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  1. If it's the 2nd game of a back-to-back, he won't play. Speaking of which, check out the location in this post. Note that the Bucks passed on him in the draft.
  2. What was the best case scenario for Shockmaster? What could he possibly have become? People would have caught on that it's just a strom trooper helmet, and it's not like the fake voice gimmick is sustainable. "They call me the shock master" - who are THEY? Seriously - when they drew that up, what was the payoff they were hoping for?
  3. Lynn's nickname should be Shockmaster.
  4. That Goldberg clip demonstrates one thing that sucked about WCW - the announcers barely paid attention to the matches at hand. They talked about other wrestlers all through the intros and for 3/4 of the match. I've been watching a lot of clips lately, and it seems to be common. Something JR could do was get someone over just through his announcing. In WCW, it seemed like if you weren't "chosen", you had to get yourself over without any help, which is like running uphill on ice.
  5. It will work in Las Vegas despite the market size and the fact that a sizeable portion of those 2M metro-residents are not in the financial class that can afford NFL gamedays. It's just a shame that such an important team is essentially going to be playing road games every week, even when at home. The halftime shows will be great though!
  6. What's the difference between that and just posting here that you're glad they're banned? I mean logically, it would seem that a "locked" thread should be locked from any feedback, but in reality, it's totally innocuous.
  7. what was the context there? That... doesn't sound good.
  8. No argument, but that really doesn't mean anything when it comes to becoming a nationally or internationally recognized and followed team, unless it translates into multiple SBs that force people to see him play on a big stage. Also: I watched the 2nd half of GB/DAL, and the whole PGH/KC games - pretty much the most non-Eagles FB I've watched all year (and even then, I only watched 3 or 4 Eagles games. Do people finally understand why we hated Andy Reid as coach? Guy makes it to the end of the game with 1 time-out, and the 2 he used were in situations that could easily have been avoided. He did this all the time. He's an absolute IDIOT when it comes to clock management - has been for all 18 years of his career, and is too stubborn to have some other coach advise him. The guy simply does NOT deserve to ever win, because he doesn't do what it takes to improve himself- as a coach or as a man.
  9. I've long wanted the Eagles to go with a silver helmet and pants. They need to bring silver back into their look.
  10. Lol, Embiid wears his own jersey to clubs when he has a great game:
  11. 2Cold Scorpio could have been a lot more than he was. I remember seeing him live several times in ECW and it was incredible how a chubby guy could be as athletic as he was. Good worker too. Too bad WCW and WWF turned him into a stereotype - at least I assume that was their doing, not his. How the hell is "Flash Funk" going to get over?
  12. The Process strikes again: (Not sure how to embed the original with the reply)
  13. there's something about the thought of the black hole being comprised of mormons wearing paint and spikes that makes me simultaneously laugh and cry.
  14. How do they get the time-out called literally as soon as the ball is snapped? I hate how many rules there are, but I think there should be one where the defensive team can't call a time out within 3 seconds (at least on 4th down, or when the offense is in a kicking formation.) It's silly stuff, and the "double field goal" is ridiculously annoying.
  15. I'll give you Watt, but for a relatively obscure team, you need a transcendent star to get attention. Being good isn't enough - you need a player (or players) that people go out of their way to see. Guys that in some ways are bigger than the team. Guys that when someone in the middle of Idaho is flipping through channels and sees the team, they instantly recognize it and stop to watch so and so. Like I said, Watt counts. I see him in commercials all the time. But offense sells more tickets and gets more viewers. It's easy to tune in and watch a QB work since he has the ball all the time, or a WR since he's targeted every few plays, but a defender is a little more difficult. L.T. and Reggie White come to mind as two that qualify. I'm sure there have been a few others. Watt isn't that level yet, but yeah he's def a star. The Lakers aren't the internationally recognized team that they are just because they were good. It's because they were good with Wilt, then more so Magic, then Kobe, etc. Sixers are another example. In the post Dr. J and post Barkley era they were totally dead, until AI came around. People went to see him, not the team. You saw Sixers jerseys in obscure places because of him. Had timing worked out differently and they went right from Wilt to Dr. J to Barkley to AI with little-or-no gap, the Sixers could be one of those teams. Instead, if not for being infamous for tanking (AKA "the process"), they'd be the Texans - a big market team that seems like a small market team.