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  1. If all of the 20's, 30's and 40's he can wear 2. A WR for Denver is currently wearing 5. I believed he had been assigned 27 but I guess not.
  2. Nike and adidas usually fit similar to regular shirt sizes. Under Armour, Puma and Kappa areabout half a size smaller.
  3. Why don't they wear a throwback instead?
  4. UEFA was afraid the G20 and England would quit Champions League. This way they slow down the process another 3 years.
  5. It's meant to represent the Champions League so I understand that it's blue, but I think it's a good look.
  6. Now just add those stripes to the pants.
  7. Why the numbers/logos BS!?!?!?!? Stick the logos on both sides and these are nearly 9/10. Instead it's 5/10.
  8. These were rushed out after they bought Oregon State jerseys because they had red "no contact" jerseys. Adidas had made game jerseys matching the pants for the US Army All American game.
  9. Not a Michigan fan, but reversing the streams . . . Er, colors would possibly cause a catastrophic worldwide event.
  10. I'd add the white pants instead.
  11. Roma dumped out of Champions League. They'll be in Europa League instead. City might as well play there U18 team. 5-0 lead at home.
  12. There's a cease and desist order, I'm sure that's your next question.
  13. These went away because Charlie Strong didn't want to have alternate uniforms against their biggest rivals.
  14. This should be their primary look. It stands out from other red, black and white teams.
  15. Is that a guarantee though? I can see Nike throwing something off the wall for them too, just bright orange instead of grey.