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  1. I'm a 1 shoulder patch kind of guy. Two of the same patch is redundant. Also, having only one secondary logo patch leaves a shoulder open for anniversary or special event patches.
  2. The dog's cute too.
  3. My first thought... That's the striping on their socks.
  4. Buffaslug. And it's not even close.
  5. I respect your opinion, but I completely disagree. I love the look.
  6. I hope all of them have pant shells in the same color as the shoulders/sleeves.
  7. That's the part I dislike the most.
  8. Good to see PA solidarity with the Flyers also celebrating the Pens Cup win.
  9. It SHOULD be Vegas gold. But they'll make it athletic gold as they have with everything else. I really would have rather they just stuck it out with Vegas gold, not worn the throwbacks in the playoffs, and did an official color change in the offseason. The inconsistency triggers my OCD.
  10. I'm way older than I care to admit. Mario's the greatest player of all time and my favorite player ever. But his era long is over. I don't feel nostalgic when I see the current throwbacks. I see inconsistent stripes and poor color balance. It feels old and tired to me. Yes, I know I'm in the vast, VAST minority.
  11. I completely agree with you. I'm in the vast minority, but I prefer Vegas gold. I will miss it. Having grown up and lived in Pittsburgh all my life, never liked football, never cared for baseball, I loved that my team differentiated it's brand with Vegas gold. The color balance on the throwbacks is just not good in my opinion. Gold is given almost as much precedence as black. And the striping is just a mess. The pre-Edge uniforms were the best the team ever looked. Vegas gold was always used as a tertiary color, with black and white respectively being used as primary and secondary. I would prefer they keep that color balance with uniforms that also treat athletic gold as a tertiary color.
  12. Boom. There's your Flyers alternate. Just swap the secondary and tertiary colors.
  13. Booooooooooo!
  14. Nothing would make me happier. Easily my favorite Penguins jerseys. I'd even be OK with losing the metalic sheen on the gold if it means we could get that striping pattern back. But sadly the black shoulder on the stadium jersey rule this out. Also, it's not the NHL or Penguins style to do something like that.
  15. Second teaser: