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  1. I count 5 stripes in both pictures, as in the number of lines in a music bar.
  2. So unless the Giants win the pennant, we're getting two blue and red teams in the World Series.
  3. Nobody is saying that Las Vegas has more die-hard hockey fans than Quebec City. It's about growing the game. Think back to when the league first expanded and added teams in California and St. Louis instead of Vancouver. They gave those markets a chance to grow fan bases, and now they've become hotbeds for youth hockey in the States. The NHL is a business, and should always be trying to grow. The Maritimes may be able to support a CFL franchise, but the NHL would never work there. It's much easier convince fans from New Brunswick or PEI to travel to Halifax when you have 9 home games (mostly on weekends) rather than 41 home games.
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of the uniform, but if they got rid of the 425 on the patch and replaced it with MTL they'd have a great primary logo.
  5. I'm not sure if you know this, but most Canadians have a massive inferiority complex, especially when it comes to our neighbors to the south. Even after a dominant World Cup win, the last 2 Olympic and World Championship golds, plus the reining Conn Smythe, Vezina, Norris, and Jack Adams winners, many Canadians are still afraid that we'll lose hockey as "our" game. Also, leave it to ESPN to be a month late on breaking hockey news.
  6. It's for the alternate captains.
  7. The difference is that Pittsburgh wears a black jersey, so it makes sense for their socks to be primarily black. The Caps made the odd choice of pairing a red jersey with primarily navy socks. It was like when the Kings used to wear mismatched socks (the purple socks with black pants, jersey, and helmet looked alright, but the black socks with black pants and purple jersey created the Cooperall effect).
  8. Such a lazy, money grab. All they did was take their existing road uniform and replace the chest logo with the '90s wordmark. I get that they need to strike while the merch iron is hot, but they should've gone full throwback, or at least switched up the template and number font.
  9. Gold shouldn't be used anywhere other than the logo. As the recently ditched Pens uniforms taught us, metallic gold doesn't translate well to other materials. I don't think adidas would put glitter striping on a jersey. Beng the only red and black team to emphasize black over red is enough to stand apart from the Blackhawks/Devils/Hurricanes. Including more gold just makes them look more like the Flames.
  10. I wouldn't expect any drastic changes. Probably just adapting to the new style. After seeing the WCH templates, I'm worried that even if they don't use the 3 stripes on the side panels the chest stripe on the 3rd jersey is going to get cut off. Finland is an example of what I'm worried about. Also, Leeder mentioned that with the team updating the banners, they decided to no longer display the division title banners. That makes sense though, downplay the modern franchise's achievements but continue to emphasize Stanley Cups won a century ago by a different franchise .
  11. The fact that the potential placeholder logo is Ottawa's with a Belleville wordmark rather than Binghamton's tells me they're either coming up with something completely new, or they're just going to use Ottawa's. Either way it's an improvement. I've made it clear on these boards that I'm not a fan of the gladiator theme, but Ottawa's primary is still miles ahead of the two gladiators that Bingo has used.
  12. Judging from the early reaction on social media, I wouldn't be surprised if the Oilers pull a NO Pelicans and redesign the suit to make it less terrifying. I'm disappointed that they went with a lynx though. The league already has enough cat mascots (Florida, LA, Ottawa, Buffalo, Nashville). I would've rather seen them go with a bighorn sheep (the provincial mammal), or maybe a great horned owl (the provincial bird).
  13. The Blackhawks wear red and it's seemed to work out pretty well for them.
  14. I agree that the crown would look better on its own, but I actually prefer the original crown to the current one. The one introduced in the purple/black/silver era is much too angular and busy, plus the hockey sticks are awkwardly shoehorned in. If they recoloured the original in black and silver, and cleaned it up a bit, it'd be a perfect primary. While I am a big fan of purple and gold, black and silver is a great colour scheme that is underused in the NHL. When the greatest player to ever play the game, plus two Cup teams wear those colours, you probably should stick with them. Also, am I the only one who loved this logo?
  15. I've noticed a couple of close up shots of faceoffs where you can see the actual in-arena ads. It makes sense though. The league/networks can sell rinks boards, while the venue is able to sell their own ads as well.