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  1. Is this when he and Vanguard 1 quantum leaped to Egypt, after he received counsel from George Washington? I didn't get to see much of the "expedition of gold". Oh I loved V1. It gave Matt some personality, which he was sorely lacking. I actually stole the "facts" gimmick for another site I was running at the time (every day there would be a fact about me.) They could have given him better music though (or at least better lyrics.) IIRC V1 and Mattitude were pretty over. EDIT: actually I did see this:
  2. the best part of that was how he played it into the BROKEN gimmick when while demanding she bring him green beans, he told his Armenian maid that he "strongly dislikes mustahhhhd."
  3. Wait until it gets wet before we jerk each other off. Green is weird, man.
  4. Seattle Texans? Wasn't there some deal where if Seattle got a team back within x years then OKC would hand them back the Sonics brand? I'm assuming that x is long passed, so would Sonics even be an option?
  5. Hot take.
  6. I hope this means what I hope it means
  7. You don't crown a transitional champ at WM- hometown or not. Plus, they gave it to her twice! I'd be fine with Natalya, kind of as a lifetime achievement / participation award, except she's currently heel. Hell - they're all heels except Becky, and she kinda stinks too.
  8. Naomi is the worst. She's terrible. If this show's champions are Jinder Freaking Mahal and Naomi, that's an absolute disgrace. If they have Naomi go over Charlotte here that's a disgrace. She doesn't belong on the same show, let alone in the same ring. Charlotte is arguably the GOAT and still in her prime. Naomi is just a big sweet ass with no talent attached to it.
  9. Had he still been a member here, he probably would have left home 5-minutes later (because of posting) and missed the cameras, or would have been posting about the delay (from in phone) rather than going on a rampage. The timeline would have been permanently altered. So in a way, CCSLC (or at least the mods that banned him) created Frankie Midnight.
  10. They're the worst. There's giving a guy 15 minutes where maybe he's in on the joke but even if not, it's only 15 minutes, and then there's full fledged prolonged mockery. I at least hope he's being paid for those shirts, not that they're going to sell any. From the comments on that page: "Self awareness will be midnights demise"
  11. Guess airlines are worried their security won't be able to drag 350lb linemen off of planes.
  12. Why does Curt Hawkins carry around that stupid baton? He's been doing it for as long as I can remember.
  13. That could have been cool, but only if they had some kind of angle going and he wasn't playing it totally straight on either show, otherwise there's nothing to be gained by it other than possibly him being able to test-market fun characters while hedging his bet and also being himself.
  14. but hasn't one of the major criticisms of the move that he was signing up to be someone else's tenant? If he has an ownership stake in the stadium, I'm assuming it's far less than 50/50.
  15. Neither of those bear any relevance to this thread. The first one is simply stating that consistency in striping patterns isn't required. The second one is stating that of the teams with stripes, the Steelers have the best. You're acting like your opinion doesn't matter, which isn't the case. It matters as much as mine does. Mine happens to be that most (if not all) horizontal sleeve stripe patterns are antiquated, don't fit with modern uniform templates, and should be scrapped. I'm really not even sure what point you're trying to make by (incorrectly) claiming that people like the Steelers stripes but not the Lions.
  16. Didn't Larry Doby go through pretty much the same struggle? Maybe the AL teams could do something to remember him. i think it makes more of an impact if it's a tribute that's done every few years rather than every year, where it essentially just becomes like any other promotion that's always on the calendar. I don't think his number should have been retired, because 1) he wasn't synonymous with that number, and only wore it for one team, 2) roughly 3000 players have worn it since, and 3) I think it goes against the principle of what a retired number is for (subjective, I know.)
  17. Does he have any "territorial rights" to the SD area, like for marketing purposes or to prevent another team from moving there?
  18. I find it funny that wrestlers sign autographs in their wrestling name. That's (potentially) a lot of signatures to remember if your character changes names a few times (plus you have your given name that you need to sign on checks and documents.) I'm not sure I'd want a Phil Brooks' autograph, but is it really an autograph if he's scribbling a character's name down? Does Henry Winkler sign "Fonzie"?
  19. Apparently the Hardys were told that they could appear but not wrestle, which would have killed the sold out main event between them and Bully Ray+Dreamer. The Spirit Squad was supposed to claim that they beat up the Hardys so they couldn't wrestle. When he found out, Dreamer called up the head of ROH, who agreed to send the Young Bucks in just to help out. On the day of the show, one of the bucks got ill and couldn't fly, so dreamer was pissed beyond belief. He called WWE and requested that they change their mind, eventually getting HHH and Vince directly, who said basically "OK, but don't do anything stupid that will get them hurt". So the Hardys did an angle where they acted like they were going rogue and wrestling against Vince's orders and could get fired on Monday, and it all worked out.
  20. I didn't go, but last night BROKEN Matt Hardy and Brother Nero fulfilled their last indie booking, at the ECW arena. I haven't read any first-hand reports, but based on tweets and pics I've seen, they appeared to be in full BROKEN mode. They had their WWERTTC belts and let people hold them for pics.
  21. Paris, London, Madrid, NYC, Rio, and.... Cincinnati? I give credit to the artist - that drawing makes the city look way bigger than it is. THe idea of a temporary dome is intriguing - curious how they'd erect it and remove it, and if it could be easily repeated whenever they wanted to do more events there. I'm big on the idea of stadium "umbrellas", just haven't seen any that are economical and efficient. Is it the field in the bottom left of the drawing that would have the temp dome?
  22. That's not how it works when one makes claims. The prosecutor doesnt ask the jury to google for evidence.
  23. I think it worked out better the way it did. I'd rather Styles still have the belt, but dropping it to UT? Ew. Also I don't need to see Cena carry the Oldertaker in a match and trying his best to act like the old man is hurting him. The Cenas vs Mizs feud was one of the more entertaining in a while - it brought out the best in Miz and Maurice, and also got good work out of Nikki and Cena. The proposal was obviously contrived, but still provided a Wrestlemania Moment (TM).