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  1. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    I think the right chest would be seen more than the right sleeve though and placing the logo there allows for more space on the sleeves as well. Too bad adidas wouldn't move in. Traditional baseball uniforms are one thing adidas does better than Nike, at least when they place them on the current templates.
  2. World League 2020

    Also something that I considered thanks to @neo_prankster a third uniform design for Barcelona and London as the England Monarchs. The one constraint I made was making sure that the helmets had to follow the current NFL rules of one per team. For Barcelona this meant the dragon skin pattern is maintained as a helmet stripe rather than covering the whole helmet. As to the jersey design it is meant to look back to the 1995 uniforms that were worn by all of the teams in NFL Europe that year. The Catalan senyera sits underneath the Dragons logo and wordmark and a larger league badge sits on the upper left chest for all of the third jerseys. For London, I went for a middle ground between the 1998 England monarchs that wore white helmets and pants and the 1995 Ottawa Rough Riders uniforms. The England Monarchs logos are each sleeve and the helmets instead of the Crown M.
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    MNUFC/Sporting vs Sounders/Timbers - That's something I think should have stayed the same. When MLS started in 1996, only DC United didn't have an "Americanized" name. To be fair Sporting Kansas City used to be the Kansas City Wiz, then Wizards before the change to Sporting KC. FC Dallas were the Burn, which was made worse by the fact they had a good logo identity but bad name. Same for the San Jose Clash, now Earthquakes. Columbus adding SC to their name is even worse because it was a halfway move, which seeing how the owner's taking care of Mapfre Stadium is par for the course.
  4. Sea Dogs commemorate Memorial Day with Iwo Jima jerseys

    If they had put a sleeve patch somewhere on a red, white and blue jersey it would have been a very nice gesture. This? . . . . "Well bless their heart . . . ".
  5. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Pulisic was out there. I'm sure a few of the World Cup players were obviously not making the trip either. Since they'll probably have a condensed preseason they wanted to get this one in before the World Cup. That team may look even more like a B team come August 1st.
  6. https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Buc-ee-s-beaver-trademark-texas-choke-canyon-gator-12934353.php Bucc-ees sued that the logo for Choke Canyon, a barbeque chain in San Antonio, looks too much like theirs and has confused people that thought they were pulling into Buc-ees. Buc-ees is a giant gas station/strip mall. Choke Canyon is a restaurant. Both animals are wearing hats, but of different styles. Apparently there are ten points of similarity that meant Buc-ees was wronged. It is apparently also illegal to offer friendly service, the same food with a similar name and smiling.
  7. World League 2020

    Barcelona Dragons - The final team is the Barcelona Dragons. They called Olympic Montjuic and Miniestadi FCB home during their original stay in WLAF and NFL Europe. This team would be playing at RCDE Stadium, home of RCD Espanyol. The senyera flag detail is displayed on their away jerseys. A dragon scale pattern is displayed on the sleeve cuffs and pant striping.
  8. World League 2020

    Amsterdam Admirals - Welcome to Johan Cruiyff Arena and Admirals football. The last of the original lineup, they are sponsored by Suzuki and the field carries the mark of Ajax Amsterdam as well as the Admirals logos and wordmarks.
  9. World League 2020

    I think Barcelona is the concensus pick. Hahahahahahaha!!!!! I thought about the colors for Orlando but since they're at the old Citrus Bowl orange made sense.
  10. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Good point. I think the NCAA will say since one player wasn't specifically given this above others it's okay. Then again they haven't given Ohio State back their wins for players selling their own stuff.
  11. World League 2020

    In real life it has three, but a professional team playing in spring extends it's usefulness.
  12. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Hopefully they don't switch to the new font on Saturday. That'd be bad luck.
  13. 2017-18 NCAA Football Thread

    Since the donor is giving the money to the football program to cover expenses and not giving out gifts directly to the players no rules have been broken. The SEC worked to ban off campus camps because Big Ten teams would use them as recruiting tools. The only schools that got hurt were the Group of Five who's coaches attended the camps as well. Michigan couldn't do any football activities this year because they used all 15 days of spring practice in early April. Had they even done a flag football camp they could have committed a violation. As much as the other big programs cry about this, how long until Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State or Texas are making trips to Greece, Germany, Hungary or Australia?
  14. World League 2020

    Ohio Glory - Making their return to Ohio they move out of Ohio Stadium, which added more than 20,000 seats since they last played there, and move to the smallest stadium in the league. Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium sits within six hours of five NFL teams and has been completely rebuilt over a period of three seasons.A slightly darker blue is used as well as changes in pant and sleeve stripes.
  15. Minkah Fitzpatrick in Dolphins uniform

    I'd say make it in orange and add a Dolphins wordmark or logo to it.