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  1. spartacat_12

    NHL Announces Hosts for 2020 All-Star and Outdoor Games

    I’m expecting the Heritage Classic uniforms will just be an inversion of that graphic. Calgary in white versions of their throwbacks, and Winnipeg in blue WHA jerseys. Although I saw someone online make a joke that the Jets could troll the Regina fans by going with something Blue Bomber-inspired.
  2. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    If they're going to incorporate a letter into their primary logo, I would rather it be a V. You've already got Montreal, Calgary, and Columbus with "C" primary logos, plus Colorado and Chicago have C's on their shoulders. Besides, I generally prefer teams using their city/state initial rather than their nickname.
  3. spartacat_12

    2019 KHL All-Star Uniforms

    The KHL recently released the uniforms for the upcoming 2019 All-Star festivities, and once again they put the NHL to shame: Some more detailed looks, and a bit of explanation for the designs, can be found here:
  4. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    After seeing some of the debate going on online about the Canes wearing the Whalers' throwbacks, I've realized there seems to be a double standard when it comes to situations like these. For teams who have relocated, but kept the same name, no one seems to think twice about them throwing back to their former city's uniforms. We've never had heated opinions like this when the Dodgers, Lakers, A's or Braves have played Brooklyn/Minneapolis/Kansas City/Milwaukee dress up. Yet somehow, to some people, Carolina wearing Whalers jerseys is a slap to the face of every citizen of Hartford. I wonder how the reaction would've been if they had kept the Whaler identity when they moved instead of becoming the Hurricanes.
  5. spartacat_12

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    This definitely seems like the opposite of Vegas's branding endeavor. Foley had essentially decided on the team name & colours before even being awarded the franchise (other than the "Golden" prefix & red trim being added later), while it seems like any & all options are on the table here. I'd still probably say Emeralds is my favourite of the names that have been thrown around, with Totems #2, but Sockeyes is starting to grow on me. I'm surprised Kraken has gotten as much traction as it has, but I guess everyone just wants to hear them say "Release the Kraken" before every game. They'll have to walk a bit of a tightrope when it comes to avoiding something derivative of another team's brand. Minnesota is primarily a green team & uses a logo featuring trees, which makes a name like Evergreens tough to pull off. Vancouver has a marine animal logo done in the style of First Nations art, and is blue & green. The Avalanche have the mountain branding pretty much covered. Here are some colour schemes I'd like to see them go with (most involve green in some capacity): Double green (a kelly green home jersey with forrest green pants/helmets/gloves) Forrest green & powder blue (emphasizing green over blue & using different shades would be enough to differentiate them from Vancouver) Purple, green, and silver (something like the mid '90s-mid '00s Milwaukee Bucks) Green & reddish orange (this seems to be a popular choice for a lot of concepts) Black, dark red, & teal (I'd like them to avoid red & black, but if they have to, a Kelowna Rockets scheme would be unique enough)
  6. spartacat_12

    One tradition you NEVER want to change

    They already do sell jerseys with the names on the back:
  7. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    A small thing that always bothers me about this set is the inconsistent colouring of the numbers. The black sleeves have white numbers outlined in black & gold on them, but the black jerseys have gold numbers outlined in black & white. I have the same problem with the Avs current set (white & blue numbers on burgundy sleeve, white & sliver numbers on burgundy jersey).
  8. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but the Jets announced they are bringing back an Adidas-ized version of the Heritage Classic jerseys for 2 games this season.
  9. spartacat_12

    Best Logo Refreshes

    From this: To this:
  10. spartacat_12

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    To be fair, the Raptors & Blue Jays are the only Canadian teams in their respective leagues, so it does make some sense. Also, Winnipeg based their logo on the crest of the RCAF, which features a maple leaf with a blue circle around it, and Toronto's name is literally the "Maple Leafs", so they don't have much choice. No excuse for Calgary though. They didn't even try to creatively incorporate it into their brand. The thing about the maple leaf is that it is a uniquely Canadian symbol, whereas there are dozens of nations that use stars. The Clippers should have used the nautical flags instead.
  11. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    It still bothers me that they have the black outline between the swords and the bottom of the star, but not between the swords and the top of the star.
  12. spartacat_12

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The Calgary Flames already attempted an homage to those types of shirts with their previous alternates. Alberta is basically the Texas of Canada.
  13. spartacat_12

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    Considering it is a nine-team league, it seems pretty ridiculous for 2 teams (especially division rivals) to use a basic letter A as a logo. I can give them a pass if they include the bird, but the A by itself is way too plain. I'd rather see them bring this patch back and promote it to the primary: Just replace the "425" with "MTL", and either throw it on a white/silver helmet, or go with the wings on the helmet.
  14. spartacat_12

    Raptors New City Uniform Leaks on Media Day

    I agree that between the Bulls, Blazers, Heat, and Rockets red/black is already well-covered, but you forgot the third option. While the name & original uniforms are corny, the purple, red, black, silver colour scheme was completely original. Something like this would be ideal to me:
  15. spartacat_12

    NHL 2018-19

    The city was home to one of the founding members of the NHL, and the league's first dynasty. While using the expansion logo on the banners was a mistake (which has since been corrected), I don't see any problem with honouring those past teams. People don't seem to complain about the Winnipeg Jets hanging Avco Cup banners in their arena.