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  1. It's bizarre. I never really watched sports center, but actually do now (meaning like twice a week) just to see how bad they are and to verify that I'm not crazy for hating them. They're brutal. Between Smith's seizures and Hill's lack of coherent thinking and raspy voice, I honestly have to wonder what the thinking was putting them in the #1 slot on a network that large. I'm not ready to say that it's Byron Saxton / David Otunga level of tokenism (for lack of a better word), but they are objectively horrible. Ageen though - I'm watching - so at the end of the day, they win, so they're smarter than I.
  2. Wise decision.
  3. Jesus can we stop showing every player in all #1 jersey? There's a new template - we get it.
  4. How did the setup in Phila come off on tv? I only saw the Eagles pick and all I noticed was the skyline shots were kinda limited and only from s few angles
  5. Is this Barnett guy good? I don't know any of these players, but from what I'm reading, all the guys people wanted are either accused rapists, woman beaters, or aggravated assaulters.
  6. They want to test it as an alt first, but can't due to the one-helmet rule. They petitioned the league to allow second helmets, but then dropped it once they realized it wasnt going to happen.
  7. I don't even know who is attending. You had to subscribe to some thing or download some app just to be entered in a lottery to get a ticket. I don't know anyone that's going or was interested in going - there would be so much standing around that I can't imagine it would be fun. Even when there's picks, do you care about more than a few of them?
  8. I thought one of the big deals with this template is that there were no front seams, yet there's clearly one on that Jets jersey. Does the template in fact have front seams?
  9. That might have played into people's opinions of the logo more so than its actual design.
  10. Consider me OBSOLETE. I loved his consultation with George Washington prior to departing for ancient Egypt.
  11. It wasn't a terrible logo.
  12. Is this when he and Vanguard 1 quantum leaped to Egypt, after he received counsel from George Washington? I didn't get to see much of the "expedition of gold". Oh I loved V1. It gave Matt some personality, which he was sorely lacking. I actually stole the "facts" gimmick for another site I was running at the time (every day there would be a fact about me.) They could have given him better music though (or at least better lyrics.) IIRC V1 and Mattitude were pretty over. EDIT: actually I did see this:
  13. the best part of that was how he played it into the BROKEN gimmick when while demanding she bring him green beans, he told his Armenian maid that he "strongly dislikes mustahhhhd."
  14. Wait until it gets wet before we jerk each other off. Green is weird, man.
  15. Seattle Texans? Wasn't there some deal where if Seattle got a team back within x years then OKC would hand them back the Sonics brand? I'm assuming that x is long passed, so would Sonics even be an option?