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  1. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Why would the Spurs care? They get their players from Toronto either way. From what I've heard about this guy, they don't owe him anything, and they'd be double stupid to trade him to one of their conference rivals. Toronto seems like a fine place to play (except for being there in the winter) but I can't blame a guy for wanting to control his own destiny.
  2. BringBackTheVet

    San Diego Padres focus-grouping new uniforms for 2020

    Board slogan
  3. BringBackTheVet

    2018 MLB Season

    Keep hearing here that Machado to Phillies will be announced Wednesday , that it’s done, but Orioles want him to be on ASG in their uni. No link tho, but there’s a Baltimore beat writer on radio right now saying it too.
  4. BringBackTheVet

    NFL 2018 changes

    That really wasn’t written - or at least edited well. I’m not sure what critiques would give you Any indication that the author was a professional; it read very much like stuff posted here, but with even less substance. Too many “just go back to...”
  5. BringBackTheVet

    HOF-caliber players whose "right" uniforms are awful

    I'm on record countless times pointing out the things I don't like about the Phillies uniform, and how overall I don't like them, but they hardly "suck". Other than the numbers, there's nothing objectively wrong about them, though I think that there's room for improvement in literally every aspect of them, including even the jersey cut and the method of applying the pinstripes.
  6. BringBackTheVet

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Once there actually are players, they need to form a union pronto. There's no way this is far at all. You're "stuck" if you went to an SEC school and just get "assigned" somewhere, while someone who is equal in every single way except went to a northern college could potentially get free agency and play anywhere he wants? Once things start being arbitrary, that's when guys start getting screwed. It also sets up potential competitive imbalances, and could create conflicts for fans when an area has two arch-rival schools in it that both feed to the same AAF team. It shouldn't matter, but since they seem to be marketing each team as a regional "college part 2" team, it could.
  7. BringBackTheVet

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They actually did show off a mono gray look - along with mono black, black/red, and every other combo you can think of. Temple is a great example of why teams only need one helmet. Their combos would all look great if they were limited to just the cherry helmet rather than three different ones, because (at least in theory) it would force them into tasteful combinations.
  8. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    It's not immature to enjoy (or not) sports in whatever way works for you. If you want to suffer and wear it as a badge-of-honor? Cool. As soon as you start criticizing "fans" [sic] and claim superiority because you have more knowledge and can name the uniform numbers of every schmuck that signed a 10-day contract as far back as 1992, and claim that the way other people enjoy sports "bothers" you, that's immature. People have different priorities in life. When I was younger and had fewer responsibilities, SPORTS!!! were high on the list. Now, I ain't got time to invest in anything that is 1) inconsequential, 2) ultimately lines the pockets of low-lifes with more money than actual contributors to society will ever see, and 3) has a great likelihood of causing disappointment. For me, it's about the social experience, and that's always better when a team is winning and people are celebrating, climbing poles, punching horses, and eating their poop. Especially if that team happens to win the Super Bowl, like the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles did in this year's Super Bowl.
  9. BringBackTheVet

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Other than the helmet stripe, they look pretty good. Some of the combos - like black over cherry - do not look good, but most do. There's also a gray, that I like a lot (with the cherry pants), despite it not being a team color.:
  10. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NFL Offseason

    Apparently McCoy has a history of getting physical with (at least) one beat-writer going back as far as his 2nd season.
  11. BringBackTheVet

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    Then you're immature. Sports is about fun. For some people, spending valuable time watching a crap team in a half-empty arena isn't fun, and neither is making that emotional investment when you know they're going to lose. If it makes anyone feel great that they're a "real" fan, then great - that's awesome. I was like that for an awful long time, and always thought that the championships gave me more enjoyment than others because I "suffered" longer. That's crap. The only difference between me and a bandwagon fan was those days of suffering that I endured, while they were out having fun. I'm now a total bandwagon fan (except maybe the Eagles, but even then I only watched half the games in '15 and only in '16 to see Wentz) and not ashamed of it.
  12. BringBackTheVet

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    Now I’m seeing the lack of white thing, and agree. Strokes should be thicker all around. Also, in the photoshop, the purple is more Vikings/old Jazz purple rather than Forum Blue. I hope that’s fixed.
  13. BringBackTheVet

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    Yeah you’re right. I’d still prefer the wishbone collar, even if just as an homage to the last set.
  14. BringBackTheVet

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    I Like the gold numbers on the purple. I thought the Kobe/Shaq set was a great update to the showtime set. It moved forward without taking any unnecessary chances and trying to be gimmicky. The addition of the white worked very well, especially since it was a “special” Jersey only worn on Sundays. These are nice, and my only critique is that they don’t move “forward”, but more “back”. I’d love to see these with the wishbone collar, or maybe some kind of side stripe, or some detail that tastefully modernizes them and separates more from the era they’re trying to emulate.