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  1. 1994 NFL Throwbacks

    Use this link to see when the throwbacks were worn: http://www.gridironuniforms.com/grid/1994.htm The chart gives you the week they were worn. Hope this helps some.
  2. Dressed To The Nines...gone

    gothamite, i think the whole site is undergoing a total overhaul. i'd say give it a few days/a week. if the enlargement link doesn't work after that, then it's time for panic mode.
  3. Dressed To The Nines...gone

    per a kind contributor on the uniwatch blog, this is the revised website: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/dre...nines/index.htm whew!! now, let's get one for pro football, the nba/aba/nbl, the bundeslig and npb (japanese baseball) and all will be right with the world!!
  4. Dressed To The Nines...gone

    baseball fans, i was tipped off on this over on the uniwatch blog, but it is true. the incredible "dressed to the nines" mlb uniform database, covering every team's uniform for every season since 1900 is no longer. "The page no longer exists" is stated where it should be. By that, i am lead to believe that the removal is NOT temporary, but permanent. in the spirit of today (july 4th), this news makes me explode thoughts?
  5. going way back in time mid-late 50's (c.1954-1958) green bay packers and pittsburgh steelers dark unis. EXTREMELY identical. same yellow helmets, same single helmet stripe (packers navy blue, steelers black). same jersey design (yellow NW sleeve stripes, yellow numerals). same socks (packers navy, steelers black, both yellow NW stripes). only the pants were the slightest bit different (steelers had yellow pants with black stripe, packers had plain yellow pants). in late 80's, chunichi dragons and the dodgers had the exact same blue, red front numerals, same "dodgers" and "dragons" script and florish. only the dragons script "d" on the cap differed from the "LA" cap. but both had a white button on top. in 60's-70's era, west ham, burnley and aston villa all featured claret shirts with full sky blue sleeves.
  6. NHL Going to Uniformed Websites

    penguins converted today. the site says they are the 12th team to convert to the uniformed nhl-style website. tb.
  7. NFL Helmet Poster

    the steelers wore a yellow helmet from c.1935 thru 1942 and from 1945 thru 1962. the helemt was plain yellow until 1953, when they added a black stripe. they added the players unifom numbers on both sides of the helmet from 1957 thru 1961. the pirates (what the steelers were called 1933-1939) had a natural colored leather helmet in 1933 and 1934. when they were the "steagles" in 1943 they wore the eagles silver and green helmet and when they were the "card-pitt" entry in 1944 they wore the cardinals plain white helmet. also they wore a white helmet for several games in 1941 and a black helmet for an early season game in 1942. the yellow helmet that they are wearing this season is based on what they wore for the last half of the 1962 season. hth. tb
  8. Redskins wearing throwback helmets this season?

    that burgundy feather up the middle helmet actually was worn for the last two games of 1958, then from 1959 thru 1964.
  9. My dream assignment

    in 1956, eight of the 12 nfl teams begin wearing jersey numerals on the sleeves. known as "tv Numbers", it makes easier to identify players when their sides are shown on tv. the first eight teams to wear sleeve numbers were: colts bears lions packers rams giants eagles steelers the redskins would join in in 1957 the 49ers in 1958 the browns in 1961 the cardinals in 1962 special note: the steelers would drop the sleeve numbers in 1957 and keep them off until 1962. they instead affixed numbers to the yellow helmet from 57-61. tb
  10. Steelers unveil new uniform today.

    here's a little trivia for you. the steelers have worn six different color jerseys in their history: 1. white (since at least c. 1948, but every year since 1956) 2. black (1934-1942, 1945-present) 3. yellow (1933-1942) 4. green (as the 1943 steagles AND also for much of the 1941 season) 5. red (as the 1944 card-pitt) 6. blue (for one game in washington in 1944) contrary to popular belief, the "convict" jerseys were actually worn in 1933 along with the "city seal" jersey that was worn in '33 as well. sources: newspaper microfilm from the pgh post-gazette, pgh press, pgh sun-telegraph) tb
  11. Philadelphia Eagles 75th anniversary season

    Well, the Steagles home unis were simply the unis of the team in the city they happened to be playing in (in Phily they wore the Eagles unis, in Pittsburgh they wore the Steelers unis). I would assume they switched off on the road as well. Was that the same deal (uni wise) with Card-Pitt? (sorry to go OT) the steagles wore the philly eagles unis (silver leather helmet with green earpeices, green jerseys with white numerals, white sleeve panels and white side panels, silver/gray pants, green socks with two thin white rings) for ALL games in 1943. card-pitt wore the cardinals attire (white leather helmet, red jerseys with white numerals, white pants, red socks) for all but one game, in which blue jerseys with white numerals - and i assume blue socks - were worn for a game in washington in 1944. tb
  12. the steelers old yellow helmets reminds me of old yellow stop signs. we need a national retro yellow stop sign day. tb
  13. NHL Uniforms.com

    andrew, how's it going? while you're at it, if you'd be so kind, and if you have a copy of the 2006-07 canadiens media guide, they mention and show some white sweaters the habs wore in the mid-1930's as well as a borrowed sweater they had to wear for a game in 1917-18. you may add those jerseys in additon to the oilers vintage worn for 06-07. if you don't have the guide, i can send you further info. please let me know!! tb
  14. Islanders '80s playoff jerseys

    i know of a couple of other instances beside the islanders of teams doing something to their sweaters in the playoffs: the bruins reversed the numeral colors and the "B" colors on the sleeves for the 1940 playoffs. the maple leafs added sleeve numerals in the 1962 playoffs. the maple leafs overhauled their sweaters for the 1967 playoffs. the black hawks (as they were then) added a black outline to the white numerals on the red jerseys and added a red outline to the black numerals on white jerseys for the 1973 playoffs. the canadiens changed the neck trim from solid red on the white jersey and solid white on the red jersey to a blue-white-blue neck trim on both jerseys for the 1977 playoffs. tb
  15. Colts used to have grey in their uniform?

    here's one on the colts. according to a poster on footballresearch.com, the colts wore a RED jersey when playing detroit in the mid-50's. they always played each other - both in baltimore and detroit - on saturday nights from 1953 thru 1955 and also on a saturday night in baltimore in 1956. they probably would have worn red for the 1953 games. the lions and colts switched to blue helmets for the night games, and both teams would have worn dark jerseys, to make the white football more visible. i have seen footage of either the 54 or 55 night game in baltimore (colts wearing the blue helmet with the white strips and two rear white horseshoes), and both they and the lions (in a plain blue helmet) were in darks with the white football in use. so more than likely, the colts would have had the red jerseys on in this game as well. so i would surmise the colts wore red tops for at least the 1953 and 1954 games with the lions, and perhaps the 1955 games as well. i would GUESS by 1956 the colts wore white for the saturday night game in briggs stadium. just thought i'd toss that morsel at you! tb