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  1. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

      This is an absolute garbage statement.  His POLITICS didn't cause issues.  His PERSONALITY caused issues.  His inferiority complex caused issues.  His paranoia caused issues.  His persecution complex caused issues.  His inability to communicate on an adult level caused issues.   It certainly was NOT his politics, and to insinuate that is really unfair to the rest of the community.
  2. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    There's zero evidence that anything would spill over in to other forums.  Only speculation.  FB is the equivilent of sending PMs, which last I checked is fine (and you can block someone from both - or at least FB.)  My speculation (since that's all we have to go on) is that someone would be terrified to bitch on the other forums since they just got banned from one and would know that the leash is only a millimeter long.   If it's technically possible, I really think that's something that should at least be considered.  Not saying that Tank's punishment should be changed - it's hard to back off of something without losing credibility - but maybe if there's any future situations like this where someone's issues are for the most part limited to one place.
  3. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    I've been around for nearly 12 years so I've been through pretty much every Tank saga, from his personal issues to his board nonsense.  I don't know of a lifetime ban was the right answer (I'm not saying that it was the wrong answer though) but anyone who thinks that he was being persecuted because of his beliefs is simple minded and just setting themselves up to use that defense when they get themselves in trouble for their inability to communicate with people.     Question for the mods - does the board support banning someone from just a forum rather than the whole board?  Like could someone simply be banned from the Lounge?  If possible, that might be an option to consider for someone who isn't really a problem anywhere else.
  4. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

      I loved the white ones for the sole reason that for most of my childhood they were impossible to see unless you went to the game or had Prism, while the orange ones were on TV every other day.  Regardless, that set is the Flyers set.  They could have worn that until the end of time and it wouldn't have appeared dated 
  5. WWE Fastlane 2016

    at 2:20 - Possible seizure or at the very least something that was likely more serious than it initially appeared.      
  6. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Flyers jersey won't be a throwback. It'll be a special "50th year" jersey - so basically a fauxback like their current alt. 
  7. WWE Fastlane 2016

  8.   WHAT?  When did all this happen?  Last I heard of that douchebag was when he was a poster in the Ugliest Bathroom before the admins made an unwise decision to shut it down.  I remember all of his board antics... but dude is a legit sex offender?  Was this discussed here?
  9. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Are wrestlers in a union?  If not, shouldn't they be?  Not sure if they'd qualify for the actors union, but it seems like there should be some way to formally appeal things like suspensions and fight against any other unfair or abusive treatment.   It seems that the reason so many wrestlers say they get addicted to drugs and die is because they're on the road so many days in a row - maybe if they formed a union they'd be able to get a more reasonable schedule that made it easier to stay straight.
  10. WWE Fastlane 2016

      Yeah indefinitey noticed it too. Total bonehead move - it looked like he grabbed him and pulled him in. Why on earth would you do that?   if it was simply him maybe thinking that Vince looked at him and wanted to shake hands or something totally innocent, then the suspension is harsh, but it really looked like he intentionally disrupted Vince and made him feel threatened.    90 days? Still a little harsh, but man was that dumb. 
  11. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

      Neither of us have metrics to back up our points, but I'd wager that "most people" took away that there was at least a series of bad calls against Seattle, and at worst a conspiracy.  In fact, it's the only true flat-out "rigging" that I believe in.  I definitely think that some players get calls, or maybe a team might get the benefit of the doubt when it benefits the league, but based on the officiating, there was no way that Pittsburgh was going to lose that game.   They probably would have beaten Seattle straight up, but we'll never know.   L is by no means in the same category as XL.  After thinking about it, I think that the league would have benefited more from having Cam win this game to cement himself as a superstar.  They could have marketed the bejeezus out of him.  Not sure they stand to make much on Peyton, other than it's a better story.     Now had the game been in New Orleans....    
  12. Pittsburgh Penguins unveil 50th Anniversary Logo

    Are they doing jerseys too?  Flyers are making 50th season jerseys that they'll wear in the outdoor games vs the Penguins next year.  I think they're calling it the "heritage series" or something.
  13.   So the Sixers will be the first team to allow StubHub to take over their ticket sales operations.  It will allow them to "maximize pricing".  I get why a team would want dynamic pricing and the ability to adjust to supply and demand, but something about this just doesn't seem right.  
  14. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Flyers unveil 50th anniversary logo, and will have a 50th anniversary jersey that will replace their current alt and be worn at least once vs the Penguins in an outside game, possibly twice if the rumored home-home outdoor series takes place.   This is possibly a teaser for the jersey:
  15. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Try to order the shirt. If it says unavailable  or something then it's a work.