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  1. Nets layout reminds me of a coffee shop logo.
  2. They should wear plain orange jerseys instead of the current uniforms to match it.
  3. Yeah . . . Because winning football games really helped the first time. To be fair, Franklin needed a big win, so he'll be feeling less pressure now that he has one. But lumping that in to the conversation of what occurred as a unifying event is definitely a hollow action.
  4. This is the probably for the best for the Big XII. If Oklahoma ended up playing Iowa State in the championship when Baylor or TCU had better conference records it'd hurt their chances for the playoffs. If they don't announce expansion in the next few years though, they might start cannibalizing themselves.
  5. https://www.telekomeishockey.de/
  6. Probably need to do a google search though I'm sure they have a league site available.
  7. An ugly uniform that they got rolled wearing? Probably not. This was one time Nike definitely was off target. Never design a uniform based on the undergarments.
  8. I'd like Cleveland to wear the grey tops at least one time in this series. The bland wordmark is a downgrade from their 1994 aways though.
  9. I'm a Browns fan and I have to agree. It looked like a high school intersquad scrimmage.
  10. Are they wearing throwbacks or are they off this week? It's strange tehy've done this since the only place that uses just the blue and white ram is the stadium. Has nfl.com switched too?
  11. What's with the player on the back? Is it a memorial decal? Looking at the turquoise on these unis, I think New Mexico should fully embrace it and run with it as an accent on all of their uniforms. Though I do have to say it reminds me of the 1980's and the Playmakers TV series that ESPN used to run. And that's not a bad thing. One thing that throws me off is the LOBOS on the the pants. Due to the shape of the letters they almost look like the design that Temple uses on their pants when the player is running. I wonder if they intentionally came up with that though I don't think they did or they would have added a stripe behind it.
  12. Designated alternate date? Probably for selling jerseys to the Brits.
  13. Nope. This is why we closed the other forum.
  14. MLS allowing an original member to move is one thing. Moving into a football stadium that is not being shared with a team owned by a member of the league? Can't see that happening. Cincinnatti still has time to get in before 2028 so they should work on a permanent home there rather than pulling another team into a refurbished ground.
  15. Look at the last two in your statement. Even when they roll out an alternate look, Ohio State tries to make it look like an Ohio State uniform, for the most part. Notre Dame adds touches that hearken to Notre Dame. These smaller schools spin a wheel and pick random uniform parts to merge into one look. And really? I know your team has a mantra of "Row the Boat" Western Michigan. But for the love of all that is holy, that doesn't mean you slap oars all over the uniforms!!!!!! And don't get me started on tinfoil numbers!!!