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  1. Due to an unexpected exit in the league, The United League is reopening the application process for the UL. Applications will be taken until March 1st, 2017. All requirements for the league remain in place. The United League of Baseball Clubs is looking for one (1) owners for the 2017 season. Please fill out the form below, good luck to those who apply. The team will be yours to relocate, but with the following markets already taken: Louisville, KY, Quebec, New York City, Minneapolis, Houston, Toronto, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Antonio, Texas. Application process will be closed on March 1st at 11:59 PM Board Name: Real Name: Email (can be given upon acceptance): Location: Nickname: Identity (if possible): CCSLC Fantasy Experience: Why should you be picked?:
  2. I'd make the short stripes white to match the original kits.
  3. Hadn't heard of a possible new sponsor for Columbus but saw these on MLSoccer.com. I know part of the ownership's plans are finding a bigger sponsor and this is only preseason, but since this jersey has been in use for 2 years there shouldn't be a sponsorless kit floating around.
  4. Burnley knocked off in the 89th minute by 5th Division team nicknamed the Imps! I love FA Cup football.
  5. They use a pitch clock in the minors. It's actually pretty effective in AA. Not sure we'll see it in the majors.
  6. It's the flash and material differences.
  7. That's an old pic.
  8. hettinger_rl

    Probably a tie-in to the name Hoosiers which ,based on one legend, came from neighbors on nearby farms shouting, "Who's there?" Due to distance and such it came to the listeners ears as "Hoosiers!!!"
  9. So we could see both a black and gold kit!?!?!?!?!?!?! That "For Columbus" kit is proof that three kits is ideal for this league. Not sure if adidas didn't want to keep doing it or MLS didn't but it needed to happen when teams like Portland use two dark color uniforms.
  10. OK! I just remember a couple articles discussing it as gratuitous. Then again they also say that about a lot of the scenes in that book.
  11. When they get one jersey wordmark right then totally flip the other one! Granted Texas is the "local" team but the Indians have never had a white wordmark with the current Indians design outside of fan jerseys that weren't navy blue.
  12. I would probably add more of the Alamo to the logo. Right now it's pretty long because there's not much height to the main logo.
  13. It is if you're interested in showing samples. Seattle's about 4 hours north by car so it's a day trip to see them, Vancouver and San Jose are about 6 hours.
  14. Maybe the developer decided it would be too close to each other.
  15. It's a branding thing. The Football League has required that teams all use similar numbers to make it easier to read them on TV. That's why the AFL (Australian Rules) has stuck with their font for over 30 years. When Coca Cola took over sponsorship of the Football League they decided to make a new font that shows off that line below Coca-Cola since they couldn't place their name on them. I like the EPL's current font but since they may gain a sponsor shortly I wouldn't be surprised to see something a bit more gaudy. As far as these, you may need to add an outline for when the numbers are placed over stripes.