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  1. If the logo was white I could like this more.
  2. Spell check!!!!!!!!! Arrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  3. Granted the kids beat Palace 2-0, but I think they proved that the EPL should put more trustbin the academies. Unfortunately, half of that lineup will be on loan in the Championship next year.
  4. arena football

    I think AFL will try to bring in NBA owners now rather than hope for help from the NFL or big name owners with no experience financially in running a brand or business. That's their best way forward. I think shrinking rosterscand going back to ironman football would help with roster costs as well.
  5. There's precedent for MLS requiring it so they should have done it.
  6. With gold numbers being discontinued this is necessary for legibility when the number box isn't used.
  7. So LA at Minnesota United and they didn't learn from the Parley for the Seas games. Grey vs white.
  8. This seems to be Nike and adidas' MO. Make sure you see the tech in year one, dress it up in year two. Remember adidas' first Techfit kits?
  9. When you lookat BC and see the Philadelphia Stars you realize how many USFL teams borrowed college jerseys! At least two, possibly three or more.
  10. ESPN shows Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. It's not a sport either.
  11. Bpston finally hit 60. Thomas out with a hip pointer, hopefully it heals by Sunday. He seems to be the only Celtic that gives a damn.
  12. I'd use the stripes on the white jersey for the blue jerseys
  13. That's worse than Pewdie Pie!
  14. http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/sydney-fc-new-logo-20172018-aleague-premiers-champions-reveal-new-look/news-story/8fe626fdb2f8f8e9a027359c428f430a Official-ish release of the new badge per Fox-Australia.
  15. I think the new logo is cleaner, the lack of competing colors helps it out.