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  1. Gold shouldn't be used anywhere other than the logo. As the recently ditched Pens uniforms taught us, metallic gold doesn't translate well to other materials. I don't think adidas would put glitter striping on a jersey. Beng the only red and black team to emphasize black over red is enough to stand apart from the Blackhawks/Devils/Hurricanes. Including more gold just makes them look more like the Flames.
  2. I wouldn't expect any drastic changes. Probably just adapting to the new style. After seeing the WCH templates, I'm worried that even if they don't use the 3 stripes on the side panels the chest stripe on the 3rd jersey is going to get cut off. Finland is an example of what I'm worried about. Also, Leeder mentioned that with the team updating the banners, they decided to no longer display the division title banners. That makes sense though, downplay the modern franchise's achievements but continue to emphasize Stanley Cups won a century ago by a different franchise .
  3. The fact that the potential placeholder logo is Ottawa's with a Belleville wordmark rather than Binghamton's tells me they're either coming up with something completely new, or they're just going to use Ottawa's. Either way it's an improvement. I've made it clear on these boards that I'm not a fan of the gladiator theme, but Ottawa's primary is still miles ahead of the two gladiators that Bingo has used.
  4. Judging from the early reaction on social media, I wouldn't be surprised if the Oilers pull a NO Pelicans and redesign the suit to make it less terrifying. I'm disappointed that they went with a lynx though. The league already has enough cat mascots (Florida, LA, Ottawa, Buffalo, Nashville). I would've rather seen them go with a bighorn sheep (the provincial mammal), or maybe a great horned owl (the provincial bird).
  5. The Blackhawks wear red and it's seemed to work out pretty well for them.
  6. I agree that the crown would look better on its own, but I actually prefer the original crown to the current one. The one introduced in the purple/black/silver era is much too angular and busy, plus the hockey sticks are awkwardly shoehorned in. If they recoloured the original in black and silver, and cleaned it up a bit, it'd be a perfect primary. While I am a big fan of purple and gold, black and silver is a great colour scheme that is underused in the NHL. When the greatest player to ever play the game, plus two Cup teams wear those colours, you probably should stick with them. Also, am I the only one who loved this logo?
  7. I've noticed a couple of close up shots of faceoffs where you can see the actual in-arena ads. It makes sense though. The league/networks can sell rinks boards, while the venue is able to sell their own ads as well.
  8. While I kinda like the North American black jerseys, they made a big mistake by not incorporating more orange into the white jersey. The logo looks like it doesn't belong. Even just replacing the silver trim on the numbers with orange would make for a vast improvement.
  9. First of all, whose idea was it to put a white roundel on a yellow jersey? Swapping the white and black would go a long way. Second of all, who thought it would be a good idea to use that template? I don't mind modern jerseys (although that Ducks one has to be one of the worst Edge templates), but if you're using a roundel you should go with something more traditional.
  10. I don't mind the blue at the bottom. It blends into the pants, and negates the scoop hem effect. And while the piping isn't perfect, I don't think getting rid of it would make the jerseys that much better. Not only would it look far too plain, you'd also have a floating blue blob under the collars at the back.
  11. I'm surprised at how much I like the Ravens' gold pants look, especially since I wasn't especially fond of it when they first wore them. It's funny how much of a difference gold numbers make.
  12. Nashville continues to slowly add more yellow gold into their set by wearing their yellow gold helmets at home full time. Say what you want about the look, but this team clearly knows their brand. They've joined the Flyers & Sharks as teams that completely own their respective colours.
  13. I agree with you here...almost. The pant stripe that the Rams use here (and on the beautiful throwback uniforms) is one of my biggest pet peeves in sports aesthetics. The Rams are one of the few teams who should avoid the use of white all together (like the Cavs). The white stripe sticks out like a sore thumb and immediately draws your eye. A pant stripe should not be the first thing someone looks at when they see a football uniform.
  14. It's just the angle of this particular photo. The Cup banners are hanging near the opposite end of the ice, so they're further away (you can see a Cup banner hidden behind the Presidents Trophy one). I guess they they must be putting the finishing touches on the division champ banners. I'm sure they'll also use a logo that the team never won a division wearing. Smh
  15. Looks like the Sens have updated their banners. Other than improving the Frank Finnigan banner, the rest are awful. I guess it signals that the current primary is here to stay. Honestly, after 25 years they should've just made one banner for all of the original Sens' Cups, and put the =O= on it.