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  1. Time to add a little Southeastern Wisconsin flavor to the mix! In order as they appear in the channel guide....
  2. Upgrade, I hope MCTS does this too!
  3. I....See.............PURPLE!!! 😳
  4. ESPN hasn't been the same since these days anyways.
  5. Best road look the Crew has had!
  6. I personally loved these when they had the one day promotion. They blended eras pretty well.
  7. My friend's got CM Punks autograph!!!
  8. Love this team, love this city!!! https://www.theplayerstribune.com/jabari-parker-milwaukee-bucks-playoffs/
  9. Along with Rangers and perhaps Cowboys (NFL), I like that 2 Wisconsin teams are named after occupations, Brewers (MLB) and Packers (NFL).
  10. Also coincidentally or ironically, the Braves moved from one County Stadium to another. From Milwaukee County Stadium to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.
  11. @CS85 I see your Kama, later Mustafa of the Nation and pimpining his hoes, with his OG character.....
  12. That would have looked more jarring on natural grass and a dirt infield.
  13. Not too bad, not great either. The font is kind of similar to the old one, but it being straight seems like it would be the corporate logo. The new one definitely doesn't evoke Amusement/Theme Park. I guess its the "App Age" of design. Fonts and logos have to look good on the little square on your phone now.
  14. I thought of this when I read the title of the thread.