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  1. Its a dumb quote because he is making millions, not $10. Its funny that leople kn the on the Internet think they understand how the business works. I'm not saying you're 100% wrong - I've heard enough interviews to believe some of that - though mostly from guys with little talent who thought they should have been at the top when they really should blame themselves. I get the criticisms of the product - but any insinuation that VKm is a bad businessman is stupid. Not liking the booking doesn't equate to him being dumb.
  2. Guess I'm the only one that never had an issue with Tom.
  3. I can't watch NFL for a few weeks, but from what I've read, the HOF is considering waiving the "need to be retired" rule so they can put Carson Wentz in now. LOL Browns.
  4. It won't work in WWE, and other than a rumble appearance, I wouldn't even want to see it. Hell - I don't think I've ever seen him on impact, considering I have no idea how to watch that.
  5. Wandering around Tokyo right now. I know NJPW isn't in the city this week, but I haven't seen anything at all wrestling related. I thought it was more a part of their culture. Will keep looking.
  6. Johnny Polo did a run-in during Tommy Dreamer v BMH.
  7. I have no need to see Balor take on Lesnar. Lesnar should crush him. There's ways they can convince me that Orton could compete with Lesnar. There's no way they can convince me that Balor could take him. I don't think it would even be fun to watch. Lesnar needs to go up against someone who's more... I don't know, big? Strong? Someone like Orton, Cena, (*sigh*) Reigns, Undertaker (back in the day at least), etc.
  8. No, there's really not. See the NFL for example. Ripon made the uniforms for decades and simply slapped Rebok's (or other vendors before the exclusive deal started.) Advertising is advertising regardless of who made the product. Cole Hahn makes my dress shoes. Should they have a big Cole Hahn logo on them? Mont Blanc makes my cologne - should it form their logo on my wrist when I spray it? Should a flag of china be on pretty much everything? The fact is that they're paying for the right to put the logo on the hat. That makes it advertising, regardless of who you want to spin it. It is absolutely no different than a target logo.
  9. But it's not "vs". If it was "vs", they'd be on the same night. It's ludacris for them to try to pit the audience as being for one show vs the other (i.e. expecting the crowd to boo if/when they mention the other show.) They seem to be doing a little more to separate the brands this time - i.e. camera work, announcing, PPVs, titles, etc. But RAM will always be the premiere show because Monday is just "wrestling night" and it will forever be that way, because it has been that way for so long. I wonder if they have different advertisers for each show. It could be fun if they swapped nights for some period of time. I wonder if SD would have that "fun" feeling that RAM has.
  10. Disagree 1000x. Unless you mean that the yellow stripe should be so wide that it covers up all of the white.
  11. Match included run ins by Joey Styles, Beulah McGillicudy, Raven, Sandman (!!!), and Bubba Ray Dudley (who talked about going back to Impact.) Ended with firecrackers to Dreamer followed by twist of fate with Dreamer's head in a chair. Of note: 1. Ryback interfered and did his finisher to Hornswaggle. Matt Stryker was in a mask as "underground luchadore" but took off his mask. Hornswaggle was partnered with Curt Hawkins and turned heel with him after Hawkins announced that he was going to be rich because he's on Smackdown now. 2. Some goof rides a hoverboard to the ring, and also rides it (slowly!) to clothesline opponents, who just stand there dazed for like a whole minute as he makes his approach. Kinda funny actually. 3. Whoever Vic Delicious is, he's great on the mike. 4. Riccochet is an awesome wrestler. Never heard of him but he can bring it. 5. Booker T was just chilling in the autograph area prety much by himself during the matches, and BSing with everyone that did the "five time!" bit to him. Kinda sad. 6. Nobody knew who Abdullah the Butcher was. Someone asked if he was fat Virgil. 7. NOBODY CARED at all about Ryback. Someone asked him where the bathroom was, not even realizing that he was kinda famous. Seriously - I didn't see one person buy any merch or ask for a pic. 8. BROKEN Matt is the single most entertaining thing you can see live. I wanted to love it so much that I thought I'd end up disappointed. He exceeded my expectations. The Scribe is AWESOME. And his wife - whoah. 9. There was a bit of violence against women - Hardy's wife got it after the cat fight, and there was another incident earlier on. Didn't expect that in 2016 - could have done without it. Also Bubba Ray threatened to put Hardy's infant son through a table. Yeah. EDIT: A drone (Vanguard 2?) interfered at one point.
  12. "AJ Styles needs 14 more championship reigns before he can touch Cena" Well, 15 reigns means you lost it 15 times. AJ hasn't lost it at all, and if he's really great, he'll never have to have 15 reigns because he'll just need one. Otunga is an idiot.
  13. Most of you know how negative I am about the Eagles. Not CS85 level of letting them ruin my life and just being almost comically depressed, but I hate a lot of what this team has done, have wished a terminal illness on one QB, criticized a coach for his inability to care for himself and his family, and don't get me started on McNabb. But hell - I'm sold on this guy. If I'm wrong then so be it - and I'll probably wish a terminal illness or broken spine on him - but I'm on board. And I don't even like him personally - in fact I think I would dislike him if I knew him. It takes superbowl(s) to be in the Brady/Manning category, so it will take years to see if he gets there. I love Breese but he's not in their class. Wentz seems like he has that kind of potential. Generally when Eaglss are playing a Brady, Rogers, etc. you just know they're going to make a 3rd down play, and if the eagles hold, it's a relief. Converly, it's a relief when the eagles offense would actually convert a 3rd down and not throw a pick or make a dumb play. With Wentz, I finally feel that the Eagles actually have one of those guys who opposing fans expect to make the third down - and I finally feel confident that they'll convert too.