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  1. Should have went with blue.
  2. I think if another coach comes in you'll see changes for WVU. A full rebrand across the entire athletic department could happen with a new AD. Personally, that number font and added black are the worst parts of their current look. And not wearing throwback uniforms when wearing throwback helmets makes no sense.
  3. West Virginia is not Nike's top school anymore so they don't get as much attention as Ohio State, Oregon or Michigan. Rutgers is a complete rebrand not just alternates. Same for Oklahoma State. It's also based on what the school requests. That's why Oklahoma State has 4 versions of Pistol Pete on their helmet and 4 jerseys.
  4. Pants remind me of the Bengals, but white/blue/white instead of tiger stripes.
  5. These would look better if the trim ran all the way around the seams.
  6. My fear with Hush is they try too hard and make it a Mission Impossible 2 where the Bat and Hush keep sliding in and out of each other's worlds without notice. Hush has that ability to impersonate almost anyone and it should keep Bruce and Alfred off balance until the last act. Mr. Freeze should never be teaming up with another villain unless it directly feeds into his own plans. The Schwarzenegger Freeze was too easily manipulated by Poison Ivy, even without her ability to control his mind through pheremones. Too many people have threatened him through his wife, he'd probably lash out immediately, remove that person from the equation and move shop. The Riddler is pretty much the same. He should be a loner that likes playing tricks on the populace as a whole. In the Shumacher movie he's like Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman, minus the ability or need to blow up large groups of people to push his aims forward.
  7. That's a good look for them. The red will be easier to read than the light grey numbers would be.
  8. This is a good look, but it's not a good full time look for Nebraska.
  9. Don't ask Conrad. He doesn't have it.
  10. It's Oklahoma and Texas still calling the shots. Just ship those two to the PAC-12 and get the Florida schools, Cincinnati and Houston in.
  11. Since the Dolphin is washed out too it's probably a filter.
  12. Deadspin spends about as much time investigating soccer as occurs in an episode of Scooby Doo.
  13. Meant to attach this to my previous.
  14. You're correct I don't which is why I said possibly. The reports sent out have identified members of the school, Waco police and athletic department that had knowledge and interceded on behalf of the athletes. None of the names have been released. IF his name is in the report he has questions to answer to. IF his assistants are in that report, he has questions to answer for. At the end of the day the NCAA has done a Show for Cause with little to no information so seeing it happen now wouldn't surprise me. If I am an athletic director at any FBS or FCS school, I'd steer clear of him until he is fully exonorated. Even if he doesn't get a Show for Cause.
  15. They also locked in a bunch of players this winter and summer that will be coming in at the same time rather than being put together up until the close of the winter window. Smart move by them.