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Found 244 results

  1. DomTheAthlete29

    Fight, Fight, Fight for Washington State

    You veteran CCSLC’ers out there may recognize my name as the infamous DomTheAthlete29 or perhaps you may remember my short tenure under the name italianstallion29? When I first joined this site in 2006, I was thirteen years old, and like most thirteen year-olds I was far too immature to act properly on the Internet. After annoying numerous members, harassing the fantasy community, and ultimately throwing one of the biggest temper tantrums this board has ever seen my account was rightfully banned. Right around this time however, I began going through puberty in which my passion for sports aesthetics was quickly replaced with the next best thing, girls. As the years went by these boards soon became a long forgotten memory; that was until I stumbled over one of my old uniform drawings while cleaning out some old drawers at my parents’ house. Since it’s been nearly 8 years or so since my banishment, I thought I should try this forum again in hopes of making new friends who share a common interest in sports. Looking back I find my actions quite hilarious and amusing, but I offer my sincerest apologizes to these boards to anyone I may have disrespected or offended. I really hope given these circumstances the board will welcome me back with a clean slate and allow me to make a new name for myself. I loved when the Cougars refreshed their look a few years ago; the colors now were consistent across all their athletic programs. The typography they came up with was also a vast improvement. Also helps that their primary logo may just be the best in all of college athletics. My main issue with the Cougars’ current branding package is that they added a second gray to the uniforms (primarily in football). So I really made it my goal to stick to a two-color palate with Crimson and Gray. Also I felt as if the typography had unnecessary serifs especially on the numerals, so I did away with those. Onto the uniforms… I really like what the football team did with their uniforms for the most part and felt like that identity would transfer over to a baseball uniform quite nicely. As for the chest scripts the cursive “Cougars” for the home is replaced with the new typography, “WSU” makes it on the road sets, and “Cougs” makes it on the alternate. Out goes the “Washington State” script they currently use on the road, as I feel it’s too bulky to use on the front of a baseball uniform. The caps remain untouched, feel as this keeps the team in line with the ‘honoring the past, live the present, create the future’ motto the school used during its rebrand. I also added a pinstriped ‘throwback’ to tie into the past as well, which features one of my favorite script logos on the front. The overall impression I aimed for with this is to appear more cohesive between the athletic programs. Let me know what you think.
  2. I just found the wonder that is Yakball Uniform design so I'll be working my way around the NCAA! Here are my First three: U of A, ASU, and NAU Let me Know what you think and any schools you'd like to see done!
  3. Luke_Groundrunner

    Newly Modified Conference USA logo *NCAA*

    Conference USA launched a newly modified logo on July 1st. You can see the complete C-USA style guide PDF here. My personal opinion, I think it's a nice subtle improvement.
  4. Let's go ahead and get the offseason thread started with a stunner out of Westwood..... Ben Howland has been fired by UCLA.
  5. pscf3

    College World Series Roundels

    I made these roundels for every team in the CWS this year, thought i'd share. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Dbroalexander

    DBro Designs - College Yakball

    So I've also finally decided to jump on the Yakball train. I was in Danger's NCAA tourney a few weeks ago and made the final four with my Alabama Crimson Tide concept which I will post first. Since then I've made one other Yakball concept since I really enjoyed working on something other than a hockey jersey. So I will occasionally come back to this post with new college Yakball concepts. I'm not going to form a whole league out of it though and make conferences and junk. I just want to post straight up jersey concepts. Alabama Crimson Tide - Full Set Here's the Alabama Full Set. I'll post the Georgetown Hoyas either tonight or tomorrow
  7. I absolutely love CSU, but I think their look is tired and dated and they just really need an overhaul to wash away the last few years of forgettable football. This is a early rough draft that draws elements from many previous uniforms worn by the school through out it's history, and I will share more of my research and reasoning for some of the design elements I chose in this uniform when the whole presentation is completed, but for now I was looking for some early feedback. A couple of things to note: The horns on the helmet are placeholders for the real design, did not want to unveil it just yet (though I gotta say the skinny horn look is sorta growing on me) There are no shoulder numbers or truly intricate designs on the uniform yet, nor is there very many theme elements apart from the new wordmark. I'm looking for feed back on the color scheme and the overall basic design of the uniform, as this will be my template going forward for this particular set. Any and all feedback is welcomed, thank you.
  8. McElroy19

