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  1. I don't know Cap... if it's a situation where the fans are on clearly on board like Al Davis or Jerry Jones or Bob Kraft or someone of that ilk, then I can understand it. But for the majority of my life, most Lions fans I knew were begging William Clay Ford to sell the team so the team could be more successful. I mean, it's the Ford's team, so they can do whatever they want with it. However, there is a real likelihood that in 20 years WCF will be behind both Martha and Bill Jr in terms of best Lions acting ownership... then we'll have our worst owner immortalized on our uniforms.
  2. He also moved the team out of Detroit to Pontiac for a couple decades. Honestly, the WCF patch is why I will never buy a Lions jersey. I really like these uniforms too... but since the unveiling, the WCF patch has left a sour taste in my mouth. I wouldn't buy a Tigers or Wings jersey with "Mr. I" patch, and he meant more to those franchises than Ford ever meant to the Lions. The Lions have always been more important than WCF and they will continue to be long after William Clay is (rightfully) forgotten. He's not worthy of being enshrined on the uniform permanently.
  3. This is probably the Tigers uniform you're thinking of:
  4. When I was made aware that Tank was going viral (h/t to raysox), imagine my relief when I discovered that he had only missed a train.
  5. No one has actually seen the uniforms at this point, so if you've already picked your stance on these soon-to-be uniforms based on a highly edited and damaged poster, you need to calm down. I'm not thrilled about the sleeve wordmark (it's dumb, but it's not something you're going to be able to see from the TV cam) or what looks like white numbers on a silver uniform (should be blue), but I would happily trade that for the removal of black, silver masks, and a better number font... As long as they dodge the "wordmark on the pants" bullet, these uniforms should be an upgrade.
  6. Holy pubescent snickering.
  7. The Target logo is fine. It's the awkward sash that ruins it.
  8. That's a terrible wordmark. Hopefully that's just the work of an intern. They should have just removed the silver outline all together. You don't need it.
  9. From yesterday's Detroit Free Press Gilbert offer for Wayne County jail site expected within days
  10. I'm no urban planner, but building a jail at a prime real estate spot inside your resurging downtown area feels like a mistake to me.
  11. Reminds me of the Armada... great look!
  12. Homeless United FC
  13. I don't see any sources that are saying that the failed jail site is out of play... and even if it is not viable, there are several other locations inside Detroit that they could build a soccer stadium.
  14. Woo for MLS Detroit. DCFC and their ultras can get bent.
  15. Not to me, personally. But I'm sure there have been complaints, as there always are when any publicly-funded municipality spends money on a "non-essential" item like a new brand or website (for example, read the comments on this article, if you want a have a good cry/laugh). However, the people who are going through the school/district's budget and picking apart where funds are going or simply see a number in an article, they are probably going to complain about something regardless of where the money is spent, whether it be on new ceiling fans or replacing computers or buying new pots and pans for the cafeteria. Another thing to keep in mind is that if a project goes over a certain price point, it has to be put out to bid. So if there was real pushback, the schools could always reveal the bids they received back and disclaim that they went with the cheapest bid or the best quality at cost bid.