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Found 145 results

  1. SpazBadger

    Wisconsin Concept Uniform

    Hey! This is my first ever concept uniform and I did my favorite college team the Wisconsin Badgers. Huge thanks to Logan Weaver for the awesome Nike template. Remember this is my first concept uniform so there will most likely be a lot of messing up and sloppiness. I would like some critiques and criticism from the people that have done this before and know what looks good and what doesn't and such. Thanks.
  2. CoolestSportsConcepts

    NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts

    Starting my first ever thread. NCAA Football "Elements" Uniform Concepts. @alksports on instagram First up: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Please leave feedback and requests!
  3. TrueNorth13

    Winnipeg Jets Alternate Uniform

    So, I just created 2 concepts for a Manitoba Moose alternate uniform. But I have always wanted to create a Winnipeg Jets uniform. So I took the same idea as my Moose concept, but added slight changes to fit the Jets. The arm stripes create a point, for True North. The 2 designs are basically the full logo and a partial logo with just the jet. Although a throwback uniform would be cool for the Jets to do, I think when they unveiled their new logo, they were creating a whole new identity, and I think this identity needs a whole new alternate, not a throwback. Plus, I'm not sure if the Coyotes own the Jets 1.0 logo and jerseys, since its apart of their franchise history.
  4. TrueNorth13

    Manitoba Moose Alternate Uniforms

    So with the new year almost upon me; 6 minutes actually, I thought I'd create one last concept for the year. After watching the Manitoba Moose play today, I wanted to create an alternate uniform for them. I'll probably get to creating a Winnipeg Jets alternate similar to these. At the Moose game, the outer circle video screens had an intriguing colour pattern on them and I liked how it might look on a uniform. So I created a classic looking uniform, using the striping pattern I saw tonight. I also wanted to incorporate some trees in the background, because AHL teams usually do more crazy things with their jerseys. So I created another uniform, this time grey, with the sublimated tree design in the stripes. I also decided to use their full logo, since they currently use the partial logo on their uniforms. Any C&C is appreciated
  5. MCM0313

    Evolution of a look

    This is kind of a complex topic, and I've sort of tried to go over this before without much success, so bear with me here. Sometimes, when a team switches logos and brings out a whole new uniform set, you think, "Oh, well, the old one was dated, or they did everything they could with it, or there wasn't much they could've done with it that they didn't do." (For that last one, think of the current Rams set. Gold pants were nice, tried a metallic-gold jersey and it was bad, blue is too dark to do much with, overall it's a limited design and scheme.) Others, you feel like they could've changed things up a bit without changing the logo. So what are some directions you would've liked to see teams take had they not changed their logos? I'll give a few examples of mine: 1. NY Jets: Keep the kelly-green helmet with the black facemask. Add neon yellowish-green as an accent color. Maybe have a set that's kelly green jersey, neon pants. (Please don't stop reading because of this.) 2. Seattle Seahawks: I always felt they should have a green alternate with their original logo. They had such a classy look going and could've kept the same basic template but switched some colors around. 3. Montreal Expos: Seeing the thread about them made me think. If they were still in Montreal, you know they'd be bringing back the paneled caps, racing stripes, and powder-blue alts in some capacity, likely just as a throwback or alternate. Still, I feel like they could've found a way to make things interesting (they looked pretty dull by the end of their time in Montreal) without going backwards. Perhaps more prominent use of red? 4. Atlanta Falcons: Black 1990s helmet, red jersey, grey pants. 5. Florida Marlins: Teal alternate jersey, for crying out loud! It was criminal how much they de-emphasized teal in the ten years or so before the switch. 6. Arizona Diamondbacks: Get teal and copper more involved in color scheme; de-emphasize black a good bit and purple somewhat. 7. Utah Jazz (1996-2002-ish logo): Copper alternate jersey. 8. Denver Nuggets (1990s color scheme): Find some way to make the overall look less template-y and emphasize the unique color scheme. 9. "Motre Dame" Brewers: While the logo was generic, I always felt the color scheme and uniform set were underrated. They should've gone green-heavy with it IMO. Okay, that's enough of my rambling. Your rambling is sought, people.
  6. Believeland1994

