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  1. What did you just notice for the first time?

    If you listen to Star Wars Soundtracks on Spotify the progress bar turns into a Lightsabre!!!
  2. Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

  3. Fun With Flags!!!!

    It looks like a bunch of bowling ball returns to me.
  4. Stratford Warriors go symbolic with new logo

    I was thinking the exact same thing about Marquette University. Even though they've been the , um, Golden Eagles for the better part of my lifetime. They will always be the Warriors to me. I was hoping when they did the same thing about 10 years ago, only to be treated to the whole "Gold" debacle. This is an amazing way to capture the strength and nobility that one thinks of when they think of a Warrior.
  5. WWE No Mercy: 24 September 2017

    I believe Jimmy Hart composed just about all of the WCW themes. He did a lot of the 1980's era WWF themes as well before Jim Johnstone (who damn well better be in the WWE Hall of Fame soon.) I remember seeing some videos of Jim J. saying how he actually used wrestler input to come up with the themes, even basing some of them off of popular songs but coming up with new tunes. I certainly did laugh/cringe when I heard DDP's theme the first time, pretty much made me hate the guy from the get go.
  6. MLB Changes 2017

    Notes on the Brewers/Dodgers game.... 1. A lot of blue out on that field. 2. I'm digging the Navy and Athletic Gold pairing the Brewers are using more and more. It especially looks good in the Padres 70's esque two tone pullovers. Plus they have the hybrid 80's helmet with current logo, looks kinda sharp. 3. The Dodgers kinda remind me of the vest era Angels. 4. The Dodgers wearing a light blue D's cap, hmmmm, the LA logo is on the mound and on helmets. A little consistency please. General observances. Is this the MLB's answer to the NFL's color rush? The nicknames are cool, thanks Vince McMahon. But they should be on the on screen graphics as well. Again consistency. I consider myself a purist when it comes to aesthetics, yet I am fascinated by this "experiment." In a league that has 162 games a season, this might not be a bad thing every now and then. Baseball has always had a fix on me. Steeped in tradition, yet able to embrace the now and the future.
  7. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

  8. Also see this thread.
  9. My first political sign

    Good or Bad, anything to add?
  10. OJ Simpson Granted Parole

    Is OJ going to be the new OJ?
  11. Like just about everyone is saying here, this one hurts a lot! I was just thinking about Linkin Park the other day going through all of the CD's I bought, just before the digital age hit, and I bought every one of their's. Got to see them live, got to work for them on the Projeckt Revolution tour. I absolutely loved, still love them. He was only 5 years older than me. I hope not suicide, man life is f'd up if it is. I have no words, I got worried when he took over for Scott Weiland with STP, just numb right now.
  12. I was going to post this in the "Players in the Wrong Uniform" thread but didn't know if it should be there. Baseball and hockey have a rarity, that is until the G-League takes off and every team has an affiliate, in that players can come up and be sent down for a variety of reasons. It's always crazy when you see your star players suiting up for your farm teams. I got this idea when I searched for Ryan Braun while he was doing his rehab assignment in Appleton as a member of the Timber Rattlers as seen in this video.... http://www.milb.com/multimedia/vpp.jsp?content_id=1536087683&sid=t1174 As well as seeing the picture of David Ortiz playing for the same team when they were a Seattle Mariners affiliate. These aren't necessarily the wrong uniforms, just rare occasions. Are there others out there like this? What's even more rare about the above video is that it was also a famous MiLB "one off" night. Are there any others like that?
  13. Local TV station logos

    Time to add a little Southeastern Wisconsin flavor to the mix! In order as they appear in the channel guide....
  14. A New Look for New York's buses

    Upgrade, I hope MCTS does this too!
  15. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    I....See.............PURPLE!!! ?