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  1. Messed Up My Whalers Jersey

    "Yeah, other than it being not the same, there's no difference."  
  2. What are you watching?

    THE EXPANSE is easily the best space opera to come to TV since Firefly. Highly, highly recommended.  
  3. Let The Hot Stove Heat Up: 2015-2016 MLB Offseason

    Love the move. I'm gonna go buy a HotNReady on principle alone (I'm sure as hell not going to eat it).
  4. Rockstar Matt's Forza Racing Liveries (Series)

    Yes. Great work.
  5. These are the Lions players' reaction to retaining Jim Caldwell: That's the reaction you have when your boss that lets you slack off all day and bring booze to the office gets to keep his job after your division failed to meet their margins. Look at that last tweet by Ebron. That is so completely asinine. You won 6 out of 8 games because you became family OR because you played a bunch of bad football teams. I'm leaning towards the latter. Even then, you could have been in the playoff hunt had you not given up a 70 yard hail mary with no time left (thanks Coach) or gotten pasted by the Case Keenum-led Rams. These morons.
  6. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Take it to the Sports In General thread guys.
  7. North American Pro Soccer 2015

    He was a member of the Sounders youth academy before leaving for Stanford.
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I'm taking this as you got your mitts on the project and everything is going to be ok.
  9. That means we're the morons who would hire a GM who specifically fits the head coach... and not even a good head coach at that... I'd like to welcome Chris and Bill Polian to Detroit! [/vomits everywhere]
  10. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I understand the visual jazz comparison for Ole Miss and I would agree... with their normal, navy helmets. Not one piece of the normal Ole Miss uniform really matches any other part of the uniform (the single helmet stripe, double white jersey stripe, and split stripe on the pants) and you have a navy helmet, red/white or navy/white jersey, and silver pants with one red stripe and one navy. Nothing specifically matches, but as a whole, the uniform works in an interesting and unique way.However, the eggshell blue helmets takes the fragile balance established by the normal uniforms and upends it. Just as you can overlook some of the differences between individual pieces of the normal uniform because of the uniform as a whole, the same principle also works in the opposite direction; while the eggshell helmets are fine on their own, you have to factor in what they do to the rest on the uniform. The second shade of blue disconnects the helmet from any visual connection to the pants, and paired with a jersey that was already disconnected to the rest of the uniform. Or, in other words, at some point jazz stops being jazz and starts becoming noise.
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    Ole Miss' eggshell blue helmets are incredibly ugly and ruin their entire look.
  12. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    For what it's worth, the Orgo side is whose opinion I typically found myself agreeing with.
  13. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    This has nothing to do with anything, but I've always enjoyed pretending that Morgo and Orgo are the split-personalities of the same person.
  14. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    The most annoying thing about the Rans uniforms are how skinny the horns on the helmets have become over the last 10 years.