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  1. See, I prefer that 100%. The mask is the main element of the logo, and should be what stands out. The sticks are part of the background, so there is no need to shoehorn in a colour that is nowhere else to be found in the brand (especially one that is similar to one of the existing colours in the scheme) to make them stand out. That is my only gripe with the original Mighty Ducks uniforms. Jade, eggplant, and silver is a great colour scheme, but they decided to go with a jade, black, and yellow logo that stuck out in a bad way.
  2. The only small tweak I'd make would be to change the sticks in the logo to orange. The yellow sticks out like a sore thumb.
  3. Matthew Perry in The Whole Nine Yards: David Puddy in a classic Seinfeld episode:
  4. With the Oilers announcing they'll be going with their orange thirds for the playoffs, I was thinking about other teams that could go the alternate route for the postseason. I would expect Minnesota and Washington to, considering they've both done it in the recent past. Depending on the organizations' plans for the future, Calgary and Ottawa could also be candidates.
  5. While teams try and say it is to "enhance the brand", they are just there to make it tougher for counterfeiters. The Canes' flag pattern belongs on the jerseys, not just the inside collar.
  6. This is why, while I do find the profile centurion logo aesthetically pleasing and a huge upgrade over the current logo, going back to it would be a half measure. This change is about more than just a logo, it's about the entire brand. You simply cannot generate a strong brand around something with such weak ties to the city/team name. That's how we ended up with a Gerard Butler impersonator at centre ice trying to pump up a playoff crowd. The =O= might not be the best or most interesting logo in the league, but it represents everything that the team should of be striving to represent. Ottawa has one of the richest hockey histories in the world, is the birthplace of the Stanley Cup, and was home to one of the leagues founding members (pre-Original Six). The heritage jerseys are a perfect way to tie all of this to the brand.
  7. While I may not have been happy with all of their deadline moves, news like this gets me excited (although I'm still not getting my hopes up):
  8. What do people think of my old high school's logo:
  9. While I generally agree that having the pants a different colour from the jerseys/socks is the way to go, it really only works when the pants are a darker colour than the jerseys/socks. It's the reason that I love the Wild's red look (the pre-Edge Wild alt is one of the only jerseys I have bought purely for aesthetic reasons). Red pants with dark green jerseys & socks would be too jarring of a look. It's why I am not a fan of the Blue Jackets using red pants.
  10. It's not just that coloured jerseys outsell whites (I don't think it's a huge discrepancy, and depends on the team), but that thirds are usually a team's 3rd colour. It makes more sense for the Oilers to have a blue, a white, and an orange jersey, than a blue and two white jerseys. White alts can sometimes come off as redundant (i.e. Philly's anniversary jersey).
  11. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the people making these "0 cups" jokes also call the Habs logo a toilet seat. A plain O is definitely not the most interesting, but when you add the stripes it evokes the tradition of a city with one of the richest hockey histories in the world. Just because they are a separate franchise from the original Sens, it doesn't mean they can't dress like them. Just ask the Washington Nationals.
  12. It's rare to see the mainstream media (meaning not these boards or twitter), getting involved in logo discussions, but hopefully this gets the team's attention:
  13. I'm yesterday's announcement that Tom Anseli would be the new president and CEO of the Sens, the word "rebrand" was dropped a few times. While I highly doubt that the logo and use of red at home are going anywhere, it seems more and more likely that the uniforms will be updated next season.
  14. Here's what I would do. I would keep things as is for the regular season, but come playoff time I would allow each team to designate a home uniform of their choice. You wouldn't have any issues as far as equipment management goes, as everyone would know ahead of the series what colour teams have chosen. This is way a team like the Jets could do their traditional white out in the arena without their fans looking like they're supporting the opposing team.