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  1. Army numbers have been pretty easy to read. I'm impressed. How do you know you've messed up your throwback? No UCLA stripes, Navy! Apparently they were based on another jersey, not the gold jerseys shown but the white version of the 1966 uniform.
  2. That's pretty bad then. I know a few Nike teams had issues because there gear was delayed by another country. But that's not something they could control.
  3. With 4 teams using white or silver in the division, these would help set them apart.
  4. Any info on what the issues are?
  5. One way to ensure you won't be coaching this year!
  6. To be fair, most of those kidsthat cut themselves were bad eggs who weren't putting in the work because they were starters. A couple had assault charges as well. As far as changing schemes, I agree. But when one doesn't work, sticking with it isn't the smartest either. Ultimately, Texas couldn't finish off the games they were supposed to so it's not a surprise to see him fired. I think he'd be better off as a coordinator, possibly at Ohio State if Schiano and Fickell both leave.
  7. It's navy blue. The black uniform has a pretty visible shockweb design.
  8. They usually go every 2 years so makes sense.
  9. Which is even scarier since it will probably be another off the wall look.
  10. The issue with stripes is on the teams and not Nike. Look at San Francisco, so much empty space. I actually prefer Nike keep the logos on the sleeves. Otherwise the chest will be cluttered during the Super Bowl for some teams. Not as bad as this photo but the space blocked off will be about the same.
  11. They'll probably still wear that nasty grey uniform, which is a shame.
  12. Ohio State will wear the 1968 aways and Clemson will most likely be all orange.
  13. This also came from talking heads on Sportscenter so I'd take it with a grain of salt and sunglasses.
  14. That's what I thought of too. That Staubach era jersey is what they should wear. It'd be a good contrast against the Army uniforms.
  15. To be fair, Oregon is a major step up. If he went 7-5 next year he's not getting a chance like this probably ever. Schiano might be heading to USF, though I'd rather keep him and let Luke Fickell take a chance at a Group of 5 head coaching gig.