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  1. willmorris

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    The Philadelphia Union are now the proud owner of a 12-game US Open Cup unbeaten streak as they knock off the Red Bulls 2-1. Their last loss was 3-1 to Seattle in extra time in the 2014 final.
  2. willmorris

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    So on to Croatia v Nigeria, which, in my personal opinion, is the best dressed game of the tournament.
  3. willmorris

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    Defending champ hasn't gotten a guaranteed bid since 2006.
  4. willmorris

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    Honestly, it should either be all three qualify automatically or none qualify automatically. Also, thank GOD they're going to Elo after the World Cup.
  5. willmorris

    USA-Mexico-Canada Joint Bid for 2026 World Cup

    I think I'm one of the few Americans who would have rather seen the tournament be awarded to Morocco. Let the little guy have it for once.
  6. willmorris

    IHOP Name Change Coming 6/11

    Did they consider that the OB at the end looks like the OB for tampons?
  7. willmorris

    "Hostile architecture" AKA "defensive design"

    I can appreciate that perspective but when it seems that they'd rather build benches than actually attack the root cause and help homeless people.
  8. willmorris

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Not every day you get to see your team go from 11 men to 9 in the matter of a minute but no, Alejandro Bedoya and Haris Medunjanin had to lose their cool.
  9. So as some of you know, I live just outside Philadelphia, and Philly's got a slight homeless problem. I'm not surprised; many big cities have one. But rather than spending money on helping homeless people, we get things like this: This is a bench that was installed at the 8th and Market SEPTA station. We also get things like this: This is a bench that's above ground in nearly the same area. These benches are designed with a purpose: to make people linger as little as possible. It basically says to homeless people, "you're not really welcome here." Do we really need to be encouraging hostile architecture in this world?
  10. willmorris

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Lebron on Dan Gilbert's tweets: "It was his account though, right?"
  11. willmorris

    When the CFL Expands....

    Why 1 v 3 and 2 v 4 and not 1 v 4 and 2 v 3?
  12. willmorris

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    Submitting the New England Revolution to the list. One of the founding teams of MLS, 5 appearances in the MLS Cup, and the only hardware they have is one Open Cup (2007) and the SuperLiga in 2008, which is no longer contested.
  13. willmorris

    The Rite of Spring

    You know, with these early exits, we might see Crosby enter the Triple Gold Club this year. In all seriousness, I don't expect Asham or Neal to get suspended mainly because the players that were hit didn't get hurt. That seems to be Shanahan's M.O. this postseason.
  14. willmorris

    The Rite of Spring

    Say what you will, but I did predict a four game series between the Pens and Flyers.
  15. willmorris

    The Rite of Spring

    Yeah the league is messed up, but to say they're wussified because they have a process just isn't fair. We know they're going to be suspended but where's the harm in speaking with the players like men before anything is doled out? Remind me again why they deserve to be suspended for clean hits?