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  1. Hey team Recently I launched a new project - running tours of Melbourne, Australia. If you are traveling to Melbourne or know of anyone that is, please share the facebook page with them. Or visit the website at There will be the opportunity for CCSLCĂ©rs to do some paid design work once I get set up a bit more. The first project will be a long sleeved running top in April. But more on that later. It'd be great if you could like and share the facebook page with those you think may be interested! Cheers Alphabet Man
  2. 2015 NRL Telstra Premiership

    Will Gold Coast have a team?
  3. Adelaide Eagles American football club redesign

    Very nice, I love the logo. Perhaps the combination of logo and wordmark so that it looks like a complete logo? So many things you could do in way of uniforms with a logo with that. Is your club looking at new uniforms? PM if you want details on a cost-saving, high quality uniform structure.
  4. Running singlets - Concept to Reality

    I should point out that the green one is for a group called Hills Running Club, hence the hills... or inverted boobies... we did experiment with little houses on top of the hills
  5. Running singlets - Concept to Reality

    Thanks. Yeah the blue one has more members in the group, but the green one has a lot more kids in that group. I'm the only one who has both singlets.
  6. Running singlets - Concept to Reality

    Dear friends, I have missed you all in the months I have not been here. In those months I have had some of my work made up into actual designs and now I want to show off my awesome design work using the technical drawing program called paint. The designs below have been retraced by the manufacturer, but are entirely the same as my designs. These are for 2 of my running groups that I'm apart of. Here is how they started on paintbrush: Then the sportswear company drew them up properly: And here is how they turned out: The other one I haven't worn yet to get a photo of and I shouldn't post photos of other people in them without consent. This whole process, which took from July until October has been long, but its been rewarding, when your work gets made up and people buy them, I feel great. The blue one has sold 17 and the green one has sold about 28. But let me know what you think...or if you'd like to buy one let me know and I can arrange one or two... Doing these designs has helped me rediscover the passion for designing sportswear again, something I probably haven't really done in 4 or 5 years. I might create some collections over summer once I'm done with work this year... I'd like to be able to get more work made up. Would like some general comments on what you think of the designs...
  7. AFL Trade Time (Aussie Rules)

    Still not happy about McEvoy being traded. But St Kilda did okay in the end, brought in a younger ruckman, a midfielder, a defender, and 3 top 20 picks I think. Could have made an effort to keep Dal Santo though. Not sure if St Kilda know what they are doing. Someone asked about Fevola. He's a dick.
  8. Bucket list countries to visit

    Been to USA - Los Angeles, Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Egypt. Next holiday for the end of 2014 is to Costa Rica and then something around California and Vegas. Might book an apartment in Santa Monica (loved it there) and have a training camp there. Would like to go live in London for a few years down the track - work, travel to different places in Europe on a weekend trip... or between work. Would like to visit Russia and Finland and China and Japan.... and everywhere!
  9. Beer

    no idea what the rest of this thread is about. currently downing some Fat Yak's... an amazing boutique beer, pale ale from Matilda Bay brewery.... ima start my own brewery....
  10. New Year's Resolutions

    2012 was fun, I went places I never thought It'd ever go - USA, Egypt, I met people I never planned on meeting, met some good people, lost some people, heh thats just relationships, I made significant inroads on my career, i learnt alot about myself. But for 2013.... - Enjoy life, do things that make me happy - Develop more as a person - Save money rather than spend it all on holidays - Meet new, cool people - Finish my post grad masters - And get a job for 2014
  11. Anyone here a school teacher...

    Over here it is ia requirement to be able to teach more than one subject. While you may get hired to teach one subject, most schools require a combination of subjects. I'll take note of that. Apparently its the same in England. Any state or province (US or Canada) that is easy to get certified in is a winner for me... I would expect to have to do some sort of tests, especially if I were to teach US History. I would be accredited to teach in Victoria, Australia so I wouldn't have to do too many compentency tests. I will be 24 by the time I graduate, and will graduate with a Masters in Teaching. I would probably try and teach over here on a short term basis until the US school year starts in August. Our years run Feb - Dec, so the calendar year. I have enough experience on my resume to be able to land me a job, so I'm putting myself ahead of the graduates that have no real experience in teaching. I'd rather you be realistic than unrealistic. My intention is to be fussy with where I work, its all teaching, and its all experience, starting to sound desperate for a job now. I actually make more money as a teaching aide now than I would over there, but our award system is a lot different, cost of living etc... then again, you don't get into teaching to become rich. At the moment, I do a lot of extra-curricular things for my school, coaching cross country and athletics, going on all their camps etc. Anyway, there is a long way to go until I graduate (for the second time)
  12. Anyone here a school teacher...

    Is any CCSLC member a school teacher? I'm finishing off my degree next year kinda interested in moving over to the US to teach. It's okay, I don't want your job, just want to ask some questions....i could call it a PD. For privacy sake, maybe dont mention the school, maybe the city/state and what subjects you teach. For whats it worth, my areas will be PE, history/humanities/sose and health. I am aware if i went over to the US to teach history id have to learn a little about american history....but thats okay, history is interesting.
  13. Running singlets/tops

    The following are designs I've had for different running clubs and groups im involved in. This is something I've had in mind for non club events... not sure, but looking for something completely different... ideas? (using paint) I cant find my other stuff for this club. This is for another group called Hills Running Club. This was my first attempt- using ai: This is my more recent attempt - using paint: Everyone liked green and grey - using paint: Ideas? What do you think?
  14. Do you get out in the sun?

    I spend most of the year outdoors. Until recently, I worked mostly outdoors on the beach or coaching at schools. I usually just use sunscreen. I dont limit my time outside, I enjoy my time outside. Outside is a whole world to explore. Back on track, as a surf lifesaver we have to wear long sleeve shirts, wide brimmed hats, sunglasses and wear sunscreen to protect ourselves. Often if its a hectic day, the sunscreen is not reapplied because we have lives to save. We just do what we can really. Considering i wear long sleeves, my arms are pretty well tanned.
  15. What is there to do in LA?

    I will be there July 1-8. It will be 2 nights in Anaheim, 3 in LA, 1 in Vegas and 1 in LA. Accommodation is all mostly booked. Haven't locked in the last 2 nights just yet. I've pencilled in activities for most days. A few things mentioned here have made the list....