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  1. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    4 1/2 if the home team leads; you could always have the one run in the first inning.
  2. AFL. Something about giving the top teams that second chance really resonates with me.
  3. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    And that would be correct. In theory, you could pitch a complete game that was rain-shortened facing 13 batters in the same way.
  4. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    It does, actually! So that doesn't save you. There's something you all are missing...
  5. willmorris

    2018 High School Football

    Currently, I have a public school who is winless making the playoffs and an undefeated school missing the playoffs. Only in New Jersey!
  6. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    I see your point but even with your stipulation, that wouldn't be the right answer.
  7. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    We do mean a complete game, but it's not 27.
  8. willmorris

    Trivia Question

    Here's one. Theoretically, to pitch a regulation Major League Baseball game, what is the minimum number of batters that you have to face?
  9. willmorris

    2018 NFL Season

    After the Braves and Indians lost on Indigenous People's Day, no surprise, Washington did too!
  10. Notre Dame looks like, if they keep playing this way, they'll be going to a New Year's Day bowl.
  11. And in this era or launch angle this, exit velocity that, where are the non-pitchers who can lay down a perfect bunt?
  12. willmorris

    2018-19 NHL Season

    ...I thought Vegas was good?!
  13. willmorris

    2018-19 NHL Season

  14. Well, this is embarassing. We now need a a replacement owner for the only league on CCSLC that plays two seasons a year. So if you're interested, apply here now!
  15. willmorris

    2018 NFL Season

    And now there's just one more streak for the Browns to end - they haven't won on Sunday since December 13, 2015.