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  1. Oh, it bothers me. I think most people are hoping it can be easily removed. And since it'll only be on the indo-authentics, I think the Fanatics jock tag and rear collar logo will be far more offensive. If I was a kid in school and I showed up in a new jersey with Fanatics on it instead of Adidas/Reebok, I'd totally be picked on. Kids are :censored:s like that.
  2. I can't unsee this now.
  3. Nashville could use a touch of blue on the top half of the jersey. I think they'd look fine if they wore them with blue helmets. But that is very unlikely to happen.
  4. Pens haven't. But they probably want to ride that wave of people buying jerseys after the Cup win than have people hold off to buy the "new" jerseys.
  5. Yeah. I was looking at it on one of my monitors where the colors are all jacked up and got excited. Tried to edit my post accordingly. Definitely navy. My bad.
  6. I tape my stick like that.
  7. That shade of grey does not work for me with that shade of gold. It just looks green to me.
  8. All portions of crests that are the same color as the base jersey will do this. Based on what Adidas has done with NBA jerseys, I kind of expected this. Just imagine all the bull :censored: we'll be told about how much lighter the jerseys will be and how much faster two time Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel will skate.
  9. It's not.
  10. I'm a 1 shoulder patch kind of guy. Two of the same patch is redundant. Also, having only one secondary logo patch leaves a shoulder open for anniversary or special event patches.
  11. The dog's cute too.
  12. My first thought... That's the striping on their socks.
  13. Buffaslug. And it's not even close.
  14. I respect your opinion, but I completely disagree. I love the look.