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  1. Wow!!!!! That's crazy! Didn't realize they made him actually do a walk of shame.
  2. Oklahoma State vs Colorado in the Alamo Bowl. I might have to get tickets this year, especially if it's as crazy as last year.
  3. May be an issue with the inserts? It could be they expected someone else in and hurried to get this out.
  4. I'm starting to think that's the new requirement for American teams.
  5. Tell them to do what Oklahoma and Texas did as far as scheduling. And losing to a mid-level MAC team doesn't help either.
  6. I would have loved to see a Michigan State Championship at the Cotton Bowl. Wisconsin might find it hard to stop Western Michigan, I don't think we'll see that blowout like happened to Northern Illinois. I expect Oklahoma to drill Auburn and USC to beat Penn State. The Orange should be the best matchup of all these games.
  7. I would have loved to see Ohio State embrace the Earl Bruce era shoulder numbers that took over the whole shoulder. I loved those and was sad to see them go when Nike switched over to tackle twill numbers.
  8. But at least Nike jerseys look like football jerseys when not sitting on shoulder pads. I think we'll see adidas start to move towards something similar in the next few years.
  9. $30 million for a team with no stadium is too much, no matter the name.
  10. Same here. Real nice look.
  11. It was probably experimental. I used to think the Giants stripes were cooked into the shell because of how the seams seemed to disappear into the helmet.
  12. It was by Andrew Laird, it's probably around the 280-290 area.
  13. If Ohio State had 3 losses we'd be arguing about 2 loss Michigan. I guess Wisconsin forgot they were supposed to roll over against Penn State. If they put up 40 they might kick the Buckeyes out.
  14. Big question for whomever plays Alabama is, Can you run the ball? Florida's best runner has 17 yards.
  15. I'd increase the size on the LI, maybe sit Super Bowl in front of it similar to Super Bowl 40.