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  1. "His love of vets"? Unless this meant veteranarians, it would seem to be inaccurate.
  2. We can post about Broken Matt Hardy, Señor Benjamin, Skarsgard, and his obsolete mule ageen, and ageen, and ageen.
  3. How about monthly WWE threads, and then an entire new forum for BROKEN Matt Hardy topics?
  4. The Night That 'Broken' Matt Hardy Tried To Bite My Ear Off The fun starts at 8:13. When a broken man states that he strongly dislikes mustard, the last thing a mortal should do is serve him mustard.
  5. So I'm not sure if the Dudley's "retirement" was a work or not, but in reference to the "delete! delete! delete!" chants from the crowd on Monday when Buh Buh Ray mentioned the Hardys....
  6. Is the use of the n-word as rampant in the Canadian black community as in the states? I know there was slavery in canada, and a lot of slaves escaped to there, but was the overt racism and use of that word similar up there back in the day? I know that there's areas in Canada that actually have that word as part of their official name (like n-word river, or n-word falls or something) so maybe it was (still is?) as bad. Or is Drake (and presumably other rappers) simply emulating US culture?
  7. The thing is it does nothing for DZ to win the IC title again. He is at the point where he either stays mid card for life, or finally overcomes and wins the WHC. I think that AJ is destined to get the belt. He's ridiculously over as a heel, and Ambrose is a joke in that role. But Ziegler could serve as a transitional champ, which would get him his "lifetime achievement" award, and allow for AJ to become even more heel by taking away DZ's prize. If if they find a way to insert DZ in to that match, my bet is that he will take it by pinning AJ, starting a feud that will end with Styles taking the strap and holding it for the rest of the year, possibly to RR.
  8. Miz is a good person to use to provide some stability to the belt and make it so than when he loses it's a big deal. He should hold it for around a year, drop it to a true worthy person, then disappear.
  9. I like the uniformity too for the main belts - however there's an opportunity to further distinguish the brands with the lesser titles. It's visually confusing for the casual viewer to have two sets of wrestlers with similar belts (the navy is a little close to black for my tastes, and while the nickel is different enough from copper, it still could be enough to confuse someone who doesn't know.
  10. So... dime tags to go with the penny tags? Looks like crap. The strap is too dark and flat. I'm just not a fan of totally round plates. Was really hoping for a new design. What's with "smackdown champions"? I guess it'd be awkward for them to go with "universal tag team champions" and have the two names mixed between the shows, but that could be fixed later via draft or trades or something.
  11. LOL... no chance in hell that's what's going to happen. My only question is if they are going to make a blue WHC or keep the current black one. Liking the universal belt more and more every time I see it.
  12. I can't believe big cass is even in that mix. Cesaro might have been a better choice. I agree it will probably be KO, though I don't blame them for buying a little time considering how little notice they had to plan a new direction for what is a pretty important thing. It's important that they establish value and prestige with a new title, and rushing in to something only to have to change course would create a musical chairs situation and devalue the belt. If I was Vince? I'd give Brock 10% ownership in the damned company if that's what it took to get him full time and just put the belt on him.
  13. They just advertised a 6-man tag for Smackdown in Philly on 9/13. How could they have something booked out that far in advance? FWIW Cena is in it, so leaving his sweatband in the ring last night must not have meant anything.
  14. The Dudleys should dress up for this announcement. Salmon blazers might be appropriate.