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  1. Panther's Uni Mistake

    Ah I see, lol. Well this can be sent to the graveyard.
  2. Panther's Uni Mistake

    Something that has really bugged me this year is a mistake with the Panther's pants. The Panther head logo is missing from the pants. I've only noticed it this year, and imagine it is just a slip up by the equipment manager. I could understand this type of slip up on a thrid string QB, but it has shown up on DeShaun Foster and Mike Wahle. Wahle is the starting LG and Foster looks to be the starter at RB this week. So is this just a mistake with the equpiment manager or could the supplier (Reebok) be to blame? Either way I feel it looks really crappy and needs to be fixed. For example see this link:Charlotte.com Picture The picture shows Jordan Carstens #67 starting RDT.
  3. Which NFL coaches are next to go?

    Might want to add Jon Gruden to that list too. I know he won the Super Bowl for the Buc's but he hasn't done anything since then.
  4. carolina panthers concept

    Nice job, but I really like the silver they have now better. If I was going to get rid of the silver it would be done with these changes: -a black helmet with blue facemask -home jersey would be the current alternates with black pants -the current away jerseys are fine, just replace the silver helmet You mentioned you forgot shoulder numbers, also you forgot the Panther logo on the sleeve and on the pants on the stripe. Might have meant it that way though.
  5. Absolutely horrible

    LOL at that comment! I agree with Chazberg does look unbalanced now. Having the top of your socks the same color as the pants looks awful.
  6. New Clemson Jerseys?

    You could be watching Iowa-PSU. It's 6-2 right now. Real barnburner. Yeah lol. I guess 7-3 beats that
  7. New Clemson Jerseys?

    IMO they look awful. I'm watching the Clemson / Maryland game right now and I can't get over how horrid they look. Maryland's new jerseys look bad too. It just looks like they threw in piping for no reason.... I can't decide who looks worse on the field. At least it matches this horribly boring game I'm watching. When the announcers keep talking about how good the special teams are playing you know the game sucks. Edit: BTW is it a dark Blue or Purple?
  8. Pro Football Hall of Fame preliminary nominees

    Marino, Young, Irving are all going in this year. I'm thinking of making the trip to the induction ceremony. When I was young I was a huge Dan Marino/Dolphins fan before the we got the Panthers. So I would like to see him inducted. He deserves it after never getting his Super Bowl ring....
  9. DC Colonials

    Great job! Just wanted to add my name to the others already giving praise. I too would love to see a complete uniform concept. Keep up the great work.
  10. Patriots go for record 19th win in a row

    I was watching the Pats/Bills game the other week and the announcers mentioned that this 19 in a row isn't even a NFL recognized record. The record books don't count playoff wins, this is really just a media created record.... Don't know if that's true, but if it is the Dolphins are still safe.
  11. Sheffield on Bonds

    That's exactly why I don't watch MLB. After the strike and a joke steroid policy, why watch guys juiced up play? Until MLB adopts a strict drug enforcement policy I will not support the league.
  12. The Gamecocks

    I would love for UNCC to field a football team. Heck, they couldn't be much worse then most of C-USA. (except Louisville)
  13. The Gamecocks

    The Gamecocks are looking rather impressive this season. If not for the collapse against UGA they would be 4-0. Still they are having a good season. I'm glad one of the Carolina's are fielding a decent football team. UNC's football program is a disgrace. So until UNC fields a good team I'll support are neighbors to the south, Go Gamecocks!
  14. NFL Re-Design Project (Washington Name)

    I have Irish in me and the nickname Fighting Irish doesn't offend me. In fact the name Whites, Crackers, or Land Snatchers wouldn't offend me. If it takes a team nickname to get worked up get a life. There is a lot more in the world to worry about. By the way you might say Fighting Irish isn't deogratory but why are the Irish always fighting? Because they are always drunk!
  15. Worst 2-0 Team

    Yeah barely against a horrible Cards team. Oh well see ya in Charlotte. I've heard Fields and Morgan are planing a welcoming party for Vick. And yes I do remember that Sunday night game, had Moose not given up on the route it would have been another cardiac cats OT victory.