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  1. Your WRU Lineup is due

  2. I'm doing my best to get over that 500 mark, but the issue is that most of my browsing is on my phone, from which I can't post.

  3. Hey. I'm doing this because I can't pm on my phone. I would love to get in on the rugby league. The only issue is the 500-post minimum. However, the constitution says a league organizer can petition for an exemption to said rule for a given owner. Would you be willing to try for me? I'd love to be involved.

  4. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    Yeh I know. Well, there is no points to argue (in regards to Usain) that he is on drugs apart from the times he is running. These times biomechs have said are within human capabilities. In regards to Semenya, you can argue that she looks, runs and talks like a man. Has facial hair and muscle of a man. So there are reasons to suggest she is a he. But it will all get sorted out once and for all soon.
  5. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    This man is incredible. Just cruises through the heats and then blows everyone away in the final. This man is already a legend, but he is quickly surpassing Carl Lewis who I regard as the greatest Olympic athlete of all time. In the 150m street race earlier in the year he went through the 50-150m in something like 8.4s. Imagine if he could reach top speed sooner in the 100m. Well done Usain, the 400m awaits! Oh and while I'll defend Usain Bolt and any potential drug use. I'll come out and say I honestly do think Semenya is a man.
  6. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    Why is it inappropriate, Matt? Elite international Track and Field competition has always been plagued by doping. I haven't seen anyone suggest that Bolt is doping. I just said that I hope he's not because I would hate to see this record tarnished. I was really just getting into Track and Field in 1988 when Ben Johnson ran that amazing 100m final. A year earlier, Johnson dropped a tenth off the WR, clocking in at 9.83. The 9.79 he ran to capture the gold in Seoul was a fast as many "experts" thought a human could hope to run. But a few days later, Johnson was shown to have doped his way to his records and 9.93 was re-established as the record. No one reached 9.79 "legitimately" until Maurice Green did it over 10 years later! Doping completely changes the landscape, and I'm sorry that some athletes have made it so that anytime there is such a monumental drop in the 100m world record, we have to hope that the new "World's Fastest Man" is clean. Usain Bolt dropped his own record by over a tenth of a second, that had never happened before cleanly. I just don't think we should be speculating on possible doping. I think we should respect what he has just done. I don't think people should make any reference to possible usage of performance enhancing drugs until such test results are made public. Usain Bolt would be one of the most tested athletes in the world. Everytime he breaks the WR or wins, he will be tested. In this day and age, the doping controls are more stringent than back in 1988 when Ben Johnson embarrassed himself. I am in awe of what Usain Bolt has just done, he is almost flying. It is incredible to see man move that fast, and I fully respect Usain Bolt who has the WR for 100, 150 and 200 + the 4x100m relay WR.
  7. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    And who said man can't fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was insane! And this guy is only 22, I've heard rumours he will be moving to the 400m distance next year (a non-championship year) and aiming to get all 3 sprint records. (Actually, that would make 4, because he has the 150m record that he set recently in Manchester). And guys, I think it is entirely inappropriate to raise suggestions of doping.
  8. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    Its just an interesting stat.
  9. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    I was gonna say something in response to that. But there's way too many American's on here.
  10. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    Almost a marathon in an hour...... See, i dont know maths
  11. Bolt Bolts to new World Record

    How fast is that at that speed? 9.72 *10 (to equal a km) and then somehow work our how far in an hour, its fast
  12. Logo Tattoos

    Geez, how much did these things run you? Are you planning to get every MLS team on your body? Those aren't all his. Only the Houston one. Which explains the LA Galaxy logo in his sig.
  13. Logo Tattoos

    That's what my mates done. I think. Either that or he really likes crappy looking designs featuring playing cards, flames and other thigns he saw on the shop wall a minute before he got them done. I'm gonna get a few tatts when i'm 18 in a few months. Nothing big, just a few things that mean something to me and maybe a southern cross on my forearm. Nords, I don't think theyre xxjdm's tatts, i think he saw them on a website.
  14. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks guys. Brian sent me a list of other sites to try. Kitbag etc. I managed to find a white with royal blue piping version of a Phoenix Suns shirt. Even the typical Aussie wont fall for that.
  15. Counterfeit Scavenger Hunt

    Folks, G'day, I'm interested im buying a Manchester United shirt home or away, either or, i don't particularly mind. Haven't got the money to buy it from the shop. They're about $130. I need help with a couple of these of ebay. 1 - Red Home Jersey Roughly $50, not sure if its real. You know the stories of if 'its too good to be true it most likely is'. I'm not sure exactly, it looks right, but the Nike ticks look a bit more vertical than the roughly 45 degree the tail ticks off to. 2 - White Away Jersey The gold bit on the side of the piping looks a bit thicker than usual. I think it's the same person as abover. Which of these are 100% correct? and authentic? I don't want to buy crap and I don't want one with names and numbers on it. Hope ya's can help.