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  1. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NFL Season

    Player is signaling that he’s gassed, but coach won’t pull him out. A gassed player is at risk of getting blown up by a fresh player. He’s tired and either too slow to Evade a tackle or two weak to defend himself. If that’s not endangering the player I don’t know what is. Off topic - these goddam ads on the bottom need to go now. They go over top of what you’re typing so when they mysteriously pop up you can’t see or submit what you’re typing.
  2. BringBackTheVet

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Probably not going to spend more than a couple of days there. Going to tour Chernobyl, because why not.
  3. BringBackTheVet

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Three more from other cities I'll be visiting soon:
  4. BringBackTheVet

    CCSLC Board Technical Issues

    I love when they pop up on top of the "post" button and clicking the x doesn't work the first few times, so you either need to wait, or abort (which I shoudl probably do anyway), or when one pops up and the page shifts, so you end up accidentally "following" a topic because you were about to click something else.
  5. BringBackTheVet

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    IM not sure how these are any less generic than the classic ones. I’m not reallly sure either could be considered generic. Cartoonish? Ok. Generic? Nah.
  6. BringBackTheVet

    2018-19 NBA Season

    1. Not sure I want to see the franchise player doing bicycle kicks on dirt 2. How does anyone not love this guy?
  7. BringBackTheVet

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Wow - really? How is that even possible? I know that numbers >5 aren't as common as 1-5, but 9 is a relatively common number, as are 6 and 16.
  8. BringBackTheVet

    NFL 2018 changes

    Maybe if the Jags colors were just black and teal, but they have three colors and basically throw one out. They also have a contemporary logo/helmet, which IMo clashes with the minimalist uniform. I think you inadvertently strengthened the “practice jersey” argument.
  9. BringBackTheVet

    Forgotten classic uniforms

    I’d put the CA uniforms in this category. I always consider the angels two ways - the Wally Joyner / Naked Gun era, and current, completely overlooking the... Jim Abbot (?) era, which while not as good as the current, is a classic look that could have lasted an eternity.
  10. BringBackTheVet

    NFL 2018 changes

    For one thing, those teams have never had a better look than their current one. The Jaguars have. Their current look borders on O6 dress up.
  11. BringBackTheVet

    MLB changes 2018?

    They look worse than little league jerseys. Worse than Walmart jerseys. It’s crapping all over professionalism. I’m fine with putting nicknames on the NOBs but I fail to see how a childish Jersey is appropriate for “players’ weekend’. Did the players collaborate on the design and pressure the league into letting them wear it?
  12. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NFL Season

    So intentionally endangering a player, degrading the other players who are playing in the game by calling it “punishment” while they’re just trying to make the team, and publicly disclosing punitive measures. Fire that guy today.
  13. Above the NOB, but obv they want they logo on the front. In that case, helmet bumper? Right below the shield (replacing team wordmarks)? Either of those would be pretty non-intrusive since we’re used to things there anyway.
  14. BringBackTheVet

    Football and CTE

    Youre claiming “facts” without providing any, and blaming the media for influencing any discerning opinions, despite the existence of first-hand accounts. Literally everything you staye is opinion- one that I suspect is a minority one- but you claim it to be fact. I literally laugh out loud at the notion that someone that’s played football has an edge over someone that didn’t when it comes to business. As for learning to work with people from different backgrounds, I played football in a very diverse environment, but that absolutely pales in comparison to what I was exposed to in my educational life and professional career. If anything, other than hockey, id say football is the least diverse sport, because it’s 99.9% an American thing, so while you get Americans from different races and economic situations, it’s really not all that diverse.
  15. Uh.................... Anyway, for the NFL, I'd have to say Washington. Post Gibbs 1.0, they're never good, usually never terrible, just kinda there. Never have stars, never have really bad dudes (though Sean Taylor was kind of a dirtbag), have an annoying egomaniac owner who would really be hateable except that his incompetence makes him loveable (to non Washington fans), don't have a remarkable stadium, they're just kinda there. Other than the name controversy, there's nothing remarkable - good or bad - about them, they're just kinda there.