again, since this is Fantasy, I was going for something totally different, something you would never really see.
  4. Canadian Premier League

    You can refer to the city as "la ville", but if I'm travelling to Halifax, I will say: "I'm going to Halifax", not "I'm going to the City of Halifax", similarly, I will say: "Je m'en vais à Québec" as oppose to "Je m'en vais au Québec" if I'm referring to the province. (difference between going to the city versus to the province) You can look up anything from Quebec City in French, and you will never find "ville" in it. Nordiques de Québec Remparts de Québec As de Québec etc... Sorry, but it should be "FC Québec", period.
  5. Toronto Frenchies Fantasy Baseball

    It's been a very long time since I've done any concept, let alone post one. I've been involved in fantasy hockey and football for years, but this year was my first foray into fantasy baseball and as such used it as my motivation to get behind the mouse. As such, I took John Benson's jersey and Jay Jaxon's cap templates and created this unique set for the Toronto Frenchies... (don't hold back on comments, my son described the away jersey as the "ugliest shirt he's ever seen".(and I own a NY Islanders "fish sticks" one...)
  6. Canadian Premier League

    Decent set and all, but... No french-speaking has ever referred to Québec as "Ville de Quebec"... and that to me, nullify all the amazing work you've done so far. Sorry...
  7. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Holy $#!t!!!! I don't know if it is because this pays tribute to our almighty host, or if it is "just" the execution, but this may be your best work ever.... And I consider your work to be pure ART!!!
  8. NHL Identity Swap Series (Update Feb. 13)

    Great idea... From an execution standpoint, have you tried to have the "jagged bolt" go from left to right, as opposed to right to Left, if you know what I mean.
  9. NHL Identity Swap Series (Update Feb. 13)

    Dude!!! hope these get seen by hard core Caps and Pens fans... they're going to lose their $#!t over this...
  10. Air Canada's New Livery

    You must have gotten THE ONE good crew, I had heard their legend.
  11. Air Canada's New Livery

    Yes, we're mourning the loss of GOOD SERVICE from our airlines....
  12. App Startup Logo

    So help me understand why you want to have a star in your logo? No matter how you lay it out, an "R" and a Star, screams Rockstar. Why not some sort of bell, a desk bell as the top f the "R", of a Fire Alarm bell like these: (obviously, the desk bell would need to be re-drawn, this is clipart I used in the interest of time).
  13. Falcon Logo (Updated 2/7)

    OK, so I'm not a designer, so I can't get into the technical aspect, but as a fan, I would totally get behind this logo. It's original and unique and looks professional enough. Great work.
  14. Flames Design for High School UPDATE 2/14

    I suggest you make the "SC" shape white with blue outline, ad add an Orange flame shaped background. I tried to mock it up, but I can't really get a good flame shape.
  15. New Juventus logo

    OK, let's have fun... Let's see if anyone else see a stick figure player (headless) running from left to right, with his knees buckling as he falls...Right arm extended to keep balance... damn it, he's taking a soccer dive....