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  1. I'd almost think this is San Diego trading up.
  2. Cleveland actually has one of the largest fan groups in the league, The Worldwide Browns Backers Club being the official fan club. I also think one of their biggest branches is in the San Diego/LA area. I know that's a pretty big swathe of land but they are out there. They would have a decent showing, though nothing like what will be seen when Denver and Oakland come to town. KC should have decent representation as well.
  3. For the D inside the snowflake, it needs to be wider and I'd switch the colors on it so it's visible in monochrome. Right now it's a glob on the middle. If you're not planning to have the snowflake as it's own stand alone logo I'd consider shrinking it and tossing the D.
  4. Ross looks like a high school wordmark right now. I'd want something a little stiffer for that. As a single parent, Ross is a godsend. My kid grows out of clothes pretty quick right now so saving money is awesome. And finding the occasional sports jersey that I've been looking for is even better.
  5. That's his high school jersey morphing into last year's green jersey. It's also a Mach Speed which is an older jersey.
  6. San Antonio's biggest problem will be crowd ingress/egress. There's no space in the immediate area (1-2 mile radius) that is readily available for large scale parking. The high school stadium has about 900-1000 spaces and the soccer complex and stadium have another 500 or so. They may have to come to an agreement with VIA to set up a larger bus stop station. Bussing people in from AT&T Center is a 10 minute drive away with smooth traffic but about 7 miles away from the stadium. I'd have to look at a map but I believe the area to the west of the stadium is the most likely place for extra parking that could be used.
  7. It's actually required in Asian Champions League matches, it looks so out of place when trying to put sponsor logos on the front as well.
  8. Looks like a network logo instead of a league logo.
  9. I think it's up for discussion rather than a personal design. I think if they did it as a throwback game once a year it's fine. But I wouldn't want to see this become the new primary look for them.
  10. If you save an account you should be able to review them at any time. I used to hit print screen on my keyboard and use that, but then you have a lot of junk to get rid of later.
  11. Will still be as screwed up as black, red and blue.
  12. Spanos abhors powder blue so it won't happen. he only brings back the throwbacks and alts to keep the fans off his back about making them a full time look.
  13. They won't let the team move to London yet.
  14. James Madison should only use the Bulldog logo or the Dukes wordmark. The M/number helmet is so annoying. I wonder if we'll see a new uniform set as well.
  15. They make the Big 33 Game uniforms as well. I'd say they are similar to Wilson or Riddell.