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  1. I think we're in agreement... I would consider making decisions in the design realm to potentially (because look at Oregon and their current state of recruiting despite all the "uniformz") cater to the appetites of singular group of people to be a gimmick. Sure, some out there may view it as a necessary evil in today's world, but I think that recruits would still hold a WMU with Fleck and bland uniforms in higher regards than a WMU without Fleck and really trendy uniforms. There are other ways to get kids excited about your uniforms without falling into gimmicks (see Michigan, Ohio State, even Notre Dame).
  2. Not what I meant. I was referring to the application of the design, not the design itself. Logos: Dark helmet w/ 1-color, oversized logo: White helmet w/ inverted,1-color, oversized logo: Boise State did the crazy helmets/uniforms first; it was popular with the kids, so Fleck adopted it at Western. So let's not pretend like PJ Fleck is some design genius with completely new ideas. He's a sharp young coach who can get kids excited about playing football at a directional school in the MAC. But, like everyone else in the world, he saw something he liked and adopted it for his own means. The reason I have a problem with this is that the designs he is adopting look terrible (especially the inverted logo on the white helmet). And that's not even mentioning any uniform design that plays off the "Row the Boat" mantra. You could make the case that PJ Fleck has the worst design taste in all of D1 Football, alongside Bobby Petrino at Louisville. Nothing but gimmicks and schticks with those two.
  3. Sure, except that the "Ghost Bronco" looks like complete butt compared to the actual design. And it's a pretty obvious rip off of the Boise State helmet, so it's not even an original "specific" identity. Also, ors... Way too many ors.
  4. You need to hydrate and drink some water, GPO.
  5. The Broncos current logo is so superior to the old one, but these uniforms are nice too. Go find some middle ground Denver.
  6. I'd feel better about the sincerity of that letter if it didn't come less than a year after this treasure trove:
  7. Eh, these actually seem fun and not the usual soulless Nike chrome/black combat-graffiti. I'm just happy that BOTH school colors are in these uniforms. You know what? Sports design needs more whimsy. Everything doesn't have to be mean and aggressive. I want to be on the side of the creative struggle that has fun and whimsy. Bring back the Citronauts UCF!
  8. Well stated @Lights Out. If they are going to roll with throwback-inspired uniforms all the time (which, good on them), then they might as well make them even better. You don't even have to change the stripes on the orange jersey and pants... just the white jersey and pants. You would then have the "numbers one color/middle stripe the other color" motif running between both uniforms in addition to the helmet stripes lining up.
  9. Pant stripe doesn't match the helmet stripe. I get that it's a throwback, but come on. No bueno.
  10. Green and yellow, Oregon... Green and yellow.
  11. I've made this joke before, but the Sharks' designs keep getting closer and closer to these monstrosities:
  12. If we're talking about end zone designs, the Lions are going back to the Honolulu Blue end zones this year:
  13. I'm sure that little bit of whimsy had absolutely nothing to do with the NHL wanting to get into Disney's deep pockets.
  14. Neon Knights is such a fun nickname there's 0% chance the NHL would let it happen.
  15. Google's solution to the Angels' name always makes me chuckle: