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  1. What's the deal with Chicago? I get not having WM. No Cold city will until they hit another downturn and go back to arena shows. But why not the other big 4? Because of CM Punk chants?
  2. I'm kind of surprised they did 16 in an arena rather than move to the stadium then. They certainly had the popularity to sell 50k seats. I wonder if it was just that the bookings were made so far in advance that they didn't realize how big wrestling was going to be again.
  3. X7, X8, and XIX being very notable exceptions.
  4. Where did "H B Shizzle" come from? Sounds stupid.
  5. I meant how Triple H said it's about "their" (the athletes') brand as much as WWE's. You're right about booking - it would take another Rock to eclipse WWE, and even with him I think WWE still gets a cut of every movie. I thought I heard that somewhere.
  6. Wrestlers need a union.but everyone's known that for nearly 40 years. Questions: 1. Are "sports entertainers" members of the screen actors guild? I'm guessing not because they'd get credits or something, but shouldn't they be considered actors? Or are they more like circus performers? 2. If they did unionize, would that essentially end indie wrestling, since they'd probably demand health care and other seemingly reasonable things that the high-school-gym promotions simply wouldn't be able to provide? 3. "Their" brand? Really? From an organization that won't let Cody use the Rhodes faux surname? That (mostly) doesn't even allow employees to use their own legal names? That "packages" guys and comes up with characters that guys are simply assigned to play (in many cases)? I know what he was trying to say, but man is he painting a picture that isn't quite reality.
  7. not that I thought EDP was a champion of decency and sensibility, but this is disappointing. I'm totally fine with the grotesque way he wanted to see Doug Pederson die, and his threats towards Chip Kelly, but this is a little much.
  8. Was there any crowd reaction towards Woods during the new day segment? I didn't have the sound on.
  9. Austin Aires looks super creepy. Like a walking amber alert. I dont get get what they're doing with the cruiserweights. Half of them are as big as the heavyweights, and some heavyweights are considerably smaller.
  10. & I never saw her in NXT - was she really over? She's horrible, and doesn't have the looks to compensate. Her outfit couldn't be less flattering.
  11. "permanent" NXT talent can clog things up and take spots away from guys who might never get a chance. You do need one or two veterans in there to be OTJ trainers, but if it's truly developmental, then there shouldn't be full-timers. Once they decide that you're never going to get called up, you should be released (could always try out again in a year or two.)
  12. When I played in high school, that "5" was the standard for every high-school uniform. My last year was the first year for upgraded "pro style" uniforms (this was a little before teams started getting Nike and other national brands to supply or at least have their logos appear on the uniforms) we still had that 5. Ours was different from the Packers in that ours didn't have the little notch on the top part where the horizontal bar connects to the vertical. Ours was just straight like a normal 5, even though we had the triangle part drooping down. I mentioned this to a few of my teammates and got beat up for caring about what the numbers looked like.
  13. I hate hearing seats referred to as "inventory".
  14. Kevin Dineen wore #20 when traded to the Flyers before acquiring his familiar #11 the next season. Mark Recchi wore #11 for a brief time when reacquired by the Flyers before returning to his familiar #8.
  15. I used to drink Premium in college because it came in the big 16-oz returnable bottles which were kind of a novelty to me at the time. Also, before there was a Lager Light, the only light they had was Premium. I don't think many people realized that "Light" was a totally different beer than the Lager they were used to.