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  1. HuntTheJones

    High School Redesign: The Gators

    I want to first start out by saying that I will try to make this long story a short one, but if I am unsuccessful in that I do apologize ahead of time. With that being said, this design started with a request from a high school to help them create a new logo and brand. The school's nickname is Gators, so like most high schools with that name they used the different variations of Florida's walking gator and gator head logos, as well as the Georgia/Green Bay "G" for their own branding. My task was to create something unique to this school, but not lose that basic identity that had been established, and create a "gator G" described to me as a "G" logo that is a gator. So, my designs were by request heavily influenced by Florida's. After investing a lot of time and effort into this new "brand" for said school and submitting my work, a new logo was passed and approved without my prior knowledge that was in fact not what I had been working on for months. After that, this become sort of a personal design project that I would continue and try to perfect, so here I am seeking some constructive criticism or compliments on that work so far. C&C, please! I will start off with the colors. The school's primary colors are Navy and Gold, with White as a third. The color in the small circle is meant to be a varying shade of the primary in order to be used in ways that enhance the look, but do not dominate it. I added Green as a color simply because, in my mind, gators are green in logos. It’s meant to be used throughout this "brand" in the same capacity that Ole Miss uses Powder Blue. The Colors The Logos This first logo is supposed to serve as the primary logo across the board. Above you see it in and on various color combinations. Yes, this is visually similar to Florida's walking gator in the fact that they are both Gators in letter-sweaters standing upright, but I tried to make it look a little more, for lack of a better word, amateur because it's meant for a high school team. The other plus to this logo is the opportunity to use the secondary colors (like Volt, Yellow, and Natural) in ways that I think enhance the overall look of the logo. Personally, this guy turned out to be one of my favorites. This second logo is one of the hardest and most thought out I can say I have ever done. This is the one that came from the request to create a "G" that is a gator in one. Design is a constant and ongoing process, and it took me a long time to finally get to this guy. The next evolution of the logo came with the creation of the above “Walking Gator” logo. I decided that if I was going to try and create this “brand” for the Gators, then the actual gator used should be implied as the same gator throughout. So as you will see, the gator head and face are the same in every logo, giving it what I think is a true “brand” look. Another logo used extremely often by teams nicknamed Gators is the Florida Gators primary logo, and like I said, this school was no exception. So again, that was the inspiration behind this logo. As you can see, it’s pretty self-explanatory, and like I said, all gators used in this “brand” are to be implied as the same gator. The next logo is one that had to evolve as I went as well. I’m unsure as to what I want to call it even to this point or what capacity it could be used, so we can just go with the “Gator Script” logo. This is the first logo that includes the whole “GAUTIER” word mark within it, and it is simply meant to resemble a gator as it stalks and swims at the top of the water. Using the last logo as an introduction point, these are the word mark logos for the “brand” in each color combination. The inspiration for these logos came early on in my time at the school when I noticed that the basketball team used a variation of the “flying” Lakers script on their gear. I always knew it was the Lakers design, but in my mind there was something that just screamed Gautier to me about it (maybe because that’s what I grew up seeing them wear when we played them), so I ran with it. As you can see, the font style used above is the same font style found on the Walking Gator’s sweater, the “Gator Script” logo, and the font that will be used in every piece of the Gautier “brand” to come. This next logo is what I call the tagline. I say that because in my head this logo was meant to serve as the main academic logo within the brand. The same way universities use their seal in the top left corner of postage and official academic documents. This is also a logo that sort of developed out of the “Gator Script” logo. The only changes are the implied presence of water under the gator, the loss of the outline, and the addition of “HIGH SCHOOL” at the bottom of the logo. That pretty much does it for the primary logos that make up the brand, so up next are some of the different variations of the above logos, and if this is well received, possibly uniforms, etc. Thanks for the time and the read!
  2. Although there are has been an influx of baseball concepts on here lately, I thought I would finally throw my hat into the ring. I have been working on this project in my free time for a while and I finally have something to show you guys. Basically, I wanted to reign in the alternate overload in baseball and give each team a great look, some will get pretty drastic changes and some teams will get some pretty minimal changes. Each team will get a home uniform, road uniform, alternate uniform/jersey, and a batting practice jersey where I chose to have some fun and go outside of the box or look back at some historical looks. I have the National League done and I'm going to start with a team from the NL West today and I'll do my best to get a new team up every day or two. So without further ado, I have the Arizona Diamondbacks. I think most of us would agree the Diamondbacks uniforms are a big mess with way too much going on, to say the least. One thing I think they did get right was the great red, black, and turquoise color scheme, it definitely has a Southwestern feel to it. My concept for the Diamondbacks is simple and modern, drawing inspiration from past Diamondbacks' uniforms. The primary home uniform is white, the road is gray, the alt is red and BP is black. So here it is. As always, Id love to hear what everyone thinks an C&C is definitely welcome. Thanks for taking a look and the Padres are on the way tomorrow.
  3. The title speaks for itself. There are a lot of (some intentionally) ludicrous MiLB identities, but many are really sharp and have stood the test of time. This list can include teams that are now defunct. The original Zephyrs had a great uniform and name. Greg Seher designed a really nice set for a New Orleans Zephyrs expansion team with Mardi Gras colors on his blog but has since taken it down. The Jordan-era Birmingham Barons had a really classy identity. Add a dash of red and you're golden: The Hawaii Islanders had some wonderful uniforms over the years, but this one from the '90s might be my favorite: The Salt Lake Bees have a strong identity, albeit a bit derivative of the Pirates. Just put 'em in pinstripes and I think you'd avoid a lot of those comparisons. What are some other MiLB identities that you feel could hold their own in the Majors?
  4. The year is 2025, the MLB has gone under leaving the people of the USA without baseball for 3 years now, but with huge baseball fan and millionaire Eric Lantz impatiently waiting for more baseball he starts his own league, the USBL. He loved how traditional the MLB was, so he keeps all the rules the same with one big exception, instead of one long season, he creates a playoff-like bracket. In his mind he sees it as one big playoff. Conferences mean nothing until the All Star Game. The league randomly selects teams to play each other in the first round, that will be a best of 3 series. The next round will be a best of five series, then the remaining games will be a best of 7 series. The league begins with ten teams all over the country. Uniforms The uniforms will be a combination of the NBA's uniform system (Home, away, city, alternate, and 4th of July/Memorial day) and the old MLB (White home, grey away) Nike will be the official uniform producer of the USBL's uniforms along with New Era Caps.
  5. TheScottyZ

