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  1. It's a NBA custom font but I think if you look for something in the free fonts site that list holiday fonts you could find something similar to it.
  2. At least for this year. I'd like to see some type of link to their NASL past remain with the uniforms.
  3. Would look better with navy shorts.
  4. EPL refs have been horrible this weekend.
  5. Rison in a Browns uniform was just wrong too.
  6. That looks like something that would get rolledout if DC did a Booster Gold movie.
  7. I'm pretty sure it is too. Mainly becasue you don't see mesh on that jersey.
  8. Mach Speed can use the same collar as a Vapor. The lack of a black strip between the numbers is the key though.
  9. Numbers need to be larger. Kansas would look better with a smaller KU logo.
  10. Do a Google search for basic shields and download Irfanview or Paint.net to clean up the background if you're not able to use Photoshop or Illustrator. It will allow you to make better badges and uniform designs.
  11. Since there are only 4 prototypes I doubt any of them have been seen by that study yet.
  12. Speaking of which, can the NWSL all try to make a distinct look for themselves? Portland did it for one year then went back to teamwear looks. So disappointing.
  13. If they go with teamwear they wouldn't have the sash as no adidas template that I'm aware of has a sash this year. Granted if they just went to adidas.com or something they could very well design something similar.
  14. I'd like the home kits but going with the same away look as Houston would take away from them, even though it looks better than the Dynamo's.