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  1. Trusting the Process > believing in Jerry West.
  2. I have to imagine they know that one thing has nothing to do with the other. If anything, I think the Rock's stunt of acknowledging the guys dressing up like Hogan and Savage might have lead to tighter guidelines. Or maybe CMPunk's pipe bomb.
  3. The Eagles numbers aren't that bad, except for the 1 and 7. Those are horrible. I think the shadow actually works well - it provides just a little bit of depth without being any more obnoxious than a normal outline. The uniform itself is about as simple as it gets these days. I would like to see more silver / light gray (especially pants), and a simpler / less cartoony wing, but that's about it. Oh - yeah the black uniforms are total trash and should be used to wipe the crappiest asses in the world with and then burned.
  4. I didn't realize that - I thought it was a CCSLC thing. THe last time I listened was the "have a beer with..." show, which was obviously CCSLC focused. Where do you promote the show besides here? Other websites, or word of mouth, or ads?
  5. Most of these questions are so boring. 1. You could unilaterally ban one current member, and re-instate one banned member. Must be members that people have heard of, not assbags with like 10 posts that nobody really cares one way or the other about. 2. Have you worn a kilt in public, and if so, what kind of underwear (if any)? 3. Vince McMahon calls you up saying he has an offer you can't refuse. He's having a CCSLC steel cage tag match at the next Wrestlemania. You have to 1) pick a tag team partner (your BASS partners are not eligible, so no circle jerk) and 2) select your tag team opponents, knowing that you'll get to just bash them repeatedly into the cage (unless you suck and they do that to you.) 4. List, in descending order, BBtV's five best personality traits.
  6. I disagree with this. I preferred the RBK version but still think it's a good contemporary uniform that is now 14-years old (or 21 if you don't count tweeks). Im fine with a return to Kelly as long as it's not muddied up with too much black, but I dont see a need to change.
  7. Please articulate why it bothers you.
  8. Curtis Axel is just bitter that he sucks and a non-wrestler is able to generate more heat than him. He needs I to be better at what he does before getting on the Balls. Their involvement was fine, and Lavar has a chance to make millions more for his family than his kids would without him. It could all backfire but I think it won't. I feel bad for anyone so serious that they can't have fun with him. Get over yourself.
  9. Regarding these ladies that are battling right now: -Emma is legit hot, but I don't get what her gimmick is. The dark lipstick, aviator glasses, and gun pose just doesn't do it for me. You can tell that's not natural for her. She's not a good enough wrestler to get by without a gimmick, but that one just isn't working. -If you're going to be a fat slob, at least look mean and intimidating. Awesome Kong was great in her role. Nia Jax is too pretty to pull this off. She's just a fat slob with a pretty face. You can be fat but tough (see Kevin Owens), but she's so pretty that I don't buy her as tough. Just a slob. -They totally botched Bayley. They need to write her off for a while with an "injury", then bring her back later and book her properly. There was no need to give her the belt when they did, and no need to have her look so week against Alexa. She's pretty great, but they really screwed her since calling her up. -Alexa is a fantastic heel champ. There's no need to turn Sasha as long as Alexa is there. She and Charlotte are just amazing heels.
  10. Totally. Real sports are pretty boring. They need more "promotors". He certainly qualifies. "We're just going to try to stay within ourselves, take it one game at a time, not look past our opponent, blah blah blah blah blah." Nuts to that. Combine Vince McMahon's mind for promoting matches with legitimate athletic competition and sports would be much better. Insert "vince yelling Welcome to the XFL" clip here.
  11. More stupidity by the NCAA. He's learning more about business, marketing, advertising, promotions, communication, finance, etc. by doing the BBB thing than he'll ever learn by pretending to go to classes. The NCAA would actually be hindering his education by telling him he couldn't be part of BBB.
  12. I didn't watch it, but I was listening. Lavar proved my point. He's awesome. He's everything "real" sports needs more of. I wish the Sixers had drafted Lonzo. I hope that somehow the process brings them one of the other brothers. As for compensation... Is it possible that Lavar paid them? It was basically an advertisement for BBB. Or maybe it was a free appearance in exchange for the plug.
  13. It's funny how the uniform Vinny Testeverde is wearing looks like a throwback, even though it's the same as now just on an older template. The colors and stripes look so much better on the older ones. If they could figure out a way to do the shoulder hoops right, and got a better helmet logo, that'd be a perfect football uniform. There's no need for them to change, just improve. Slapping the NY logo on the helmet would be a good start. Hell - even just the Jets wordmark in green would be fine. You want kelly on that template? I don't think it's necessary, but it'd be fine. Just make sure the greens match and it's a winner.