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  1. Since that game is 4 years old I don't think they'll be updating it any time soon. NBA2K17 bans Monarchs so I'm not sure what the disconnect is.
  2. Same kit T&T are using this year. It's a cool look but I think Joma needs to step up their kit game more.
  3. Since the Missions rebranded 3 years ago into red, white and blue from black and gold they're good to go. Big issue now is getting a new stadium built downtown. A change in mayor probably helps since our previous mayor was only able to agree to refitting the Alamodome and AT&T Center. Rangers moving in makes sense because they have the bigger fan base and usually play in the preseason here.
  4. May just be a mockup.
  5. Kind of like Kentucky basketball fans sending death threats to refs and posting their work info on Reddit. They take this stuff way to seriously.
  6. They can do it at Chase Fieldand University of Phoenix. It doesn't need to be a dome, just something that offers shade and possibly the Cool Fan concept football teams use in summer.
  7. I would love if those shirts were matched with white shorts and navy socks but I'm sure they'll be monochrome. It'll be a good look but the white shorts would look better.
  9. With the tournament in Russia I wonder if something based on 1980 hockey would be in the works.
  10. If the stars were subdued I'd like that USA kit more.
  11. As plain as Penn State is though, most people will only notice the helmets and socks being so different. It's almost useless to do anything to the jerseys. The font is much nicer though.
  12. I'm surprised to see Mexico has the best look going into the World Cup. And too many teams have the same away setup as Argentina. Germany would look better if those chest patterns matched the flag. Russia easily has the worst look from adidas, and they're the hosts!
  13. It'll probably be used on a bunch of small stuff but since the current primary is going away it'll probably go to the side pretty quick.
  14. I tried listening to their SiriusXM show. I stopped after the guy his 20 f-bombs in 20 minutes.
  15. This is why no one else likes them. Get ready for Round 4 next year.