    Cleveland Indians Logo/Uniform Concept

    The Indians, have been a team surrounded by controversy involving their iconic Chief Wahoo logo which has since been demoted to a secondary logo back in 2014 in favor of the very bland and unpopular Block C logo which adorns the road and alternate home caps. I've been a lifelong Tribe fan and I have always loved the Chief logo and I tend to use the hashtag #KeepTheChief on twitter at times but in honesty, the Tribe needs a new primary logo and that is the first thing you'll see in this series ranging from a rebranded logo to a new uniform design. (No I'm not going the route of the D-Backs if you're curious.) But with my concept logo, It will give the Tribe a logo that I'm sure both Pro Wahoo and Anti Wahoo fans can cope with so here it is below: Primary Logo: The logo is in a roundel form with red white and blue are represented that will be represented on the uniforms.In the roundel, the ball club's wordmark logo is used with a baseball seems in the background to add a little something to an already blank background.Baseball Club, the year the team was established and the years the Tribe won the World Series with the World Series trophy above are represented with additional years to be added if future titles are won.The logo would be used as a primary logo seen across Progressive (Jacobs) Field, team wear, team items and the Indians on deck circle.There are a few tweaks that I may need to make like for example, one of the seems overlapping I would need to fix at a later date, but overall I like how the logo turned out to be clean and classy and not as busy as my Cavs concept logo. Let me know what you think and would like to hear some feedback on possible improvements as I go on.
  7. Believeland1994

    Cavs rebrand

    Here is my Cavs rebrand that I did by creating a new logo and uniforms mixing present day Cavs with old school Cavs. First the Logo: The logo is based somewhat on the very first logo the Cavs used with the Cavalier by replacing that design with the new one made by someone else (credit for the Cavalier concept goes to him), and mixing it in with the current arched Cleveland and Cavaliers wordmark. The roundel pattern is based on the Austin Carr era stripe pattern and I chose to bring back. I also included the city of Cleveland's skyline (found on vector) and added it at the very bottom with a navy background to symbolize the city at night with Est.1970 to show the Cavs year they were established. At the end of the logo is a stripe pattern found on an old cavs sweatshirt that I have from the late 80's early 90's that surround the teams "V hoop" logo and included the teams All for One One For All slogan. Uniforms: All of the uniforms in the set are based off of the Navy blue alternates worn by the Cavs from 2006-2010 but in current wine and gold. Also to note I saw a similar design so I was inspired to give it some tweaks and I think they turned out great. So here they are below. (I used the NBA 2K16 myTeam creator to make the uniforms so sorry for the poor quality, took the pics off of my tv.) So what do you guys think?
  8. ECUFan25

    Uniform Stats

    This is the place to put any random uniform stats you have. For example; The Oregon Ducks football team could play until the year 2778 without a duplicate uniform. Also; Only 11/65 Power 5 schools have adidas as their uniform manufacturer. What do you have?
  9. Hi guys! I've been working on this redesign for a while now and I'm just a little more than halfway done. I will be posting my uniforms 3 at a time in alphabetical order (by team name not city) so we'll start off withe the Bears, Bengals, and Bills. I decided to put all the uniforms on the new Nike Mach Speed template for something a little different. Thanks for looking and I'd love some feedback! Bears: First off, Da Bears! No bi changes here just changed the numbers to a block font and made the face mask orange. Bengals: The next team up is the Bengals. The current Bengals are a little outdated and look very early-2000's so i decided to give them a new modern twist. The current helmet is perfect IMO so I left that alone. I moved the tiger striping from the sleeve caps to the shoulders and made them a little more modern and abstract rather than as realistic as they are now. I also changed the pants striping to match the striping on the jersey and to take away the cartoonish tiger tail look they have now. Another change is the switch to a block number font. Bills: The third team is the Bills. The Bills have a great look right now so I only made a few changes. One of those changes being the switch to a white face mask and changing the pants striping to reflect the red streak(?) on their logo.
  10. Roryfan

