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  1. NFL 2017 changes?

    "settled"? I've never been there, but it seems perfectly fine. I prefer open corners, but it seems like a perfectly serviceable stadium with all the modern amenities. All that crap like what Atlanta built is just unnecessary fluff. It's contrived uniqueness. In a way, this stadium is unique because it's reminiscent of the cookie-cutters but with all the modern touches. The Atlanta stadium looks horrible to me. I don't really care too much about the outside, but despite what the other poster said, that opening looks way too small to create any semblance of an outdoors feel. Combine that with the fact that the concourses are closed off to the elements, and I can't see any way that it won't feel exactly like going to the dome did. Seems like an enormous waste of money to me. Just build another dome and forget the mechanical :censored:.
  2. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Does NXT actually develop anyone anymore? Seems like it's "stars" are indie guys or TNA guys that make the jump and already have a name. SDL should just be called NXT+, since it's clearly so many levels below Raw. I just wish they didn't ruin the WWEC. I always thought that one was sacred (besides the VKM win)
  3. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    And what's the difference? How many "home grown" NXT guys have been successful recently? Hell, how many home grown guys are on Takeovers or the bigger events? NXT isn't really "developmental" anymore. It's more like a gateway to get people who were already over with wrestling nerds ready for Raw or SD without conceding that someone else's talent was immediately ready for big time.
  4. 2017 NFL Season

    The Jets moving to Phoenix is in the discussion for dumbest relocations in history. At least the other ones that seem dumb were to escape crumbling buildings, diminishing fan bases, to take advantage of shiny new arenas. Even the first one that comes to my mind - Seattle Supersonics to OKC - seems to be working out, as much as I hate the fact that OKC has a pro basketball team and a city like Seattle doesn't.
  5. 2017 NFL Season

    I'm sure the Phoenix Coyotes might be in that argument.
  6. Sublimated Nike College Football Replica Jersey

    Are you sure that's sublimation?
  7. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Turned it on halfway through Nakamura Mahal. Really didn't seem like an interesting match at all. Nakamura looked like an 80s wrestler just doing punches and kicks mixed in with the occasional submission hold. Mahal was just his usual underwhelming self. I think it was obvious that Nakamura wasn't going to win, and the only reason to watch was just to see how those two little guys were going to screw him. They made Mahal, who was doing a nice job considering his mediocre wrestling ability, into a total joke, lowered the WWEC to below the IC, and made Nakamura look horrible in a boring match in which it was nearly impossible for him to look good. Booking aside, Nakamura hasn't been doing himself any favors since being called up. I find it hard to believe he's the same guy that had my personal MOTY with Sammy Zain at Dallas.
  8. Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    Of all of these, this is the most unbelievable. Just by accident, you'd figure to win a game that a drafted backup started due to the starter's injury. 30 years? Wow.
  9. 2017 NFL Season

    Based on the terms of the lease, i'm sure Kroenke would let them out of it. I don't see how he profits much (if at all) from their presence. He makes literally nothing off of their game days, and the shared revenue sources don't really require a second team, unless naming rights become a ton more valuable because it's used every week rather than every other. All the non-NFL revenue is his anyway, since he owns it and books concerts there etc. I think it's the league that would intervene, considering all it took to get to this point. After how much money was spent on lawyers, meetings, studies, and the impact to the Raiders, I can't imagine the league allowing them to back out. Once the Raiders leave for Vegas, there's no chance of it happening. The only thing I can think of is the Raiders deal with LV falls apart, then they make Spanos pay a hefty penalty and then shift both teams south. Of course, part of Spanos' decision was based on not wanting the Raiders cutting into his market, so I'm not sure why he'd want to get out of it when even with no fan support he stands to make money.
  10. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    yes, it meant that the holder was going to be champion, and the only intrigue was when. It meant that someone's first title reign would come in a 5-second match over an already battered opponent. I love the concept, but in reality it does more to devalue titles and devalue competitors. Also, what the hell is everyone's love of Corbin all about? Is he an interesting character and I've somehow missed him showing even a single bit of charisma? I guess he looks good - for a guy that can never take off his shirt. He's certainly talented, but in no other era would we be talking about him as championship material. Shows just how low the WWEC has fallen.
  11. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Canada (anywhere), Chicago, Phila, ny, stl(?), could probably fill 50k if they had that size venue. Phila does not.
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Nothing they can do now since they've signed the deal. They're committed, mistake or not. They should just come up with a whole new identity - name, uniforms, everything. Try to sell it as the team created for LA, not a franchise synonymous with another city, or a team just trying to lose less money by playing in LA.
  13. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    Didn't they have trouble selling out the Alamo dome last year? I thought I remember reading about them discounting or giving away tickets at the very end. I think there's only a handful of cities that could sell 40k tix for the rumble.
  14. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    And iirc didn't sell out until day of, and they might have discounted them.
  15. WWE SummerSlam, 20 August 2017

    I hadn't even thought of ECW Arena. I don't think I'd want WWE to put on a show there, since it was basically built as a home for the anti-WWE crowd. Well, that and for blue-haired bingo players. Liacouras is around 10,000, but I don't know if WWE would even consider that. Do you think they sell out WFC for Takeover?