    NAU Football Nike Concept

    Hey Guys. I currently go to NAU and we have the single most boring jerseys right now so I thought I'd throw together a couple other options that I'd like to see on the field. I also like Nike more than our current sponsor Adidas so I went with Nike. Let me Know what you think
  9. This set's been in the works for a while...anyways, the focal point of the main set is the modified Northwestern stripes, as one of my favorite AFA uniforms from the late 90s had em. The modification, of course, is that they look like thunderbolts. The alt...thought I'd go in this direction. Can't remember why, but here goes.
  10. lancealot

    NCAA Yakball

    ok so basically i am going to try to go through all the div one colleges in alphabetical order and make yakball uniforms for them. This will be an ongoing project over a while. First up is AIR FORCE FALCONS based on their football unis pretty self explanatory let me know what ou think
  11. I've started working on hockey concepts outside of the NHL thanks to working on some NCAA Yakball concepts. So I'm starting a new series of various different college hockey jerseys across the NCAA and ACHA North Carolina Tarheels - Full Set Georgetown Hoyas - Full Set
  12. Griffinmarlins

    NCAA Yakball NIT

    Well here it is! The NIT for all of those who missed sign ups for the one raysox hosted. So here's how it'll all go down. The first 16 people that sign up(I don't think we'll get 64) choose a college a D1 or D2 school. Then, I will randomize the bracket, and we'll have a vote off on the thread. Seems easy enough. However, If we can get an interest from 32 people, that would be great! All teams must have 2 different colored jerseys, no sponsor, a field design, and a brand tied to the school. Here is the template in svg, paint, and psd. You could make your own if you wanted, but I figured everyone will just use the same. You also don't need the YA logo or the same font that is used by raysox. The field isn't included in here, but you can find it in one of raysox's Yakball threads. As of right now, all submissions will be due on Monday, March 25, so send them to me by 11:59 EST to be counted. My email is or PM me if you want. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd Griffinmarlins - Miami DolphinManatee - FIU Lognoco - Colorado BlackBolt3 - Wake Forest Raysfan24 - Ohio State
  13. Story from Yahoo; What is college football coming to?
  14. This is one of those times that the third jersey's idea came this case though, executing said idea took a bit of effort. Home and away... Torso uses diagonal shadow stripes to simulate a pane of glass, a la Toledo's nickname, Glass City. Speaking of which...Third broken glass...oddly enough, this was inspired by a Youtube music video of a song I'd heard on the radio several years ago, and found again a few months ago. Turns out that particular singer is from Toledo, and before the main song starts playing, they got a sound of glass breaking followed by "GLASS CITY! Bring the music!" Yeah, another day of being inspired by weird ish.
  15. fouhy12

    Big East Yakball

    Today's trend in concepts seems to be Yakball, so I thought I would try my hand at it. I will try to do the entire Big East as it is now in basketball, but due to my school schedule, I can't promise how regularly I will post my concepts. I have four completed teams, but I want to use one of them if raysox has an NIT Yakball Tournament. First up will be Notre Dame. 1. Notre Dame For Notre Dame, I tried to keep the design as simplistic as possible. I focused heavily on blue and gold for the primary and clash, and mostly green and white for the alternate.
  16. Lafarge

