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  1. KDubK414

    Papa John(')s new logo

    A name change would have probably been the best route. The branding has already been tarnished, and the John should have been dropped. Maybe just shorten to Papa's Pizza and create some kind of Mario/Chef Boyardee mascot as Papa and then a new logo.
  2. KDubK414

    2018 NFL Season

    Last night was like watching someone playing Madden with the "Madden calls the plays" thing, then getting shut out, and saying no, I'm gonna do this myself. It's like when Aaron came back, he looked at him and said no way, I'm calling the plays now. McCarthy only has his job because of Brett and Aaron, and no not Hundley lol. I love the win and all, but good God is that coaching staff still inept at just putting a solid game plan in place. After all the changes, I thought things were going to be different, but it looked like same old same old.
  3. KDubK414

    2018-19 NBA Season

    The Fiserv.Forum, yes that is how they are spelling it, officially opened to the public this past Sunday. And of course this guy was in attendance. It totally met my expectations and exceeds them. I can't wait to see the Bucks hit that floor. What's weird is that they didn't have the new floor laid down, instead the went with the city pride one they use when they wear the black alts. Other than that they did a really great job on the place, it has all the bells and whistles. The scoreboard is huge, and they have tons of led boards around the arena bowl. The club levels are posh, and almost don't make you feel like you are in Milwaukee, and I say that as a guy that absolutely loves his hometown. The windows that face east really capture the skyline of downtown. The concourses are open all the way around, and some concession stands are right at the top of the stairs so you can literally watch the action while waiting for your beer.
  4. KDubK414

    Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Court for 50th Season

    It'd be cool if they wore the throwback in a game here as a nod to their time as the Milwaukee Hawks.
  5. KDubK414

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Same here NicDB! Born in January. The baseball field behind Pulaski High School is named for him too.
  6. KDubK414

    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

    Must find a 90's Hornets Starter Jacket now.
  7. KDubK414

    First MLB Game Memories

    I don't really remember my first game persay, but have a a lot of little memories from a lot of the games I went to growing up. -My mom and dad got free tickets from where they worked a lot so the took my sis and I to tons and tons. I loved the Thursday afternoons when they would call and tell us that they were on their way home to go to the game and to get ready so we could leave as soon as they got home. -My first Cubs/Brewers game was in, I believe 1990 part of an exhibition series just before that season started. -The first time I was at a game that actually had a rain delay was the first and last my fave male cousin at the time would take me to, he would pass away soon after that. My best friend at the time was with me, and we got a couple of balls thrown to us by some random Royals player. -One game Mike Dunleavy, then head coach of the Bucks, and I guess Mike Dunleavy Jr. sat in the box next to us. Which if you've ever been to County stadium, know they still had the old school box seats at field level. This was just before the 1994 Draft, and so desperately wanted them to draft Big Dog, Glenn Robinson, and I think successfully pitched my case, and got him to admit that yes they were going to draft him. And they did. -And my first ever job was as a Vendor at that same stadium.
  8. KDubK414

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    I don't understand why they have the Bucks at only 5 games over five hundred, and where they get these half games from. Like a tie will ever happen. Plus the rest of the division looks pretty lackluster according to their math lol. How do they only finish slightly above .500, when the rest of the division is below it? In other Bucks news, that flew under the radar even for me, is that Fiserv Financial has secured the naming rights for the about to open arena, it will be known as and called the Fiserv Forum. http://wisconsinesc.com/ I actually walked around the Forum for the first time this past Friday, and am so excited to get inside. It was a bittersweet moment for me as I spent 14 years of my professional life next door in the Bradley Center. The same way that I felt when Miller Park was about to open in the shadows of County Stadium. It will be an amazing venue, and I plan on seeing many games and events there.
  9. KDubK414

    2018 MLB Season

    Yeah, I know it is probably tough for you. The Brewers haven't been terrible since they finally got back to the Post Season in '08 and won the division in '11. They've were on the cusp, but couldn't put it all together. So Attanasio kinda looked south and studied how the Cubs went into rebuild mode without creating a dumpster fire for a few years. Hired Stearns away from a World Series champion team in the Astros, and he quickly got to work. That process got here a lot more quickly than expected. To call the Brewers a crap organization, is an oversight. Brew Crew Nation isn't alive and well, and damn near selling out Miller park every night because they are a crap organization. I would actually say they are one of the classiest in MLB. And me and the entire Crew Nation around the world, some of the most down to earth, cool, calm, collected, and knowledgeable. #ThisIsMyCrew
  10. KDubK414

    2018 MLB Season

    Fixed that for ya buddy.
  11. KDubK414

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    A few markets I just thought of that could be extreme possibilities are St. Louis, Sand Diego, and the Bay Area, mostly Oakland, but could tap into Niner fans upset that they left the city limits for SC. That covers A midwestern and two West Coast franchises. Add them to the always mentioned San Antonio and Orlando. Ant that makes five viable locations, that are football hungry, the first three probably the hungriest jilted cities. The hardest thing with any start up league now is there is so much over saturation in certain areas, especially with football between the NFL and NCAA. Is Birmingham still a sought after city, when New Orleans and Atlanta dominate that area, plus the NFL's junior division the SEC. There just aren't that many untapped prime markets out there that they have to go into at least a few already established areas, and that costs them a little, or a lot, in that entertainment dollar source. If you live in the New York area, and the XFL came back, would you rather spend your live football dollars on attending ONE Giants or Jets game a year or every other year. Or, would you rather buy season tickets to Hitmen 2.0? In the same vein, I always think of the possibility of this happening in Milwaukee. On one hand it would be cool to go watch a "pro" team play in my city 8 games a year. But I already have the Packers and Badgers in my backyard, so I would rather spend my money on tickets for the rare games I can attend. I'm very intrigued to see where they end up setting up shop and start playing games.
  12. KDubK414

    2018 MLB Season

    Brewers @ White Sox looks so great today. Both wearing '83 Unis.
  13. KDubK414

    Hall of Very Good

    Donald won't get into the NFL HOF, unless maybe he is a part of a down year class and they need bodies. But, he will definitely be inducted into the Packers HOF and Ring of Honor. His number 80 though will not be retired by the team. I don't really see Green in Driver's class. I think he stands out due to being a really good player on some of our "bad" teams since 2000.
  14. KDubK414

    Logos associated with failure.

    Yeah, that was a sad day when they announced that they were. Boston Store has been a downtown staple since before I was born. It's also going to be a very heavy blow to The Shops of Grand Avenue, which is pretty much a glorified food court with a TJ Maxx at the toher end from Boston Store.
  15. Hopefully Pepsi takes a page out of the Miller Lite playbook, and I am hoping that they are in stunting mode with this. After sales go through the roof, because I'm not much of a soda drinker either, but have been drinking Pepsi a little more at work because I actually feel like I am in these cans. They go back to this full time.