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  1. Not too bad, not great either. The font is kind of similar to the old one, but it being straight seems like it would be the corporate logo. The new one definitely doesn't evoke Amusement/Theme Park. I guess its the "App Age" of design. Fonts and logos have to look good on the little square on your phone now.
  2. I thought of this when I read the title of the thread.
  3. Let's get the WWE talk over here.
  4. Also a few more fun facts about Bradley Center and WWE. A little waxing nostalgic as this is probably going to be the last PPV there before the new arena opens.... The Mega Powers Meltdown on Saturday's Night Main Event. From across the street at MECCA, the birth of Austin 3:16. Back at 1001 N. Fourth, Austin 3:16 says "I just pissed my pants!" 2002: The nWo is in the WWF. 2004: Taboo Tuesday, we'll leave that there. And many more memories.
  5. What is it called in Germany?
  6. Fun fact: Both have been in Milwaukee at BMO Harris Bradley Center. no Way out in 2002 and Elimination Chamber in 2012. The same site of FastLane this year.
  7. Time to hit that road running. Elimination Chamber is coming up for the blue brand. On the RAW side, they are taking the FastLane to Orlando. It's coming to whatever screen you're watching, or from the cheap seats in Phoenix or at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Lock your Superstars up and strap on your seat belts, the ride is on....
  8. There is only one Big Dog!
  9. What a let down!!!! It was all Vince and Triple H guys winning. Super Cena sucks! AJ should have won! And Orton wins Rumble again! Bullsnit! Thanks HHH for claiming this is NXT and New Era. Lame stale wrestlers win in the supposed New Era? Loss for words. AJ better get the payoff at WrestleMania. And Orton better get checked into Suplex City.
  10. Little Stephen was probably wandering the Bradley Center during this time.
  11. Sweet! And yes they are. My first New Era fitted I bought was the M hat. I had a SnapBack Motre Bame one too. 19 hours ago, bwburke94 said: Here's a great version of that with a little explanation from John Tesh. I love this theme.
  12. Ha ha! I think most students fire out of the stadium after Jump Around because the Badgers are usually up by at least two touchdowns heading into fourth quarter at Camp Randall. They usually stick around if it's a close or big game. Likewise for if it's a big opponent.
  13. That's why I said Year. Plus, at that time both teams already had some sort of alternate. I would have to find photos from every game to figure out the exact amount of games worn per uni.
  14. According to the Mothership, the only Year these two uni's matched up.