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  1. NHL 2017-18

    I'll third it.
  2. NHL 2017-18

  3. Nice little piece my friend who worked on the project put together about the Broncos redesign and how it has held up 15 years later. Nice insight and sketches. And NO, the nostrils or side panels are NOT Swooshes. Get over it. Denver Broncos: 15 years later
  4. I can't get past "COCKY TALK"
  5. Hidden meanings in logos

    The old Buffalo Sabres logo, the eye is a ying-yang. Why? I have no idea for sure but I always thought it was a nod to the parent company HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Company), which had owned what was once Marine Midland Bank and was the first name of the arena. Personally I always thought the switch to the black and red was because of the HSBC tie-in and their corporate colors, just not as blatant as Orca Bay entertainment. Most people think the red/black switch was because of the Regis family and Adelphia cable, but that happened long after the team went to black/red and was mere coincidence. this is an extreme close-up of the vector art:
  6. Hidden meanings in logos

    No, it's not. Just an old urban myth that got started when the uni's were first unveiled. I blame Woody Paige for that one.
  7. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    So let me get this straight.... the thicker navy outline is on the REPLICAS, and the barely noticeable navy outline is on the authentics? Or is it the opposite? I don't think it should be as thick as pictured here, looks amateur-ish, but I wish it was a little thicker than the outlines seen on the military jersey models at the unveiling, that's too thin IMO. Those ARE the authentics in that picture. There's a huge difference between the $200+ authentics and the on-field jerseys that are not for sale. So then what is this? A replica or replithentic perhaps. Open ended sleeves with no cuff, non-tapered body and everything appears screened- hard to tell. But the Navy is thin not thick.
  8. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    After watching this video, I am even less of a fan of the helmet stripe widening. You see a really good shot of it at the end of the clip. Bills Uni Video It's just unnecessary and borders on gimmicky. Just because the red streak in the logo widens doesn't mean you have look for a place to emulate it. So by that thinking, shouldn't the pant stripes widen too? It's as if they're looking for things to re-design, a reason to do it and or yet another "signature" element. How about just design a classic uniform, a new benchmark for the league and have that be your signature element. That would be a novel idea. Bengals, hands down worst unis in the NFL.
  9. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    Like Scott Norwood's kick... close, but no good. This is so frustrating because these are so close to being perfect. As a born and raised WNY'er and avid Bills fan it just pains me to take one step forward and two backwards all the time. Pros: ? Back to Royal ? White helmet. I love the red one also, but this is fresh and the logo pops off of it. ? Classic striping but.... see my cons ? I actually think the sleeve striping placement looks good. It seems like a necessary solution to the increasing problem of no-sleeve unis and reduced awkward stripes. Cons: ? Navy? really? didn't we learn this lesson. It's NOT needed, get rid of it, it is completely pointless. At no time in 30+ years did I ever hear anyone or a broadcaster say the numbers were difficult to read when just royal/red or white/red. ? The navy outlines makes the whole thing look cartoonish and juvenile. ? Logo overkill: 5 logos between the helmet, jersey and pants. You only need the helmet, get rid of the rest. ? Striping coloring inconsistency: only because there is the stupid Navy does this even present an issue. Why is the striping on the white jersey different from the numbers to the sleeves? Duh, hello Reebok wake up. The numbers from inside out read: royal/red/navy. The stripes are royal/navy/red ? Tapered helmet stripe on a classic helmet with gray facemask, paired with a traditional jersey and pant striping = FAIL
  10. Biggest sporting events you have attended

    "NO GOAL"- Game 6 Sabres v. Stars AFC Championship Bills-Raiders. Earning first trip to the big dance... and the beginning of much heartache. Blue Jackets inaugural game Flyers v. Lightning game 6 Eastern Conference finals. Primeau scored on a breakaway in OT to force game 7. Not a game, but I spent the week working the Team Canada training camp in Whistler for preparation of World Cup of Hockey '96. I was in the bench area when Gretzky and Messier saw each other for the first time since being traded to the Rangers. That was cool to see their interaction and meet and see all the players and coaches behind the scenes.
  11. New Cleveland Cav Uniforms.

    How sly of Adidas to incorporate 3-stripes into the neck and sleeve trim. IMO that's very blatant and not a maybe it is/maybe it isn't scenario.
  12. Ebay Ethics?

    First thing about the USA 2010 throwback replica jerseys, they are not like the ones the players are wearing. They are Navy not Royal, they are a Swift style not a traditional jersey fit and the swoosh is in blue area not the white. So, the Parise jersey you show is what the retail versions look like. I think that's a knock-off )albeit a very good one) because it has a Team Canada hangtag on the sleeve, not a USA Hockey. In a nutshell, Nike did not sell an exact takedown of the throwback jersey. Why? I have no idea, it's actually really dumb on their part. Seeing a picture of what you actually received would help. Maybe you did not get a "knockoff"
  13. Golden State Warriors unveil new logo + uniform

    there is "mechanically centered" and "optically centered", this seems to be neither. I always mechanically center and then adjust slightly if needed to account for the visual correctness. I'm not sure why someone would want to purposely do this, I chalk it up to laziness/ineptness not "stylistic choice"
  14. Golden State Warriors unveil new logo + uniform

    Wait, you wanted them to re-design the state? Brilliant. "the most pathetic redesign in 20 years"? Really? OKcity Thunder, Buffaslug? No, you're going for this. Your credability is wobbling. Yes, It's my opinion that this is worse than those you listed. The execution is horrible, lack of creativity in both font choice and overall design is first year design student at best. A least the the Slug was an attempt at actual logo design and created a custom wordmark. And No, I do not expect anyone to redraw what the shape of California is. You can however do more than double outline it and slap a W on top of it.
  15. Golden State Warriors unveil new logo + uniform

    This is the most pathetic redesign in professional sports of the past 20 years IMO. • Copperplate? Really? Was Courier just not doing it for ya? • Why is the circle thicker at the bottom? Depth?? Modern customization??? More like stupidity. • WARRIORS isn't even centered below the ball • nice clipart state there's nothing wrong with doing a modern update of an old logo, but at least make it better. 18 months to come up with a turd. This just plain sucks donkey balls and the designers should be embarrassed.