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  1. John Quincy King, I love you, and the world loves you! Don't hate appreciate.
  2. Nhl football x-over thread

  3. Nfl baseball x-over thread

    SHB- Did I swear in my post? Did I make inflaming comments? No, I wanted to tell you that you are taking this the wrong way. Your whole premise on this board has been the fact that you Hate Brown. We were all force to read post, after post of supposed jokes about "Brown." It was one of the most annoying "non-jokes" I have ever seen. We were all force to read the "joke" every single day when we checked the board. You then proceeded to rip other for their concepts and so forth. Some how we are suppose to feel sorry for the annoying poster who has HATE in his name? Someone who is strong enough to hate something, should certainlly be able to take a little friendly critiquing. This is not about pride buddy, this is about the fact that you can dish is out, but not take it. I would reccomend that you purchase some webspace and get your site on a search engine such as google. You can put all your concepts on the site, but make sure not to put your e-mail address (you could recieve an e-mail with advice and Shark Hate That). Your website would be put out there and looked over by a few people who didn't care about uniform concepts. You seem to detest everything this board is about and that would signal it is time for you to go. I wish you good luck in your other endeavors. It seems as if this message board and uniform concepts are not for you. This post is pretty inflaming, so I reccomend you hide your eyes. The man who loves to HATE can't handle the HEAT.
  4. Nfl baseball x-over thread

    Who cares, you act like a first grader. Just make your concepts and shut up. The guy had a point, but this is over sensitive SHB once again getting mad over nothing. Grow Up
  5. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    Simply trying to get you angered and sidetracked from the completely serious attitude. I will simply go back to my other name if you quit the non-stop stuff afore mentioned.
  6. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    I knew of this Keith character ever since the helmet project message board. He posted worthless items, and we all know that. I am not enjoying the turn that this message board has taken recently. Shark I love your stuff, but the brown jokes are wearing. Using brown jokes every once and a while is fine, but in every single thread. I really do enjoy your work and occasional jokes are fine.
  7. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    Great use of a disparaging word, maybe you should go study up on how to make a good arguement. You waste hour after hour on this message board, that's your prerogative, but don't act like your really intelligent. Try picking up a few baseball cards or reading some comics. You could even try enlightining yourself by reading the newspaper.This is board is a hobby, you and you other buddies have run amuck by posting worthless jersey's, logos, and comments. The original people who posted a while ago, posted intelligent material. These intelligent posters, did not spend their whole lives typing on this message board.They often posted about once a day, realizing that this is a hobby and not a way of life. Thank you
  8. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    finally intelligence can be associated with that avatar
  9. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    I saw it a day ago, but I think with the yahoo pictures, you must make sure that the album or picture you want is shared. There is a menu on the side dealing with this.
  10. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    settle down man, it's just a message board. You and some other people take yourselfs way too seriously. Go watch little college basketball.
  11. New jersey giants concept

    Mickey30, I can't see it. I bet it's the the y turned into the j
  12. My design pageai finally got a webpage.

    sweet ideas man, keep them coming
  13. Volleyball... from hell!

    ^ I am with a real comedian
  14. Volleyball... from hell!

    I.H.S.-I HATE SHARK HAHAHAH, dude you are funny. Brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown. Shut up already :angry:
  15. The ultimate az cardinals uniform concept!

    Are you trying to ruin the topic? Why don't you get an alternate hobby.