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  1. KDubK414

    College Basketball 2018-19

    @dfwabel Thank you for the info. I thought I was going crazy for a minute lol. But it is very nice to hear it again, especially on an intrastate rivalry like UW/MU. It made it feel like the big game. So cool.
  2. KDubK414

    College Basketball 2018-19

    File this under, maybe living under a rock, or just too busy to watch, but I tuned into the Wisconsin/Marquette game on Big FOX, and lo and behold they are not using the NFL on FOX music, or their CBK music, yet it was this..... Wait whaaaaaaa? When did this happen? Just today?
  3. KDubK414

    Forgotten Rivalries

    The Brewers/White Sox used to be a huge rivalry. My dad would tell me how the crowds would get so rowdy at County Stadium and Comisky Park. He made it sound as if there was such a blood hatred between the fans of both franchises that he wouldn't have felt comfortable even taking me to a game between them. Part of it could stem from the Wisconsin/Illinois and Milwaukee/Chicago blood feud between the Packers and Bears. But now a days it is almost far removed from the collective consciousness of both fan bases, as the Brewers main rival is the Cubs, and tied for that is the Cardinals. And even White Sox fans root for the Brewers, because they don't particularly care for Cubs fans.
  4. KDubK414

    The Oakland/Las Vegas/Where The Hell Are We? Raiders

    I figured out a better theme song for the 2019 Raiders National Football League Club...
  5. And the first team to move on........ The Milwaukee Brewers!!!!
  6. KDubK414

    Geoffrey's Toy Box (aka Toys R Us)

    Are kids n the future even going to want toys the way we all did? I swear every baby born is already addicted to a smartphone or tablet. It won't be long before my almost 2 year old nephew is much faster on his mom's than his uncle Kyle is on his.
  7. KDubK414

    2018 MLB Postseason: Team Twitter Emoji Hashtags

    Haha, it just dawned on me looking at the image that the Cubs' is #EverybodyIn. New ones #EverybodyInWeOut. #ThanksForTheMemories, #WeTried, #FlyTheWErrFlyTheL, #WaitAnother100Years... A little fun spin on the rest of them.... Cleveleland: #WeWantedCleveleandRocksThanksColorado Atlanta: #CouldGetWeird Boston: #SeriouslyYankeesAgain? Houston: #WeHaveLiftOff Oakland: #MoneyballWasRealDammit New York: #It'sNotThePostseasonWithoutUs Los Angeles: #WeGot$$$ Colorado: #RockieMountainHigh Milwaukee: #WinOneForTheUke
  8. KDubK414

    2018 MLB Season

    BREW CREW in the Postseason again! How sweet it is! More work to go though!
  9. KDubK414

    Papa John(')s new logo

    A name change would have probably been the best route. The branding has already been tarnished, and the John should have been dropped. Maybe just shorten to Papa's Pizza and create some kind of Mario/Chef Boyardee mascot as Papa and then a new logo.
  10. KDubK414

    2018 NFL Season

    Last night was like watching someone playing Madden with the "Madden calls the plays" thing, then getting shut out, and saying no, I'm gonna do this myself. It's like when Aaron came back, he looked at him and said no way, I'm calling the plays now. McCarthy only has his job because of Brett and Aaron, and no not Hundley lol. I love the win and all, but good God is that coaching staff still inept at just putting a solid game plan in place. After all the changes, I thought things were going to be different, but it looked like same old same old.
  11. KDubK414

    2018-19 NBA Season

    The Fiserv.Forum, yes that is how they are spelling it, officially opened to the public this past Sunday. And of course this guy was in attendance. It totally met my expectations and exceeds them. I can't wait to see the Bucks hit that floor. What's weird is that they didn't have the new floor laid down, instead the went with the city pride one they use when they wear the black alts. Other than that they did a really great job on the place, it has all the bells and whistles. The scoreboard is huge, and they have tons of led boards around the arena bowl. The club levels are posh, and almost don't make you feel like you are in Milwaukee, and I say that as a guy that absolutely loves his hometown. The windows that face east really capture the skyline of downtown. The concourses are open all the way around, and some concession stands are right at the top of the stairs so you can literally watch the action while waiting for your beer.
  12. KDubK414

    Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Court for 50th Season

    It'd be cool if they wore the throwback in a game here as a nod to their time as the Milwaukee Hawks.
  13. KDubK414

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Same here NicDB! Born in January. The baseball field behind Pulaski High School is named for him too.
  14. KDubK414

    Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

    Must find a 90's Hornets Starter Jacket now.