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  1. Growing up, Paul Kariya was one of my favorite hockey players. I would have enjoyed watching him actually play in his prime instead of dealing with the repercussions of dirty hits from glorified hitmen. Scott Stevens. (And for the record, I grew up a Red Wings fan in the 90s. If anyone should have a love for "caveman hockey" it should be me... the Colorado/Detroit rivalry was something that was so intense and dripping with hate that I don't think I'll witness anything like it again in pro hockey during my life... However, even I can admit that the sport is better off without goons like Ott, Torres, Cooke, Emelin, and Gudas on the ice)
  2. Here's why I think they are superior: Consistent/matched blue and silver, obviously. The star on the shoulders is used more as a design element rather than a simple shoulder logo. Plus, it's blue on blue so it blends into the shoulders very easily from a distance. You rarely see both stars at the same time. Either the camera is at shoulder level and you see the helmet logo or the camera is above and you see the shoulder design with the front or back of the helmet. The only times you really see the "double star" effect is when the broadcast view zooms in on the profile of a player from above. Lastly (and most importantly), I would argue that the glitz and glamour of the alternate uniforms fits the team's brand and image under Jerry Jones better than the traditional look. You have the gaudy-ness of AT&T Stadium, the "America's Team" nonsense, the diva mentality... While the team has plenty of tradition, they've rarely ever run the franchise like the Packers or Steelers or Giants from a branding/marketing perspective.
  3. I'll just come out and say it... those should become Dallas' primary uniforms ASAP. Throw in a pair of silver pants to match the helmets, and they are perfect.
  4. I'm not a fan of these Vikings uniforms. The color balance is thrown way off with the removal of white from the uniforms. Now, if they replaced the white horns with yellow, then that would be a different story.
  5. Absolute horse :censored:.
  6. Believe me, the fact that you're from Ohio shows.
  7. I think the CCSLC consensus is that Ohio State deserves to lose for these poor aesthetic choices.
  8. Um, not to get off topic, but the Nordiques light blue uniforms (or "look") are iconic, and it really has nothing to do with their logos. The logos are definitely Quebec-inspired and an acquired taste... but even if you think the logos are bad, you have to admit that the look as a whole was awesome.
  9. I don't know... I'm not much of a "fix it" guy, but that "steel grey" was throwing me for a loop, so I wanted to see if the logo would be better with a different color instead: But after changing the colors around, I realized that I think it's the construction of the shadows that is throwing me off. The white highlights reach the very edge of the helmet, while the shadows are constrained from reaching it. I think that's what's bothering me.
  10. "I'M HERE FOR THE RIOT THIS LOGO IS AN ABOMBINATION AND A DETRIMENT TO TH...." **sees logo** /slowly puts down pitchfork "Oh man, it's really good. Drat."
  11. Scorch the earth. Salt the ground. Pee on the salt.
  12. It's pretty clearly the shadow of the ridge of helmet.
  13. I get more of a "Spartan" vibe from that helmet, but hey, that's pretty creative. NHL branding has been on point lately.