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  1. I don't blame any STH for jumping ship during the process. I'm sure they accounted for that. I don't know the numbers but I assume that they were close to the bottom of the league in STH, and if you can adjust for market size, probably the very bottom. Hard to lead in retained STH when you didn't have too many to retain. What worries me is obvious - all of their eggs are in the basket that is Embiid's foot. No matter what else they have around him, if he can't play more than half the season, nothing matters. I don't know how good these guys are relative to their peers, but people seem to be pretty excited of the lineup of 1. Foltz 2. Simmons 3. Covington 4. Saric 5. Embiid With Okafor backing up 4 and 5. Honest question - how many deep do you really need to be? I know that 6th man is super important, and I assume 7 too, but can you win with jabroni 8-12s?
  2. I'm guessing it was a BBB hoodie, so it makes perfect sense (from his perspective at least.) I love what LaVar is doing. He's showing exactly how to take on the big guys, and if he pulls off what he's trying to accomplish, he'll go down as one of the most brilliant businessmen in histories. Yeah it is all dependent on Lonzo and his bros being awesome players, but there's lots of awesome players that never started an entire brand. Imagine the $$$ if Lonzo is a hit and some company actually does want to co-brand with BBB. You'd basically have LaVar running his own Jordan Brand type thing, and raking in more cash than any of us will ever see. I'm genuinely hoping he succeeds.
  3. I'd love it if he wore a suit with the chest protector under the jacket it like a home-plate umpire.
  4. Maybe the minority, but I'm in that club too. I love obnoxious :censored: like that... sometimes.
  5. Sixers have sold 14,000 season tickets so far, and are nearly sold out of them. They lead the league (by far) in new-ticket sales. Blow Sam Hinkie. All of you. #TrustTheProcess
  6. How would D-Lo do as the TBG? As for GM, I wish Savage was still alive. He'd be money in that role.
  7. Personal hatred aside, I like JBL when paired with someone like Cole, who doesn't seem to be talked over or overwhelmed by him. Paired with Tom Phillips or Mauro or pretty much anyone else and I can't stand him. The way he tried to take the spotlight from JR at WM was sickening.
  8. I disagree. The NBA is far worse. 1. The majority of players picked in the NBA draft are never going to amount to anything (if they even play one minute in the league). 3rd and even 4th round picks are expected to get shots at legit playing time (maybe even starting) in the NFL draft. There's even intrigue in the 5th and sometimes 6th round. 2. The trades! The NBA is stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Stupid. Godsdamned stupid. Just announce the freaking trade prior to the pick and let the guy wear the right hat. We all know player A isn't going to play for team X. Enough with the charade. NBA has the hardest to follow rules when it comes to everything off the court. It's stupid. 3. Crowd reactions. NFL draft seems like more of a party atmosphere with drunk hooligans hooliganing. The NBA draft seems kinda like a business meeting, except in most business meetings the participants have more than 0-1 year of post high-school education. The suits are (usually) flashier and more interesting at the draft though. 4. Celebrity guest announcers. The thing where the Cowboys player trolled Eagles fans by cutting a promo before announcing Dallas' pick was fantastic. I'll give you that one day is better than three, but I'll take the NFL's former 2-day plan over the NBA.
  9. That video gave me another idea - Mark Henry. Think about it: Sexual Chocolate as RAM's TBG, and Mizzark as SDL's TBG. Or Hall of Pain Henry as one of the TBGs. EDIT: Holy F Taz said the N word on TV? Clearly his tongue just got tied, but wow that was a bad slip.
  10. Warriors got super lucky. You said good players don't want to play with Wolves. Celtics got lucky that someone made a silly trade with them so they have the assets without needing to lose for them. Every argument that's been made over the last few pages validates the need for the process.
  11. They've likely never worn add-free jerseys their entire lives.
  12. Embiid, to Simmons, in response to LaVar Ball guaranteeing a Lakers playoff run:
  13. Unless I've missed it, I'm kinda surprised people aren't complaining about the "jock tag" circle thingie. Look at the Avs jersey - it totally breaks up the "mountain" on the bottom.
  14. He's not good. I'd like to hear them audition R-Truth as a TBG. Maybe D-Von.
  15. Tom Phillips isn't bad. He's fine. But he's just "a guy". I think Mauro is a fantastic choice for NXT, and probably should have been there the whole time. He reminds me of Joey Styles in the way he doesn't really need a strong color guy talking over him. Honestly I wouldn't mind him on Ram with Corey Graves, who I'm liking more and more each week. I'd probably do one of the following: A. RAM= Cole, JBL, and (if necessary) a token Black Guy. SDL= Mauro, Graves, and TBG. NXT = Phillips and McGinnis B. RAM = Cole, JBL, and TBG. SDL = JR, Graves, and TBG. NXT = Mauro and McGinnis Any chance JR would consider being the voice of NXT if it was offered? That could be amazing. Talk about someone that can get developmental talent over just by calling matches.