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  1. They definitely need to go back to the black, silver, and blue, I just never cared for the script.
  2. I'm glad the Lightning removed the Tampa Bay script.
  3. The SI graphic artist(s) even included the new ad patches.
  4. It represents New York's grey-collar work ethic.
  5. Looks like there is only a shoulder patch on the right shoulder.
  6. I sure hope not. Gold helmets with charcoal uni's would look awful
  7. Keith Burns Super Bowl XXXII Signed Game-Worn Broncos Helmet and 1998 Signed Game-Worn Jersey Mike Anderson Game Used and Signed/Inscribed Denver Broncos Helmet (Anderson LOA)
  8. I don't think the Penguins have posted any teasers.
  9. The secondary with the full wolf head not breaking through the bottom is so much better looking. They should have used that and arched Minnesota along the top and Timberwolves along the bottom. Then sprinkle in a few trees like the old secondary and it would be perfect.
  10. "The Rams went to their white jerseys for both home and road games in 2016, their first year back in Los Angeles. On the road, they wore blue pants with gold stripes. Those stripes will now be white."