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  1. GFB

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Did anyone notice Acosta blatantly tripping the Orlando City player leaving the box to prevent the two-on-one?
  2. GFB

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Browns “earn your stripes” gimmick is so lame, even for the preseason.
  3. Nothing says “ships of the desert” like the... Great Lakes State?
  4. GFB

    NFL 2018 changes

    I don't mind the Chargers navy monochrome because at least the lightning bolt is the same on the helmet, jersey, and pants (navy -> powder blue -> gold on a white background). In fact, any of these are fine for the Chargers for that reason: (^ this one is cheating a bit, but get those outlines consistent and it's perfect.)
  5. I keep seeing the phrase "IF Urban Meyer knew," like this issue was a zombie virus and, if he was exposed to it in 2015, there's simply nothing that can be done except removing him now. However, I'd argue that it doesn't matter if Urban Meyer was aware or not. If you weigh both scenarios, wouldn't it be worse if he didn't know? It's a part of Meyer's job description to be aware of issues like that and any failure in awareness is malfeasance on his part. Either Urban Meyer knew one of his coaches was heavily suspected of domestic violence multiple times and chose to keep him on staff full-time, or Urban Meyer was not aware of the actions of a coach who he has worked closely with for over a decade. And if the latter is the truth, how can he be expected to run a program where he's responsible for the off-field actions of 100 college-aged athletes? What else could have transpired that Meyer didn't know about? You can't run a college football program in today's day and age with a mindset of limited awareness. Ultimately, I think the entire point is moot because Meyer is known for being tediously-detailed and is far too competent in every other area of his program. The allegations against Zach Smith weren't a secret to anyone else around the Ohio State football team and Urban is known for doxxing recruits and their parents while on recruiting visits. That doesn't sound like a profile of a man who's running a college football team in the proverbial dark, especially as someone who has always publicized the "core values" he preaches to his team: Honestly, all this makes the Zach Smith stuff more confusing for me. Maybe those "core values" were for the players only, or maybe they were simply for show and Urban never believed in them at all. Regardless of the reasoning, his loyalty to Zach Smith makes zero sense. Meyer could have had his choice of almost any WR coach in the country, and it's not like Zach Smith was an irreplaceable WR coach (his track record at Ohio State mostly involved wasting the talents of legitimate NFL receivers; an elite talent like Michael Thomas never caught more than 60 passes, 800 yards, or 10 touchdowns in a season at OSU). Whatever the reason for Urban to keep him, whether that be loyalty or ignorance or poor decision making, the cost of this scandal will far outweigh any benefits to keeping Smith on staff.
  6. Mentally, I’ve always thought of the Jets as the darker green team and the Eagles as the kelly green team... I don’t think I could process the Jets going back to kelly green and the Eagles staying with dark green.
  7. GFB

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    NO JOKE isn’t that the Tampa Bay Lightning logo, without the circle?
  8. GFB

    2018 NFL Season

    At this time last year, most people thought Gurley couldn’t stay healthy and Goff was a bust. Putting all that salary cap money into a RB and (phenomenal) DT will either be brilliant when it works or it will look really dumb if it doesn’t. I like most of the things the Rams have done this offseason, but I think it’s just as likely that the team struggles/implodes (whether by injuries or attitude or lack of chemistry) to everything clicking and they go 14-2. Most likely, they’ll finish a game or two ahead of the 49ers and Seahawks and finish 2nd or 3rd in the NFC.
  9. GFB

    Quad City Storm SPHL logo

    I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has mentioned the Mallards’ designs in a positive light. It was always my dream to design a logo for a hockey team and I’m so thankful I received that opportunity not only once, but a handful of times. I’m obviously sad to see it go away, but it was a good run and I wouldn’t change a thing... well, maybe I’d try to get it right on the first try... but to see that it will be remembered fondly by a lot of people is the best feeling an artist can ask for. Thank you. I don’t think I need to comment on the Storm logo for obvious reasons (I don’t want to come across as bitter; it’s a normal part of this industry), but I wish the Storm would have given another young designer the opportunity to cut his teeth in the industry, make some mistakes, and learn the trade with their small budget instead of repurposing existing logos into a “visual identity.”
  10. Mexico over Panama Morocco over Egypt
  11. GFB

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Or, they are two Perisic inside-of-the-post-and-out shots away from winning the past two matches in regulation.
  12. GFB

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Again, the sheer size of the United States makes the job of identifying and developing talent 100x more difficult, not easier. There’s a recent Will Parchman article that tackles the very topic (if you have a subscription to The Athletic).
  13. GFB

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Iowa State is dead to me until they put Cy back on the helmet.
  14. EGYPT over Australia PANAMA over Sweden MOROCCO over France MEXICO over Senegal
  15. GFB

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    It looks like something that would have been released alongside the original Nashville Predators or Atlanta Thrashers logo.