    Lafarge's Penn State Yakball

    Well, it seems I've been eliminated by Alabama due to 25 tasteless pieces of sh-- Only joking! Congrats and good luck to dbroalexander and his phenomenal design in the Elite Eight. It was a great choice to advance, and teaches me the lesson to never again make jokes about Nick Saban, because it will always come back to bite me in the ass somehow. Unfortunately though, those correct choices mean I'm out, so I wanted to post my design for some C+C by you voters. Logos: Nothing particularly special here, just the normal Oval Lion Head, and S logos that are common at Penn State. The word mark was the biggest deviation, as it strays from our current wordmark. I'm in no way a fan of the mark, and I didn't use it anywhere, so I stuck with the Athletic Block used on the uniforms. Field: The field was tougher than I expected, particularly which arena to have the team play in. Our basketball teams play in the Bryce Jordan Center, but I'm rather fond of Rec Hall, where I spend much of my time and where Volleyball plays games. In the end, I went with the BJC for logo purposes. Center court features the Lion Head, and mid court features the B1G logo and the BJC logo. The crease is blue with the secondary mark. Uniforms: First note, I loved when Nike used quotes on their uniforms, so for this I used the first three words of our Alma Mater, For The Glory. Clash The clash was actually the first uniform I created. It originally was strictly based on the football and hockey uniforms, featuring white striped sleeves. I added the wordmark and numbers to the front featuring silver outlines, which are common amongst most PSU and gives a nice collegiate feel. Then I started noticing lots of PSU T-shirts with the white stripe across the front, and I thought I'd try it out. I thought the look screamed Penn State, so I kept it. The shorts and socks are Navy, and feature white stripes. The Lion Head logo can be found on the shorts and above the nameplate. The uniform features Junior center Salvatore De Costa. Home Originally I had a matching uniform to the blue one, and didn't like it. Instead, I decided to look for inspiration from other sports, and I decided to loosely base the home design on a sport that I absolutely love, Women's Volleyball (Hell yes I am serious). I used shoulder stripes similar to their uniforms, and instead of the modern stripes, that curl under the sides (I tried it, couldn't make it work), so I went with a more traditional under arm stripe. Shorts and socks are white and feature Navy stripes, and the logos, like on the clash feature the primary logo. The uniform features First-Team All-American Sophomore Matt Robida, wearing #8. Incidentally, I felt that this had more of a primary uniform feel, so it got promoted to primary status. That's about it, send me some feedback!
  17. TheConceptNCAA

    Badgers Finally get a unique look

    Made in Paint? Thoughts, Suggestions. Follow the Link
  18. Hey guys, for my latest project I decided to make white helmets for college football teams. I really like white helmets, I think they look nice, so I wanted to make alternate helmets teams could use. First up, the Pac-12: South Division Arizona Love their secondary logo so I stuck it on a helmet. Also used their main logo. Arizona State Their current white helmets have the maroon colored trident, I though it would look better with the yellow trident. I also created a shining sun for the back of the helmet. Colorado Just used their main logo, not much else for them. Utah Three different designs: 1. Main helmet with normal logo. 2. All red design. 3. Black and white design. USC Main Trojans logo with gold face mask. UCLA One of my favorite designs out of all these is the first UCLA helmet. Yellow face mask with baby blue "UCLA". I also used their Boston Red Sox looking "B" to put on the back. Also included is an all black and white design. North Division Cal Two different designs: Yellow Cal script and one with the blue Cal script. On the back I have their alternate bear logo. Stanford Mostly similar to their current helmets but instead of the stripe I put their tree logo. Oregon They have never used white helmets with yellow wings (surprisingly), so I put one together that I think would match up well with their white uni's. (although Oregon uniforms never look good). Also included is an all black and white design which is my least favorite that I made. Oregon State Used their main "OS" logo with an orange face mask and on the other helmet I used their old beaver logo. On the back is "OSU" written vertically in the Oregon State font. Washington Their husky logo is very nice so I decided to make it really big on the helmet, like some teams have done before, like Boise State with their Bronco logo. Not sure about the color of the face mask here... Washington State Simple logo with "Cougars" on the back and silver face mask. The other has a silver logo with maroon colored outline.
  19. bartodell

    TTU Lone Star Uniforms

    Just saw these on a friends facebook page... thoughts?