    Ohio State Black Uniforms

    So I've been working on redesigning a lot of college football team's uniforms and, since this weekend is when tOSU reveals their all black uniforms against Penn State, I've decided to go ahead and present my version of what they should have created. The majority of us hate them and feel as if we could have done a lot better job of modernizing their uniform while keeping their historic and legendary feel. I chose to stick with their traditional layout as well as keeping their modern helmets and pants. This way, although they won't be wearing their famous scarlet red or white tops, they can still be easily identifiable as the Ohio State Buckeyes. Click for a detailed view
  11. packerfan21396

    Packers 2015 Throwback Uniform Concept

    I'm kind of pissed that the Acme Packers jerseys are going away, but yet I'm excited for the future of the Packers' throwback jersey (because I sincerely doubt the new alternate jersey is going to be a yellow jersey). So I decided to make my own throwback jerseys using the same template as the 2012 Packers logoslick: 1936 Uniform Concept: 1939/1944 Uniform Concept (better than the 1994 throwback): I tried to make the numbers as historically accurate as possible, even if the NFL doesn't care about historical accuracy. Let me know what you think!
  12. Jabel777

    New Mexico Uniform Concept (Away)

    This is my first concept on here and is for my UNM Lobos... So far I have made 4 different uniforms in this concept. The main colors are cherry, silver, white, and dark gray. C&C is definitely welcome! I found this template on the boards made by Scott Springer. Current Version of Home Uniform Concept: Current Version of Away Uniform Concept: Current Version of Alternate 1 Uniform Concept: Current Version of Alternate 2 Uniform Concept:
  13. Certain eras make good sports teams, and bad ones (ie: Edmonton Oilers), but wearing certain uniforms almost make a team better. Like the Avalanche in their Pre-edge jerseys, or the LA Kings in Black and white all time, just to name a few. What other ones have you found? Not like the championship game in white or dark colors, but the overall look... Like How the Devil Rays never did that well, but when they became the Rays, they were way better, or the Mighty Ducks only made the playoffs 4 times, but the Anaheim Ducks have only missed the playoffs twice since the switch.
  14. SSmith48

    SSmith48's Paint Soccer Templates

    Hey guys- Now, I really have been looking for a new Paint soccer template, but most of them just don't have the variety or detail I want. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked at the kits on the main site, and transferred one of them over to paint. I filled in colored spots with white, changed the color to a grey that I think is dark enough it will show up on black, but won't be drained out by other shade of grey. I got rid of some details I thought unnecessary to make easier to work with. Now, before I release the rest of these, I wanted to show off a finished Puma product: I did get rid of the logos for Puma, because I thought them to tedious to do, but I think you could probably put new ones on in places you prefer. Logos for other companies will stay. This uniform was taken from a Czech Republic kit from 2014. Now, C&C is appreciated before I release the others, which will include Nike and Adidas, and maybe in the future, I will release some custom templates. Thanks for you time!
  15. For me I have the Rangers when they wear white jerseys with the red cap. The preponderance of blue on the lettering doesn't blend well with the red cap. NFL-wise, I have the Titans' white jersey with navy pants. The lighter blue (Titan blue) on the jersey shoulders does not blend well with the darker navy of the jerseys.
  16. Antonio Reloaded

    Oklahoma City Thunder Uniform Concepts

    Okay so this is my first attempt at making a uniform concept. I chose the Thunder because they are my favorite sports team. I love the team itself but I am less than pleased with their current look so i decided to dabble a bit with some uniform ideas. I used Microsoft Paint because I'm not very skilled with Photoshop so they won't be the best of quality. I decided to go with a color scheme comprised of Gray, Yellow, and Orange because i felt it fit the idea of "Thunder" and i liked how the colors looked together. The only exception is the Pride jersey where i stuck with the Thunder blue because it is actually the color of the state flag for Oklahoma. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks! Home: Away: Alternate 1 Alt 2: Oklahoma Pride:
  17. SSmith48

