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  1. "The Rams went to their white jerseys for both home and road games in 2016, their first year back in Los Angeles. On the road, they wore blue pants with gold stripes. Those stripes will now be white."
  2. SoCal Chargers California Chargers California Chargers of Los Angeles
  4. Clear side panels!
  5. Las Vegas owner Bill Foley is confident his new NHL team name is worth the wait
  6. I mentioned these differences (as well as the stick knobs being different and the thumb area on the penguin's left hand glove) to Chris earlier this year and was kind of surprised it didn't end up as a story on the main site, because I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned anywhere before. They are both official logos, just one is used for print/media and the other for the jersey crest, as you noted. Similar to the Philadelphia Flyers print/media and jersey crest differences (as well as the Yankees in MLB).
  7. ...and the updated/final version.
  8. Confirmed: MLB Caps Will Fly the New Era Flag
  9. Has anyone tried taking a seam ripper to remove the NE logo from a NE-branded cap?
  10. Based on the graphic from the first post the uniforms aren't exactly the same as what the NHL Penguins will be wearing. The white stripe on the waist of the black jersey is thicker on the NHL Penguins jersey.
  11. Las Vegas Night Knights? My apologies if this has already been mentioned earlier.