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  1. This isn't a done deal yet. The preliminary deal was approved but the league needed to approve the renovations to the rink. The announcement being delayed and the search for new ownership in Columbus has led to rumors of the Bulls becoming a relocation of the Cottonmouths.
  2. Didn't see this mentioned but the supplier logos in the renderings of the Georgia State repurposing of Turner Field have been changed from Nike to Under Armour.
  3. Am I the only one who would gladly sit through a lecture by @Ice_Cap? Seriously, Mike, every time you post something related to history, I'm just astounded by the depth of your knowledge and your ability to explain things with depth yet still remain succinct.
  4. I believe you mean Botch Jones
  5. "I don't really care ... just wondering ... but I totally don't care ... whatever."
  6. They lost to Kansas for the first time since 1938. Strong could be in his first season and that would get him fired.
  7. Pub Subs are the . That chicken finger sub ...
  8. This project is actually two arenas. ~16,000 for the Coyotes and ~4,000 that will serve as the home for ASU and the practice rink for the Coyotes. I'd assume really big games will be played in the main rink as with now at Gila River.
  9. um wut. The person who wants to use his dick to fire nukes doesn't scare you with regard to going to war? If you're worried about the US' national debt, you should look at the analysis of Trump's taxation and budget plans. Clinton's plan would increase the debt ... but by only a small fraction of Trump's "plans" would do.
  11. If you like that, I recommend you check out more of Watsky's work. He's ridiculously talented and I've been a fan of his for years now.
  12. Miami looks great. That said ... FMFFM
  13. Fantastic work! Brown-gold/yellow is such an underrated color scheme.
  14. "Our military is depleted." Um, k. Sure. We have the largest military in the world but it's weak and depleted. Can he say "Pennsylvania" again? I don't think he pandered enough. I can't believe I made it through the whole thing without blowing my brains out.
  15. RE: the Twitter commentary I have to agree with y'all that people brush it off as "just Twitter" or whatever now. I used to see something on Twitter then verify it elsewhere. Then when Twitter became more reliable you could take something for being real then read up more on it later. Now I'm back to "hold on ... is this real or is this just some Twitter goof again?"