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  1. MJWalker45

    2018/19 College Hockey

    Kent State still plays club hockey but I can't think of anyone else that does, maybe Ohio and Toledo?
  2. MJWalker45

    Worst owners in Sports

    Precourt, at least the other guys will pretend to fix a stadium. He can't even be bothered to.
  3. MJWalker45

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Lynchburg added 1/8)

    Good point, placing them above the shield might work better.
  4. MJWalker45

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    I wish that if the CFL teams where going to stick with sponsorship that each team get their own sponsors rather than two sponsors for the whole league. I'd also like to see the Grey Cup patches come back too. Other than the field markings and halftime it looks like just another game.
  5. What options would they have for a move? The location the Raiders and Chargers wanted? Are they just thinking of getting the cost of rent knocked off and some money for renovations instead? I think that makes more sense.
  6. MJWalker45

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Army-Navy should be the first and last game of the year.
  7. MJWalker45

    Vicis Zero1

    I suspect they could end up sitting like the original Rams horns on the leather helmets. Or they'll slide the horn further forward so there's not abrupt stop to the front of the horns.
  8. MJWalker45

    Syracuse Chiefs rebrand as Syracuse Mets

    Yes. I'm all for originality in names but the latest trend of random food item and animals needs to die a horrible death.
  9. MJWalker45

    Montreal Alouettes teasing re-brand

    It could be a new branding for the East teams next year. KalTire or Michelin was assigned as sponsor patches for the West division teams.
  10. MJWalker45

    Vicis Zero1

    Definitely! Especially since we'll be seeing more teams and players start to wear them.
  11. MJWalker45

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Lynchburg added 1/8)

    I think adding a plain white area in the middle similar to the FC Barcelona crest could accommodate the initials as they are right now.
  12. MJWalker45

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    For the rear facing C, I'd add a white outline to break them up and keep the lines on the helmet. Otherwise, I'd go with the rams head. I'm not a fan of the numbers.
  13. MJWalker45

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Aren't these similar prices to Arena League though? At least per game costs? For San Antonio, event parking for the Alamodome will be between $20-$40/game. Most of that would be the hotels and parking garages not attached to Alamodome charging the higher prices.
  14. MJWalker45

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    I just think they decided they were going with one helmet for some dumb reason instead of using the correct helmet that went with that uniform. That's why I think they'd want to keep the white helmets only when they rebrand next year.
  15. MJWalker45

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It's a good look but they should have saved it for next year.
  16. MJWalker45

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    I think the Alouettes aren't thinking of a navy helmet. Only because they wore their Labour Day uniform but still wore white helmets. I'd prefer they go back to the 1996 uniforms with silver helmets and pants but I think they're better off with white helmets.
  17. MJWalker45

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Footballs are on the route of travel to the center of the country.
  18. MJWalker45

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    Once again, a disappointing decision. If I were Ottawa, Saskatchewan or Calgary I'd be making a beeline to get a new jersey so I don't look like everyone else.
  19. If another player on the kick team wears that number they are allowed to change the jersey.
  20. Penn State can't get past Michigan State. There goes their playoff chances. Georgia defense did not show up but LSU was there. I'm not sure what Pitt was trying to do. 4h and 4 with the game on the line, put the ball in the QBs hands not the punters.
  21. MJWalker45

    New Indians uniform for 2019??

    I would expect them to avoid pinstripes as a primary uniform. The big rival for years was the Yankees and now their two division rivals, Chicago and Minnesota wear them too. Nike might try something crazy for them if they take over next year.
  22. MJWalker45

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Every assistant on San Antonio apparently coached somewhere in Texas. Jim Grobe is on the staff.
  23. MJWalker45

    Austin FC

    Hopefully with a better logo.
  24. MJWalker45

    2018 NFL Season

    I don't think there's a QB coming out next year that's able to handle New York either. Will Grier could but he's probably a second or third round pick at best. Tua has another year, hopefully Haskins stays too. Of the current QB's in the league, Teddy Bridgewater is the best possibility but he'll probably resign at New Orleans. Tyrod Taylor could be available but I think Cleveland would want to keep him as a teacher and backup plan.
  25. MJWalker45

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Did they borrow the Detroit Ignition logo?