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  1. 2016 MLB Season

    So... the Phillies lead all of MLB with 6 shutouts so far, thrown by the arms of pitchers that nobody has heard of. Some guy who's name I had never heard before until a couple of days ago apparently has 9 saves already despite them deciding not to use a closer.
  2. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    I've made the point before that they should unionize. Their plight is pretty much what unions are for. Vince would change his tune quickly if all his stars were able to strike and he has live programming to fill. Also you don't see Sheamus on the list of highly-paid guys despite his reigns as champ. If Ryback wants to bitch that other talentless hacks get to carry the belt even though they don't really matter and he just wanted to win and hold it like them, then I guess I could empathize with him, but that's not his point. His point seems to be that everyone should be paid equally, however everyone doesn't contribute equally. He seems to have this delusion that if he loses a 30 minute match to John Cena that they both should be paid the same because they both worked the same. Well they both technically worked the same, but Cena's 30 minutes certainly earned the company more money, therefore he gets paid more - like commission.
  3. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    That's odd - usually LLs just go 1-15 or however many players there are. 37 is kind of a seemingly-random number for them to order.
  4. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    I agree that the upper 30s aren't very aesthetically pleasing for some reason. I'll throw 35 in there too - it just seems so "static" to me - I can't really picture a CB or small RB flying around wearing that. It's more for 6'7" pitchers or goalies. 36 is the best of the bunch by far - can't really explain why, but it's the least offensive high-30 number to me. 37 is just the worst. Maybe it's because of two primes, maybe it's just the shapes, I don't know - it's just my least-favorite common-sports number. Actually, pretty much all numbers ending with 7 suck to me: 27, 37, 57, 87 blow. 47, 67, and 97 are tolerable to me for some reason.
  5. 2016 WWE Extreme Rules

    What a meatheaded sack of crap. Winners are paid more than losers because usually they're the ones selling the tickets and the PPV buys! To a point, losers are interchangeable pieces and don't really impact the bottom line nearly as much as the guys that they market. He's basically bitching about not being a good pro wrestler, which isn't booking's fault, it's his lack of talent that's to blame. His argument that losers put over the winners and therefore should be paid equally is stupid. Good wrestlers - "winners" that lose and put over other wrestlers are the ones that are really helping. Bad wrestlers who always lose because there's nothing to be gained by pushing them are just kind of "there" to serve as... well, enhancement talent (with the occasional bone thrown their way.) Well yeah... that's how life works. Those two easily sell the most gear and tickets, and in Cena's case, has a ridiculous schedule and other obligations that the others simply don't. Lesnar is a bona-fide star and certainly deserves to be in the top 2 or 3 simply because of the spectacle that he is and the crowds and buys that he generates. Look at the NFL, or MLB - the top guys dwarf what the middle guys make - because at the end of the day, you're going to see Tom Brady, not the left guard. I wouldn't call Ryback "talent", and I can't recall too many guys that walked that you could build a competitor around (CM Punk maybe, but even he's not a "Franchise" guy - he needs a franchise guy to rebel against.) Ryback has a role somewhere as a monster heel that makes an occasional run at a babyface champ, but he's not a main eventer in any promotion - not even my back yard.
  6. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I've never heard it called the hub outside of this message board. Maybe it's a local thing but I can't imagine people in other cities calling it that.
  7. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    I fail to see how anyone enjoys being called irrelevant. I also fail to see how you're irrelevant to be picked last when there's dozens of guys on the board that don't get picked at all and have to sign as UDFAs. It's not like you're the last player picked, it's just that you're the last player drafted. You're still probably better than lots of players after you and have as good if not more chance to make the team (don't know any stats on that).
  8. Not sure how that changes anything.
  9. Draft picks in their new uniforms 2016

    The Mr. Irrelevant thing is one of the stupidest traditions in sports. Nowhere else is a guy disrespected for actually getting drafted.
  10. 2016 WWE Payback

    Watching RR vs AJ again since I was half asleep during it last night. Shane O Mac said "in the new era, that's not how championship matches are going to end" - does that imply that championship matches are all now "no countout"? Also, is there now precedent that all WHC matches are no DQ? I know it's WWE so they could just forget about it, but they kind of wrote themselves in to a corner there - next time a WHC match ends like that everyone will expect them to restart it.
  11. Game of Thrones Season 6

    When she came back at the end of last season, he asked about them and she kind of moved her head as if to say "no". So does he know how they went? Probably not. But I'm fairly certain he knows they're gone. Not sure what would have happened with Stannis' body, but I would have expected her to find it and try to bring him back. Of course 1. we technically don't know that BofT actually killed him - they never miss an opportunity for gore, so the fact that you didn't actually see him die might mean something. ALso 2., I guess she didn't know she had the power at that point.
  12. 2016 WWE Payback

    Well they booked him against AJ Styles, who is definitely over as a face. You typically don't book guys that you're pushing as faces against other faces.
  13. 2016 WWE Payback

    1. You can justify the rematch by saying that Styles actually won, then the rules were changed on him after the fact. He'd've received a rematch had it ended like that so they're kinda not recognizing the other two falls. Doesn't matter, just justifying it because it was brought up. 2. Is reigns still babyface, or did he become a heel without actually turning heel? They're acknowledging the boos, and he's got that smirk on his face, and isn't doing a lot of traditional face things, like hamming it up for the crowd. Seems like they're just running with him as a heel without there being a dramatic turn.
  14. 2016 WWE Payback

    Notice how the announcers said that crowds love booing roman reigns, and how it's the "cool thing to do" - is that another way of trying to convince the audience that booing == cheering in his case?
  15. MLB 2016 Changes

    I guess this is gray, but it's still not their regular uniform. Plus they've worn the BP caps in a game too. It's just a matter of time.