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  1. I saw that match. The entire fighting on the apron - more than just the finish - was incredibly awkward and at times painful to watch. The end was terrible- AJ clearly hit first. I actually didn't think they were doing the tie thing because of how obvious it looked (at least at full speed). Really poorly done, really bad performance by Bryan, and now a totally telegraphed match next week.
  2. The funny thing is that Dwayne has Punk's number in his cell phone considering the shoot Punk did on him a few years ago.
  3. lol do you think he was really calling CM Punk?
  4. Nothing against Chris Carter, but taking the locker room stuff out of the equation, I don't think there's even a discussion to be had.
  5. FWIW, I'd much rather watch (with at least some kind of build) Zayne/Nakamura II than half of the matches that people are speculating to be on this year's card. I wish there was some angle where Foley "demoted" Zayne back to NXT where in a moment of frustration he jumped Nakamura and said he wanted revenge for their match at Dallas last year. Regal and Foley hold a joint press conference where they announce that the match will take place at WM33 with the winner getting a roster spot on Raw and the loser staying in NXT. Zayne gets his revenge and his roster spot back. Nakamura goes down to NXT where he demolishes everyone only to get another shot at Zayne and a roster spot at Summer Slam where he goes over.
  6. Wait - so the team that held the (Raw) tag team championship for almost the entire year since WM32 is going to host rather than participate in WM33? That just sounds crummy, especially since a dufus like Shaq, with no real connection to the event, is going to be on it with someone who despite by all accounts being a nice guy is completely irrelevant in 2017. Also, I'm all for building new stars, but then build them up to the rumble if you're going to have them win. You don't give a guy the rumble then work on building him up to the main event. Too many things can go wrong, most notably that he simply won't grow into that role fast enough and you'll have a match that isn't nearly as anticipated as you thought. You build him up to the rumble so that even though him winning might be a surprise, you're confident that he's ready to assume that responsibility and is either over already or on the verge of tipping the scales in his favor.
  7. Stop it with the "hidden e" stuff. That's the type of thing that would have been called out at the unveiling, and never was (we have that article posted somewhere). It is also an extreme stretch of a claim. The simple answer is that the eagle head has the "e" shape just out of coincidence. It's a very well-designed logo, and no part of it looks forced to incorporate any secret elements.
  8. That's not why the Eagles cut him. There was a while arbitration hearing where they listed their grievances. Plus McNabb was jealous. And he picked a fight with a retired player. At the end of the day, unless the agent is deliberately withholding information, it can't be the agent's fault. The agent works for the player - not the other way around. The player calls the shots and bears the responsibility for his decisions.
  9. I'll have to see it on TV to judge, but for now I think the new Rockies shade is perfect. I followed the expansion process pretty closely and wanted them to get a team because they said they'd have purple uniforms. That's the shade I was expecting, not the darker blueish one they unveiled.
  10. What I'm hearing is that many people are cool with the wwe title match being in the middle of the WM card, despite it being the "most prestigious title in our sport". Nothing against Luke Harper, but the freaking WWE title match should be closing the show, and if it can't, then booking was done all wrong. I'm not comfortable with them lowering the status of that title to essentially intercontinental level. Luke Harper (and I'll argue Bray Wyatt) should not be near any legit main events, and if we're saying that it's cool because the title isn't a main-event title, then the title has been marginalized to the point of irrelevancy - or, it's faded away and classified itself as obsolete, if you will. You like zayne? Cool. No prob. But historically the rumble is supposed to bring us main eventers, not 5th-match guys. I'm tired of the old guard too, but until someone new is ready for the top spot, that's what there is. WM isn't a "proving" ground. You should be proven first before being in a major match there.
  11. I don't blame them for that.
  12. Ironically, several games at the Jerrydome sound like road games for the Cowboys.
  13. I think it's funny that some guys jerk off to people with limited charisma and ability like Sami Zayne, but then dis (or at least don't respect) someone like Cody Rhodes. I'm not egotistical enough to believe that my opinion is always right, but I wonder if there's a bit of a mob mentality when it comes to wrestling fans who discuss things on the internet to get behind certain people for whatever reason and hate others for whatever reason. I mean people wanted Zayne to win the freaking Royal Rumble! And now we're discussing Luke Harper getting a WHC match at Wrestlemania? I mean I realize Luke Harper has a lot of talent and maybe some personality (how can you really tell other than he can make his eyes really big ) but give me a break. So people want Sami Zayne and Luke Harper to be in Wrestlemania main events. Yeah... that'll put asses in seats.
  14. Except that Richard Sherman hasn't actually said or done anything remotely offensive or dangerous. In other news... The Sixers and this scumbag Colangelo are bold-faced liars. 1. The Process has a partially-torn meniscus, though they've been saying that it's just a bone bruise and he's day-to-day. Everyone suspected that they were just tanking agin, but he might actauly be hurt. Didn't stop him from dancing at the rap concert so who knows what the truth is. 2. They said Ben Simons was fine and his debut was soon, but a reporter found the results of the ct scan and apparently his foot isn't healed. May not play this year. Colangelo doesn't confirm any of this but doesn't deny it. He has done everything short of calling it "fake news". Meanwhile they jacked up the ticket prices (since they are now handled by StubHub and can change at any time.)
  15. When Cody debuted with Ted Jr., I thought Ted would be the big star and Cody would fade away and become obsolete. He looked terrible without knee pads, and looked a lot younger than he actually was. I thought he sucked, was boring, and didn't deserve to be on TV excepot that his last name was Rhodes. My opinion couldn't be more different now. The guy has the talent to make literally any gimimick you give him great. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes was gold. Stardust was gold IMO (and could have been better had they allowed him to split from his brother.) The way he put every ounce of himself into that gimmick was impressive, and I get the feeling that he was probably a little screwy off-camera too during that era. He could have been the long-time IC champ that elevated the belt, kinda like where they were going with Miz. Maybe a short title run, but I don't see him at the top of the card. Cody's only falling was that he's not WHC size. Now that's not his fault, but it is what it is. Size still matters, despite what we've seen in the past with guys like Benoit, Eddie, DB, etc. It's not realistic that he could take on the Cenas and Lesnars of the world (considering his style), but as those guys fade away, he could have great programs with Styles, KO, and the other top guys, so maybe in a few years he could have been on top. I'm a huge Cody Rhodes fan and look forward to seeing how he reinvents himself in Japan. I have a feeling he'll be back - possibly in a program with other former Japan guys like Styles. I'm looking forward to that day. #FreeCody #Cody4Life.