    United League of Ice Hockey

    Hey guys- My name is Stephen Smith, and I am a new member. I have stalked the boards for a little while, but finally decided to join in. My first topic I will post here is on one of my personal hockey leagues: the United League of Ice Hockey. HISTORY The ULIH was founded on April 6th, 1946, and began play on November 3rd of that year with four teams: the Pittsburgh Cougars, Detroit Bulldogs, Toronto Tigers, and the Boston Portsides. As the league grew in popularity, it expanded west then south, and by 2006 had a total of 20 teams. The most recent Williams Cup champions are the Detroit Power, with the league MVP going to Utah Scouts goalie Tyler Simmons. TEAMS The league is divided up into 2 divisions with 10 teams in each: EAST: Detroit Power Montreal Saints Toronto Tigers Boston Ports New York Knights Miami Skippers Chicago Stars Minnesota Thunderbirds Washington Eagles Tennessee Pioneers Philadelphia* WEST: Seattle Metros Vancouver Kodiaks Calgary Steers Denver Bandits Los Angeles Quakes Arizona Scorpions Houston Eclipse San Francisco Internationals Utah Scouts Las Vegas Devils Saskatchewan* *=Expansions needing names To start the series, here is the division and league logos: Now I know these are a bit big-I'll try to get that fixed. In the meantime, C&C is welcome! EDIT*: Montreal Patriotes renamed the Montreal Saints.
  18. Believeland1994

    Updating the Cleveland Indians Uniforms V.2

    How's it going everyone, Happy Memorial Day! Last week I made a concept updating the current Cleveland Indians uniforms by tweaking a few things and I wasn't really satisfied, so I started updating everything on a new template that is used on the team's wikipedia page. I'll give a hat to cleats description and explain each uniform with a few notes to point out as well. Also to point out, the patch on the right sleeve is the Al Rosen #7 memorial patch the team is wearing for this season. Home Uniform: Hat: Blue hat with the chief wahoo logo and red bill Undershirt: Red undershirt Jersey: White jersey with red piping, Indians going across with red lettering and a blue trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: White pants with red and blue piping down the side with a red belt Socks/Cleats: Red socks and red cleats Notes: Heavily favors the design of the uniforms worn from 1994-2001. Worn for Sunday night games instead of Sunday alternate. Away Uniform: Hat: All blue hat with block C logo Undershirt: Blue undershirt Jersey: Grey jersey with blue piping, Cleveland going across with blue lettering and a red trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: Grey pants with blue and red piping down the side with a blue belt Socks/Cleats:Blue socks and black cleats Notes: No changes made to the entire uniform except the addition of the blue piping going down the jersey and the red stripe going down the side of the pants next to the blue stripe. Alternate 1 Home Uniform: Hat: blue hat with red bill and block C logo Undershirt: Blue undershirt Jersey: Cream jersey with blue piping, Indians going across in blue lettering and a red trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: Cream pants with blue and red piping down the side with a red belt Socks/Cleats: Red socks and Red cleats Notes: Only worn for Saturday and Sunday afternoon home games. Combines the 80's/90's uni's with an old school cream colored uniform. Alternate Away Uniform 1: Hat: All blue hat with Chief Wahoo logo Undershirt: Blue undershirt Jersey: Grey jersey with blue piping, Indians going across with red lettering and a blue trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: Grey pants with blue and red piping down the side with a blue belt Socks/Cleats: Blue socks and black cleats Notes: Worn for select away games. Heavily favors the design of the away uniforms worn from 1994-2001 except script Cleveland is replaced by script Indians. Alternate Home Uniform 2: Hat: Blue hat with red bill with Chief Wahoo logo Undershirt: Red undershirt Jersey: Blue jersey with red piping, Indians going across with red lettering and a white trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: White pants with red and blue piping down the side with a blue belt Socks/Cleats: Red socks and red cleats Notes: Worn on select weekday night games. Heavily favors the design of the alternate blue uniforms worn from 1998-1999 except script Cleveland is replaced by script Indians. Alternate Away Uniform 2: Hat: All blue hat with Block C logo Undershirt: Blue undershirt Jersey: Blue jersey with red piping, Cleveland going across in white lettering and a red trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: Grey pants with blue and red piping down the side with a blue belt Socks/Cleats: Blue socks and black cleats Notes: Worn on select away games The jersey is modeled after the blue alternate worn from 1998-1999 except Cleveland is in block lettering. Alternate Home Uniform 3: Hat: Blue hat with red bill with Chief Wahoo logo Undershirt: Red undershirt Jersey: Red jersey with blue piping, Indians going across in white lettering and a blue trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: White pants with red and blue piping down the side with a red belt Socks/Cleats: Red socks and red cleats Notes: Worn on Friday night home games and all Saturday night home games. Based off of 1997 All-Star Game HR Derby jerseys and plays homage to the red jerseys worn during the crooked C era. BP Home/Spring Training Home Uniform: Hat: Red hat with blue bill with block C logo Undershirt: Red undershirt Jersey: Blue Spring Training Jersey with red stripe down the sides, Indians going across in white lettering and red trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve. Pants/Belt: White pants with red and blue piping down the side with a red belt Socks/Cleats: Red socks and red cleats Notes: Socks, cleats, and belt changes to blue during Spring Training. BP Away/Spring Training Away Uniform: Hat: Red hat with blue bill with block C logo Undershirt: Blue undershirt Jersey: Blue Spring Training Jersey with red stripe down the sides, Indians going across in white lettering and red trim, Chief Wahoo on the left sleeve Pants/Belt: Grey pants with blue and red stripe down the side with a blue belt Socks/Cleats: Blue socks and black cleats What do you think of this concept? I honestly as a fan, this set looks 10x better than the current sets the Tribe wears now and have always been a fan of the red dominating the home uniform as dominant blue has been an overkill with every team. Tell me what do you honestly think? Let me know.
  19. SulphurWing6

