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  1. GFB

    MLS | Montreal Impact Brand Refresh

    Really, really nice! Huge upgrade! Great job! A few thoughts: I'm not sure you need the "FC" in there... it might be a cleaner look without it? The leading on the bolder text feels a little tight... If you could find a way to give the text a little more room to breathe on the black banner (whether by expanding the banner vertically or shrinking the fonts size while increasing the tracking) it might be a little easier to read How difficult would it be to have the left and right points of the fleur-de-lis end on the intersection of the blue and black stripes and not randomly inside the black stripe? It's just a little awkward at the moment. Perhaps you don't need the third shade of darker silver on the outer-most stroke? I understand that maybe you don't want to use the white or light silver so that you don't upset the split-shading, so maybe you can use blue instead? I don't know, just a thought.
  2. I didn’t see Gary’s post or I wouldn’t have commented. My fault
  3. Michigan is playing Florida, so that’s an impressive feat the committee managed.
  4. GFB

    Best Logo Refreshes

    Personal taste is absolutely subjective (and rightfully so... enjoy what appeals to you), but that doesn’t mean all tastes are equal. Your personal preferences could be in good taste or bad taste... Every person has both good taste and bad taste in music or movies or food or fashion or furniture or cars or drinks or any other area of life that a sense of design or art overshadows the creation process. As you experience and learn more about a topic, your knowledge and understanding grow and that stretches and pushes your personal judgements on whether that thing is good or bad. Is that an elitist view? I don’t know, but most likely it is. But Radiohead is objectively a better band than Creed, Moonlight is a objectively a better movie than Transformers: The Last Knight, and the new five-star restaurant that opened up downtown is objectively a better restaurant than Taco Bell. That’s not saying that people can’t enjoy Creed or Transformers or Taco Bell or anything of lesser merit, nor that just because some is “elite” means that it’s inherently better suited for the job at had or necessarily more enjoyable (when it’s 2AM and I’m hungry, I do not want a $18 plate of brussel sprouts and dance clubs should not play Beethoven)... simply that some things are Art and other things are just art; and the person with better taste will have an easier time discerning between the two and communicating the objective from behind their subjective/personal feelings. Look at Marvel movies: they are created to appeal to the masses. Does that mean that Marvel should create films that push the limits of cinema to new frontiers and the artistic tastes’ of all the people going to see their movies forward? No, Marvel shouldn’t be making art-house films; that would be a huge mistake and they would lose millions of fans if they did. They know what their movies are supposed to be and they create them using aspects of higher filmmaking that are distilled down into a form that is easily consumable. However, everyone knows that almost any Marvel movie released in the last five years is an objectively better movie than a DC movie in that same time, because it is objectively better according to the principles of film: characters act in sensible ways, the plot doesn’t have major holes, the dialogue is better written, etc. Designing for athletics is similar to making a Marvel movie: you are designing for mass appeal and for fans who are probably without a lot of, well, being honest, good taste. Frankly, it’s never going to be the highest form of design and it doesn’t need to be. Your job as a designer is to take these higher, objective principles and expertise (your good taste) and break it down into a logo that is easily consumable for the target audience people with less taste. Specifically, Brandon’s correct that the old Panthers’ logo is objectively better from a design perspective. While it’s not without its own set of problems, its issues aren’t as glaring or obvious as the new logo’s are. However, I’m like most of the others who really want to like the new logo because it fits the mold of what the Panthers’ logo should be better than the old one, despite the flaws. The rest of your second post is right-on and solid, but I have to push back on this part... Everything a designer does is personal because that personal style and philosophy and principles are tied tightly to who they are. Yes, the nature of client work is always flawed (you are designing for someone else and not yourself), but you can’t flip a switch and produce good work in a vacuum. The client knows their target audience and the purpose and the direction they want to go, but the artist is responsible for the creating the design that hits those targets. That’s why it’s important to choose a designer who you trust and fits the vision of what you’re trying to do. If the New York Yankees hire Brandiose to design their logos and they take the field in 2019 with anthropomorphic apples on their caps... that’s not Brandiose’s fault. You can’t hire Phoenix Design Works and then expect a Joe Bosack logo. The very nature of design is communication, and it’s always a better story when the author uses their own unique voice rather than trying to speak without a voice at all.
  5. GFB

