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  1. I firmly believe that any frisbee-based activity is not a sport. I don't have a sound rational for this, but the truthiness of that statement feels right to me.
  2. Trying to muster up all the fake-outrage that I can... and I'm still laughing. I hope a Tigers player does that the next time they try wear their "Tigres" uniforms.
  3. Pokemon is one of those things I haven't/won't let myself get into, because I know that if I were to let myself run wild, I would lose weeks and months of my life to the game.
  4. This is an interesting discussion for me, as I was in high school during the mainstream peak of pop punk (so I love the genre), but I've never felt an affinity toward Blink-182. I seemed to always fall on the Jimmy Eat World/New Found Glory/Yellowcard side of the genre (with the occasional venture over to see My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy). I checked out California on a whim this week, and it's by far the most-accessible album in their catalogue for me...and I found that a little strange, because Tom Delonge always seemed to be the one who was most willing to experiment with new sounds (AVA and all that). Turns out his departure provided enough of a shakeup to let Mark and Travis bring in outside help for this album; and all things considered, a writing team of John Feldmann, Patrick Stump, and Martin Johnson (Boys Like Girls receives the appropriate amount of public scoffing as a band, but the guy knows his way around a hook) makes it hard to mess up. Speaking of the late 90s-early 00s pop punk/emo genre as a whole, the timing of the rise of the genre is makes it fascinating to look back at. It was the last genre of rock to develop before the rise of the internet and one of the first to use the Internet as a means to growing (MySpace, Napster). Andy Greenwald's Nothing Feels Good is a great read if you grew up interested in those bands or the time period. (I realize that this post has almost zero actual content, but oh well)
  5. To me, matching the color to the arbitrary name "gold" is less important than matching the classic Pittsburgh colors (and the Steelers/Pirates).
  6. I'll be contrarian... This is fantastic. In fact, this is superior in every way to the Fighting Sioux other than the name.
  7. Unbelievable performance by my Croats. If we can get Modric back, with the way the bracket is set up, there's no reason why we can't make a deep run.
  8. Anyone have Bob Bradley's phone number? PK was the right call, btw.
  9. If the NHL can have 10 teams that primarily wear red sweaters, surely we have room for two black/gold teams.
  10. The hypocrisy and insatiable ego of the NCAA is so completely mind-blowing... The fact that, in their mind, compensating students (who mind you, the NCAA's bazillion dollar platform was created entirely on the backs of) with money, tattoos, or possessions is a worse offense and carries harsher punishments than actual crimes is sickening. Here's a short list at how the infractions should be viewed by the NCAA, from least severe to most: Compensating or allowing players to profit off their own name. (SMU, Fab Five, Reggie Bush, Ohio State's tattoo-gate, Ole Miss -- Actual positives for the students) Recruiting "experiences" (Miami, Louisville -- Just as long as it stays away from outright prostitution) Creating fake majors and classes for athletes to pass without trying/attending. (UNC -- Hurts the athlete in the long run) Sweeping investigations under the rug for a star player (FSU/Jameis Winston -- Early onset "Lack of Institutional Control") Creating a culture that fosters heinous acts for an extended period of time (Penn State, Baylor -- Cancerous cultures that need to be put down and into perspective) In reality, you can flip that list upside down and it would fit the NCAA's punishments perfectly.
  11. After the most successful 5-year run of the football program, Baylor fired head football coach Art Briles and "reassigned" university president Ken Starr after releasing findings from a report created by a independent law firm... and it's, um, not good: You can read the full independent report here. I thought this was interesting due to the recent revelations of the Penn State scandal and the discussions that came of it. One of the common "defenses" used by Penn State supporters at the time was that "too much time had passed, regimes had changed, don't punish the people that had no part in it, etc." Well, that argument is out the window for this situation at Baylor. In the Penn State thread, I argued at the time (and in hindsight) that Penn State should have received the death penalty for what happened under the watch of the Cult of Paterno. In this scenario now playing out at Baylor and if the findings are indeed true (they are), I think the death penalty should be given to the Bears as well. It shows a repeated and fundamental lack of institutional control, where success on the football field has eclipsed even basic human decency and rights. Vacating scholarships, wins, or practice time isn't going to miraculously fix the distorted value systems at play within the athletic department and administration where the football program is more important than the safety and treatment of your female athletes and students. That is ass-backwards and won't be fixed with a slap on the wrist. What do you think the punishment should be for the Baylor football program?
  12. Poor Summer. I don't know if this helps, but in the books, Old Nan tells Bran that Hodor was kicked by a horse and that's how he became Hodor. So BBTV, that could be the ground-zero incident you're looking for... My two cents: I don't think that there is as much implication for time-travel past/future altering as some are assuming based on this episode's events. I think past Hodor suffering the consequences of future Bran was a perfect storm of circumstances: Bran having already warged into Hodor previously (like broken-in mitt), Bran's consciousness being in the past and attempting to warg into the future, Hodor's simple mind not being able to handle the bridge, etc... Thus far, the only people who have noticed Bran during his visions are either people who Bran has warged with or into, people who share blood with Bran, and an entity that controls a very large amount of magic. While it shows the past is breakable (like a museum, you can look but should never touch) I don't think that means he can go into the past and starting giving the Lannisters seizures at will or start changing outcomes for the better. I just hope that Bran doesn't become Game of Thrones' version of Tolkien's Eagles or Deus ex Machina that allows the writers to write themselves into a corner only to dismiss it with a wave of the hand and an act of Bran.
  13. Back when the sanctions were given out, I would have said 2-3 years would probably be enough. It would have cleared out the majority of the roster, clean out the coaches and football administration, and it would have forced the program to reboot from scratch. That's also a short enough window of time to allow the athletic department to get by without its biggest cash cow to support the other programs. Now, make them give James Franklin a 10-year contract extension. All jokes aside, all I want to see is some form of whitewashing of the Paterno era. Take down the statues, blot out the names, clear the record books (something that meant SO MUCH to Paterno), change the uniforms... Anything to say "Something awful happened here, we understand it, and we are not those people any longer."
  14. It doesn't help that I ran into a PSU season ticket holder while on vacation a few months back. We made small talk about the football team and he said that the sanctions were "a joke" and "an overreaction" and they "had the book thrown at them." THEY were the victims. I realize it's just one fan*, but you can see that viewpoint is far too common among Jay Paterno and the PSU faithful. Sanctions and a few years of mediocre football were never going to allow for the truth to register inside their minds. You are not the victims. Children were raped over and over again by a man you enabled and then turned a blind eye to within your walls all in the name of a stupid game. Human lives were turned upside down and destroyed. THEY are the victims and they are still paying for it to this very day. I'm a Michigan fan who watched the basketball program be destroyed for 20 years because they paid players money (against the rules, but you can make the argument it helps the player and his family). SMU lost their program for years because they paid them money. PSU deserved far worse for actually hurting people.