    Crosstown Classic Logo Concept

    What do you all think?
  6. Ahead of the independent league baseball Chicago Dogs' inaugural season, I decided to try my hand at what their uniforms might look like: HOME: ROAD: The designs are informed by the team's previously unveiled logo, a roundel featuring a hot dog set against a baseball in the Chicago flag colors of sky blue and red. It's a really solid logo, but it didn't really work well as a jersey logo, so I rotated it on its side, which solved the problem. The home jersey is pinstriped, as are the home unis of both Major League Chicago teams, and the road set is powder blue with red pinstripes and uses the Cubs' 1958-68 road wordmark. I also used a recolored version of the Angels' Disney era numbers, which seemed to work well here. C&C appreciated! The season begins in less than a month, so I'm expecting an official unveiling of the Dogs' uniforms any day now. It'll be interesting to see how close (or far off) I came to predicting the uniforms.
  7. Victormrey

    MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    Inspired by the MLB x Under Armour deal announcement and by this article which talks about the need of modernizing the baseball uniforms, I decided to start this series, in which I'll be imagining how the MLB teams could look like within 3 years. Unlike in my tweak series, I won't be making changes based on my personal criteria/taste, but on what I think teams could do, given past designs and current design trends. I'll be using three designs as template: The first and second designs will be used for the home and road uniforms, while the third will be used for certain alts. I know they aren't as "radical" as the article aforementioned suggests, but I'm trying to be realistic, and that's why I've applied just some tweaks which would make the uniforms more comfortable for the players. I'll place the team list and order here, linking each one to its corresponding designs after having finished them: ALE Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays - V.2 Toronto Blue Jays ALC Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins ALW Anaheim Angels Houston Astros Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NLE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals NLC Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals NLW Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  8. Here is my very first concept I have created. My vision was to give my take on the most classic jersey in the MLB, the New York Yankees. I have dubbed my concept as "Yankees Evolved". I would appreciate honest feedback on these. I plan on updating this thread. If you want my take on a certain team, just comment down below. Thanks.
  9. Here is my very first concept I have created. My vision was to give my take on the most classic jersey in the MLB, the New York Yankees. I have dubbed my concept as "Yankees Evolved". I would appreciate honest feedback on these. I plan on updating this thread. If you want my take on a certain team, just comment down below. Thanks.
  10. As a native Minnesotan, I usually get a little disappointed or dismayed by the Twins concepts I see on the forum. Their identity always seems like a bit of an afterthought, often subject to a recolor so as to differentiate the Twins from a myriad of RWB teams in the league. Instead of taking this approach, I wanted to work (for the most part) with the existing color scheme whilst drawing from the team's history. With that in mind, I reintroduced light blue into the color scheme. While light blue was restricted to their road uniforms in an era when several teams were using it for their road uniforms, this historical precedence combined with the fact the state's name literally means "sky-tinted water" makes it a suitable vehicle for setting them apart from teams with similar colorways. This addition of light blue spells the end for Kasota gold. I didn't necessarily hate its addition a few years ago, but its application was unsuccessful and does not fit with the light blue. One of the more popular changes for posters is to correct the inconsistencies between the team's wordmarks. I decided to follow suit, but took a decidedly different approach. The result applies the Minnesota Wild script to the Twins, using a Tuscan-esque font that takes cues from the area's history as a railroad and flour milling hub. The TC logo follows suit, and I put an M back on the away cap. Here, it calls back to the successful minor league Minneapolis Millers. Lastly, Minnie and Paul are updated with the new colors and wordmark as well as altering the state outline to be more geographically accurate. It is promoted to the primary, replacing the squad's generic baseball roundel. Got all that? Good. Now look at it. Let me know what you think. I also have a decidedly modern take on the Twins that I will post sometime in the coming week. Take care.
  11. Hi everyone, Recently I had an idea: What if the Black for Black's Sake fad of the late '90s/early 2000s had caught on? I decided to create a new black alternate for each team in MLB that does not use black as a uniform color (with the exception of the Yankees, whose shade of blue is practically black anyway). This premise will naturally work better for some teams than others, so prepare yourselves for some late '90s gaudiness. Let's start today with the Phillies: The Phillies wound up translating really well, as the black and bright red complement each nicely. I'll try to post a new team each day, and some teams whose identities have changed over the years (such as Tampa Bay) will be getting multiple designs. C&C appreciated!
  12. Mac the Knife

    Uniform Changes: Europe vs. USA

    Every year I notice EPL clubs tend to make a fairly big deal out of releasing their kits for the upcoming season, sometimes it's just a change of an advertiser's mark or some other, relatively minute change. But this got me wondering: how would American fans respond to this practice if it were conducted in every major sport, every year? I mean we have people blowing gaskets over a leaked Tennessee Titans jersey that'll be presented tomorrow and while it's a change, and not necessarily a good change, it's not exactly Earth-shattering. So how would you feel if you knew that every year, the New York Yankees were going to release a new jersey that (probably) had some type of tweak to it? Or the Chicago Bears? Or when NBA teams figure out to make single-year sponsorship ad deals and start actually doing this? Do these annual uniform changes actually result in significant jersey sales in the European pro soccer circuits? Would they here? Would fans rebel and stop buying stuff altogether? What, in general, do you think the reaction to annual changes would be?
  13. I have known for months that my next concept series would be a MLB redesign. Major League Baseball is a league that holds on to its tradition more than any other league, so I decided to use this to create designs that combine different eras of the teams' histories. Before I begin, I should set some parameters (that I will try to keep from breaking): All colors, designs, etc. need to have been used by the team.I can combine elements from different logos, etc. to make a new logo. I am not necessarily trying to incorporate every past logo; instead I will try to end up with a concept that will look good while reflecting different eras of the teams' histories. I am not designing "throwback" uniforms. They aren't supposed to look like the jerseys that were worn in the 1940s; these are modern uniforms that incorporate old design elements. For this reason (and personal preference) I am using a template that has loose pants and socks instead of stirrups. I know that many of you aren't big fans of this look, but I want to replicate what MLB players are currently using. I am not necessarily going to create the look that I would want them to wear; there are probably going to be aspects of some uniforms that aren't my favorite, but I will still incorporate them into my design. That being said, I will not intentionally be creating ugly uniforms. I will give myself more freedom on the alternates, but they still must use elements that have been used before.Let me know what you think about the idea. Feel free to give suggestions about ways to improve the concept. A huge thanks to tbdaniel15 for creating the template that I am using. After I had the idea for this ScoffingYayap and (especially) SFGiants58 have done projects that have combined eras for some of the teams. They have done a very good job, and there will be some overlap with what they have done. I decided not to scrap the project just because others have had some of the same ideas I have. Table of Contents Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Black and Pink Version Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Version 1 Cream Home Uniform Pittsburgh Pirates Version 1 St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks Purple and Red Version Colorado Rockies Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Los Angeles Dodgers Version 1 San Diego Padres Version 1 San Francisco Giants Version 1 Options Houston Astros Home Uniform Tweak Los Angeles Angels Version 1 Anaheim Road Uniform Version 2 Oakland Athletics Road Uniform Tweak Seattle Mariners Version 1 With Late-70s Numbers Texas Rangers Chicago White Sox Version 1 Version 2 Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Version 1 Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Tweak New York Yankees Version 1 Tampa Bay Rays Version 1 Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Alternate Compilations
  14. thespungo

    2018 MLB ASG Cap Concept

    I absolutely loved what New Era started in Minnesota at the 2014 MLB All Star Game by designing special All Star caps that honored the host team. The potential was set up for new caps every year on All Star night to tell a different story about a host team's uniform history or local culture, while also allowing the game a rare chance to have some fun and get creative with their usually sacrosanct brands -- not to mention increasing merchandise sales in the process. Unfortunately, that was a trend that only lasted two seasons. So in an effort to show what could have been, each season I take it upon myself to continue what New Era once started and design my own city-centric concept caps for the MLB All Star Game. For the 2018 ASG in Washington D.C., I dipped into the city's baseball past to help inspire the cap design, while also taking cues from that time period and D.C.'s world-famous cherry blossoms to create a campaign that celebrates the nation's capital as well as the national pastime. To view the entire cap collection along with additional merchandise, plus a look inside the design process and inspiration, visit my website.
  15. thespungo

    New Balance / Majestic Mashup

    Majestic Athletic, the former official uniform supplier of Major League Baseball, was too quiet. So someone louder grabbed the mic. In 2019 Under Armour takes over the official MLB uniform contract, an honor they (probably rightfully) stole from Majestic Athletic. How could a smaller brand like Majestic have competed with a sports manufacturing behemoth? Well, I'd have started with one of my favorite dumb marketing buzzwords -- brand extension. One way Majestic could extend their brand is by aligning with a partner who can help elevate their brand. In this case, New Balance -- a rising player in the MLB cleat game -- would be a great partner to help create a custom cleat that leverages Majestic's proprietary FlexBase mesh material, which is what all official on-field MLB uniforms are made of. Not only would this give Majestic and their uniform technology more exposure, but it creates something new, unique, and tangible for fans to care about -- and is a huge revenue opportunity in the process. To view the rest of the concepts, visit my Behance profile.
  16. Should Roberto Clemente's number 21 be universally retired by the MLB? Why or why not? Information, in case you don't know Currently there are only 2 numbers in sports universally retired (Wayne Gretzky #99 in the NHL, and Jackie Robinson's #42 in the MLB) Gretzky's because he is the undoubtably best hockey player all time Jackie Robinson's because he was the first black player in the MLB (or at least since the AL was created) Clemente while he wasn't the first hispanic player in the MLB, he was the first great one. He had over 1,400 runs, .317 average, and is one of the few 3,000 hits club (with 3,000 exactly). But despite his great play, he is remembered more for his off-field performance, he was known for helping out the needy and spending lots of time with fans and the less fortunate. It was this that lead to his death in 1972, during Christmas a earthquake hit Nicaragua and Clemente organized a plan to send supplies, he would hire a pilot and a plane and fly the supplies there, as well as himself. The plane crashed on New Years Eve 1972, Clemente's body was never found. The argument against is that he has 'already been commemorated enough', MLB celebrates Roberto Clemente Day every year, as well as handing out the Roberto Clemente Award to the best humanitarian in baseball. And that if they did wouldn't then other players numbers get retired? Babe Ruth was the best player (batter and pitcher), Gehrig, Mays, Aaron, Cobb, Jeter, or even Ichiro being the first great (and really only potential HOF) to player in the MLB The argument for is that, while he wasn't the first hispanic player, he was the first great one and his contributions outside the sport will be unmatched, and that the league retired Robinson's number due to breaker the mold of the 'color barrier'. They say "Robinson opened a door for non-whites to play in the MLB, and Clemente created the bridge between whites and non-whites" So if the league is going to retire Robinson's shouldn't they retire Clemente's as well? My opinion, the league should, but I can see why they wouldn't. But, I also feel that they should even if #21 is only retired by the NL
  17. MLB x UA 2020 ReBrand Concepts The following are rebrand concepts for the MLB by Under Armour. This post will act as the hub and will be edited when needed. Not all teams are equally featured. Bolded team names are direct links to concepts. ALE Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays ALC Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins ALW Houston Astros LA Angels of Anaheim Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NLE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Phila Phillies Washington Nationals NLC Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals NLW Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  18. Hi folks, Whenever I read rankings of the best uniforms in MLB, I invariably feel the Chicago White Sox should be higher. Though their iconic current logo has been used off and on since the late '40s, it took the team about 80 years to find a color scheme that suits them perfectly, and I feel they should stick to it. This gave me an idea: What if the Sox had found their perfect colors sooner? My idea is to present an overview of the White Sox uniform history using their modern black and silver. While I'll try to stay faithful to each year-specific look, I will be taking some artistic liberty here and there where I feel it results in a more cohesive, satisfying design. Up until the 1950s, the Sox changed their uniforms every few years, with most designs lasting only a year or two. Because of this, I won't be tackling every single uniform they wore up until that point; rather, I'll be highlighting the ones that either lasted longest or that I felt were the most interesting. Having said that, if you have any specific requests, I'd be more than happy to try them out. Before I begin, I want to send huge thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller, @Victormrey and @MJD7 for providing many of the templates and numbers used throughout this project. Let's start chronologically with the club that won the 1917 World Series: 1917 HOME: 1917 ROAD: For the 1917 Sox, I added McAuliffe (Red Sox) style numbers as well as cap logos to go along with the jerseys. More to come soon!
  19. United National Baseball Association ------ UNBA World Championship Series Winners 1901-St Louis Steamers (84-57) 1902-Boston Beetles (91-49) 1st 1903-St Louis Steamers (79-61) 1904-Boston Brotherhood (105-49) 1905-Boston Brotherhood (94-60) 1906-Boston Brotherhood (93-61) 3rd 1907-Cleveland Grizzlies (94-60) 1st 1908-Philadelphia Boomers (94-60) 1st 1909-St Louis Steamers (88-66) 3rd 1910-New York Militia (95-59) 1st 1911-Illinois Packers (94-60) 1st UNBA Award History Year United League Most Valuable Player United League Most Valuable Pitcher United League Most Valuable Manager National League Player of the Year National League Pitcher of the Year 1901 Brad Holtston (RF) Illinois Packers Tim Merrow (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Cory Busby (RF) Brooklyn Beermen Aaron Barbuto (SP) Brooklyn Beermen 1902 Frank Wahren (1B) Ohio Royals Nick Bass (SP) Cleveland Grizzlies --- Darryl Manna (2B) Boston Beetles Sean Reynolds (SP) Baltimore Runners 1903 Derrick Dotson (SP) St Louis Steamers Tim Alister (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Darryl Manna (2B) Baltimore Runners Ben Randall (SP) Pennsylvania Scarlets 1904 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Luke Nuttal (SP) Boston Brotherhood Luke Nuttal (SP) Boston Brotherhood 1905 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Austin White (SP) Ohio Royals --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1906 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1907 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Derrick Dotson (SP) Cleveland Grizzlies --- Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder Peter Martin (SP) Manhattan Thunder 1908 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Derrick Dotson (SP) Philadelphia Boomers Derrick Dotson (SP) Philadelphia Boomers 1909 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Shawn Bebb (3B) Manhattan Thunder Collin Lewis (SP) Baltimore Runners 1910 Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers Drew Krull (SP) St Louis Steamers --- Phil Scrimshawe (2B) New York Militia Rob Shue (SP) Boston Beetles 1911 Clay Shutt (3B) Chicago Tribe Erik Kingsmore (SP) Illinois Packers Aaron Barbuto (M) Illinois Packers Jeremy Say (LF) Manhattan Thunder Steve Tilton (SP) Baltimore Runners 1912 All-Time Lists Highest Salaries (All-Time) 1. $36,600-Drew Krull(SP) Current NY NY (7yr) 1911-1917 2. $34,100-Phil Scrimshawe(2B) Current NY NY (7yr) 1910-1916 3. $30,900-Derrick Dotson(SP) Current BBR PHI (4yr) 1908-1911 4. $30,800-Luke Inge(SP) Retired CHI (1yr) 1901 5. $27,900-Adrian McCarthy(RF) Retired PIT (5yr) 1901-1905 Wins (All-Time) 1.236-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 2. 228-Drew Krull(SP)NY 3. 220-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 4. 206-Dan Rinfret(SP)Retired 5. 196-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 6. 195-Jeff Gilespie(SP)BAL 7. 192-Jim MacColl(SP)PEN 8. 192-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 9. 186-Dan Scheirer(SP)Retired 10.185-Aaron Barbuto(SP)Retired (M-ILL) Saves (All-Time) 1. 44-Paul Hay(RP)PEN 2. 41-Ted Nichols(RP)PEN 2. 41-Marc Chamblee(RP)DET 4. 40-Luke Lollar(RP)ILL 5. 39-Scott Tonkin(RP)Retired 6. 36-James Velovic(RP)CHT 7. 35-Jeff Ruddy(RP)BAL 8. 34-Ed Ekins(SP)DC 9. 32-Milton Schenk(RP)Retired 10.31-Ron MacQuartie(RP)DET Highest Salaries (Current) 1.$36,600-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. $34,100-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 3. $19,800-Steve Tilton(SP)CHT 4. $18,400-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 4. $18,400-Brian Hockenberry(SS)BBR 6. $16,100-Doug Rayfield(CF)BAL 7. $15,900-Jason Neff(SS)BAL 8. $14,700-Cory Bramble(LF)SL 9. $13,900-Will Condon(LF)ILL 10. $13,800-Nat Brane(CF)CHI Wins (Season) 1. 36-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 2. 32-Luke Nuttall(SP)BBR(1904)Retired 2. 32-Austin White(SP)OHI(1905) 2. 32-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1906) 5. 31-Kyle Loveland(SP)BBE(1904) 6. 31-Todd Christopher(SP)BBR(1905) 7. 30-Derrick Dotson(SP)CLE(1907) 8. 29-Gary Aiken(SP)PIT(1895) 8. 29-Dusty Conoway(SP)BBE(1902)Retired 8. 29-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1905) 8. 29-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) Saves (Season) 1. 12-Jed Mathis(RP)BBR(1903) 2. 11-Chad Kissinger(RP)OHI(1905) 2. 11-Max Chamblee(RP)PEN(1905) 2. 11-James Velovic(RP)CHT(1911) 5. 10-Luke Lollar(RP)BAL(1901) 5. 10-Paul Hay(RP)ILL(1904) 5. 10-Willis Dyer(RP)CHT(1909) 8. 9-(5 Players Tied) Total Bases (All-Time) 1.3438-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired (M-CLE) 2. 3210-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 3. 3059-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 4. 2838-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 5. 2758-Darryl Manna(2B)CHI 6. 2686-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired (M-BUF) 7. 2637-Darryl Parton(CF)Retired 8. 2593-Mark Westlund(LF)CLE 9. 2536-Josh Felton(SS)Retired 10.2467-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired (M-NY) Home Runs (All-Time) 1.175-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 2. 104-Chris Bronshvag(C)Retired 3. 100-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 4. 90-Justin Albertson(CF)Retired 5. 85-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired 6. 83-Charlie Guerry(3B)DC 7.81-Mark Westlund(LF)CLE 8. 80-Todd Corr(3B)ILL 9. 79-Graham Poling(2B)DC 10.74-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 10.74-Jay Cody(3B)MAN Shutouts (All-Time) 1.46-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. 30-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 2. 30-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 4. 26-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 5. 23-Brian Seelke(SP)BBE 5. 23-Steve Counsell(SP)BRO 5. 23-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 8. 20-Collin Lewis(SP)BAL 9. 19-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 9. 19-Jeff Gillespie(SP)BAL 9. 19-Ed Sheridan(SP)SL Total Bases (Season) 1. 316-Clay Shutt(3B)CHT(1911) 2. 309-Denny William(RF)CLE(1904) 3. 306-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1910) 4. 304-Frank Wahren(1B)OHI(1902) 5. 302-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 6. 300-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 7. 299-Jace David(2B)OHI(1904) 8. 299-Steve Dyment(3B)CLE(1905) 9. 297-Mark Westlund(LF)PEN(1905) 9. 297-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1909) Home Runs (Season) 1. 27*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899)pre-unba* 2. 24-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1901) 2. 24-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 4. 23-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1905) 5. 22-Graham Poling(2B)PIT(1906) 6. 18-Chris Bronshvag(C)CHI(1904) 7.17-Brad Holtston(RF)DC(1907) 8. 15-Clint Wipper(LF)NY(1903) 8. 15-Justin Albertson(CF)BBR(1905) 8.15-Chris Bronshvag(C)PIT(1907) Shutouts (Season) 1.8-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) 1. 8-Drew Krul(SP)SL(1910) 3. 7-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1904) 3. 7-Greg Briggs(SP)NY(1905) 3. 7-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 6. 6-(7 Players Tied) SLG (All-Time) (Minimum 200 At Bats & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1..507-Rob Cinnamond(LF)NY 2. .481-Alan Pattinson(RF)Retired 3. .477-Jeff Hoyer(SS)IND 4. .476-Brad Holtston(RF))Retired 5. .465-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 6. .464-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 7. .462-Jeremy Say(LF)MAN 8. .459-Geoffrey Kirkwood(LF)Retired 9..457-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired 9. .457-Shawn Bebb(3B)CLE Stolen Bases (All-Time) 1.723-Tod Graham(2B)Retired 2. 573-Alex Bailey(3B)IND 2. 573-Darryl Parton(CF)Retired 4. 548-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired 5. 480-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 6. 461-Luke Rigney(SS)Retired 7.425-Sean Marz(RF)Retired 8. 424-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired 9. 403-Frank Vittinghoff(CF)IND 10.380-Jim Baldwin(1B)Retired Strikeouts (All-Time) 1.1982-Drew Krull(SP)BBR 2. 1848-Mike Olney(SP)Retired 3. 1463-Drew Krull(SP)NY 4. 1178-Aaron Barbuto(SP)Retired (M-ILL) 5. 1044-Dan Scheirer(SP)Retired 6. 1031-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 7. 949-Collin Lewis(SP)BAL 8. 928-Gary Aiken(SP)Retired (M-PIT) 9. 901-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 10. 881-Dan Rinfret(SP)Retired SLG (Season) pre-unba* 1. .613-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902) 2. .579-Graham Poling(2B)BBE(1903) 3. .570-Ross Hemus(RF)BAL(1911) 4. .566-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1901) 5. .557-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 6. .548-Cory Busby(RF)BRO(1901) 7. .541*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899) Retired 8. .537-Graham Poling(2B)PIT(1906) 9. .525-Edward Moore(LF)MIL(1904) 10..524-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1902) Stolen Bases (Season) pre-unba* 1.131*-Tod Graham(2B)MIL(1887)Retired 2. 100*-Tod Graham(2B)MIL(1888)Retired 2. 85*-Geoffrey Kirkwood(LF)OHI(1896)Retired 4. 77*-Tod Graham(2B)PEN(1891)Retired 5. 75-Alex Bailey(3B)BRO(1903) 6. 74*-Luke Rigney(SS)BRO(1889)Retired 7. 73*-Darryl Parton(RF)PHI(1888)Retired 8. 69*-Eric Willis(1B)PHI(1896)Retired 9. 68*-Roger Johnstone(SS)CHI(1897)Retired 10.67*-Jim Baldwin(1B)BOS(1896)Retired Strikeouts (Season) 1. 250-Mike Olney(SP)IND(1909)Retired 2. 245-Mike Olney(SP)BBR(1906)Retired 3. 237-Mike Olney(SP)CHI(1910)Retired 4. 225-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR(1904) 5. 217-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR(1905) 6. 214-Mike Olney(SP)IND(1908)Retired 7. 209-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1907) 8. 206-Aaron Barbuto(SP)ILL(1906)Retired 9. 204-Derrick Dotson(SP)SL(1901) 10.202-Derrick Dotson(SP)SL(1903) OBP (All-Time) (Minimum 200 Plate Appearances & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1. .464-Joe Timney(RF)NY 2. .457-Toby McFerran(RF)CHI 3. .451-Jeff Bradsher(RF)BRO 4. .449-Rob Freedman(LF)BBR 4. .449-Greg Hammer(3B)IND 6. .447-Alex Bailey(3B)IND 7. .445-Josh Zimmerman(CF)Retired 8. .434-Jamie Spry(CF)PEN 9. .427-Tony Oberdorf(RF)BAL 10..426-Edward Moore(LF)Retired RBIs (All-Time) 1.1107-Brad Holtston(RF)Retired 2. 1105-Jeff Burrell(CF)Retired (M-CLE) 3. 1045-Darryl Manna(2B)PEN 4. 967-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY 5. 967-Adrian McCarthy(RF)Retired 6. 965-Brian Root(2B)Retired 7.941-Roger Johnstone(SS)Retired (M-NY) 8. 940-Charlie Guerry(LF)DC 9. 936-Josh Felton(SS)Retired 10.933-Dave Rehm(RF)Retired ERA (All-Time) (Minimum 400 Innings Pitched & Minimum 100 Games Played) 1. 2.29-Drew Krull(SP)NY 2. 2.32-Scott Tonkin(RP)Retired 3. 2.66-Rob Shue(SP)BBE 4. 2.89-Peter Martin(SP)BRO 5. 3.01-Chad Blank(SP)BBE 6. 3.06-Will Davenport(SP)Retired 7. 3.07-Calvin Murchie(SP)BRO 8. 3.09-Derrick Dotson(SP)BBR 9. 3.30-Ed Sheridan(SP)SL 10.3.34-Brian Bartholomew(SP) OBP (Season) pre-unba* 1. .521*-Alex Bailey(3B)CHI(1900) 2. .521-Edward Moore(RF)MIL(1904)Retired 3. .500-Alex Bailey(3B)BRO(1903) 4. .498-Joe Timney(RF)NY(1911) 5. .490-Rob Freedman(LF)ILL(1906) 6. .487*-Buster Abbott(LF)ILL(1897)Retired 7. .485-Greg Hammer(3B)BUF(1910) 8. .480-Rob Freedman(LF)BBR(1911) 9. .479-Josh Zimmerman(CF)OHI(1902) 10. .477-Josh Zimmerman(CF)OHI(1901) 10. .477-Toby McFerran(RF)PHI(1908) RBIs (Season) pre-unba* 1. 141*-Roger Johnstone(SS)CHI(1897)Retired 2. 140-Jeff Vionette(CF)BBR(1907) 3. 133-Phil Scrimshawe(2B)NY(1910) 4. 133-Darryl Manna(2B)BBE(1902) 5. 130-Clay Shutt(3B)CHT(1911) 6. 127-Brad Holtston(RF)ILL(1901)Retired 7. 126-Cory Busby(RF)BRO(1901) 7. 126-Brad Holtston(RF)MIL(1902)Retired 9. 122-Darryl Manna(2B)BAL(1903) 10. 120*-Brad Holtston(RF)MAN(1899)Retired ERA (Season) 1. 1.64-Sean Reynolds(SP)BAL(1903) 2. 1.69-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1908) 3. 2.07-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1905) 4. 2.11-Davis Gardner(SP)MAN(1905) 5. 2.12-Peter Martin(SP)MAN(1906) 6. 2.14-Drew Krull(SP)NY(1911) 7. 2.18-Mike Olney(SP)CHI(1910)Retired 8. 2.20-Steve Counsell(SP)MAN(1902) 9. 2.23-Drew Krull(SP)SL(1910) 10.2.24-Chad Blank(SP)DC(1909)
  20. bkknight95

    Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    You know what, why not? I'll give this a shot. Though disclaimer, this is my first real baseball concept series, so we'll see how this is gonna go. So much like my Habs'ing the NHL thread (which I'm hoping isn't quite dead yet), premise is that I'm taking one uniforms style from one team and hitting "apply all". Of course it wont be 100% seamless. I will be doing two uniforms for each team, no alternates since the Yanks don't have a declared alternate and if the team has a name on the back, I'm keeping it there. I'm not totally sure how I'm gonna do the numbers, since the Yankees use one color numbers. It'll probably be team-by-team thing. Order was determined at random, and in the lead off spot is the St. Louis Cardinals: REDISCLAIMER: This is my first baseball concept I've posted, much less a series so things might be a little rough. Anyways, here's the Cardinals. I used the cream as the base for the home uniform with red pinstripes. Also used the hat logo for the jersey logo. For the road uniform, I used the St. Louis script from the full wordmark logo as the wordmark and used the sock stripes on the sleeves. Socks are navy with the stripes on them C&C welcome!
  21. The year is 2632. All of the Earth's ice has melted, raising sea level 200 feet. The Eastern seaboard has all but disappeared. The west coast is just the Sierra Nevadas. And businessman William Warrior wants to make America better. It's been many hundreds of years since the MLB folded. Minor leagues have been popping up everywhere, but no true successor has been crowned. William has taken 11 East Coast cities (to reduce travel costs in an unproven league) and found millionaires willing to take the risk. He has come up with a league name, the National Baseball League (NBL) (League Logo, Imgur embedding not working), and wants to start as soon as possible. Here are the eleven cities chosen and three possible nicknames for each. Charlotte Pop.: ~8.75 million Pros: The largest city in the Southeast, Charlotte is banking powerhouse. A lot of rich young bankers would be eager to own a team, if just for bragging rights. Money and ownership would not be a problem. Charlotte has a rich baseball history, hosting a team since about 1900, in both the minors and majors. Cons: No major cons, but a stadium would have to be built. Charlotte has the land, but no stadium at the moment. Chasers: Named after the playoffs of NASCAR, when it was around. Charlotte's motorsports history comes into play. Drivers: Named for Charlotte's motorsports history. Bankers: With New York and San Francisco gone, Charlotte is America's premier banking city. Raleigh Pop.: ~7.5 million Pros: Raleigh is fairly large, and will always have people due to its status as NC's capital. Cons: The in-state rival of Charlotte constantly draws things away from Raleigh. The Hurricanes of the NHL eventually moved there, and Charlotte has always been bigger than Raleigh, plus UNC, Duke, and NC State sports dominate the region. Explorers: Named for Sir Walter Raleigh's profession. Oaks: Raleigh is the "City of Oaks." Representatives: As North Carolina's capital, Raleigh hosts all of the representatives in the General Assembly. Nashville Pop.: ~7.9 million Pros: Biggest city in Tennessee, state capital, lots of young people looking to get a start, rich sports history. Cons: No clear owner has shown up, and the stadium is three decades old. Fugitives: A group of writers and critics centered in Nashville in the 20th century. Agrarians: The other group of writers and critics opposite the Fugitives. Olympians: Nashville is the "Athens of the South", and has a full-size replica of the Parthenon within city limits. Columbus Pop.: ~8 million Pros: Closest rival is Indianapolis, plenty of people to support the team, owner and stadium deal already in place. Cons: Closest rival is Indianapolis, Ohio State already takes up a lot of fans within the city. Explorers: Named after Columbus' profession. Obviously would not be shared with Raleigh if chosen. Sailors: Also named after Columbus. Cannons: Inspired by the Blue Jackets of the NHL, name taken from Columbus' Civil War roots. Winston-Salem/Greensboro Combined Pop.: ~6.5 million Pros: "Twin cities" dynamic, in a similar style to the Minnesota Twins of the MLB. Unique culture with baseball history in both cities. Cons: Easily the smallest candidate, in-state rivals Charlotte and Raleigh are much bigger. Civics: Named after the civil disobedience movement, started in Greensboro with "sit-ins." Express: Greensboro is a frequent stop for trains, both in-state and cross-country trips. Camels: Winston-Salem is nicknamed "Camel City", for Reynolds' famous Camel cigarettes. Chicago Pop.: ~9 million Pros: Largest city in contention, third-largest in the country, rich baseball history. Cons: Plans are to use Wrigley Field, and despite constant updates, the stadium is not big enough to support a team. A new stadium must