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    The question is, were the navy helmets by choice or necessity? Because it’s well established that the helmet manufactures couldn’t produce royal blue helmets in the 70s and 80s: Then, when the technology finally allowed for true royal/medium blue helmets (around mid-late 90s), around the same time the Giants jumped at the chance to finally match their uniforms, the Rams avoided the question entirely by commiting to the GSoT navy and Vegas gold look. Hypothetically, if they decided to stick with the royal blue uniforms after the Super Bowl win, do you believe they change the helmets sometime in the early 00s? I think there’s a good chance they do. I will say, the current navy helmets allow them to both get around the NFL’s one helmet rule for the throwbacks AND to be historically accurate... It also looks “right,” as many others have pointed out. But if the Rams are getting ready to commit back to royal blue and athletic gold on a full-time basis, shouldn’t they update the helmets now that the option is available to them? (Also, I think it’s interesting to note that the athletic gold “color rush” uniforms don’t have any royal blue at the moment... Do those get updated from navy to royal blue as well?)
  6. GFB

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I hope that's what they would do... I just don't have a ton of faith in the organization that ham-fisted this look into existence to think that a royal blue helmet is the right move:
  7. GFB

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I'm pretty sure that what they have now and will continue to do because the horns are decals... unless they make the change back to painting the horns. (you can see here that the horn decals have less of a gloss in this picture)
  8. GFB

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    Eh, the California sun would make me prefer something metallic or glossy... The Giants helmets look really nice in the sun:
  9. GFB

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    If Royal Blue and Gold are indeed the primary colors, the Rams need to ditch the navy helmets.
  10. GFB

    2018 NFL Season

    That was basically a college football game, which is why it was so awesome.
  11. GFB

    FC Cincinnati

    It is meant as high praise in regards to the MLS as a whole. The league has such a high track record in terms of solid design that when a logo falls short of the standard, it's noticeable. For example, say what you will about the Austin FC logo, but the execution of the logo was not what was being called into question, but rather the concept itself. That's a trademark of well-done design, even if you ultimately question the direction they chose to go. To further this line of thought, this FCC logo is not all that offensive as a whole, it just makes some bizarre design decisions that do not help it (skewing the type upwards, limiting the size of the lion icon, choosing a bizarre typeface, etc...) As for the argument that this is the worst new logo since '96... my argument would be that while the direction is solid (winged lion w/ crown and a sword), the execution is so amateur that it's actually a detriment to the direction. There have been plenty of logos since '96 that I'm personally not too crazy about (Orlando City, Montreal, and Vancouver for example), but at least they are professionally rendered, so it's difficult for me to put them below this FCC offering. And while you do provide good examples of missteps along the way, my rebuttal would be that the MetroStars and Wizards crests were simply continuations or reworkings from the '96 brands so they shouldn't count; the Earthquakes crest, while it looks very dated today, was illustrated very well for the time period. The RBNY one is tough with the lifeless corporate sponsorship driving the direction, but I don't find the RBNY crest to be bad because of how the crest is designed... and that might be the only positive thing I'll say about the RBNY brand. Ultimately. it's not an argument that I'm ready to believe or adhere to at the moment, but my initial reaction to everything that isn't the illustration of the winged lion (which is somewhere around "fine") has turned me off to this crest, which is a new sensation for me.
  12. GFB

    FC Cincinnati

    The idea is good and fine but the execution is horrific. I think you could make the argument that this is the worst MLS logo since 1996.
  13. GFB

    New Logo for Regal Cinema

    It's a really good and clever logo. Huge upgrade. Just wish their supporting typefaces and their layouts were a little more adventurous. They look like something that would have been a part of a brand refresh 10 years ago:
  14. GFB

    NHL 2018-19

    Also, I actually enjoy those digital Blackhawks uniforms much more than their normal black alternate sweaters, where their normal impeccable red/black balance shifts a little too much towards black.
  15. GFB

    NHL 2018-19

    The Red Wings' normal uniforms are untouchable for good reason, but even as a staunch-traditionalist, I really, really enjoyed the modern "winged-D" from the Stadium series uniforms (I didn't care much for the jersey design, but the logo is a perfect modern take on the Wings' history) If the Wings ever wanted to do an alternate jersey and used that logo either as a crest or on the shoulder, I'd be all for it. You could even use a little darker shade of red like the helmets from the 80 to set it apart from the normal look: Lastly, I really don't like the red buckets with the white jerseys look that seems so prevalent for Red Wings' alternate uniforms. This: ...looks far better (and more like the Red Wings) than this, in my opinion: