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  1. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Summary: No more running starts for the kick coverage team. They have to line up within a yard of the ball. 5 players on each side of the ball at all times. At least 8 of the receiving team's blockers need to be within 15 yards of scrimmage and there's no blocking in that zone until the ball hits the ground or is caught. More wedge restrictions More restrictions on the exact placement of players to basically eliminate "gunners" or anyone getting a big running shot at a returner or the last 3 blockers. more verbiage... ... ... No need to kneel on the ball, you can just let it hit the turf in the end zone.
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

  3. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    I'd be fine with this, if.... 1. The pants stripe was just two red stripes with white rather than black in between. Either that, or the sleeves should match the pants, and maybe it should be red in the middle. 2. The helmet should be flat. The metallic look seems to clash with jerseys designed to look like they're from the 50s or earlier.
  4. 2018 NBA Post Season

    It's the NBA - people go to watch the stars, and the Lakers had two of the biggest in the game. Shaq alone was worth the price of a ticket, let alone young Kobe. Eddie Jones was no slouch either, though obviously nobody was buying a ticket to see him play.
  5. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Truth. I actually think that the Falcons look like the wrong uniform for him, even though that's where he became a star. He just got sooo much more TV time playing for SF and DAL. I cannot believe he was only in SF for one season - that's actually the jersey I picture him in at first when I think of him and I could swear he wore the 94 throwbacks, regulars, and even the 96 redesign. I know it's not true, but my brain somehow has those memories.
  6. 2018 MLB Season

    Is it just me or since they switched to the three-division format, isn't there always some division where the winner is only a couple of games over 500? Is that just coincidence, or does the schedule somehow force that to happen?
  7. 2018 NBA Post Season

    That's me right there. I'm not going to watch an NBA game unless 1) the Sixers are in it (and even then, it's only a 50/50 shot) or 2) Some generational superstar, like a Jordan, Magic, Lebron, maybe Kobe or a dominant Lakers team or something like that. The Spurs were terrible. As a guy that doesn't care much for the actual sport of basketball, I had zero interest in watching San Antonio. They weren't flashy, and San Antonio just doesn't have the cache that some of the other cities do.
  8. 2018 NBA Post Season

    I think that perceived randomness is a bad thing for pro sports. I want the true best teams to win, maybe with the occasional cinderella, but if a hot goalie or just "the breaks" can carry a 500 team to the finals any given year, that doesn't speak well of the sport IMO. I get that the VGK (what stupid initials) were more than a 500 team with a hot goalie, but it still doesn't look great. I don't know anything about the expansion draft, and can't name any VGK player besides their goalie (MAF, right?), so I have no idea how good they really are or how they got that way, but I'll fess up here - while I don't like this at all, I'd feel totally differently if a Quebec, or Seattle, or Hartford team was going on this run, and I'd dislike it nearly as much if an expansion Houston, Orlando, or OKC team was doing it. I know that makes me a horrible person, but sorry - not sorry.
  9. Steelers Set to Unveil New Throwback Alternate Uniform

    THE thing I don’t get is if you’re going to cut out Little notches inside the numbers, why not just make them round? I always thought block numbers came to be vecause (for the most part) you could take a squared-off 8 as a template, and just snip the corners and insides as necessary to create any “round” number (ie not 1, 4, 7). Having the notches (and slanted 2, and Champion 7) defeats the whole purpose, so just make them round.
  10. Teams Due for a Rebrand

    Indoor teams should be banned from wearing black. I haven't seen any games from the new stadium, but I can't imagine the lighting would be good enough to make black unis look anything but drab. Pre-Glanville red (or Glanville-era but in red instead of black) could be nice. I don't hate their current set nearly as much as most people here do, but a more traditional look - even if based on the current logo - might do some good. I would not go back to the silver pants though. Black/Red/White (primary home), black/white/red (primary road), black/red/black (secondary home), black/white/white (secondary road), black/black/white (alt), black/black/black (color rush). Here's the mascot:
  11. 2018 NBA Post Season

    I really don't understand this argument. I get that being around an NBA team does benefit you, and a lot of things might not be as new to you and as difficult to adjust to as they are for a true rookie, but it's not like he was even full-speed practicing, let alone playing in actual competitive situations until this year, so the "sophomore" thing just doesn't apply. I'm not sure what the limits are for "rookie" status, but in MLB you can play a couple of months and still be a rookie next year, in which case I'd understand the objection. Not in this case though, since he never set foot on an NBA court until this year - and was still 19 or 20 when he did so. I think you're just upset that he made your beloved Celtics look silly and confused as he dominated them every which way possible in that series. #TrustTheProcess
  12. Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    1. Your name stops being mentioned, and you're no longer a "hot" coordinator. 2. You're almost guaranteed to fail, and even if you do a great job, it's practically impossible for an NFL GM to rate you because the league's talent level is generally low and all over the place, so who the hell knows how much you had to do with anything? 3. Your pay would likely be less than half of what you're making as an NFL coordinator. Maybe less than 1/4. 4. What DFWabel said - if you need to go to the AAF for a shot, then you're not an up-and-coming coordinator. If you're an assistant DB coach and want to have at least one HC position to put on your resume, in hopes of maybe returning to the league as a higher-level assistant? Then sure.
  13. There are two ways to look at this: 1. The Rams are short-sighted idiots that were told the rules, decided not to make the change immediately, tinkered inexplicably with what they had, then are trying to blame everyone but themselves for being total turds. 2. The wrong way.
  14. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    This just doesn't make any sense. They owned sky blue and yellow, and now want to return to a forgettable set with dark / bland colors that might look nice, but aren't bold enough for sports unis IMO. They were great for going against the trend of darkening everything to the point where on-field uniforms have become more like casual wear - now they're regressing.