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  1. It feels incomplete because the flames aren't on the front of the jersey.
  2. It's coming. It's not as good as what it's replacing, but in 5 years people will forget about the controversy since they'll have 40 Italian league titles and another star above the J within the decade.
  3. If the semi-finals were in the middle of the MLS calendar it might get more attention. As is, starting next year the MLS and Liga MX get byes to the round of 16 so it may mean even less.
  4. The only reason I could see the Timbers evicting them is if they switched to grass fields. With the Thorns and Portland State as well as the state high school playoffs bringing in money there's no reason to kick the Vikings out.
  5. Since it's all but thee official symbol for the Hillsborough families I don't think we'll see it changed. Most of them were angry to see it taken off of the badge.
  6. They won't show all of them so you just have to keep an eye out.
  7. Maybe add a snarl to one side of that mouth and make him a little grumpier.
  8. Outside of an additional commemorative kit I think that's the standard for EPL teams. Newcastle is doing the same with their uniform next season.
  9. Unless they threw back to an older logo I'd be surprised not to see it.
  10. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/04/24/erin-morans-final-days-fellow-former-child-stars-were-trying-to-help.html Reported as cancer.
  11. I believe she'd had other health issues before. I was more shocked by the fact she's only 56. I thought she had been much older. I knew she was a child actor during Happy Days but it didn't click how young she actually was.
  12. I'd look for a new font because italics usually slants to the right rather than the left. Getting it to lean to the left will be the best bet.
  13. They have a red jersey as well that is the same as their previous jersey, just on the new template. I was hoping they'd have kept the previous white jersey but I haven't seen it yet this year. They still use the camo tops as well.
  14. I'd probably look up western style fonts on dafont.com and pick a more dynamic font. With everything else showing movement the font should match that.
  15. You know it's a long day for announcers when they can't identify the colors of the numbers or badges. Listening to this on radioprior to getting home the announcer stated that the Seattle numbers were silver. NWSL - Washington Spirit with the fade to red kit and Orlando with the Vapor. I think they're taking the MLS approach and limiting the amount of teams changing out uniforms. All teams have a Lifetime Network badge on the right sleeve. Courage home kit. Seattle, Houston, Boston and Chicago no changes to the home kits.