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  1. And issuing death threats to one of the referees.
  2. Grey is banned from United's kit reportoire but looks good here. Black is overdue to return as well.
  3. It was ridiculous that there were 0 yellow cards last night.
  4. BeIn has all home games for CONCACAF teams except for USA and Mexico. Otherwise it'd be on FS1.
  5. Even if they keptthe current jersey font but made it one color ir white with orange outline it'd be a cool update.
  6. San Antonio FC (white) at Rio Grande Valley Toros (orange). SAFC's home kit will be all black.
  7. I remember when the worst basketball fan was Robin Fichter. Those were the days. . . .
  8. Slow to change and most of the big names are moving on in age but still haven't been properly replaced.
  9. The dark grey could be used as trim and work well when meeting white or blue but no more than what you see on Ohio State's regular jerseys or the numbers.
  10. More teams should try pinstripes.
  11. As tentative as they've looked over the last year they've been completely the opposite today. Part of thatvwas Pulisic and Dempsey and Arena, the other half is most likely that Honduras isn't as good as they were 3 years ago.
  12. For those changing suppliers it will most likely be after July.
  13. Some teams still do this, it just doesn't get much national press. It's almost exclusively alumni though as opposed to active players.
  14. At least it wasn't BFBS.
  15. I think Solich prefers the UCLA stripes as I believe he changed over to them when he arrived.