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  1. willmorris

    2018 High School Football

    Also, since we do association football here too (and I work for my old high school's team), our league started a mini conference tournament; hopefully my beloved Hermits will be there.
  2. willmorris

    2018 High School Football

    New Jersey took a big step towards public schools playing for a state championship; now there are ten "bowl games" that would be the equivalent of a state semifinal, but no finals. (Non-public schools play for actual state championships, although officially the trophy is the blue of a sectional title and not the gold of a state title.
  3. willmorris

    2018 High School Football

    Jersey started official practice this week; first legal games are Labor Day weekend.
  4. willmorris

    Austin Bold FC

    Austin Bold sounds like a knockoff of Comic Sans.
  5. willmorris

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    MLS loses the All-Star Game because a certain New York Red Bull had to be Bad With Penalties.
  6. willmorris

    2018 MLB Season

    A statement, given the Osuna trade: it is absurd that if you get suspended for domestic violence, you don't get suspended for the postseason, but if you get busted for PEDs, you do.
  7. willmorris

    Interesting Sports Facts and Statistics

    The 1981 Reds had the best record in baseball and failed to make the playoffs, thanks to the split season playoff format.
  8. willmorris

    Players Who Played w/ Both Sides of a Rivalry

    Also, Adrian Peterson played for both the Bears... ...and the Vikings.
  9. willmorris

    Players Who Played w/ Both Sides of a Rivalry

    Darryl Strawberry, Jose Vizcaino, and Ricky Ledee are the only three players who played for all four MLB teams that were once in NYC.
  10. willmorris

    the admiral

    That's definitely not true given I never had a duplicate account.
  11. willmorris

    IFA Draft

    Draft for the International Football Association
  12. willmorris

    Starter Confirmed as AAF Uniform Supplier

    Yep, that's definitely Alliance AF.
  13. willmorris

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    But at the same time, only under rare circumstances would you protest if you had won. (For example, an amateur team that had advanced via kicks from the penalty mark protesting the other team's ineligible player in order to claim a win.) That tends to be how a protest in sports works. That allegation is troubling indeed.
  14. willmorris

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Open Cup quarterfinals were last night. On the field, Philly, Chicago, Houston, and LAFC won. Portland is protesting that LAFC used too many foreign players in their matchday 18 last night though, so the draw has been postponed.
  15. We're trying to get an official LigaMX fantasy league off the ground, ideally to start in late August 2018 with an abbreviated opening season. This league might be particularly generous as we, like LigaMX, will plan to play two seasons per year. So if this thing tends to interest you, please feel free to apply at the official LFA thread! We eagerly await your responses!