be built soon. Chippers: Warrior is not quite sure where the name came from, but if used, he plans to go with a "firefighter" theme. Fusion: Chicago was home to the first nuclear pile. Machines: Named for machine politics of the 20th century, in which Chicago played a central role. Memphis Pop.: ~7.8 million Pros: Very large city, history with baseball, owner and stadium present. Cons: Nashville is larger, and after the Grizzlies left to return to Vancouver, Memphis never received a major league team. Bluffs: Memphis is nicknamed "The Bluff City." Blues: Another nickname for Memphis is "Blues City." Steamers: Named for the steamboats famous for traveling the Mississippi River in the 19th century. Atlanta Pop.: ~8.2 million Pros: Atlanta and Charlotte have been going back and forth for centuries, and a rivalry would be inevitable. Large city, with a 6 year old stadium that will most certainly suffice. Cons: No real ownership group has appeared, and the stadium's structural integrity has been questioned. Centennials: Atlanta played host to the 1996 Olympics, the 100th anniversary of the international event. Winds: The great film "Gone With the Wind" is set in Atlanta. Grays: Atlanta was a hub for Confederate activity in the Civil War, who wore gray. Louisville Pop.: ~7.5 million Pros: Fanbase is rabid for a team to complement the basketball team gained, and a stadium is brand new. An owner is willing, but anxious to take a team. Cons: Louisville has been a "one-sport" team for centuries. Despite supporting a minor league team, the cities willingness to support a losing team is called into doubt, despite the Colonels losing for decades on end and staying in Louisville for its entire existence. Sluggers: The famous Louisville Slugger baseball bats no longer exist, but are still world famous. Bullions: The James Bond film Goldfinger was filmed near Louisville, in which the title villain plans to corrupt Fort Knox's stash of gold. Thunder: The Kentucky Derby starts with "Thunder Over Louisville", the largest annual fireworks display in America. Indianapolis Pop.: ~8.1 million Pros: Very large city, second-largest in the Midwest (after Chicago), and popular destination for retirees after Florida flooded. Ownership group and stadium are in place. Cons: None foreseeable, but the city lacks a certain personality in Warrior's opinion. Soldiers: Indianapolis also was a Union hub in the Civil War. Speed: Named for the famous Indianapolis 500. Concords: Concord was a name considered for the city when it was first founded. Milwaukee Pop.: ~7.7 million Pros: History in baseball, owner ready and willing to take the team. Cons: No stadium, and the city has a history of not giving money to teams to build excessively large stadiums, but might by willing to compromise on a smaller one. Immigrants: Milwaukee has always been a hub for immigrants to the country. Musicians: Milwaukee is a music center, with many types of music being produced in Milwaukee. Rivals: Named for the three cities that combined to form Milwaukee, but not without intense rivalry first. Now it's your turn! Please chose eight (8) cities that you think would be good landing spots for the inaugural franchises, as well as a name for the team (either from the names provided, or your own). Thank you, and expect the first franchises soon! P.S.: If I made any mistakes, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will try to correct it ASAP! MOD EDIT: Embedded league logo
  22. siegel0572

    Team USA baseball concept

    I feel the USA baseball's look has grown a little stale. I decided to try a new script style font and a little patriotic twist with the eagle head secondary with some classic pinstripes. I hope you enjoy.
  23. ren69


    Does any one here have ties to LSUA or know anyone who does? They held a logo contest back in August & have yet to post anything about it. Wondering what became of it, I've tried to make contact but haven't had much luck. Below is the add they posted. If this is not the right place for this by all means please move it to where it belongs, thnx!
  24. Tyler Crowder

    Ugly Christmas sweater inspired wallpapers

    I really like the look of team specific ugly Christmas sweaters with the snowflakes, Reindeer and other Christmas related imagery but I could never justify spending the 80 dollars for something I'm only going to wear one month a year. So I decided to use my photoshop knowledge to make ugly Christmas sweater themed wallpapers for my friends and I. Here are some I've made so far let me know your thoughts.
  25. infernoqueso


    Just wanted to share a new template I created intended to display a uniform of any sort. Below are two finished examples, one with soccer, and another with football equipment. Message me to get a hold of a blank template with no watermark. It is saved as a png. file and I personally used Nothing special just hoping it may spark someone's interest. Enjoy! I am accepting feedback to adjust as well.