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  1. tajmccall

    Introducing the Rocket City Trash Pandas

    I am sorry, but i do not get the purists that are trying to put inject something that was never there into minor-league baseball. Take a look at Ebbets Field catalogs, they have always had irreverent names. Let the major leagues (and they often time now fail at this) be serious. Minor league teams often are gone as quickly as their namesakes are in popular lexicon. Most of them come and go. Rare are the Durham Bulls and Rochester Red Wings. I can appreciate the fondness of the normal naming structures, but its AA ball, and its a team that will probably move or rebrand within 15 years. But hey, whats this board without debate? Just be glad (outside of a few promotional nights) they generally LOOK somewhat traditional when they take the field. They could have a great name and awful uniforms.
  2. tajmccall

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Hmm. I wonder who makes their jerseys.
  3. tajmccall

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Oh you mean their best jersey? Great. I still can't believe how little Gold is on the Maroon jersey. I'd bet a wheat penny they wear the Gold Chrome lids, though.
  4. Hahaha. these purple jerseys are going to be used like 3 times. My call- City ones will probably be Los Angeles in cursive, but in Forum Blue/Gold Thus making all things right in the world. We know LeBron loves mixing eras, and I wouldn't doubt he has a say in things- although might be more for next year. Not sure the timeline on this stuff.
  5. tajmccall

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    i could see a cream jersey for the Bucks. Yellow would be...a departure. Like from any of their branding. Ever.
  6. tajmccall

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  7. tajmccall

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Forgive me if this was already posted, but it appears they added the oar to the gold helmets, and maroon bars. This was posted on twitter a fews days back around BIG10 media day. as opposed to the initial launch. Im sure they will mix and match a bunch, but interesting to see variants already coming about. I can nearly guarantee a Goldy decal on this helmet at some point.
  8. tajmccall

    College Football uniforms- 2018

  9. tajmccall

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    I think a better, or at least more-interesting way to phrase this would be most "characterless" jerseys. Which team's uniform most abandoned the charm/aesthetic of it's team (or city.) To me, the Dallas Stars mid 2000s jerseys is the most glaring example. Going from the NorthStars classic ID - to the updated relocation- to the All-Star jersey...to a bad college rip off, and worse making their gold a flat khaki. I'll always see them not rebranding as the Lone Stars (irony of the plural of that aside) a major miss. But the 2000's "blandification" is just plain lazy and bad branding. The Sonics rebrand before they left is also on that list. The jerseys are...okay. The logos and typefaces are an absolute disaster, and such an utter downgrade from anything prior.
  10. tajmccall

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    Way too much white on the Navy ones. What is the hierarchy of colors? I assume white is 4th...so thats weird.
  11. tajmccall

    NBA 90s series(LAL, NYK, ATL, DAL, ADDED)

    Haha, nice work on these. Really capture the shackles-off feeling sublimation brought uniform production.
  12. tajmccall

    Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    So...nearly every primary in baseball?
  13. tajmccall

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    The Vikings uniform is fantastic. But they have the benefit of a unique color palette and a proud period of success to draw from.
  14. tajmccall

    Other Birds as the Orioles Logo

    I am enjoying this so much.
  15. tajmccall

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I always wait to see the full presentation, but this looks like a design-by-committee frankendesign. I really wish Nike released more behind-the-scenes unused designs, just so we can rightfully blame the teams' management for meddling. Hey, its their money. But Its refreshing when marketing management just trusts creative after turning over a thorough brief, but this is the eternal struggle for corporate design.