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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    It looks like we're finally getting an improved create a team in NHL 17!
  2. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    I think the Kings would be a perfect team for a powder blue & purple colour scheme. The throwbacks look great, but blue and red is just too boring. If they simply replace the red on the throwback with purple it'd be an amazing, and unique look. It's also a great way to bridge the two eras.
  3. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    The Panthers logo just needs an Arizona Cardinals-esque update. Do that, and add more white to the home uniforms, and their sets are miles better.
  4. Letter-modified Pro logos

    Here's another one for the Bruins alphabet. A team I played for growing up:
  5. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    This year has to set the record for most uniform colours used in the playoffs. You've got red, blue, black, green, yellow, orange, and teal. Here's my ranking of the series (based on the better matchup): 1. Blues at Blackhawks 2. Rangers at Penguins 3. Wild at Stars 4. Kings at Sharks (if SJ had gone throwback for the playoffs this would'vebeen top 3) 5. Flyers at Capitals 6. Red Wings at Lightning 7. Panthers at Islanders 8. Ducks at Predators
  6. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    The Niagara IceDogs playoff slogan is "Make them see red". So, if you've ever wondered what the Blackhawks would look like in red pants/helmets then look no further:
  7. 2016 NASL Jerseys

    Here are the full Fury kits:
  8. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    God, I really can't stand the 3 stripes. I'm a big fan of Europe's logo, but the jerseys are awful. The half and half look has never looked good in any sport, and I'm confused by the colour choice. There's already Finland, the US, and Sweden in blue, plus it's used by Russia & Czech Republic. I would've rather see them in a unique colour like purple or green. I love the U23 logo, but the jerseys are disappointing (especially the white). Should be incorporating more orange. As for Canada, the logo seems a bit too much like something you'd see on a generic jersey in Wal-Mart. I like the sleeve striping, and the decision to go with solid white names/numbers. I onlywish the black trim on the logo/collar wasn't black. Hopefully this is the year Canada finally goes back to red helmets/pants.
  9. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    While my excitement for the movie hasn't changed, I think that this was the worst of the trailers that we've seen so far. I feel like after the first look at Civil War WB felt the need to release another BvS trailer as soon as possible (and even premiered it on the same late night show). It's poorly edited, reuses a lot of things we've seen already, and just feels rushed. With that being said, there is still a lot to like. The exchange at the beginning between Clark and Bruce is by far my favourite part. You get the feeling that they both have an idea of who the other is, which will go a long way in slowly building the conflict between the two characters (plus the Joker nod is great). I also like the way Lex is presented. His phony party persona, the condescending attitude towards Lois, it all confirms that Jesse Eisenberg has really crafted a great character.
  10. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Probably. It probably also depends on whether or not the NHLPA makes a big enough stink about it. But with back-to-back Winter Olympic in East Asia (Korea and Beijing), I'd agree and say the NHL won't be in the Olympics for a while. Actually, the location of the next two Olympics has me thinking that the players will definitely be going. The NHL views Asia as an untapped market, so the hope would be that by sending the world's best you can generate interest in the game (much like the NBA and Beijing). In fact, I remember hearing that when Beijing was bidding for the Winter Games, one of their conditions was that if they were successful the NHL would have to send it's players. I know the league has a business to run, but the Olympics should always be a best-on-best tournament. There's no way the country would rally around a half Spengler Cup/half World Junior team the way that we do around Crosby, Toews, Price, et. al. Besides, having your league's best players front and centre on an international stage can only help the game in the long run.
  11. 2015 CFL Uniforms

    No, it's new. It's also the first time they've gone black helmets with the white jersey.
  12. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    That's not what the blog says. He's predicting that the orange becomes the full-fledged alternate, rather than the specialty throwback it is now. This will allow them to wear it more often.
  13. 2015 CFL Uniforms

    Strangely enough, the REDBLACKS wore their alternate pants with the home jersey for Sunday's East Final: The pants don't mesh with the jerseys as well as the usual homes do, but anything that gets more plaid into the set is a good thing. I wouldn't be surprised to see plaid striping incorporated into all three uniforms with the switchover to Adidas. It's become a huge part of the team's brand, and helps distinguish them from the Stamps.
  14. Things that are the way they are... just "because"

    Arched wordmarks with numbers beneath them is frequently used, and commonly accepted in NCAA hockey, but NHL teams who have tried it have been criticized (Dallas, Atlanta).
  15. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    According to this article:, "the redesign comes after almost a year of planning". Really?! It took them a year and they just ended up ripping off the Rangers. It isn't a bad look, but I would've rather seen something a little more original.