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  1. But I guarantee that a blue and white jersey with Toronto across the chest will sell like crazy in the city.
  2. It looks like the Raptors might be unveiling a Husky-inspired uniform tomorrow.
  3. I think that there is a ton of pressure on the NCC and the new Liberal government to finally do something with the land, and it seems like they have become more flexible when it comes to what they want on the land. Allegedly when Ottawa was initially awarded the expansion franchise ownership approached the NCC about building the arena at Lebreton. The NCC nixed the idea because they didn't feel that a privately owned sports facility was of "national significance". They seem to have changed their minds now. Even if the Sens overhaul their uniforms in the next few years, we're unfortunately going to get stuck with a boring red Alfredsson banner, with the dull, generic font from the current home and aways. In a perfect world the team would be hanging a banner looking something like this:
  4. It's been confirmed that SAP will be the jersey sponsor for the tournament. Here's what they look like with the patch:
  5. I'm not expecting any "90s craziness" or turn ahead the clock situations. I'm just thinking it'll be something similar to the WCH jerseys (I'm imagining Team NA with gold replacing orange).
  6. The difference here is that Vegas is a brand new team, with no uniform history. It's also a non-tradition hockey market, so most of their fans would me more accepting of an "out there" look.
  7. It's definitely not too late to announce an outdoor game, if anything it's too early. The game will likely be played in December of next year. Winnipegs is this October, and they didn't make it official until March. The coaching staff is pretty much set, so I don't really think that's a possibility. From what I've read it seems like it's going to be the Alfie number retirement. I've also heard rumblings about an anniversary jersey, or possibly an update on the downtown arena
  8. The only team that may go "full-Adidas" is Las Vegas. The owner has already said that they are working closely with Adidas on the development of their name, logos, uniforms, etc. I could easily see them becoming the NHL's Oregon/Seahawks. As for the Sens, it looks like they're going to announce an outdoor game. The biggest question is where. While most of the reports lean towards building a temporary stadium on Parliament Hill, I really hope that they come to their senses and choose TD Place. I understand how cool and Canadian it would be playing under the Peace Tower, but it's just a logistical nightmare. There's no easy way to get 40 000 people in and out of there (the new subway system won't be open by then, and there's very little parking), and I can't imagine a pop-up stadium looking that great. Everyone has been bringing up the U2 show in Montreal a little while back that used a temporary stadium, but what they never seem to mention is that stadium took two months to build, plus another month to take down. Next year is supposed to be the biggest in the city's history, I'd rather not see our biggest landmark be a construction zone for a quarter of it. TD Place is a gorgeous stadium, it has the world's largest skating rink running behind it, and is on one of the most historical sports sites in the country (home to the oldest building in existence that has hosted the Stanley Cup Finals). Plus, if the game takes place in December they will be able to use the extra seating that's being put in for the Grey Cup. It's a perfect situation, but it seems like the Sens are being petty and refusing to play in a stadium owned by a rival company.
  9. Yep. They run from the armpits down to the hem. You can see a bit of them peeking out. I took a look at all of the jerseys on NHL Shop, and noticed a couple of things. The NA U23 team inverts the colours on their sleeve numbers (orange outined in black on the back, black outlined in orange on the sleeves). Also, I wish Team Europe would've used two-tone nameplates, because this looks bush league: One thing that I do like about this tournament is that every team has a unique font. One of the biggest problems with Nike is that so many countries shared a font.
  10. I have a feeling we're going to see another colour v. colour Winter Classic. The Blues logo featured at the unveiling was blue outlined in yellow and white, which is the way it appeared on the blue jersey. The logo on the white was the bluenote outlined in yellow and blue. As for the Sharks, I agree that they should've had these replace the current logos, or just not used them at all. The team already has too many logos that don't get used on uniforms (standalone fin logo, orange & black shield, full-bodied shark w/ triangle), this just muddles the brand even more, especially since these new sharks are done in a completely different style. That being said, I do prefer these new logos over the current ones, so I wouldn't mind if they made a transition.
  11. I don't like that the Jets darkened the blue. While the royal may be too Rangers-esque, it would pop a lot better. The navy and red is going to look very muddled, especially if you're sitting in the stands at Investors Group Field. Also, I'm surprised that the Jets didn't go with blue, allowing the Oilers to wear something similar to the look below, instead of just recycling their alternates. You'd think they'd be pulling a Heat/Cavs and offering as many different 97 jerseys as possible. I know that the WHA Jets won the championship in their final game ever wearing white, but I just prefer the outdoor games feature 2 brand new uniforms.
  12. I'm very disappointed in this set. I've been hoping for a long time that Canada would ditch the bfbs and just go with red and white, but in this case they went the other way. I don't mind the template or the sublimated maple leaves, but all of the black ruins it for me.
  13. You can now cast your vote from a list of 12 options here: I went with Blizzard, but I don't mind Titan, Saints, or Rapids.