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  1. Booee

    CFL 2012

    Why did the Stamps have to keep the horse shoe secondary on the away??? The horse would have looked much better. Oh well, nice upgrade on the home but the away still stinks. Edit: the away might not look too bad with the black helmet.
  2. Booee

    CFL 2012

    Toronto tonight - 6:00 pm EST. All the west teams are revealed tomorrow.
  3. Booee

    CFL 2012

    11:00 am CST
  4. Booee

    CFL 2012

    I'm guessing that ISN'T a Stamps sneak peek. Not sure what it is: but it sure doesn't look like a "Reebok quality" jersey. Take a look at the stitching and fabric - now compare it to the Hamilton, Edmonton & BC leaks. The material and quality looks like something you'd find on a 1970's cheap replica. Edit: when you look at the other CFL teaser pictures - they show boxes, guys welding the TSN logo... this red fabric could be anything.