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  1. Pretty sure the Durham bulls existed way before that. Stilll a silly accusation.
  2. Have to disagree with you on most of those points. I preferred the darker / metallic fabric, but I think they made it through the Nike transition pretty well. I do hate their "1", which for obvious reasons is going to be the most prominently-displayed numeral both on TV and on merch, so that's an issue. Also on the white jerseys, the 6, 8, and 9 are hard to tell apart from some angles. Not an issue on the green jerseys since the outlines are so dark that the thinner white part of the number is very legible.
  3. I'm starting to think that they should have moved Cole to SD and Mauro to Raw. For better or worse, Cole is "the voice" of the flagship show, and I think that's what's part of me subconsciously not being able to take SD serious as a big-time show. I certainly prefer the way Mauro calls matches, but in the (albeit limited) amount that I've watched SD, it really still seems like a taped B show rather than a live A show with the WWE champ on it. I have no backing for this claim, but I would suspect that most of the casual audience considers KO to be the top champ in the company, and the stars on Raw to be above those on SD. They also really did SD a disservice by putting Lesnar on RAM. If they were serious about investing in SD and making it a comparable show, imagine what the Goldberg return would have meant had it been on the blue show. I certainly doubt that he feels this way, but as a fan, it kind of sucks that AJ Styles finally gets the "top" title in the industry, but is buried on Tuesday nights on a (arguably) poorly-produced broadcast that makes it look like he's wrestling in front of 15 people.
  4. I just got home and turned the game on in the background while I cooked dinner. I was shocked when I looked at the TV and saw the cubs in gray jerseys - from the audio, I thought for sure they were at home.
  5. Becauee he's a cartoon character ant not anything that can be taken seriously. He does great work, but not in the ring. I know I'm in the minority there.
  6. UT and Rock may have debuted at SS, but neither were "made" or "broke out" there. Especially Rock. I would consider "breaking out" to be something like Reigns' RR performance when he eliminated everyone and was last one or two when Batista won. It didn't really work out well for him after that, but that PPV really did elevate him at that time.
  7. Traditional SS matches do absolutely nothing for me. There's no consequence to them - they're not title matches, don't end feuds, don't establish breakout stars, and are just kind of filler. Maybe if there's a stipulation or something, but I could do without.
  8. It's certainly possible for some people to focus on "bigger, more pressing issues" while at the same time, others focus on this. I'm fairly certain that this law suit didn't come at the expense of a contract for civil workers or a downtown fire getting put out.
  9. I didn't see it last night, but did Goldberg give any impression that if it wasn't scripted he could go toe-to-toe with Lesnar? I think that's my biggest problem with this - it's simply not believable that a 50+year-old could survive 5 minutes with Lesnar (though as I said, I have no idea how good he looks or if he's still in shape.) That was my issue with the last series with the Undertaker as well.
  10. It that id get one but a Rocket Argos jersey would be cool. Still can't believe that happened like that.
  11. Sounds like the kind of thing you (or your own supporters) might do to yourself in a desperate attempt to make it look like your opponents did it. Until it's found who did it, anything is possible.
  12. I'll give you competition for corporate dollars - budgets are only so large, and if they're in a situation where they can afford only one, most of the corporations would want their name attached to the Raiders over the Whatever Knights. This is an area where the Raiders move definitely hurts the Knights. I think the fan bases (the ones that actually attend the games) are separate enough between the two sports (plus as stated, football is a weekly deal) to not have that much of an impact. I don't think too many people are sitting at home with junior going "well, we could go to one Knights game this year or one Raiders game, and buy one t-shirt but not the other".
  13. I just don't see any way to get Reigns over short of going the Rocky Maivia route and having him turn heel and insult the fans for booing him. Then after he gets over as a snarky arrogant heel, turn him against either the Authority or whatever the big heel force is a year from now and there you go.
  14. Txt message I received from my sister last night: