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  1. Some teams still do this, it just doesn't get much national press. It's almost exclusively alumni though as opposed to active players.
  2. At least it wasn't BFBS.
  3. I think Solich prefers the UCLA stripes as I believe he changed over to them when he arrived.
  4. When I was at Presidio of Monterey, the 49ers came out to play a combined military team. I wish I'd have taken pictures.
  5. I'd suggest doing a search cor it. There's probably a reason that link doesn't work now.
  6. Every NFL team when placing a Jaguars logo on their schedule.
  7. So another team will have those horrible UCLA stripes.
  8. Better than the original prototype though.
  9. I thought they'd went back to the current badge. Regardless, the old badge on the old kit makes me think they haven't decided what to do. Then again this could be a prototype made prior to any changes.
  10. Coach: And there I was. . . Players: Not this crap again . . . I'd like to see Nike have more designs available on their TeamBuilder site. I know these are standard teamwear but I'd like them to have at least as many options as adidas.
  11. I think they went with this because the southern teams played a majority of home games at the front end of the season. I'm a fan of the first two weeks being that way, then somewhere along the way make it so teams are at home one week, away the next.
  12. At least we know that some will survive until Rogue One. I have a feeling a couple of peoplemay not make it but I'm glad it'll be an hour next week.
  13. Almost all of those Reebok third uniforms were horrid. The new lineup withthe exception of Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg are downgrades. The previously shown BC jersey is the worst they've looked though.
  14. I would agree. There didn't seem to be any issues for the players though. If the Missions were playing here full time you'd probably see another turf field specific to baseball brought out rather than cutting up the old turf and laying it down.
  15. The interesting quirk of today's game in San Antonio was the two different dugout configurations. The Indians had soccer benches on their side and the Rangers were set up like the Japanese dugouts with tiered seating. With a short porch at right I'm surprised we didn't see football scores.