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  1. GFB

    Remembering Logo Designer Keith Flynn of Flynnagain

    A true legend. Rest in peace, Keith.
  2. GFB

    NHL 2018-19

    I don't really care for the ASG logo or its inspiration, but it's so completely lifeless, corporate, and on-brand for the Sharks organization, it's an absolute masterpiece.
  3. GFB

    Winnipeg Jets Unveil New Alternate Uniform

    While simple, this is going to be a jersey that is going to be complimented really well with the dark blue helmets and pants. It has an awesome shade of blue and a really sweet wordmark. With your Adidas ties, do you know what color numbers will be on this uniform -- navy or white? EDIT: Nevermind, I found this in the reveal video: I wish they would have kept the numbers from the normal uniforms and gone blue numbers with white outlines to reverse from the stripe and set those apart. But the white block numerals aren't bad.
  4. GFB

    NHL 2018-19

    Like I said in the other thread, if the Avs wanted to step outside of their brand and do a "Colorado Pride/Rockies" inspired jersey, then they should commit to it and use the colors that apply to that inspiration (blue/red/yellow) rather than bastardizing it all and having the result be unrecognizable from both the actual team and the inspiration they were trying to capture.
  5. GFB

    Colorado Avalanche Unveil Third Uniform for 2018-19

    I really do not like a single thing about those uniforms. The two most prominent colors on that uniform are navy blue and white, which are nowhere to be found on their normal home and away uniforms... If you're going to do a "civic/city/state pride uniform," just do it! I just don't understand why they decided to manipulate the colors to reference none of the inspiration for this jersey; it doesn't look like the Avalanche, it doesn't look like the Rockies, and it doesn't look like the Colorado state flag.
  6. GFB

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    All-black vs all-white?
  7. Here’s the thing though: the name “Inter/Internacional” Miami only feels cheap to you because you’re entrenched in this view that these traditional soccer names only refer to their original historical contexts. But I would argue that these traditional names like Sporting/Real/Inter/United/City/FC have evolved past their original meanings and taken on fluid meanings as the game of soccer has grown and fans have latched onto teams and clubs that they had no previous attachment to. For example, imagine that 100 years from now Red Bull New York becomes one of the 20 biggest soccer clubs in the world and has Cristiano Ronaldo V at striker. They win the Club World Cup three times and the other Red Bull clubs like RB Leipzig, Salzburg, and Brazil also find success. The only issue is that Red Bull as a company folds in the year 2065... they sell off the clubs to private buyers to cover their debts, but at this point the club’s identities are so successful and valuable, the new owners choose to keep the names and branding. Eventually, people stop remembering that Red Bull made energy drinks and only associate them with soccer teams. Now in this fictional scenario, the African Nations Premier League is founded in 2093 and in 2118, Botswana is awarded a franchise in Gaborone. Because they want the team to appear to fans as a true high level team, they take the name RB Gaborone. The only connection to the name Red Bull is that there is a literal red bull on the national coat of arms of Botswana; but the name sounds professional and is close vision the team has for its identity. When RB Gaborone chooses this name, are they referencing Red Bull the company? I mean, that’s the original context right? Or, are they referencing the 100 years of prestige that other soccer clubs with the name RB have achieved since and they now look to emulate? Discounting the name “Inter/Internacional” as cheap or lazy just because it doesn’t fit the historical context or that it’s borrowed or inspired from something else and not seeing what they’re attempting to do with it (like the Spanish name on the team’s crest) isn’t fair.
  8. GFB

    Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas

    Of all the names of MiLB clubs, this is the name that breaks your back? MiLB jumped the (Thunder)shark a decade ago in terms of names and we've been in a constant state of freefall since. I'm numb to so many dumb names, that when a silly name holds any appeal to me, I don't mind it. For me, this is Savannah Bananas / Akron Rubber Ducks territory for me... where yes, it's silly, but it works on a few different levels and the community ( appears ) to have embraced it. I can't deny that while I have no interest in picking up a Huntsville Thundersharks hat... you could probably talk me into picking up a Trash Pandas hat.
  9. So you can only do something inclusive if it’s in response to someone else messing up? That doesn’t sound right. I do think the name is a little forced, however I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as some of you are making it out to be. Are you the same people who get up in arms that teams use UNITED even though two clubs haven’t merged into one? If Inter Miami’s target fanbase is largely diverse, then there’s no shame in tapping directly into that vein as they’ve done with their name and identity, regardless of how original it is.
  10. Good luck getting the Elvis estate holders to sign off on that.
  11. GFB

    NFL 2018 changes

    I’m not saying black pants all the time, but every jersey combination that the Panthers could wear (black, blue, or white) looks better with silver pants than white pants anyway.
  12. GFB

    NFL 2018 changes

    Burn the white pants.
  13. GFB

    NHL 2018-19

    Haven't seen this posted yet... makes me happy.
  14. GFB

    Austin FC

    1. I was only talking about the logo, not the name. For a team named “Austin FC,” I would have the exact same reaction to a violet crown as a crest as I would to an oak tree. Regardless of the niche or commonality of the subject, they both hold the same amount of visual interest to me as an outsider. Now if the team named itself differently as you suggested, then that’s another conversation. 2. The commonality of the oak tree does not disqualify it from being a good identifier for Austin. That’s like saying Toronto’s hockey team should have been called the Yellow Tops, Smoke, or Hogs because there are SO MANY maple trees all over North America and those other names would be unique to Toronto as a city. I know you’re going to counter this point with the idea that weirdness/uniqueness is Austin’s thing, but that doesn’t mean that’s the avenue they have to go down every single time. Besides, an oak tree is a fine symbol for organic growth, and that gels with my idea of Austin as much as some random and obscure symbol would. Referencing a touchstone as common as an oak tree can be just as powerful because now (as you said) you have this connection to people from all over the world, and if the city of Austin views themselves as this eclectic melting pot where everyone is free to be unique, picking a symbol that has commonality for everyone has potential. 3. We don’t know how the design process played out. Steve Wolf and co could have received the name from Precourt, suggested several different objects (like violet crowns or armadillos) and Precourt picked an oak tree because he’s from San Francisco and that was what appealed to him the most as an outsider. Or maybe the design team locked into the idea of an oak tree early-on in the process, but either way... 4. Basing your opinion of the intentions/awareness of the designers off of that awful design-speak explanation graphic is dumb (I don’t remember if it was you or someone else who stated this belief). That could have just as easily come from a PSV employee who wasn’t privy to the design meetings and strategy sessions. Or the written copy could have come from someone who lost the forest for the trees and forgot to explain the big idea in all the little details. The point is, many designers don’t write their own copy and it’s up to the client to communicate that.
  15. GFB

    Austin FC

    Is it though? A soccer ball masquarading as part of a crown? I feel like we see the “something round is actually a ball” concept all the time in soccer, baseball, and basketball logos. That is also the literal concept of the FC Cincinnati crest. Personally, I find an oak tree with 11 leaves to be just as interesting conceptually as a soccer ball/crown hybrid.