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  1. Survival79

    2019 MLB Changes

    If they're going to use gold maybe they should own it. Or use the beige or blue from the 2014 MLB All-Star Game logo? If they are changing and it's minor like the Royals they'll probably just remove the gray.
  2. Survival79

    2019 MLB Changes

    A possibility?
  3. Survival79

    2019 MLB Changes

    Maybe the script without the diamond was never officially designated as the primary logo? It's also interesting that it doesn't appear to have been designated as an alternate logo at any point. The Rays have been using it on their website since last year and MLB uses it in graphics. (I know this is a mishmash of primaries and cap logos, but still interesting that they are using it instead of the diamond logo or cap logo.)
  4. Survival79

    2019 MLB Changes

    The Rays did that last year. Rays All-Time Uniforms and Logos Rays Tweak Logo, Unveil 20th, Announce Throwback Games
  5. Survival79

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before, but if the Rams keep the Ram head logo I sure hope they don't just recolor the current two-color version. It appears that all of the two-color versions kept the horn's lower white shading, which disrupts the horn's taper. Filling that white shading in blue allows for a more natural taper.
  6. Survival79

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I'd let it eat cookies in bed.
  7. Survival79

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I don't know if it's as recognizable/enviable as the Yankees, Mets, (or Giants), but it's certainly more delicious.
  8. Survival79

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    It gives the Jets logo what it always needed: a hamburger bun.
  9. Survival79

    NHL 2018-19

  10. Survival79

    MLS Kits 2019

    So, the team with five championships has to wear a small gold star while the team coming off of their first championship gets a large gold star? I can see why the Galaxy went to five stars. The way they went about it is wrong, of course. The defending champion should get a small gold star and all other championships should be represented by a small silver star. (Pretend the Galaxy only had four championships and just won their fifth.) If they keep winning championships just keep adding stars like the Lakers.
  11. Survival79

    Misconceptions of logos

    Never saw that part. Just thought it was a white, soulless eye, like the Lions logo.
  12. Survival79

    NHL 2018-19

  13. Survival79

    Twins' new alternate uniform