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  1. My money's on the team in purple to win it all and be undefeated.
  2. willmorris

    Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

    I'm wondering, is the top of the bell supposed to call back to the shape of the Keystone?
  3. I think we can allow a move as it's between seasons.
  4. We still need an owner for the only CCSLC league that plays two seasons a year; we're getting ready for January to start the Primavera season! So if you're interested, apply here now! Side note: this is an excellent way for some of you newer people to learn how to do fantasy soccer the CCSLC way! New owners are especially encouraged!
  5. We all know what the seedings are. So the top two seeded teams that won their bowl game would go.
  6. I don't agree with the committee (I think Ohio State kind of got the shaft there in favor of a team that did not win their conference) but honestly, I'd rather not have a strictly bracketed playoff. I'd rather see something like this: Sugar Bowl: #1 Alabama v #12 Penn State Orange Bowl: #2 Clemson v #5 Georgia Peach Bowl: #3 Notre Dame v #11 LSU Cotton Bowl: #4 Oklahoma v #7 Michigan Rose Bowl: #6 Ohio State v #9 Washington Fiesta Bowl: #8 UCF v #10 Florida ...and then let the top two winners play in the NCG.
  7. I still see it as Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Notre Dame has done nothing today to show that they belong in the playoff and I think it's going to be a case of out of sight, out of mind.
  8. Hey, this Notre Dame fan isn't taking anything for granted. We're not playing this weekend; that's not boding well for us.
  9. Do not automatically assume a team that didn't play today is automatically in.
  10. ND can't exactly impress the committee this week and I am NOT sold they're as safely in as everyone thinks they are.
  11. Oklahoma has won; I'm wondering if Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State all win, if that's your CFP four.
  12. willmorris

    2018 NFL Season

    No. Just... no.
  13. They played Navy and Ball State, which is just as bad. Also, last I checked, FSU, USC, and VT were all junk. You need to schedule better if you want in.
  14. I can't see the committee taking a team that didn't win a conference title over a one-loss conference champ.
  15. Unfortunately, they also don't play this weekend. If Ohio State and Oklahoma both win, I could see them both getting in and ND not as ND isn't a conference champ and Ohio State and Oklahoma both have 12 wins, just like Notre Dame. And if that happens, so be it. It's a fair conclusion.