    NFL Redesign

    I'll be posting concepts I've been working on in this thread. I tried to make at least a few significant changes to each team's uniforms but there were some that I simply couldn't change outside of a few tweaks here and there. I know that the NFL has a "one helmet" rule, but I decided to ignore that for these designs. Teams will typically have two helmets (one that goes with their home and away uniform and one for their alternate set). Criticism and advice is always welcome. Thanks for reading and first up is the Titans. I've heard rumors that Tennessee plans on switching to dark blue as their primary home jersey, so I set their dark blue set as their home and their light blue one as their alternate. Home: Away: Alternate:
  20. Hi Guys, Recently, my high school alumni basketball teammates has assigned me to design our new uniform. We will be competing in a small league (in Jakarta, Indonesia) that'll pitted us with other high school alumni, mostly it just us 34-43 yo guys playing ball, reliving our teenage days This is actually my first experience in designing uniform/apparel and boy, was I lucky to came across this forum to get mock ups and most importantly, ideas. Long story short, I came up with one design that combine Nets, Spurs and Raptors uniform. I also tried to make the logo as simple as possible, just because logo development has never really been my forte. Kindly let me know what you guys think, any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. Interested in seeing what the logo board has to say. I originally designed the Blue helmets and got great response, but lots of people wanted the Black helmet. Which do you like better?
  22. This is an idea I've had for a while and started working on about 2 weeks ago. Then today, somebody suggested something similar in the "ugliest matchup" thread, so I thought I'd better get mine going before somebody beat me to it. Anyway, the idea is simple (in fact its probably already been done)... take a uniform from the past and a uniform from the present and combine them. My idea was to go with the colors and logos of one team, and cram it onto the uniform of another, basically. So here goes... First, I'm taking the Seahawks... nice colors, good logo... and putting it onto the classic Oilers uniform... one of the best designs in NFL history... And getting this...
  23. Hello everyone, I received a request for my kit template and I figured I would mock it up and release it in SVG. This template is entirely custom designed. I have exported all text to paths so it should show up as the exact image below when you download it. That way you don't have to worry about having a font installed or looking goofy when you open the file. Click the image to reach the download link.
  24. Im back!!!!! After a brief hiatus I'm back this time with the Jacksonville Jaguars getting a much needed facelift