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    Good or Bad, anything to add?
  4. OJ Simpson Granted Parole

    Is OJ going to be the new OJ?
  5. Like just about everyone is saying here, this one hurts a lot! I was just thinking about Linkin Park the other day going through all of the CD's I bought, just before the digital age hit, and I bought every one of their's. Got to see them live, got to work for them on the Projeckt Revolution tour. I absolutely loved, still love them. He was only 5 years older than me. I hope not suicide, man life is f'd up if it is. I have no words, I got worried when he took over for Scott Weiland with STP, just numb right now.
  6. I was going to post this in the "Players in the Wrong Uniform" thread but didn't know if it should be there. Baseball and hockey have a rarity, that is until the G-League takes off and every team has an affiliate, in that players can come up and be sent down for a variety of reasons. It's always crazy when you see your star players suiting up for your farm teams. I got this idea when I searched for Ryan Braun while he was doing his rehab assignment in Appleton as a member of the Timber Rattlers as seen in this video.... http://www.milb.com/multimedia/vpp.jsp?content_id=1536087683&sid=t1174 As well as seeing the picture of David Ortiz playing for the same team when they were a Seattle Mariners affiliate. These aren't necessarily the wrong uniforms, just rare occasions. Are there others out there like this? What's even more rare about the above video is that it was also a famous MiLB "one off" night. Are there any others like that?
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    Time to add a little Southeastern Wisconsin flavor to the mix! In order as they appear in the channel guide....
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    Upgrade, I hope MCTS does this too!
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    I....See.............PURPLE!!! ?
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    ESPN hasn't been the same since these days anyways.
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    Best road look the Crew has had!
  13. Brewers new uniform

    I personally loved these when they had the one day promotion. They blended eras pretty well.
  14. WWE Payback: April 30, 2017

    My friend's got CM Punks autograph!!!
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    Love this team, love this city!!! https://www.theplayerstribune.com/jabari-parker-milwaukee-bucks-playoffs/